(2015-05-08) Souvenir from the Past
Souvenir from the Past
Summary: The Guardians pick up Catriona out of quarantine
Date: 2015-05-08
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NPCs: Abigail Brand
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It has been approximately two months since the Guardians managed to get back to their proper time with their 17th century tourist in tow. To be safe and make her assimilation easier, not to mention to prevent a word-wide pandemic caused by whatever weirdo 17th century pathogens she is carrying Catriona was dropped off to SWORD for safe keeping. This morning though the Guardians had a message from none other than SWORD director Abigail Brand to come get their timelost companion and get her out of their metaphorical hair.

So, Jack pilots the ship to pick up their timelost companion. For which they probably have to go into some florescent lite office, fill out paper work, listen to musik, watch fish in a fish tank and wait for the red tape to be lifted. Sure, SWORD doesn't want her, but there is protocol and all that. Its near that time she should be coming out. He's with Courtney most likely, and instead of looking at his phone or texting, his mid conversation. "Okay, so if you could only have one pet companion, who'd you choose, Spike," MLP dragon, "Or Snarf," annoying cat thing from the old thundercats.

It seems that someone has allowed the Guardians' souvenir to have access to an expense account, for she's very definitely *not* dressed like a pirate of the South China Sea from any time period, let alone the early 1700s. Indeed, when the door opens and she's ushered through the portal, she looks to have been making a good deal of use of online mail-ordering of some sort. Now a flamboyant 'modern' pirate, the pallid redhead is positively bouncing as she comes into view - her eyes wide and her expression delighted. "My rescuers!", she exclaims, hurrying forward to attempt to latch onto whoever might be closest.

They may be here on official business, but Courtney has stuck to her civilian clothes for the pickup, which consists of blue tank-top, (requisite bathing suit on underneath) khaki pedal-pushers and flip-flops. "Those are my only two choices…what about Uni..at least he was useful, every once in awhile." man she was digging in the cartoon vault to pull Uni the unicorn from the D&D cartoon up "Or better yet Jabberjaw…does he count." yes this is the kind of conversations that happen between Jack and Courtney. When the door slides open and the bouncy young woman comes through, followed the serious look Abigal Brand, Courtney immediately shuts-up, mostly out of surprise that Cat would be so perky "I guess quarantine wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." she surmises

"Oh, Jabberjaw, we'd have to include Scooby then," Jack is pondering on the topic of a good cartoon sidekick, and he could go into a few more. Like Brok to Ash in pokemon even, cause who doesn't love Brok. Then Cat is out and bouncing, ready to latch onto who ever might be closest. "Yay, its us," grins Jack, who isn't above a damsel hug after rescuing, if anyone could all it that, but he still takes a step back. Cause, as everyone knows Jean could just read his mind, and he doesn't need an image of Cat popping in there at random. Just being safe is all, letting Courtney get the maiden hug it seems. "Yes, we should all go through it, like, after the prison cells on mongo, we should of been hugging each other or something." A joke is offered at least.

Catriona duly latches onto Stargirl as the nearest available option, squeezing tightly - even going so far as to lift the blonde off her feet, if allowed to do so. She starts talking eagerly, remembering only part-way through to set Stargirl down again. "I feel bound to confess that I shall truly relish the chance to walk on God's round Earth once again, but when held against the durance from which you freed me? This quarantine has been a delight. I am eternally in your debt, my dear friends. If there is aught that might be done by me for you, please, but name it."

Tall and pale-skinned, with startling blue eyes, an athletically curvaceous figure, and a mane of brilliantly red hair, this young woman would cut a striking figure even were she not dressed like an expensively-clad version of a Renaissance Faire pirate. She's clad in thigh-high boots, a leather bodice and bracers, a ragged skirt that barely covers the top of her striped stockings in front but hangs in a tail down to the back of her knees; an off-the-shoulder white blouse; and a highly-decorated collar of finely-wrought leather. At her waist hang a duelling pair of blades; one short and one long, the weapon belt worn over a rich burgundy sash.

Courtney gahs as she is immediatly latched onto, lucky she has her cosmic belt on so can take the tight hug a lot better than without it, she can breath at least. "You say that now. Just wait until you see it in person." she isn't sure exactly how much exposure Cat would have gotten to how things have changed, but she does notice the change in wearables, even if it seems more like something one would wear to a Ren-Faire and not for everyday.

Abigail Brand watches the reunion her expression as stoic and unreadable as ever, especially helped by the dark glasses that cover her upper face "She is all yours Guardians. She is safe to go planetside now and is no longer a threat, well anymore than the rest of you are." she mostly says to Jack since Courtney is being mauled in friendly fashion by thier willing prisoner.

Blinking a moment, Jack looks to Courtney for some hope of a translation. Its like she's speaking, but its nearly a foreign language. Thankful for the few months spent in the past at least, he does get some of wat Catriona has aid at least. "Yes, there is something you aught to do, one, watch the entire run of MLP, not simply because its good, but the language thing." Or grammer, which is the bigger difference, even as he uses his modern grammer which probably sounds shoddy to her. "And two, we should go clubbing or something, get you all caught up on history." Or ignore the history all together.

"Clubbing: what one does to baby seals, I believe?" Catriona's tone and expression are impishly mischievous as she pulls back to arm's length - though she still seems inclined to excitedly hold onto Stargirl. Abigail receives a rather more serious look, mingling sheepishness with gratitude. "Thank you, Commander," she says softly, before looking back to the other two. "I succeeded in restraining the urge to bite anyone."

Courtney echoes Cat's sentiments "Thank you Director Brand. If all the paperwork has been handled we can get off your station now and begin to throughly acclimate Catriona to her new home." with that Abigail Brand simply nods and departs, expecting the trio to find their way off the space station "But avoid any show with housewives or jersey in the title." she advises after Jack mentions MLP "Seal clubbing is illegal, you don't do that. What he means is we should go to a pub that plays loud music to which we can dance." there is a nod then "Good keep that up. Once we get you established I can show you a place where you will have people lining up that will want you to bite them."

Shaking his head about clubbing seals, Jack is glad Courtney can translate to Catriona at least. Turning to get back to their ship and leave the station, "This place is different than most clubs," ponders Jack about the place Courtney knows, now curious if there is a real place like this. She would know as many clubs as she seems to have visited. Though he looks to Catriona, "Of course, if your clubbing baby seals, I guess its only a small step to drinking their blood too, or does it not work that way?"

"I do not believe that I have ever *actually* clubbed any baby seals," Catriona muses. "It was a comment meant in levity and jest: I must apologise for it falling flat. It is, sadly, all too frequently evident that my manner of speech is still more than passing strange, no matter how I strive to accommodate myself to the changes wrought upon our shared tongue by the passing of years. Still…" She looks to the female half of her escort. "This club you mention intrigues me. Are those with my particular predelictions now deemed acceptable in some parts of society?"

Following Jack out, Courtney falls into step beside Cat as they move along the corridors of the SWORD station, "Jack!" she admonishes, apparently he must have asked something inappropriate. She has to listen carefully to understand what the other woman is saying, and after a moment of translation she has to shake her head "No, can't say they are. Most people don't even think vampires exist, and largely they don't, at least not in the way most think of them. There are quite a lot of people though that want to be vampires…or pretend to be or think they are. There is even a club out in Queens called Fang, where you can't get in unless you have bite marks on your neck.

A grin, Jack chuckles even, "Okay, okay, it was a joke, I couldn't imagine wanting to do that, or spending time searching for seals to begin with." Unless they go to Monterrey of course, overabundance there sometimes, toursist feeding them and what not. "I mean, we're talking finding willing, um, blood donors and all." There is a pause, he looks more to Catriona, "What, is this human blood only, I mean I'm sure there are some aliens that would be willing too." There is a thought, finding willing aliens. He doesn't know the semantics, heck, he doesn't know yet of Catriona believes in aliens for that matter, sure, they flew her in their ship, to a space station even, but that is a curiosity, might need a road trip to find out.

Catriona looks thoroughly intrigued, cocking her head as she listens to her companions. "I… would venture to suggest that I am not *truly* a vampire. But I confess that someone who sprouts fangs and consumes blood is likely to be considered one. Especially given the apparent popularity of depictions of such creatures. It does make sense, in light of that enthusiasm, that some wish to revel in the perceived style. But… surely they would panic and flee, if confronted with something approximating reality? For myself, so far as I know, any blood will assist me, but that of people serves me best. Both in flavour and efficacy in assisting my healing." She both looks and sounds rather sheepishly guilty.

"I'd be really weary about the alien thing. They might be poisonous or something." for Courtney vampires are new, she was, until most recently, one of those that believed vampires were a myth, but after months traipsing through space it wasn't all that much of a shock to be wrong. "You may not be undead like a real vampire or be able to turn people into vampires…"s eh pauses then furrows her brow at Cat "You can't turn other people into vampires can' you? That could be problematic.

Catriona hastily shakes her head. "No, no I can't. There are means of conveying the alteration to others, but those are arcane rather than straight-forward. The dangers my bite presents are straight-forward, rather than relating to corruption of the body or soul. And… aliens? I can most likely determine whether or not they are, ahh, edible simply by their scent." Again, she looks guiltily awkward.

"Yeah about that…" Courtney starts as the trio heads into the docking bay and toward the Guardians ship "I wouldn't be going around sniffing random aliens if I were you..or anyone else for that matter." she pauses as the gangway to enter the ship lowers, "And you may want to invest in some Vicks. Gotham can get pretty whiffy in the summer time."

"Breathing masks, sunglasses, even goggles - all have been suggested. I hope that I have a suitable supply of items to make me look like an ill and paranoid human rather than a cursed monstrosity," Catriona answers, her smile now rather ruefully lopsided.

That comment makes Courtney crack up laughing "I don't think you have anything to worry about. The places we end up, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, just looking human is enough to make you stand out, monstrosity or not.

Catriona shrugs sheepishly, her accompanying laugh a little self-conscious. Then she finds herself eyeing the ship with (slightly belated) curiosity, as she properly registers that she's entering a structure that is not part of the station itself. "Is this your vessel? And does it truly take you to such… exceptional places?"

"Yes," Courtney nods as she moves up the gangplank and settles into the co-pilot seat while Jack takes the pilot one "Same one you were in before." she points out, probably needlessly "Let's get out of here. We have clubs to hit and men to turn down." and with that the ship is off, leaving the SWORD station behind.

"I was even more awe-struck then, than I am now," Catriona answers, moving cautiously as if scared of touching anything she shouldn't. She does, however, remember the need to be securely seated before the craft starts into motion, rather huddling in her chosen chair as she stares wide-eyed towards what lies outside.

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