(2015-02-11) Blood Pack Marathon
Blood Pack Marathon
Summary: After encountering Geist, Jack and Courtney goes to Jean's to watch Geist's TV show.
Date: 2015-02-11
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After meeting Geist, dealing with some Bounty Hunters, Jack got the idea to binge watch the superhero reality TV show Blood Pack. Jean was called, it was mission go. Jack and Courntey had to bring snacks over, so they are acquired. Chips and salsa for Jack, and some grape soda cause he feels grape today. They'll get in, Jack seems comfortable in the environment, maybe some huggy stuff when he sees Jean. "So apparently, I missed quite a bit while in space, I met a super star and didn't even know it today." He explains about Geist.

Jean smiles wryly, very comfortable with being somewhat cuddly with Jack, though she doesn't get enough to make Courtney feel all third-wheelish. "I have to be honest, I didn't even track the show, though since you told me about it, I managed to On Demand the previous episodes…"

"Hey Jean." the young woman gets a smile and wave as Courtney comes in with Jack. She has snacks too and beer, because she's an adult and can drink that sorta stuff and this is supposed to be a party! "I never missed an episode and would even watch the re-runs." she is a big fangirl. "Geist wasn't my favorite character on the show, but defiantly in the top three.

Jack will move to start opening snacks, finding bowls to take to watch even, shoes slipped off at the door. All that stuff. He comes with snacks, taking a bite even as he looks at Courtney, "Only third favorite, I won't tell him … do we get to know who was the top one? We could ask Geist you know, get to meet them someday." A look shared with Jean, new experience for both of them, "You'll still be my favorite on the show, even if you're not listed in the credits." And never make an appearance

Jean laughs a bit, "Ugh, the Justice League keeps me busy enough, not to mention schoolwork and working at the Embassy and…" She pauses, then waves her hand, "I'm not the metahuman you're looking for, and all that." She chuckles and flops down on the loveseat, having a hard limeade in hand already, "Make yourselves at home, we can start whenever you're ready."

Popping open a beer and taking a handful of chips, Courtney goes to drop herself almost bonelessly to the floor, resting her back against the arm of the loveseat so Jack can sit next to her and she isn't in the way of thier snuggle time "The sneaky dude was." she supplies the guy's name. she bites into a chip, she's quite hungry, her lunch being disrupted by stupid Skrulls "And this is why I just stick to superheroing." not that she wasn't in Jean's shoes once, thankfully though she isn't in those anymore.

Jack plops down next to Jean, still on grape soda for the moment, no beer or limeade just yet, but that might come next. He has to get out the urge for grape it seems. Grinning to Jean, "Any knews on that job?" Then he looks at the TV, "Sure, lets start, see how much we actually watch." Versus chatting. Over at Courtney, "That's exactly why I stick to it too, serious business." Mostly at least. "Jean, I think we're going to go see if Stargirl can surf on this planet that is all water, you want to come up and see this with us?" Or him, he'll be watching, Courtney will be riding waves on a massive ocean.

Jean frowns, "Hey, look, I saw Interstellar, we're not going to visit and then come back and it's like, fifty years later or something, right?" She grins, "I have a very strict no-relativity clause with the Justice League." As far as the job goes, she evades slightly on the question.

Courtney sips her beer, listening to both the show and the conversation. When the surfing is mentioned she reaches back to fistbump Jack "To bad I can't have a board like that silver dude we encountered in space." she then chuckles at Jean's worry "God I hope not. It's bad enough having to coach Vance about the 21st century. I don't want to have that done with me.

"Never say never, Vance just got back from the 31st Century remember," returns Jack on the topic of space travels. "And even then, it might be a different Vance. Cause his friend visited from the future and it confused him a little, like wrong timeline or something." He shrugs, eats some more chips, "But as far as I know, I'm all me, no time jumps or other dimensions."

Jean grins, "Okay, but I want to try to learn how to surf too, if we're doing this." She chuckles, "I'd definitely be game for that, and I'm sure Diana can cut me some slack on that."

"No problem there Jean. I can teach you to surf. You'd probably catch on real quick. I have a board you can borrow as well." Courtney glances up at them "This planet does have some sorta land mass doesn't it? Kinda necessary to have surfable waves.

Jack nods, "Ya, all the cities are under the surface, most free floating, I know the land at the bottom is like sacred. We'll figure out if the surface of the water is too, after they blast us to oblivion for disrepecting it." He's joking about the last part as far as he knows. He turns to look, more at Jean, "I'll just watch the sufring, I could get into this sport."

Jean laughs, "Sold! I wouldn't mind learning… living in upstate New York I never had much of a chance." She hmms and glances at Jack, "Sure that won't be a problem?"

"Yeah the first and last time he tried surfing we were attacked by shark people." Stargirl frowns a bit "They wrecked my best board." of course she has a better one now "Not much chance to do any surfing in Nebraska either." she says to Jean "That's why I like living around here so much more." she thinks "Maybe there is some info about that in the intergalactic wiki." that's what she calls it, not the real name for it

"Oh, it might be a problem, I won't lie, but I'll love it just the same," Jack means about watching surfing, or watching certain people surfing. "I'll look it up, just to be safe, ask some contacts. But I'm sure we're good surfing there. And no big sharks. I think if the big fish come up from the bottom their, they'll just swallow us whole. Totally like that fish from pinnochio?" Whale Jack, it was a whale.

Jean hmms, "Well, maybe I can convince them otherwise… and it's a whale, Jack." She smiles over at him, then ruffles his hair a bit, settling in as she catches the show, then laughs, "Wait, is this for real???"

"I'd prefer not to be fish or whale food thanks. If any try to eat me they are going to have a pretty bad case of indegestion." Courtney has seen this episode multiple times…every episode multiple times actually and nods to Jean "Well as real as reality TV can get." she leans forward "Oh this next bit is great. They really do a number to this bad guy.

"We could film it, make it our own reality TV," Jack says, still digging into chips and salsa, nodding at the TV. "Go so some sport and have wild monsters chase us." He is joking about that, not hoping for any whales to eat anyone during surfing. With any of them could be deadly, for the animal in question. Even he sort of winces a little at the bad guy number, "Whoa, you're weren't kidding, and they aired it all." Even if some staging was done.

Jean winces, "Wow, surprised there's no disclaimer about that." She shakes her head, "I remember one time some ninjas tried to kidnap me. They didn't quite realize that I had powers." A wry look crosses her features.

"I have a couple of gopro cameras I could strap to the nose of my boards." even if he is kidding about some of that Courtney actually things that part of it is a great idea. Video of her surfing on some far flung water planet….youtube gold! "They didn't put in the disclaimer until a few episodes in. The fourth or fifth if I remember right." she nods at Jean "Isn't that how it always works?

Jack grins about the ninjas, then nods, "Like that ghost guy with the sword?" At the coffee shop even. He didn't get the disclaimer either. "Don't tell Vance about gopros … he'll have use strap them on for missions or something so we can talk about what we did right or wrong to improve ourselves as a team." Someone on the show says something witty banter wise, he chuckles, "We would work on our dialogue though, I like that guy." Mabye its the sneaky one.

Jean chuckles, "Yeah, some wolf kinda guy came along and helped out. Definitely would have needed a disclaimer there. Not exactly sure who he was, I didn't get a good mental fix on him, bub." She hmms, "Had claws out of his hands though, was rather strange."

"That's the last thing I would tell Vance about." well close to the last thing surely, there are probably lots of other things as well "Sounds like a guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley." Courtney asides, most focused on the show now than the conversation going on above them.

"Like coming out of his hand, not part of it, but coming out," returns Jack listening to Jean. Then at Courtney, "I fought that giant mantis in down at the harbor." New York, south part of the island they were on even. "That guy was there, when we fought it." He touches his head, "And some little girl, I think she threw bombs or something, but had just as many f-bombs while fighting it. I know him." Or has scene him at least.

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