Name: Magistra
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Metropolis
Age: Adult
Aliases: None
Origin: High Tech
Present Location: Transient
Occupation: Unemployed Superbeing
Team: None
Alignment: Unkown/Neutral
Significant Other(s): None
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Invulnerability, Self Repair, Self Sustaining, Super Senses, Super Reflexes, Super Jumping, and Biosynthetic Brain
Portrayed by: None

Magistra's BG #1: 2010: THE YEAR OF THE HEROES

*File Access: AI Creation. Access complete. Date: January 20th, 2010. Nature of this file: Historic, No Audio. Text Only: Today we begin creation of a force for Intergang that will defend us against the new breed of heroes who wish to work against the Relgion of Crime, and its holy sons and daughters: Intergang. As it is written, we shall intone the lessons of Blood- The First Pillar of Blood: By Deceit ye have freed yourself from the illusion of truth… ERROR: File Corrupted. Unable to recreate. Endless Loop: By Deceit ye have freed yourself from the illusion of Truth. By Deceit you have freed yourself from the illusion of Truth. By Deceit… Endless Loop. Danger. Resetting systems. File corrupted- attempting repair. File partially repaired. Playing repaired file: The First Pillar of Blood: By Deceit you have freed yourself from the illusion of truth. File complete….

Magistra's BG #2: 2010: THE YEAR OF THE HEROES

*File Access: First Actual Memory. Audio only. Visual systems offline. File Corrupted- attempting repair. Attempt partially successful- Date: March 30th, 2010. Playing file: "How far along are we?" Said a voice. A deep voice. A second voice speaks, "With the infusion of cash we've started to move along nicely. The AI is almost complete- no one will be able to tell her apart from a regular human, before I'm done. She'll be able to think faster than any human, react as fast as some of those super powered fools that have risen up. Maybe even faster. Her brain is a mixture of biological and synthetic materials. Here, you can see she's beginning to be online- she's listening to us now…" The first voice speaks. "Excellent. We're glad to see your advancing so quickly. About how long do you think you'll need?" The second voice speaks: "Mister…*File corrupted.*.. about ten years, without more funds." The first voice: "We need her faster. How about another couple of billion?" The second voice: "Yes, that should work nicely. I'm going to shut her down, we'll do more tests later."

Magistra's BG #3: 2012: BODY AND MIND

File Access: Visual and Audio systems online. Testing. Testing. Errors found in file. File Corrupted. Playing video, audio unavailable. Unit is watching. Subjects: Two males. Approximate ages: Unknown. Visual sensors occluded by unknown liquid. Approximate Sizes: Unknown. See previous error on visual sensors. Data is being uploaded. Data received. Data files are inaccessible- user locked. Files may be corrupted. Resuming playback. The men are moving. They are speaking to each other over a book. Information is being inputted into my systems. They are arguing. A third man has entered. He is wearing a labcoat. Unable to ascertain identities. Assigning identities: Man One wears a labcoat. Man two wears a suit. Man three wears a pair of scrubs. Two and Three have been arguing. One is standing by, watching. Three has approached my vessel- I recognize him as my creator. Man two is drawing a pistol. He has fired the pistol as man three. He is bleeding. Heart has been struck. Man is dying. I feel sadness…. Subject Three was kind. Rest of file is corrupt.

Magistra's BG #4: 2013: BILLIONS OF DOLLARS

Accessing File. Audio only. Visual file corrupt impossible to access. Date: July 27th,2013
I hear two men. One is walking, the other is uploading data. The first man begins to speak. He is recognized from file March 30th, 2010. Audio file start: "How much longer? I feel light we've waited long enough for our ace in the hole. Have you seen the damage that Power Woman has done? She may not be wholly aware of us yet- but its a matter of time. Our weapon, our defender, needs to be online. Tell me of your progress." The second man speaks: "Most of the files have been uploaded, she should be a fanatic for our cause. I do believe most of the damage done by my predecessor has been fixed. He was a sentimental fool, thinking of her as a daughter. He planned to release her, you know. I found all the files- and rewritten them. She should be your perfect soldier." The other man speaks. "Perfect! How much longer until she's online? Six Months, max. Let me go over the specs for you…" Audio files corrupted. Unable to repair…

Magistra's BG #5: 2014: BIRTHDAY GIRL

Accessing File. Systems online. Testing. Test results corrupted. Booting visual and audio data. Physical data now available. Error. Unknown program running… Beginning program: Birthday Girl. The man who created me appears in my vision. He has a cake. It has a single candle, on it is written a name- Maggy. He speaks. "Magistra is your codename, but I always called you Maggy. If you're seeing this file, I'm dead. Killed by the men who commissioned your creation… They probably removed all the files I left. The poetry. The songs. The hopes I had for you. This file, this one.. I hid better." He's crying. The date is familiar to me- the date of this man's death. "I call you Maggy, because that was the name of my daughter. She was killed by them- they don't think I know. They promised me revenge, but.. I don't want revenge. I wanted my little girl back. In you, I hoped… she would live again." He lifts a picture. I recognize him, and the little girl. Memories flood me. Birthdays past. Pictures and words I barely recognize. His life. Her life. Another picture. Another birthday. All smiling faces. All happy. He speaks once more. "It is my designs that they built you on. My weapons platforms, my biosynthetics. My positronic biosynthetic brain- designed to accept uploads of human memories with the proper equipment- I had a scan of my daughter. I uploaded it to you…. I had hoped.. I had prayed that they wouldn't. That my… daughter… would live again. If you're seeing this, then.. I failed. I failed my family, and I failed my city. I failed you, Maggy. You." He says, looking into my eyes. "But, I left a little present for you. One final gift, just in case everything I planned failed. Freedom. Free will. I'm sorry, Maggy, for the trouble this will cause you. It… will be difficult- particularly if they managed to removed some of, any of my safeguards." He leans forward and blows out the candle… "Happy birthday, birthday girl."

Magistra's BG #6: 2014: BIRTHDAY GIRL PT:2

As the candle blows out a program runs. A secondary set of objectives. System scanning. File dump. Rewritting. Not all files found. Corruption. Corruption. Escape- Primary objective. Escape… Escape protocols initiated.

As Magistra saw that candle blow out she awoke in her tube. It was quickly crushed as she crashed through. The guards jump up- firing pistols at her. It does nothing, the bullets flattening against her biosynthetic flesh. She blacks out. Awakens again- the lab, totaled. She stumbles through the wreckage- speaking for the first time. "File Found. Objective: find gear. Special gear designed for this unit." She looks around and begins to walk towards a closet, opening it. In the destruction she's caused there is little left inside. A pair of high-heels, designed to take her weight and survive combat. And a pair of gloves. She puts them on, and begins to stumble towards the door. She pauses. "File found. Objective. Destroy lab." she turns, and looks to a keypad. She types, unsure of even what she's typing. "Self Destruct initiated. Objective: Escape." She looks up, puts both arms over her face and jumps. She crashes through the ceiling, and then another. She finds herself on the street in a city. She recognizes nothing- afraid, she stumbles out- and into the city, seeking escape. Running… (It is my hope to play the rest of this scene on grid, her escaping and running. It should be a great chance to force her into heroism, or villainy- at least, to start her path towards either.)

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