Despero needs an image linked Name: Despero
Last Seen: Came to earth after Justice, last known to have sent Jack Flag with a deadly human virus as a weapon against Vance (and earth as a secondary) - stopped by Power Woman, Stargirl, Caitlin Fairchild and Kyani (the pod)
Position: Evil Overlord, intergalactic conqueror
Powerset: High end TP abilities, super set (strength/durability) when using Flame of Py'tarr
Comments: Doesn't have the Flame of Py'tarr in last known sighting, but this could have changed. Might be looking for it, came to stop Justice from stopping him in the future

(2014-09-26) Light My Fire
Light My Fire Summary: Starhawk comes from the 31st Century to send the Guardians after Despero...

(2014-08-01) Desperation
Desperation Summary: Despero reveals himself to the Guardians, in his ploy to stop some future...

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