Gorilla Grodd
Gorilla Grodd needs an image linked Name: Gorilla Grodd
Last Seen: Escaped from Prison
Position: Villain
Powerset: Genius simian and mind control
Comments: Atempted corporate crime, trying to steal valuable data directly from company servers with Captains Cold and Boomerang. Muscles and intelligence on the operation, was defeated by Captain Atom and Doctor Mid-Nite of the Outsiders. Subsequently organized a prison break out with many other super villains housed in the same wing.

(2014-09-19) League of United Villains
League of United Villains Summary: Gorilla Grodd, Evil Star, Evo, and other criminals escape...

(2014-09-05) The Outsiders
The Champs of NYC Summary: Doc Mid-Nite and Captain Atom round up Villains, Gorilla Grodd,...

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