Rebecca Romijn
Name: Raven Darkholme
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: Approx. 160
Aliases: Various
Origin: Metahuman
Present Location: Various
Occupation: Mercenary
Team: N/A
Alignment: Gray
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Shapeshifting
Portrayed by: Rebecca Romijn

Mystique was born in a Cherokee tribe somewhere around 1840. She would later discover that her mother was European, the captured and unwilling wife of a brave. She died shortly after Mystique's birth. Growing up in the tribe, Mystique was always jealous of the boys since they were taught to hunt while the girls were taught domestic tasks. Before she passed her rites as a young woman Mystique got her chance.

She snuck off with one of the boys who was older than she, and from whom she'd been learning to hunt in exchange for allowing his small advances. He pushed too far, and in the stress of the situation Mystique's power manifested. Her skin changed to blue and her eyes to yellow, her hair keeping the red of her European mother. Her would-be lover thought her a demon and tried to kill her, but she was able to kill him instead. Hiding his body, Mystique assumed his shape before she realized it. She tore her own dress and stained it with the boy's blood, leaving it far from the body before returning to camp with her new identity.

Mystique grew up as the missing brave, and learned to adapt to her new situation with surprising ease. Whenever she was alone she practiced with her new powers, and in time she left the tribe to join another. The white man was spreading West, and rather than join her people in fighting them she became one instead.

The Civil War was beginning, and Mystique saw plenty of opportunity on the Kansas-Missouri border. Starting out as a mercenary, she was arrested and escaped jail to became a soldier instead. Before the end of the war she had fought for both sides, often switching 'uniforms' after being left for dead on a battlefield. And while her comrades were all fighting for noble causes, Mystique was only looking for opportunities to make a profit.

All the same she was disappointed when the South lost the war. The lifestyle of a Southern aristocrat appealed to her, after all. Impersonating a Union general's aide, she moved to Washington to be closer to the seat of power. Post-war politics were messy, but also provided a valuable opportunity for Mystique to further her education. It wasn't the life of a Southern Belle, but Mystique gradually settled into a comfortable lifestyle as a Washington socialite under various guises over the years.

She wanted more. The Spanish-American War gave her an opportunity to travel, so she returned to the Army in one role or another. She saw Cuba and the Philippines before Spain surrendered, and returned to America amongst the heroes of the war.

With the start of the Great War in Europe Mystique saw another travel opportunity, as well as an opportunity to get to know her mother's people. With America's delayed entry into the War, Mystique fell in with a group of young hot-heads and joined the British Army in late 1914. Much as she had during the Civil War, Mystique didn't remain with any particular unit or even army for very long, changing appearance and identity as opportunity required.

When WW1 ended, Mystique settled in Austria. Assuming the shape of a young aristocrat, she seduced and married a Baron and lived rather comfortably. At least until Germany annexed Austria. After years in the trenches in WW1, Mystique used her abilities to act as a spy. She started off working for the Axis powers, but eventually ended working for the Allies in France.

When Germany surrendered Mystique was preparing to assume a new identity and return to America, who she saw as a rising global power. In 1945, however, The Spectre's curse froze her powers along with those of all metahumans around the globe. Stuck in the form of a European woman, Mystique fell back on her espionage experience and her wits to stay alive.

Working her way into conquered Germany, Mystique took the name of Raven Darkholme. Raven was recruited by the Russian KGB in East Germany after the war, and served as a field agent for many years while she sought to plunder as much of post-war Europe's treasures for herself. In time she was recruited by the CIA as a double-agent. Playing hard to get, her recruitment was deemed one of the major intelligence coups of the Cold War.

During her service to the KGB and the CIA, Raven was active in Korea and later in Vietnam. In the 1970's she was reeled back in and given a new identity in the United States. In the late 1980's the USSR was beginning the journey that would end in its dissolution in 1991. It was during that time that KGB agents caught up with Raven in her Colorado home. Transferring her several times, she was eventually returned to Russia.

Raven was held in a Russian prison in Siberia rather than being executed as a traitor and a spy. Perhaps she was recognized from her earlier work, or maybe her case was just caught up in the new bureaucracy. In either case, when the Spectre's curse was lifted in 2009 she easily made her escape.

Free once more, Raven has had almost 20 years to learn to hate the Russians. And in that time there was likewise no love lost for America, who disavowed all knowledge of their lost agent. She works as an independent mercenary now, taking often impossible assignments and charging very high prices. And looking after herself.

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