Michael Garin
Actor Name
Name: Michael Garin
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: N/A
Age: 25
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Magus
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: Library Intern
Team: N/A
Alignment: Villain
Significant Other(s): N/A
Powers and Abilities: Sorcery
Portrayed by: Actor Name

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Michael Garin, Disciple of Dormammu
Michael Garin hasn't led a particularly charmed life. When his father abandoned his mother and the infant Michael to seek his fortune in the bars and houses of ill repute shortly after their arrival from Russia, the boy was introduced to hardship. Milk was at a premium, especially when water from the faucet was free, and diapers came in the form of old rags that his mother managed to take from the diner she worked at. The poor living conditions led to the boy frequently being sick, leaving most of his formative years to be had in a cramped one-bedroom apartment.
His mother, in between working double shifts at the diner and doing whatever odd jobs she could for money, did make sure that Michael got to have the one bit of happiness in his childhood that he will never forget…the library. He spent hours at the library, lost in knowledge and stories, getting his first exposure to the supernatural through the books he so cherished. He dove into the study of it, ordering what books he could through the library system to learn about it, much to the teasing of his peers who teased for for believing in magic and such. It didn't much bother him, however, and he was content.
Unfortunately, as Michael was graduating high school, taking the honor of salutatorian, tragedy struck. Michael's mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had a short time left to live. Michael, the budding occultist that he was, and completely bereft of other options and with no money, tried to invoke whatever patron he could to bargain to cure his mothers cancer…and someone heard him, through a crack in the judgment of the Spectre. A courier delivered a heavy leather tome to him one day in the hospital room, with a note taped to the front. "To Michael, from a concerned listener".
The day his mother was to die, was, in a small bit of cosmic serendipity, the day that the judgment of the Spectre was lowered and Michael, following the directions in the tome, was able invoke a ritual that drew upon the power of the one who listened to his begging for power in the first place…the rogue Faltine, the Dread Dormammu. The boys soul was strong and tied to an ancient bloodline of Russian sorcerers who had long since been lost to time. Dormammu saw opportunity and took it. The ritual was a success, and the invoked power of the cleansed his mother's cancer, though at a cost Michael failed to understand…Dormammu laid mystic claim to his soul, forever bonding the magus to the Faltine, payment for the miracle brought forth.
Death always gets her due, however, and after a week of leaving the hospital, miraculously cured, she was struck by a drunk driver who escaped conviction at trial due to his financial connections, some say buying the jury. The young magus, devastated, turned to the book again, hoping to find something within to avenge the death of his mother by the rich brat who took away his only remaining family. He found what he was looking for, but he lacked the skill to invoke the spell.
He gathered up what savings his mother left behind and he left to study under whomever he could in order to increase his skill. After five years, he has returned to New York City, having left his last master after a magical experiment gone wrong, destroying the arcane laboratory and leaving Michael with the last possession he treasures…the Embers of the Faltine. He seeks new arcane studies and more power, and, unknowingly, working the will of his benefactor, Dormammu.

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Michael Garin's Logs

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