Myka Schade
Emma Stone
Name: Myka Schade
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Silicon Valley
Age: 22
Aliases: NA
Origin: Mata
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Thief
Team: Solo
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Significant Other(s): NA
Powers and Abilities: Cyberpathy/Technopathy
Portrayed by: Emma Stone

Youngest in a family of five, Myka's father was a programmer in Silicon Valley, her mother an accountant. She had an older brother and an older sister as well. Things were fairly normal in their household and they lived well given their tax bracket. That all changed when they went out for a sail on the family boat one day. A freak storm came up that destroyed the boat, lightening strikes splintering it to bits. The only survivor that was recovered was Myka. She was only ten at the time. The year was 2003.

Myka was sent to live with her father's business partner, his best friend, her godfather. She had a hard time adjusting at first and the bachelor had no clue how to raise a kid. He gave her a computer to tinker around with while he worked. It wasn't long before she was taking things apart and putting them back together, upgrading things on it and making it run even better than before. The kid had a genius level IQ already. The other gifts laying latent inside her would only boost those abilities.

She excelled at school and graduated high school early, breezing past the SATs and entering college at the age of sixteen. It was here that she first ran afoul with SHIELD. In the many hours she spent in the computer labs she hacked various places, always trying for bigger and better things. The more of a challenge it was the better. She had no ulterior motives or malice in her actions, she just liked the challenge. She managed to hack several government organizations including SHEILD.

Needless to say it wasn't long before representatives from SHIELD showed up at the school and tracing her back to where she lived wasn't hard. She was interviewed, tested, blood samples given that revealed a latent extra gene similar to others that had been seen. She was brought in to a SHIELD facility with the intent of her becoming an agent. However given her status as a minor the recruitment wasn't exactly normal. Voluntary, yes, in the sense that if she joined them no charges would be pressed on her criminal activities, but still unusual and kept quiet.

She lived in a SHIELD complex for the next two years, being tested, trained, but other than her genius mind no other abnormal traits came about. She wrote programs for SHIELD, learned how to handle herself in hand to hand combat, learned rudimentary weapons usage, and other things. One of her recreational activities was always her favorite though, rock climbing and rappelling from the rock wall they had set up inside the complex. She had no interaction with the outside world other than TV and internet. There was no getting out or hanging out with others her age. It got old fast.

After about a year in there she worked out a way to escape, using the duct work inside the complex and the skills she'd learned to get outside and stealing a SHIELD SUV. She was the typical teen and went to a movie, hung out in some hot spots, basically enjoyed her freedom. But when she went home to her Godfather's house she found it in disarray and a pool of blood on the floor of his office. It wasn't long before her handlers showed up, able to track the SUV's GPS. They took her back to the complex with not a word spoken, having to lift her up from the floor and carry her out. She was in shock and eventually blamed SHIELD for her Godfather's assumed death.

She spent the next year complying meekly. It earned some worried glances and a few talks from some of the handlers seeing how the normally sassy gal went into such a tail spin. But she remained the same. In her mind she blamed them. She was sure her last living family, such as it was, was dead and it was their fault. She concluded that they had done it because she had escaped and he couldn't tell them where she was.

When she turned nineteen everything changed. Something changed inside her. It was like her mind went into overdrive and she could 'see' into computers. She could communicate with them with her mind. The world turned into binary and her thought process was blindingly fast, like a super computer. It was overwhelming the first time it happened. She woke up in the infirmary and was told she was found with a bloody nose and had been out for a few days.

She kept mum about what happened to her that caused this. She experiemented with it for the next six months, testing her limits and skills. She learned that she goes blind when she used her power full force, her pupils seeming to expand all the way open. Lesser extensions of power simply made them shift and contract. She planned her next escape. This time she never planned on coming back. This time she could manipulate the systems. She set up a trickle worm that tapped in multiple large bank accounts of corporations and persons that had enough zeros in their account they wouldn't notices pennies a day missing as they filtered into another account for her elsewhere. She set up an alias as well. Once all her ducks were in a row she went for it, breaking out of the SHIELD facility and heading north to Canada.

She lived there a year under the alias she had created and hooked up with some people in a theft ring, earning more money and experience. She left Canada and moved to New York buy an old warehouse that she had converted into a top loft apartment decked out with all the things a cyber nerd might love. The building is owned under the name of an elderly Greek woman that she met when she was a child.

She lives in NYC now and supports herself with earnings from cyber theft. With her powers it is too easy for her to get in a close proximity of a wealthy person or stock broker and tap into their smartphones and get access to their bank accounts. She's not greedy though, she uses what she gets to live comfortably and anonymously contributes a lot to various charities. She's heard of others like her. Others with abilities or deformities that make them different but aside from passing them on the street she hasn't really made any connections with anyone. She's something of a loner in her day to day life but online she's very active from message boards to xbox live tournaments.

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