Actor Name
Name: Kurt Wagner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Germany
Age: 38
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Metahuman Activist
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Teleportation
Portrayed by: Actor Name

IC Events


Its the IC Life for Me!

Image Unavailable
A merc I've had the unfortunate of meeting a few random times. I've made a deal with her to get some training in what she does.
Image Unavailable
A chance encounter, Kurt hopes to meet up with her again, she seems elusive.
Image Unavailable
The Boss
Agreed to consider teaching at Charles school, him becoming a new old friend quickly. She is in charge of the place. Might not of started on the right foot, but hopefully we'll get there.
Image Unavailable
Agent Barton
SHIELD agent, stalking me I think.
Image Unavailable
Agent Romanov
She was friendly, but come to realize … SHIELD. Cute, scary, I can't trust these SHIELD people.
Image Unavailable
Agent Blackout
Another teleporter, with SHIELD - warning, do not teleport inside of his portals, unless you want to open a whole can of fun.
Image Unavailable
Ms. Baumgartner
A student in his history class at Xavier's, trouble maker or unguided rebel, he's yet to know
Image Unavailable
A new student at the school who speaks German, friendly but perhaps too friendly for the relationship of teacher and student.

The Digs

Kurt finds himself a home in New York befitting his life style. The Penthouse at 60 Warren St,


The Sub Floor is the 6th Floor of the warren street building, including several bedrooms it has a kitchen area as well and access to the lowest, south terrace.


Aside from the kitchen, public areas on this level include a dark room, a gallery, and two restrooms. One restroom is attached to the main bedroom on this floor, which has openings onto the terrace itself. The two other bedrooms on this floor share a small study between them and a large walk through closet.

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