Q'orianka Kilcher
Name: Danielle Moonstar
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Colorado
Age: 21
Aliases: Dani, Moonstar
Origin: Metahuman/Mutant
Present Location: NYC
Occupation: Agent of SHIELD
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Fear based Illusion, Animal Empathy, Psi Arrows and Death Sight
Portrayed by: Q'orianka Kilcher

IC Events

(2014-10-10) (Mongo Plot) Data dump
Data Dump Summary: Clint gets the much needed intel from Agents Moonstar and Nanali Date:...

(2014-09-24) SHIELD Agents Simulation
SHIELD Agents Simulation Summary: Three SHIELD agents in a training simulation. Date:...

(2014-09-02) A Tad Sporty
A Tad Sporty Summary: Mirage meets up with Jack Flag, sports are discussed Date: (2014-09-02) ...

(2014-07-17) Mission Discussion
Mission Discussion Summary: Nanali and Mirage discuss missions over a bit to it Date:...

(2014-07-03) Team America
Team America Summary: Jack Flag and Mirage take out an extra from Bug's Life Date: July 3,...

(2014-06-13) Turbolift Boredom
Turbolift Boredom Summary: Mirage and Blackout meet on the turbolift Date: IC Date...

(2014-05-08) Warning
Warning Summary: Mirage, with Moon Maiden as backup brings a warning to Wolverine Date: May 5,...

(2014-04-22) Assassination Foiled
Assassination Foiled Summary: Someone tries to assassinate a congressman, thanks to a number of...

(2014-03-26) Moon Maiden Meets Moonstar
Moon Maiden meets Moonstar Summary: See title Date: IC Date 2014-03-26 Related: None posted ...


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