Moon Maiden

The Moon Maiden made her public debut in 2010 and was one of the first powered, costumed heroes to step onto the world stage in the new Age of Heroes. She is one of the United States premier heroes and also well respected in other countries around the world. While she is best known for fighting crime, Moon Maiden spends most of her time helping out with natural and manmade disasters and in helping to promote and aid worthy charities.

Despite her rather public face as the Moon Maiden, Laurel's identity remains secret. It is known her first name is Laurel and she has claimed in interviews to be "from the moon". She has also publically stated that her powers allow her to manipulate the moon's gravitational field, giving her a form of telekinesis she calls lunarkinesis. Beyond that, Laurel hasn't shared more intimate details of her life.

Anyone with access to classified government records will be able to find out that she is, in fact, Laurel Klein, the adopted daughter of famed astronaut Hugh Klein (the last NASA astronaut to step foot on the moon), and she is, in fact, from the moon - found there as a baby by Hugh.

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