(2015-02-20) Bazaar Meeting
Bazaar Meeting
Summary: Jack and Courtney run into some strange fruits and Dr. Strange
Date: 2015-02-20
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Raxonon IV, a far flung planet in an area of space, that if this were Star Trek, would be consider the Neutral Zone in the Kree/Skrull War. Because of the wealth of minerals being mined in the nearby asteroid belt the planet tends toward the wealthy and powerful side, but like all areas like that there is an underbelly of crime and corruption. The most wealthy of the cities is of course the capital, named Raxon, after the planet of course. It's towering spires welcome aliens from all over the galaxy to spend money of course, as adverts in all manner of languages run up there sides in flashing lights. Its a bustle of activity at all times, but in pales in comparasion to the planetside space dock where the famed Bazaar of the Bizarre is located. In this sector if space it is where one goes when one wants to see and be seen. Anything can be bought and sold here if one knows the right people. Aliens of all kinds from all over the local sector and beyond are selling, buying or just wandering around most for totally legitimate purposes, but some not.

Standing out in a crowd so varied isn't easy, yet somehow the young earthling woman seems to manage it. With her California looks (blonde hair, blue eyes and tan skin), t-shirt that says she is the Property of Metropolis-U Atheletic Department, denim mini-skirt, wide red belt resting on hips and high top Converse on her feet, she screams out-ot-towner. This doesn't seem to bother her though as she deftly moves through the crowd pausing periodically to check out something for sell.

"Textiles! Loomworm silks all the way from Iriliri VII! Living Kell-Satin from the treeworld of Arborea!"

"Gems! Fenspire Gems! To adorn the cervical stem of your nest-partner on any occasion!"

"Come see the dancing Crysytes in all their splendour!" "Take an 'I <3 Raxonon IV Torso-Covering back to your homeworld! Available only here on Raxonon IV!'"

The cacophony is as endless as the Bazaar itself as store-owners, dealers, craftsmen and others all compete for the attentions of new arrivals in the spaceport. Most of them are speaking Interlac - the 'galactic language of trade' - but others have translators built into their P.A. technology. Wherever one can see there are myriad alien species from every corner of the galaxy… but few humans. At least, few humans from Earth. As the young 'Out of Towner' wanders through, many of the merchants and exhibit-managers attempt to wave her over, thrusting oddments and curios out in their hands, tentacles, pincers and holo-trays.

"Izvit!" barks a diminutive, hairy little dwarfoid at Courtney. "Izfit no regga'zta! Ha! Ha! Yrqullyk'eh uuuuusaa!" Whatever language the little fellow is speaking, he emphasises that last word with a… suggestive smirk on his beady face. Thrusting what appears to be a small piece of fruit up at Courtney, the little alien repeats his earlier words - all but hopping on his feet.

At about the same time, a ''rocketeer'' (for lack of a better word) in a red power-suit and helmet soars into the Bazaar, landing on the ground not far from the Earth-girl. He spots her almost immediately - but refrains from approaching right away.

Jack Flag comes in from RP Suites.

It's almost like a grander and larger version of San Fran's Chinatown, which is quite a bit livelier and larger than the Manhattan version. Having been to both quite frequently, Courtney is to overwhelmed by the Bazaar that goes on around her. This isn't her first rodeo out in space either, but compared to her team mates and well a lot of space travlers she is still a newbie, having been at this for less than a year.

Courtney is forced to pause when the drawfish alien garbles at her and shoves the fruit in her face. She cants her head at him a moment, she has no clue what he is saying but from his smirk makes her assume it was probably a bit randy. "No thank you." she says in Interlac, she is hardly fluent in the language, but knows the common words and phrases, "No." "Yes." "Stop or I'll shoot you in your favorite reproductive organ." Things like that. She glances over the rest of his goods for a moment and so as not to totally insult him will pick a peice of fruit of her own choosing and purchase it instead.

The 'rocketeer in red' scans the crowd from where he stands in the middle of it. From the looks of him, this place is… right up his alley. From the looks of the crowd around him as people start to notice him… he appears to be more of an attraction than the Bazaar's attractions. Sentients point and whisper - some, at least - but they go ignored as far as the rocketeer himself is concerned.

A Varakkian Whisper-Dragon floats by overhead - travelling on graviton-emissions from the pores in its skin. The creature is translucent, but not quite transparent… it could be a hologram or the real thing (a feat indeed, considering how rare they are). As the attentions of the crowd shift upward, the rocketeer moves in Courtney's direction. He pauses a few feet away, and holds up a hand.

"I… wouldn't recommend that, ma'am," he says in English, his accent American, his tone light and pleasant. The diminutive alien at Courtney's feet doesn't understand the words, but does not appreciate the interference. The rocketeer smirks lopsidedly. "That one induces hallucinations in most carbon-based mammals." He points to another in the stall. "That one… will turn your skin bright magenta for a week - not the worst that could happen, if it weren't for the itching. And…" Finally, he motions to the fruit that the alien had offered. "That one… don't ask. Just… I can't say it. Not in polite company."

He stops talking, and his smirk becomes a wide grin.

Jack is walking around, looking for just nick-nacks and bric-a-brac that he finds oddly curious. Meaning to catch up to Courtney at some point, compare notes. She bantering with the short fellow about food and fruits of some kind, he's in favor of trying something weird at least once, he gives a brief pause to look at some folk art sort of metal sculpture things, palm sized. Looks cool, not folkie to him, he doesn't come here every day, he touches one and sets a few parts in motion, some alien perpetual motion contraption. A green fellow with eye stalks shoes the fellow along.

So he's looking backwards as he moves near Courtney and the rocketeer, commenting off handedly, "I think I totally broke that guys thing, he wants me to pay for it, but I'm going to act like I don't understand what he's saying." A slight chuckle, he turns, hearing someone illucidate upon what not to get. Turning to realize Courtney is now talking with some red-suited fellow with a jetpack. His eyes widen a little, as if stumbling in third wheel when she's pulling some game to meet the rocket guy or something. "Oh, you're busy … uh, I should go check on the ship or something." Then he mouthes something, it relates to the guy-code set up by Vance and if company is brought back to the ship, how to mark it so as no one disturbs without putting a 'do not disturb' sign directly in place.

Being the space newb that she is Courtney has no clue what the whispering is about, if she even notices as she scans the fruit that is for sale. The creature floating above does get a look as its shadow falls over her. She marvels at for a few moments before once more looking once more to the vendor and his goods.

When the stranger in red approaches Courtney has the hallucinatory purple and blue fruit in hand though seems to still trying to decide if that's the one she wants. The advice has her looking at Strange and then staring at the fruits in question for a few moments. "Seriously?" she questions him before a grin spreads "I'll take all three!" she exclaims, probably not quite the reaction that was expected. As she is holding up three fingers to the drawf and pointing to which she wants Jack approaches backside first "You understand what he is saying?" because she doesn't understand anything anyone is saying, except Strange and Jack. Jack is given a very odd look when he makes ship excuses and she quickly grabs his sleeve to keep him from running and then excitedly pointing to the one of the fruits "You know what these do?" she asks him "You know what we could do with fruit like this?" she takes the container that holds her purchase from the vendor and hands him a credit chip or whatever counts for currency in this part of the galaxy "Thanks Red." she tells Strange "Anything else around here that is weirdo like these fruits?

That reaction… does surprise the fellow in red.

The man stands there blinking at the Earthgirl, and then at the newcomer, and finally down at the little alien. He blinks again, lifting a gauntleted hand to his chin to rub at the stubble just growing there (visible despite the helmet on his head).

The little alien practically cackles with glee as he accepts Courtney's purchase, all the while tossing Strange frequent 'looks'. "Izfit sa'naas ii ben uuusaa!" the alien declares affirmatively, with just a little too much satisfaction. Then he rubs at his lower abdomen and repeats the word: "Uuuuuusaa!" with extra suggestive emphasis. Then he adds: "Saarka TAH! Ah-dahm Strehhhnge!"

The rocketeer looks completely thwarted. "Uhh…huh. Swell." (who says Swell anymore?) He glances at Jack and back to Courtney, shifting his hand from his chin to rub awkwardly at the back of his neck - despite the suit and the jetpack being kind of in the way. "Those?" He indicates the other fruits lifted up before him. "This is a Vakxi stall - do you really…? Alright. Those ones… Actually, I have no idea."

Then he holds up two fingers to the Vakxi and says, "Two, please." In Interlac. Smirking, the man turns more fully toward the other two humans and says, "Lost my manners down a foxhole. I'm Doctor Adam Strange - "

"Strehhhhnge," the alien interjects, almost knowingly.

"Rare to find humans here - Earth?"

Caught by the arm, there is no escape for Jack it seems. So he's there, giving a half grin to the man with the jet pack, then looking at the strange fruit that has been purchased. "No, no idea what they do … its food right, its not like dragon eggs or something." Chuckling, looking more at Adam, "Rare pokemon, we're totally adding these to our pokidex." Cause of course, Adam will get the reference, as would Courtney. "What a second, I don't know what they do, you're not proposing we take it to earth and sell it at a higher profit?" Then he grins, "Cause I could use a few more credits." Just in case he owes someone, or for fun spending too of course.

"Wait, what do those two do as well, if we feed them to someone after midnight are they going to monster-out?" He has no clue what any of the fruit does it would seem. Though the other guy is introducing himself, "Uh yeah, a foxhole huh? You hunt or something … I'm Jack Flag and goo guess, totally from earth."

Courtney rolls her eyes at Jack "We aren't living in a George R.R…" she lets that statement drop considering a dragon like creature flew over just a bit ago. "Well nevermind, they aren't dragon eggs, but how awesome would that be!" she gives her own smirk as Strange purchases his own fruit and admits that he doesn't know what the rest of the fruit is capable of "Don't worry, I have no plans to eat them myself, but I have a few scientists friends that would be interested in studying them." though an eyebrow raises at Jack's idea but she shakes her head "I have no interest in being an intergalactic drug dealer, Jack." though she does know he was mostly joking about that. She is just short of facepalming about Jack's reference to pokemon "Yes Earth, more specifically North America." like that wasn't obvious by the accent.

The Doctor's face brightens visibly listening to Courtney's talk of 'scientist friends'… then a cloud of confusion overshadows his countenance as he pays for his own fruit, and places the small container in a metal pouch on his belt. He looks between the other two Terrans, then reaches up to pull his helmet off.

"I've never heard of a Pokemon before," he tells Jack with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "No. I have! Now that I remember, I wish I hadn't." He lifts a finger and points at Jack. "Foxholes! You know - trenches. Warfare. Good men giving their all for their country - while the lazy bog-pockets give the orders… Never mind. Oh, intergalactic drug-dealers would be the Kree. They're eleven stalls down."

Tucking the finned helmet under his arm, he smirks and shoos the Vakxi merchant away. "Gremlins, Vakxi. Every one of them. So… You're a long way from home, Mister Flag - or can I call you Jack? And I didn't catch your name, Miss…?"

"What, intergalactic drug dealer," Jack returns, completely put off and pffft'ing it, though he was just suggesting it actually it seems. He waves a hand to put the idea away, forever. "Might have to clear it with Vance, with all the Power Woman stuff and control on Alien Tech, might have to get clearance." TO have things tested on earth at least.

Turning more to Adam though, Jack gives him an eye, "Sure, ya, Jack is good, I'd prefer it to the mister business. As long as yo udon't mind me droping the doc bit and sticking to Adam?" Grinning, he's probably going to drop the Dr. moniker regardless, but is being pleasant about it for now at least. "You know, those trenches - foxholes, that's like - no one has done that since like the civil war or something - like bayonets and some unlucky bastard running around holding the flag in stead of a gun and stuff." A pause, "You're sort of talking all Vance now, but way cooler than disco and mustaches like the 70s."

Courtney looks in the direction of these mentioned Kree drug dealers "Duly noted." as the place to avoid, earth drugs are bad enough, she can only imagine how bad alien drugs could be, "Oh sorry, I'm Courtney…no miss required." yeah she isn't all that formal or old fashioned either. She gives Jack a nudge "World War two Jack, you know Captain America stuff." she can't beleive Jack forgot that considering how much of a fanboy he is.

"Captain America stuff," Strange repeats with a nod. He lets out a breath, a little rueful. "Everyone's heard of the Captain - well, everyone except Jack here." He pauses, smiles. "Pleasure meeting you, Mi - Courtney. Call me Adam." Jack is given a sidelong look with a half-smirk.

The Doctor goes to say something else, only to hesitate when spotting a trio of Thanagarian enforcers fly slowly over the crowd, heading from the spaceport and deeper into the Bazaar. The three winged humanoids - all female - notice him, nodding to each other, and then stare long and hard at Jack and Courtney.

But they don't alter their course.

One touches a hand to her helm, talking softly, whilst maintaining the glare with the humans. Strange… says nothing, but stares straight back. With his eyes still on the patrol, he tells his new acquaintances: "I take it then you'll be returning to Earth very soon? What do you do out here? Are you explorers? Treasure-hunters? You mentioned scientists and testing… I can't help but be curious."

"Oh yeah, they did still do that in World War II, I'm just stuck on hill charges, naval landings and capturing bridges, or fighting through towns." Grinning in recollection at least, Jack nods, at Courtney's correction. "Yeah, I've heard of Captain America. I still haven't met him I need to talk with Jean about this."

A pause for the moment then, "Treasure-hunters, ya, something like that … We're the Guardians of the Galaxy." Of course, being out of the Milky Way itself, and instead between Kree/Skrull space further out in teh Magellen Group, its not this one they are guarding. "Wait, what are you doing in space, you're not a bounty hunter or something are you?" Only cause they've had their share of those for now, not to accuse th guy.

Jack may not notice the flying women over head but Courtney does. She is familiar with them at least so their stares are expected and just meet with a friendly grin before focusing once more on the two men "Not sure when we will be returning to Earth. It depends on what sorta things happen between here and there." Jack gets the look when he spills about who they are "Seriously? I can't take you anywhere can I?" she is joking mostly, but still "If he was a bounty hunter we would be exchanging fire already." she eyes Adam "Unless whoever wants us this time actaully sprung for a smart one.

Strange smirks.

At the Thanagarians.

Then he replies with gleam in his eye: "I'm a lot of things - but no bounty hunter. Well, not really - I don't do it for the money. Well, I don't really do it for the money - I don't really do it at all. Bounty hunting, that is. I'm something of a…" and he watches the aquiline aliens depart. "Nuisance," he finishes. Turning firstly to Courtney, he adds: "Why does anyone come to Raxonon IV? To be noticed. Believe me, now that you two have been spotted in a discourse with me… tongues and assorted speech organs will wag. That should make your friend Jack feel right at home."

The Doctor winks at Jack.

Then he takes a breath. Nods. "I've heard of you - well, of the Guardians of the Galaxy. You really do… the 'nuisance' thing well, yourselves, which makes me wonder if you're here for the same reason I am (more or less). The Skrulls say the nicest things about you. Hmm. Aaaannnd now they've undoubtedly seen you with me." The Doctor looks back at Courtney, apologetically. "You mentioned bounty hunters chasing you?"

"No, you can't take me anywhere at all, I tag along anyways, like a lost dog," grins Jack to Courtney, pausing though to listen as the doctor illucidates on whether or not he is a bounty hunter, money or not. "Wait, who's looking for you, and who should we watch out for now?" Sure, tongue wagging gets his interest, he is right at home with that, the non-verbal sort maybe. "We cleared up our accounts with most of the Skrulls, even if not everyone got the message. They stopped chasing us, just a couple still looking our way, came to Earth again." He might make it more complicated by continuing to talk though, he defers to Courtney, to see if he's said enough/too much and if she can make it clearer as she sees fit.

"You have no idea." Courtney says in kind of an exasperated fashion to Adam about Jack feeling at home. More ribbing of her teammate/friend. "Nuisance." she tries the word out and then nods before laughing "I highly doubt you are here for the same reason /I/ am." no specifics are given of course. "We had some trouble a while back, big mulitplicity issue that's been dealt with. The only bounty hunters still after us are the ones that don't check thier e-mails.

Strange nods."I'm here for the Auction," he mentions - as if it were an event about which everyone should know. "Some of the rarest artifacts to be found in the galaxy will be up for sale… you're welcome to join me if you like. Both of you. I've been wanting to meet the legendary Guardians of the Galaxy for a while - to see how 'the kids' go about galactic adventuring."

The man smirks.

"Auction," ponders Jack, thinking the nick-nacks of the bazaar are nothing now, who knows what's in there. Not that he has money to spend there though. "We should be around, or can stick around, do your auction, we can swap stories or something." He might still want to go, unless Courtney stops him, he might do something silly like make the galactic gesture to bid high and not have money to pay if he accidently wins though.

"That explains why the customs agents.." Courtney uses the earth term "Searched our ship so througly before letting us dock." obviously that was a bit annoying, especially when you don't have the credits for bribery and they take offense to it because now they actually have to do their job. "Intergalactic antiquities. Fun! We are going to be here for quite awhile. Our third guy is shaking the contact tree for work. Who knows how long that will take.

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