(2015-02-27) Meeting the Batman
Meeting The Batman
Summary: Stealing away into Gotham once more. Razor seeks out another member of the Bat-Clan. And meets the Patriarche himself. Batman. And through it gets and unusual Offer.
Date: IC Date (2015-02-27)
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NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Razor
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Once more late evening David Akenda has stolen his way into Gotham. It's not hard to get a room in the crime ridden areas of Gotham. All you need to do is flash a bit of cash and most people will ignore the lack of Identification. Or allow an alias. Having succeeded in meeting Batwoman, and trusting she would spread the word he was not a threat. He has chosen once more to Prowl Gotham roof tops. Sneaking out of his Hotel room isn't that hard.

It simply takes watching and observing people to spot a time when he can slip out and with a flash throw a grappling hook up to one of the rooftops. The fine black cord reinforced by his own razor wires allowing him to climb it near effortlessly, hidden, secure and secret. Now all he has to do is search, he has little interest in committing any criminal acts. Even if the idea of breaking into Wayne Enterprises and Stealing Mr. Wayne's coffee cup strikes his fancy.

Razor as he now calls himself moves across the roof tops, his foot falls and his uniform fading into the shadow and the darkness as he is watching the roofs above him, searching looking for anything out of place. Such as something waving and blowing in the wind. As he sprints across one of the Rooftops he will jump flinging one of his Grappling lines with his bar hands, it flies through the air reaching the top of a building thirty feet above him as he starts to climb it. Searching not for the Batwoman, But the Batman he hopes to find.

Batman has only been back in Gotham for a few days. It is business as usual though looking over the city from the rooftops. He is smart enough to know when he isn't alone and even though he hasn't seen the other just yet he can tell someone or thing is lurking about. Staying in the shadows at the top of a building he watches as someone climbs up and for now silently just watches.

Razor moves through the night, sticking to shadows indeed. His goal is to get to the higher buildings, so that he can survey a number of areas at once. As he looks around the place is not too far from where he had seen Batwoman. Looking around he notes some people out and about, careful not to expose himself directly into the light. He has no real desire to play a Hero. But when someone is running down the streets, with three people behind him it catches his attention.

He takes a look once more at the roof tops and returns to the perch. A careful check on the time, 8:50 PM, darkness of winter is good. Means he can get back to New york before Curfew at Xaviers. Providing he doesn't get his ass lost, as The young Ninja starts to descend. Using his grapples to get down to a place where he can ambush those three thugs…

Just another night in the life of Gotham. This also catches the attention of Batman whom is trailing along the rooftops before going down into an alleyway a bit ahead of where the three are currently. Staying hidden he waits watching the one being chased run along the street in his direction.

As batman takes cover the master of stealth easily eludes the young ninja, as something batman can see being thrown into the ally way behind the runner. In this case it is a large bag of garbage dropped right on top of the thugs, and with it hitting one of the Thugs it's enough to make them stumble as Razor Swings down from his roof tops. His form when compared to a master shows his level of skill. Trained, but not honed. Swinging from his grapple line he doesn't deliver a flying kick. Rather lands in front of the leader of the trio in a crouch and lunges to strike him in the chest using the element of surprise to try and knock the wind out of his target while the other two are recovering from the show and recoil.

He could interfere but the victim has gotten away while this new vigilante is taking care of the thugs. Bat rather finds this an interesting turn of events as he decides to spectate though ready to intervene if the need arises. "Not bad." he says in a soft voice to himself.

Having delivered the body blow to the chest he uses what advantage he can as the leader of the group staggers backwards, to grab hold of one guy's head and then slams him back and all into the wall. A hand thrust to his knee cap and comes the scream of pain as the sounds of a popping can be heard and the guy goes down grabbing his knee. his left hand reaching into his belt as he produces a powder, a sort of brown powder, Chili powder throwing it into the other guy's face making him scream. The Ninja Follows up moving up and grabbing him by the shoulders and with his armored knee pulls the guy down so that he can knock the wind out of him. Leaving the guy on the ground as their leader is backing out of the alley with a baseball bat.

"Come out of there and fight me like a man you coward!" and at this point Razor reaches to draw his sword, leaving his scabbard as he moves into the faint street light.

With a voice distorted by an electronic device Razor says… "Not a smart idea…" and the Blade katana ready at an angle… this could get dangerous fast. But it is held by someone who has experience and training… young but trained….

Stepping out of hiding Batman stands steady until the leader backs into him. "Going somewhere?" he asks reaching out to grab hold of the bat. "No need for bloodshed. Try something stupid. I dare you."

Then comes the Batman. it takes the leader by surprise. Loosing his weapon breaks his courage and soon he's begging not to be hurt. What Batman can't see due to the ninja's face plate is his eyes going wide. Razor tenses for a moment, as The bat speaks. But his attention is on the Thug. As he says. "How does it feel to be helpless?" he tells the Thug slowly approaching. "To know that we could break every bone in your body… I imagine this is what your victim felt as he was running from you." Razor says. His sword held blade pointing at the older teen's neck. Slowly Razor approaches… Slowly his movements are slow and careful as if to instill fear in the young man….

Holding onto the leader Batman is watching Razor as he approaches with the sword. "Indeed we could but we won't." he turns himself bringing the leader away from the approaching blade. "Get out of here and don't ever let me see you chasing anyone else again." letting him go with a slight push he glances back to the other. "Put it away." he eyes the blade.

As Batman takes hold and charge of the situation Razor moves slowly back away, his movements are measured and careful. Practiced if nothing else, as his sword lifts up behind him and with careful practice he slides the blade into the scabbard. Making sure the Blade's back is against the scabbard. It slides into the scabbard with a click. Perhaps a lock to keep it in place, Reaching behind himself slowly to produce a Grappling hook. Unless he is stopped, it will spin around a few times and fly up towards a rooftop latching on so he can climb out of the area.

"Thank you." Batman tells him not trying to stop his escape. Not much more to say to the vigilante as he sees it for now at least.

"The honor was mine." is all he says before he climbs up. The wires he produces are mingled with the rope he has and as a result of him just retracting them, it make it look easy for him as he will scale a forty foot building in a matter of moments and move off once more to the shadows. If he has time he will Toss across the rooftop casually black dyed Pistachio shells to serve as an alert if someone sneaks up behind him.

Batman gets all the thugs squared away and then decides to perhaps find this vigilante. Lowering down in a crouch scoping out things he picks up one of the nuts with a grin. "Interesting." he basically wants to get him out of hiding so standing up straight he walks forward purposely letting them crunch beneath his feet.

Razor was not entirely hiding, staying in the shadows yes. But he is surprised when he spots the shells, and after picking one up to step on one of them. His voice comes from the shadows with the electronic reverb and distortion. "You could have asked me to reveal myself. It is your territory." Stepping out of the shadows, Razor takes in the glory before him. The Legend. Razor himself appears unarmed, or at least not holding any sort of clear weapon. His movements are slow and precise. His body relaxed.

Razor's face hidden behind that helm, no identifying marks.

"I could have but I decided not too." Bat says watching him not showing any guarded movements. "I take it you know who I am.. So who are you?"

Holding himself tall as he says, "Razor." He names himself. "And you are One of the the Bats of Gotham." He is watching Batman carefully. his eyes also looking around him. Razor has chosen his location carefully, the wall behind him prevents easy sneak attacks from behind.

"I came to see the legend myself. Your female counter part. With the red hair… did not disappoint."

He can't help but laugh deeply. "I am the original Bat of Gotham and you have some nice skills, Razor. I watched you a while before stepping in at the end." Bat folds his arms across his chest. "Kind of a younger version of myself."

The deep voiced laugh doesn't entirely make him comfortable. "Indeed?" he asks referring to his moves. "Thank you. And why do you say Younger version of your self?" Of course he knows that his experience and moves can be read as someone young. But to compare Razor to Batman? That has his attention.

"I was young when I started study martial arts. I'm well versed in many and acrobat type of things." Bat tells him before sitting on a low wall, "Plus you seem to have a sword you can use as well."

Not exactly the reaction he was expecting Batman sitting on the wall as now Razor does take stock of his area turning his head. Body language Disarming, being friendly. "Indeed. Why… Why don the cape and cowl? I doubt it was out of Boredom."

"why do you wear your mask?" Bat asks him turning it around on him. He may look casual but he is well alert of his surroundings.

"Boredom. I have little interest in being a hero, but I can not sit by and do nothing when I know someone may be hurt." Razor having taking in his surroundings, isn't sure the Batwoman is here. Razor's scarf blows in the wind. Some of it bowing, indicating the scarf is weighted in the end.

"My goal is to bring those that killed my parents to justice. If that means protecting others along the way then so be it. I got tired of innocent people being killed just trying to live their lives." Batman admits maybe becoming a little intense. "Some see me the hero and others perhaps blame me for the evil that plagues Gotham."

As he listens. "I can think of other things that could drive a man to. That you do not take lives speaks highly of integrity." Razor listens to the intense words of Batman, and can hear the pain. "Sadly my own reasons, are less than noble. At worst in my land I was becoming a petty thief. Just for the challenge. Money has no value to me." Something he can't believe he just admitted. "As for Evils brought? They would have surfaced somewhere if not here."

"That is why I stepped in earlier. To keep you from going that route and let the police get them." Bat tells him, "They likely could have but the Joker likes to try and get under my skin."

As he thinks of the Joker he recalls having read up on some of the lunatics. "I learned of him. The others as well. I had no intention of harming him. I would have destroyed his weapon, Scared him. But I made a promise. I won't kill. I honor my promises." he says. He doesn't explain the nature of the blade or how sharp it is.

Standing back up, "Good. Not worth the pain of killing someone." batman agrees. "If you ever would like a training partner or someone to spar with. Look me up."

As Batman stands up Razor nods, "A chance to train with a Legend? One would be a fool to miss it. Perhaps soon. I must depart. Stay safe Batman." and Razor will move to the edge pulling out his grappling hook so he can Take off. He does have Curfew at the school and if he is lucky he should just have enough time to get to his house, get his outfit off and get back to Xaviers with minutes to spare.

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