New Character

To create a new character bio:

  • Enter the character's mushname into the box below and click 'create bio page'.
  • This is the name you use to log onto the mush to play the character, if you have used a space in the name add a hypen on the wiki. IE - Iron Man would be 'iron-man'
  • Fill in your character's information into the template.
  • Click 'preview' to make sure it looks right.
  • Click 'save' when finished.
  • Staff will add you to the main Characters page when your log icon is ready.
  • Note that the new page will automatically have the 'character' tag attached to it. You can add tags for your character name and faction as well.

Add character bio


  • Always use your character's code name as the page name to avoid confusion. (IE: Cyclops, not Scott Summers)
  • Look at other character pages to get ideas for content and formatting.
  • You can copy code from other pages using the Edit button at the bottom of the page.
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