Nicole Fox
Name: Cessily Kincaid
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: New York City
Age: 20
Aliases: Mercury
Origin: Mutant
Present Location: New York City
Occupation: PE Major
Team: None
Alignment: Hero
Significant Other(s): {$so}
Powers and Abilities: {$powers}
Portrayed by: Nicole Fox

APPROVED: BACKGROUND_1 Cessily's background information
* Cessily Kincaid is the daughter of an Irish-American family, with Ellis Kincaid as her father and Jill Kincaid as her mother, and is a cheerleader at a local highschool, in Portland, Oregon. One morning, after she turned sixteen, Cessily woke up to find her skin slowly being covered in some kind of metallic-looking liquid, but it did not stop there. Her body softened after being fully covered, and she found herself falling on the ground, as her entire body seems to have melted, and she struggled to keep a semblance of a form, just as her father finds her, who came to check on her after hearing her pleas of help.

  • Her parents were at lost on how to deal with their daughter's latest change, becoming a mutant. While not outright shunning her publicly, they hid her, and didn't want to keep her, and tried to come up with a way to save themselves of the embarrassment of having the neighbors finding out their kid is a mutant. Thankfully, for all involved, Xavier intervened, offering Cessily a place where she could learn about her powers, an invitation her parents were all too eager to take and ship their daughter away.
  • Her time during the school was full of ups and downs, just like any school period. There were less kids, though, as Xavier's school was just beginning, but Cessily managed to finish high school and control enough of her powers to feel confident enough to brave the world. Following her graduation, she enrolled in the Gotham University, where she now majors in P.E.. Initially, she thought going for P.E. would be meaningless and a waste of time due to her form, but she figures the constant activity might help her get a better grip with her abilities in staying solid.

IC Events

Mercury' Logs

(2014-11-17) Oooh, shiny
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(2014-11-09) Southern Discomfort
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(2014-10-29) Metal Girl and the Imp
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(2014-09-26) They Must Not Know Who I Am
They Must Not Know Who I Am. Summary: Three teenage heroes take on the Unstoppable Juggernaut. ...

(2014-09-18) Hostage Crisis
Hostage Crisis Summary: Bank robber gone wrong turns to hostage crisis, Black Lightning and...

(2014-08-26) Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne Summary: Caitlin heard that Cessily was in New York, they meet for lunch. Date:...

(2014-07-16) Ants in the Pantry
Ants in the Pantry Summary: Giant antes erupt from a cafe. A handful of heroes push them back. ...

(2014-06-20) Dreadnoks Trash Metropolis
Dreadnoks Trash Metropolis Summary: Three seemingly crazed mercenaries storm a high-end hotel in...

(2014-06-13) Puddle of Heroism in the Shadows
Puddle of Heroism in the Shadows Summary: Karen Starr and Cessily Kincaid attend a day-long...

(2014-05-24) Burned on a Saturday
title: 'Burned on a Saturday' summary: 'Solomon Grundy, newly risen, pays a visit to Gotham. Too bad...

(2014-05-09) Brick Walls and Webcomics
Brick Walls and Webcomics Summary: A chance meeting on campus yields conversation. Date:...


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