Mutants are a specific subset of metahumans (see NEWS METAHUMAN). Mutants are those metahumans who manifest powers without an outside catalyst. Most mutants manifest their powers sometime between birth and the end of puberty. Metahumans who gain their powers due to genetic legacy (for example, powers inherited from parents or grandparents) are also considered mutants. There is no evidence that mutants are the next stage of human evolution, though there are those who believe they are. Likewise, because they make easy targets compared to other forms of metahumans several hate groups have risen up that specifically focus on mutants.

Xavier's Institute was opened to help young mutants learn how to control their powers and adapt to human society but welcomes youths who have gained powers by other means.

Meta Town is a neighborhood in New York in which metahumans of all types who are visibly unique congregate and live.

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