(2015-03-03) Fight in the Park
Fight in the Park
Summary: Two Guardians and Jubilee take on a robot guy
Date: 2015-03-03
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Scene Runner: Jack Flag
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A quiet Monday in the Big Apple. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. Sans the 'shooting star' or meteor like object falling from the sky. If anyone remembers the one that crashed in 2013 in Russia, its totally like that. But it barrels down towards Central Park. The smoke behind a mix of grey and black, not so much white like other metoers either. It crash lands down there, right in Central Park, near the north side. It lands and the top opens, out steps an armored individual or a robot even. Glowing eyes, big gun, not paying much mind to the people who have fled, or the ones creeping up to the crater to get a look even. He taps at his wrist as if getting some information, looking around at the buildings as if getting a bearing, coordinating with that ting on his wrist.

En Route is Jack Flag and Stargirl, alerted from their base about this incoming object, being the space nuts, they seem to be the goto for checking it out. Or, if others are coming, their ship is fast too. "Eh, we're late, it touched down," calls Jack to Stargirl. "Maybe we should take a closer look too." Its a question, but the ship is set to hover up in the sky, and he goes to their main portal/airlock area and opens it up, meaning full well to jump out, create his own divet in the park and see what's a foot.

Not too far from Central Park, Jubilee is trying to earn a little extra money with a quick show. The plasmoids are in full flame and she's dancing enthusiastically when a cry goes up from the crowd. "What's that?!"

'That' proves to be something flying towards Central Park. And then crashing in it! The crowd scatters, some fleeing, some curious. Jubilee, being one of the latter, hurries that way, hastily resorbing her plasmoids. Whoa…"

"Well you should have just put MLP on pause instead of watching the last five minutes." Stargirl admonishes, though she good be joking about that as well. Making sure that their ship is in autopilot and set to hover she stands at the opening for a brief second, Star Staff appearing as she leans out to freefall a few feet, before flying to hover well above the robot "One robot." she says over the comm system "Seems to be scanning for something. They better not be looking for us.

"You can't pause the last five minutes, that's sacrilege!" Jack has some standards for watching episodes. "Middle advertisement is one thing, but last five minutes. I had to know if Rainbow Dash would win the race." Which he knows already from having watched that episode 2-5 times (or more). "If he's not looking for us, I'll have my feelings hurt." Everyone comes to Earth looking for the guardians it seems. "Okay, I'm inbound," and he jumps out. Soaring to the ground, ready to meet with gold old Terra.

The Robot looks around a few moments, finds building, not the Guardians. Deeper analysis, it finds a target in there. It fires thrusters in its boots/feet. Not full flight, hover capable though, it sort of glides/surfs in that direction. Jubilee should get there to see the robot, silver and blue in color, hover out of the crater. Some nearby police on horses come closer, "Whoo whoo, lets slow down here, what's the problem." They call to the robot thing, it answers by firing a blaster at one of them, startling the horses enough to help the police dodge by proxy.

Jubilee /is/ there to see the robot, now. "Whoa Number Two," she murmurs, blinking at the sight.

And then it just takes off! "Huh? Where's it going?" she wonders aloud, frowning in consternation. And following it, naturally. This little Jubilee's curious now.

Only now there's something else falling from the sky. "Okay, this is getting weird, even for New York," she observes, and picks up her pace to keep up with the robot, since she's already following it and can only follow one thing at once. "Times like this, I sure wish I had a twin…"

"Only you would find that insulting Jack…" Stargirl starts to say over the comm "Well and maybe Vance, but I for one am sick of being hunted by every alien and robot out there that things they can make a buck by handing us over to someone." she flies above following the robot until it begins to fire on the policeman "Well that answers that question. It's a hostile one. And it seems we got a bystander." she once more begins to freefall only controliing her descent when she gets a few feet from the ground and dropping in front of the robot "Okay buckethead," she tells it "Why don't you try that trick on me and see where it gets you."

"Its an ego thing, space if big, need a big one," laughs Jack at being insulted when aliens and robots aren't coming to earth for him. Seeing the shot at the police too, much as Jubilee and Stargirl did, he goes with his own plan. He makes do with some nearby terrain, a light post. The city certainly has tons in storage to replace them with. Jack rips it out and hurtles it at the Robot even as Stargirl confronts. As it turns to fire a blasteer at her, the light post hits it, pushing it a little to one side, but not stopping it. It fires anyways at Stargirl. "Good plan, keep distracting it!" For Courtney. The Police seem thankful others are here to deal with the Robot. So now, the robot is stopped, so Jubilee doesn't have to follow/chase so much anymore.

Jubilee, seeing the thing come under attack after it attacked those cops, finds herself in agreement with the two smacking the robot. Especially the colorful girl with the staff. "Distraction? I can /totally/ do that," she calls, moving to get a shot at it.

Finding a good spot, she lets fly with a screaming torrent of plasmoids, hitting the walking junkyard with a blinding series of stroboscopic flashes! "Like my show, Tin Man? You've got a front row seat!"

The staff is spun a forcefield forming around Stargirl as she robot fires it's laser blast. She's no newb, she knows what what to expect from robots, especially ones that have already demonstrated firepower. "Oh, nice shooting. Wanna see mine?" she says as the blast bounces of the field. There is a loud sizzling sound as a blast of pure hot energy fires from her staff af the robot in synch with the plamoids from Jubilee

The combination of plasmoids and staff fire power pushes the robot back too, more than Jack's pole javelin thing it seems. "Er, maybe I should be the distraction." He looks for a nearby park bench, still wanting in on the mix.

After the smoke clears from Jubiles and Stargirl opening up. The robot looks scratched, but standing. "Desist, non-target designates interfere … we only seek Bernie the Accountant." Who knows what that even means, or what this Bernie guy even knows, but he has space Robot hot on his trail. Even if Bernie doesn't know this just yet. Jack runs up to crack the bench over its back, which it does indeed. Its robot, he figures they're in all out mode. The plasmoid/star rod combination seems to have been more effective.

Jubilee, hearing and seeing the staff-blast, gives a winning smile to the star-spangled girl and waves, then turns up the plasmoids, spraying more and making them flash brighter in its optics. "Nice! But what does desist mean, anyway? I wouldn't want to do it by accident!" she asks.

Then that bench smacks into it, and she glances up, seeing the other new person. "Ow! I don't think that did very much… maybe if you tripped it?" she suggests, not letting up with her barrage.

"We'll stop when you stop." Stargirl tells the robot, pretty sure that won't be happening, not until they have beat it into its component parts. She takes note that physical damage does little to it so she can't resort to that herself, she can trip it though. She darts forward, using her not quite superspeed to her advantage and does the slide into home maunever aiming her feet at the robots ankles in the hopes that she can knock it over and then maybe Jack can take its head off or something

Almost about to go for a trip as well, Stargirl is on it, knocking it over. Jack nearly does what Stargirl is thinking, getting in from behind to start trying to pull apart. One might see the casing starting to give under his strength even. An impressive feat in itself, more impressive on behalf of the robot for those who know how strong he is. "Bomb girl, hit him at the joints," says Jack Flag, turning the struggling robot in his arms. If she's still sending plasmoids, mabye she can slip on between the armor cracks created by Jack's arms as the pull at the robot, and get to the insides enogh to disrupt something important.

"Go, girl!" Jubilee cheers, applauding Stargirl's initiative in taking the big monster-machine down. She hits it in the face again, just so it can't clear its head enough to strike at any one of them.

But Jack needs help, too. "On it!" Jubilee calls, letting fly with a blast at the join of the arm Jack's pulling on, then moving to help with the others.

Stargirl is up on her feet between one moment and the next. That belt comes in handy for these kind of things. With Jack having a hold of the robot she grins at him "I'm up for a game of tug of war. How about you?" it's a bit of a struggle to get the robots legs, she gets kicked a few times and even knocked away once, but it's nothing she can't handle.

Stargirl and Jack playing tug of war helps, aftera a few plasmoids into the casing as its exposed by the stronger two, the robot fritz a little, "Deactivate …." Announcing its intention, showing faulty programming from being jostled about. Mush as Stargirl took a few kicks, Jack is stuck with robot fist to his face. Slowly he let's go of the thing, lifeless for now it seems. "Okay, that' was pretty weird, Bernie the Accountant." He looks from Stargirl to Jubilee then, "Some friend of yours? Best if you come clean, we can't leave here until we figure out why he came to earth." No, not really - but Jack hopes it sounds official to help with questioning and such.

Jubilee, seeing it's pretty well done, steps back from the robot with a sigh of relief. "That was tough," she murmurs, pushing sweaty locks of hair back from her face.

Jack's question brings her attention back to the two of them. ""Bernie the Accountant? Beats me, Strongman," she says, shrugging and looking between the two of them and the robot. "I don't even know what this thing is. Um, any help from you and the Star-Spangled girl in that department'd be great…" she adds, and awaits any revelations.

"We've fought tougher." Stargirl comments as she looks down at the now defunct robot "Maybe some alien hiding out as an accountant here on earth." that's her best guess. A smile is given to Jubilee "It's Stargirl now. I haven't been called Star-Spangled Kid in years." not since coming to the east coast at least.

Nodding himself, "Its Jack .. Flag." Though he'll still answer to Strongman of course. "So, you had no clue what this was and you jumped all up in its business. That's gutsy." Says the guy that did just the same thing. "I'll take that as a vote of, don't know, then … Bomb-girl." Since everyone is getting fun names, Jubilee get's one too. "Did you get a look at its spaceship, that might idenfity where it ame from." Or ripping it up to check the parts, but that sounds like work.

"Well, you did it first, right?" Jubilee points out, having been the /third/ person to throw something at the buckethead. "And my name's Jubilee, Jack. Not that I'm sorry to meet you, but since we're makin' introductions and all."

She glances up at Stargirl, smiling playfully. "Star-Spangled Kid? For your outfit?" she asks, with an admiring glance for the suit.

Stargirl gives a bit of a laugh, "Well it's what we are not paid to do." she jokes. "You on the other hand.." she gives Jubilee an appraising look "aren't from around here. Los Angeles? San Deigo?" her own Cali accent is quite faded, mixed with a bit of mid-west, but it's there if someone knows what to listen for. "There was more to it back then." she even had a sidekick…or was she the sidekick?

"Oh yeah, I sort of did, but its my job, kind of." Volunteer job, but Jack is up for it. Grinning the same, Stargirl said it best, no pay for it, but something to do for them. "Maybe Arizona, cause we need more representation you know, in the community." The super hero community that is. Not merely the melting pot that is NYC.

Jubilee shrugs. "Los Angeles, originally. But ev'rybody's gotta come from someplace," she ripostes, not losing her smile. "You sound a little Cali yourself, Star-jumper," she teases, remarking on the shape of the outfit.

Jack claims her attention again, and she grins at him. "Tryin' to find a headquarters? Or build one? Just someplace to get away from it all?"

"But not everyone comes from LA. I do though." she grins at that commonality between the pair. "I should really go back for a visit. Maybe do some surfing." she nudges Jack at the thought. "None of the above really. " because if she were going to get away from it all she wouldn't do so in NYC>

"Yeah, back to Arizona, not good for a base though, we're more mobile that way. In space and all. Actually," he looks up for their hovering ship, "That's us there, more galactic than planetside, but we have a garage here." Base he means, somewhere south, but he doesn't just disclose the location of it. "Arizona is where I'm from I meant before, the trouble." A pause, "You're pretty good fighting robots and stuff, you with some outfit, or like doing your own vigilante thing down here?"

"Um… a little? I've worked in Gotham, for the public good," Jubilee ventures, blushing a little. "This is my first robot, though. I just took suggestions, and you guys seem to know what you're doing."

She looks back up to Stargirl and smiles. "The surf's still great. And that suit of yours'd prob'ly fit right in there."

"We don't just stick to guarding earth, we guard the galaxy." she nudges Jack when he points to the ship "Maybe we should park that thing. It's quite a ways to a refueling station and it doesn't take unleaded." she has no clue what it takes, just that they can't find it here "Yeah, the waves aren't peak anymore with winter at a close, but a lot better than what they have to this coast." she looks down at herself "Maybe, but I try not to surf in my work clothes.

"So a little, like between things, running your own stuff mostly. ANd we totally do public good, on a galactic level." Jack nods, in agreement with Stargirl even. "Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeah, we should park it." Though he can't fly up and take care of it, he needs a lift, again. "And Jubilee, just saying, you look ready for space adventures already." She might stand out here, but she could blend in at a few space ports and all that.

"Better pick up a suit for sure. The beach patrols still discourage skinny dipping, and most underwear won't pass for swimwear anymore," Jubilee suggests. "Do you have stars on that, too?" she adds lightly, just to tease the older girl, blue eyes twinkling teasingly.

Then Jack seconds Stargirl's words. "You're… you're not kidding, are you? You really do guard the galaxy?" she asks, blinking up at the two of them. "And you're looking for people?"

Stargirl grins "Most of my wardrobe consists of suits of some sort or another." she chuckles "That's just between me and Victoria." speaking of her underthings, and implying where she gets them. She jerks a thumb where their space ship hovers in plain sight above the park "That certainly isn't a toy…or plane…or drone." the question about looking for people though has her looking at Jack quizzically, she's the new girl technically so has no say in the matter.

Shrugging a moment, Jack nods again, "Yeah, totally us, totally saving the galaxy. Not always looking for people, just sometimes, its like people need a home or something. Just sort of picked up, they picked me up in Canada. Picked up Courtney fightning monster bugs I think, or bounty hunters. But yeah, doesn't hurt to keep options open if you're interested."

"Well, I'd need to get word to some folks in Gotham. They'd worry," Jubilee admits. "But aside from that and picking up a few things -a /very/ few things- I'm good to go right now." She looks between Jack and Courtney, guessing that's Stargirl's name. "Would I get my own room?" she asks hopefully. "Maybe my own dresser, for when I get my own Vickies?"

Stargirl rolls her eyes "What he means to say is that I saved thier asses and they owed me one." there is a nudge of Jack again. "I'll fly up and land then thing." she's been taking enough lessons to know how to do that much, and the ship does most of the work anyway "The ship isn't that big. But you do get your own bunk and a cubby that locks." that said she flies up and deals with landing the ship in the nearby Sheep's Meadow.

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