Nick Fury

Who is Nick Fury?

During World War II, Colonel Nicholas "Nick" Fury (a white guy, no eye patch) led the Howling Commandos, a ragtag special operations unit comprised of specialists from multiple allied countries. The Howling Commandos are one of the most famous units to participate in the war. Only, perhaps, Sgt Rock and his Easy Company are better known. That Nick Fury is probably dead.

Director Nicholas "Nick" Fury (black guy, eye patch) is the head of SHIELD, an international United Nations run intelligence agency. His identity as such is publicly known as he reports directly to the UN Security Council. However, there are those who say he could not possibly be the real head of SHIELD since no spy can have a publicly known identity.

The relationship between the two Nick Furies is unknown - if there is, indeed, a connection ata ll.

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