Non Player Characters

You are VERY welcome to emit NPCs on the grid for your RP experiences. This is in reference to a one or two-shot scene, not a TP. If you're interested in a TP then type NEWS TP. There are just a few rules that would apply when doing this.

  1. Log and submit the encounter to the Wiki: There is a simple form to fill out and hit submit.
  2. Be familiar with the NPC you're emitting.
  3. Do not modify or utilize the character outside of standard operating procedure. Meaning, if the character is a bank robber, don't use it as a mass murderer. This also means, do not kill, maim, or alter the character beyond normal. You can imprison them, as the Vault, Stronghold, Project PEGASUS are all revolving doors.
  4. Do not modify the grid outside of normal operating parameters. Like do not blow up New York.
  5. If the encounter is a public scene (as in happened on the grid in front of the media), then +bbpost 7/<title>=<news article> and +request/log <title>=<brief log summary> so Staff can keep up with what happened.
  6. And finally, consult the list of NPCs that are available for NPCing.

Type +chars/npc . If the character is currently cast/played, then obviously using the character for a NPC scene is out of the question.

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