Cities on the Grid

"According to the "Atlas of the DC Universe" Metropolis is located on the south end of Delaware Bay near the modern town of Lewes, Delaware. The Atlas shows Gotham city as being on the other side of the bay, near Cape May, New Jersey."

IC Grid

On-Grid Locations: The grid has a number of various locations, this is a handy guide to what sort of locations they are, what sort of business they may do, and where they are located. Includes thing such as dining price guide to help.


The following locations are player run/operated or, at the least, frequented by PCs. The pages here includes more information than one could fit into an on-grid description usually (without using tons of +views at least). This would be akin to 'hot' spots; people will play in these locations more often than not.

Locations in Play

Voodoo Lounge
Voodoo Lounge Location: Greenwich Village Overview: This is a popular bar among the magically...

Violet Moon
Violet Moon Location: East Village Overview: The Violet Moon is a little magic shop in the...

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