(2015-02-08) Warriors of the Night
Warriors of the Night
Summary: In Japan, Legends of the Gotham BAT prove too enticing for Razor to resist. So he takes his first venture in America out searching for The Bat.
Date: IC Date (2015-02-08)
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Scene Runner: Batwoman
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Gotham after dark. It's when the city's *respectable* citizens are mostly somewhere else. Except, of course, for those brave souls who try to keep the peace. Detective O'Malley is one of those. In two years he'll be able to retire, but right now he's sitting in his unmarked car across the street from an alley. An alley where he expects a deal to go down tonight. Except there isn't a 'deal'. He's been lured here.

O'Malley isn't the only one who's been lured here by the promise of shady activity, and it's probably fortunate for him. Batwoman heard that something was going down in the alley tonight, and she's watching from a somewhat higher vantage point. About five stories higher, in fact. Surveying the scene from her perch, the binoculars bring everything in close and the starlight lenses on her cowl make it look almost like daylight. Yeah, there are definitely people collecting at the far end of the alley. Quite a few of them, young and armed and stupid. Gang material. And it doesn't look like Bingo night.

In japan, The BAT has something of a minor cult following among some people, a silent vigilante. A modern day ninja. A demon of the night. Call it what you wish, there are many tales and here say. It's like the Legend of Bigfoot. So a chance to meet a legend, too good to pass up. Razor has stolen into Gotham city during noon, rented a cheap motel room in the crime ridden areas, and then escaped under the cover of night. Razor knows his skills at stealth are good, far from being a master. With nights coming early due to winter he should be able to get back to Xavier's before Curfew hits at 11:30 PM. Providing he doesn't end up in a major fight.

As such, with the color of his outfit black, very dark brown, and very dark grey, chances of anything other than a black shadow being seen moving across some roof tops is slim as he moves. He looks around his area as he kneels down on the ledge of a building cloaked in shadows he is surveying the area. looking around the place for anything that seems out of place, or odd. Bats have wings, in this canyon anything that moves on top of a building is not normal.

He takes note of the area, the people, those coming and going. Something does catch his attention, the man in the car, and for the moment he focuses on it.

O'Malley wishes he could light a cigarette, but he knows better. He's a professional, after all. According to his contacts (who were planted), there's a deal happening anytime soon (wrong!). So he's not surprised when a couple of teenagers wearing colors enter the alley from this side. He just has no idea that there's another 20 or so already at the far end.

It happens quickly. Gang-bangers *swarm* out of the alley. It looks at first like a fight, until experienced eyes notice that no one is wearing colors. No one. And while there's a lot of activity, no one actually gets hit. In less than fifteen seconds they've swarmed around O'Malley's car. Blades flash, and a tire pops. Then a second. And that's when O'Malley realizes he's trapped.

As things happen fast Razor takes only a few moments before making a choice. He stands up and then comes a brief yet soft flash of light, very faint, easily missed as from his fingers come his razor wires, lashing out onto a lamp post and he swings down as they pull back allowing him to swing down safely.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a number of smoke bombs, and as he descends through the air and when he gets close enough those little black orbs fly. Aiming for the roof of the car, the side closest to the person inside, and the far side of the car.

Razor lands on the ground close to the car, but lunges into the erupting smoke and cloud.

Striking with his hands and feet he aims for elbows, knees. Attempting to damage them to impair their ability to move or fight. He unties that Black Silk scarf to use it as a whip to fling into faces, around a leg to wrap up and yank down. For the moment, it's just him doing his best to take care of as many as possible in the confusion.

The gangers were expecting O'Malley and the car. They were even expecting him to have a gun, which is why there are just so many of them. A baseball bat spiderwebs the windshield in an attempt to pull the cop from the car, and that's when the unexpected happens. Smoke bombs go off, and chaos sweeps into their ranks. One goes down, then two more.

As if things couldn't get any worse, another dark figure descends. It's black, until it spreads arms wide to unfurl the cape. A RED cape. Batwoman crashes into the gangers on the other side of the car. She's quick and brutal, punching with her full weight and sweeping kick with the force of the weight cape behind them. She's fearless, trusting her body armor to turn blades and even the stray bullet should anyone be packing. No, they sure as hell weren't expecting THIS.

One of them has an aluminum Baseball bat with nails wielded to it like some modern day mace. As some of the guys try to grapple Batwoman, wrestler style. he tries to bring the baseball bat down on the batwoman's head. It's at that point a Star is thrown. The metal star flies through the air spinning with decent accuracy, and then it imbeds deeply in the guy's hand. making him drop the bat and scream. Moments later the star pops out of his hand and recoils back to the thrower as the Smoke and cloud starts to vanish. Lasting barely 7 seconds. It's not high end, but decently potent.

On one side of the Car someone is lifting a steel pipe up, and at this point Batwoman can see him reach for his sword, and in one smooth stroke, the blade flies through the air, and intercepts the pipe and with a Shink, the pipe falls off very close to the hand of the guy who is just left dumb founded.

Spining around he makes a slash for the guy's knees, and then continuing the spinning stroke something that Might freeze her blood. The blade impacts the guy's stomach making him give an "Omhp." and he goes down. The Ninja has used the blunt back of the blade to knock the wind out of him….

Batwoman is moving quickly through the gangers, mostly punching and kicking. She's not without her own thrown weapons, either, and she flings the curved spikes in whirling clusters of three. There's plenty of soft tissue exposed and more than a few cries of pain are raised.

She's starting to duck as the baseball bat is raised, and when the metal star makes the guy drop the bat a booted foot to the face cuts off his scream. But it's the ringing of the sword that really catches her attention. The weapon is severed but no blood is drawn, and she gives a silent nod. Approval?

In less than thirty seconds the kids have had enough. They scatter, at least the ones who can run, leaving half their number either groaning on the ground or limping away. Batwoman steps on one guy's hand. "Stay." she instructs him brusquely. Pointing to the sword-wielding figure next, she adds. "You too."

As they group is moving off, and he watches the Batwoman move to one of the guys he was already in the process of tossing one of his smoke bombs down, and of course when it breaks it fills the area with smoke and cloud. Thermal vision can see what happens, he makes a mad dash for one of the sides of a building to leap up and away to get to the roof tops. But unless one has thermal vision they won't see where he went. Although well trained ears could maybe hear the sound of soft footfalls going off.

Razor allows the Batwoman, to handle the situation from this point, it is her territory.

Batwoman mutters something under her breath as the ninja escapes in a cloud of smoke. The starlight lenses work quite well in the darkness, but not nearly so well through smoke. And, then he's gone. O'Malley opens the car door a little and she turns her attention towards him instead. "Go! You were set up! I've got this!" Smacking a palm on the car hood, he nods in agreement and starts the car. Procedure can wait. Two tires flat and the windshield smashed, it trundles off to safer streets.

With the Detective on his way, Batwoman turns her attention towards the groaning figures, removing her foot from the hand. "Okay, gentleman. It's time for us to have a little chat…"

With his scarf wrapped around him once more he cleans the star he used to hit the guy in the hand, he places it into a special pouch he can hold it until he gets home, and can sterilize it. He also uses a wipe for his blade to clean the blood from the slashed knee caps. Thankfully the wound is not deep, but that guy will be off his feet for weeks if not months if he wants his knees to heal properly.

So for the moment, after sheathing his sword he spreads some black crackles (Pistachio shells soaked in black dye from a local grocer) on the ground around him. Matching the shadows, as he leans over the edge to watch the Batwoman and her style, it's like observing mythical creature in action… he can not miss this. And when she vanishes when she spots him, if he is right she will approach from behind and into his sound area.

Batwoman's interrogation technique is simple, but effective. Using zip-ties she binds wrists behind backs and props up five survivors against the wall. Seated, with legs out so they can't stand easily. Then she starts with the battery of questions, looming over them. "Who sent you? Why were you targeting the cop?" Etcetera. She starts at one end of the line, punctuating every question with a brutally hard punch across the face.

When the first thug is knocked unconscious she moves on to the second. And by the time she reaches the third he tells her everything she wants to know. And then some.

Stalking over to the spot where the ninja dropped the smoke, she crouches to scrape some of the residue for later analysis. Then the cowled redhead looks around for likely escape routes. Pulling out a grapple gun from the small of her back, she aims it towards the nearest rooftop and fires. Whether he went this way or not, it's always better to seek a higher vantage point. The smoke masked the starlight lenses, so when she reaches the top she pulls out a set of DoD issued night vision binoculars to scan the area.

As he watches her interrogation methods he smiles at how effective it is. However when he hears of her talking about how they targeted a cop, and the guy says it was intentional. Razor glares daggers under his mask, intentionally targeting a cop? His temper rises some, as he knows how cop killers should be dealt with. Perhaps not kill them, by make sure they have to eat their meals through straws for the rest of their lives at least.

But he holds his position closing his eyes clenching his fist as he just keeps his eyes down at the Thugs bound, he's debating going down there and really scaring them straight.

Batwoman as she scans the area she can see rooftops, and then the figure as he is apparently just looking down at the thugs, as if contemplating going down there but after a few moments seems to relax. He is beside a large brick rooftop shelter that holds the stairs to the building below, but plenty of room behind him for landing and stealth. For the moment he is just looking around the area up at the roof tops, waiting, watching.

Scanning, scanning, scanning… ah, there he is. Thank you Mil-Spec infrared. Batwoman shoots the grapple over to an adjacent building. It's a bit of an indirect route, but military doctrine would dictate a flanking approach. Swinging out one building and over two puts her more or less behind the ninja, whoever he is.

She lands on top of the shelter, of course, and pretty much without a sound. If no one was expecting her, Batwoman would be in a perfect position for surprise. Or an ambush. Still crouching, her voice is soft when she speaks. "I'd like to talk. Without the smoke pellets this time."

As he is listening to the area, he thinks he heard something but can't be sure with the sound of the area. Then if he is surprised (which he is not surprised she got behind him unheard) he does not show it when she is suddenly behind him speaking. He will in a slow careful movement place his left foot behind his right foot standing perfectly straight as an arrow pivot around to face Batwoman.

His suit is very concealing showing no part of flesh, and looks of good craftsmanship, and absolutely no identifiable markings, no clan features. Nothing. Now he places one hand over his chest and bows to her slightly, his helmet not taking his eyes off her as he speaks. When he speaks his voice has an electronic reverb to it, so the mechanical vibration will distort his voice. "Your self control is impressive. I would not have been as… gentle, when I learned they intentionally targeted an officer of the law." He remains his his bow waiting….

Batwoman rises slowly as he turns, allowing the red-lined cape to furl in the light breeze. Perhaps not wishing to scare him away, she remains where she is for the moment. "They were only the hands; I want to cut off the head." she replies simply. "Besides, haven't you heard the old adage 'dead men tell no tales'?"

Stepping off to the side, she hops down lightly and sinks into a deep crouch to take up the shock. And her movements are -still- quiet. "We don't get a lot of ninja activity in Gotham these days." she remarks, making a mental note to contact Batman about this. "I'm Batwoman, and I'm curious."

As he listens to her, his words are carefully chosen. "Gentle is what I said. Not lethal." A reply to both her first statements.

Control is what he seems to have plenty of but as she talks of Ninja in Gotham he raises to a standing position despite the body. Every one of his motions is slow, careful methodical. His silk scarf also blows in the breeze. "I too am curious. The Myth of The Bat of Gotham is not unknown in my lands. Like Sasquache, Loch Ness, Yeti. The chance to see a living myth and legend. I could not resist."

Red lips curl into a broad smile that leans more towards 'disconcerting' than 'friendly'. "And now you've seen it for yourself. At least part of the truth, anyway. But while I can assure you that I'm not the -only- Bat in the story, that's all I can say about it."

Batwoman raises a gloved hand from beneath the cape as she continues, red leather palm upward and open more as a gesture for emphasis than anything else. "You will understand, of course, if I ask about your intentions. It's not that we maintain an exclusive club, but we do want to discourage everyday citizens from putting on a hoodie and a bandana, Then going out at night beating up bad guys with a baseball bat."

Right now Razor is stiff as a board, his eyes are looking all around. His visor thankfully hides it. "My intentions were as I said. To see one of the myths in this story. I have no interest in Heroics, but I can not stand by idly and allow someone to be hurt when I have the power to prevent it. Now it is my intention to depart, I have seen enough for now. I may return from time to time, to see, to watch. To learn more."

Razor is willing to bet she has back up watching and waiting for her to act. His only desire is to leave. "As for now… I will take my leave and allow you to cut the head off of the snake you seek before word reaches him and he can slither into his hole, but as A dead man tells no tale, nor can he learn from his mistakes." Of course learning from mistakes can also be problematic if he has no intention of starting over in life. One hand slowly reaches behind him and he pulls out a small grapple of his own attached to wires.

The Lady Bat makes no move to stop him as he reaches for his own grapple, but she watches him. Perhaps she's trying to learn something about his teaching from his style? Batman would be much better at it than she is, but Kate's been exposed to quite a few styles all the same. "Just know that you won't be the only one watching. We maintain a non-lethal policy and you adhere to that. Good. I'll put the word out that you're not one of the bad guys. Do you have a name that you use?"

As she makes no motion to stop him he says, "No lethality, My word is given. A name… You may call me, Razor." and with it he will turn around just as Smoke envelopes him from a pull of his grapple wire pulls a pouch open and it drops a Smoke bomb. Now he uses his wires from his fingers to attach to the Grapple winding around as he turns to Fling and throw the Grapple to a much higher building so he can Swing through the air to depart. The Cables allow him to throw the grapple and pull it out and off things easier than would be normal other wise.

Batwoman nods, filing the name away for later. Not that she needs to, since the Colonel systematically records everything she hears. "Very well, Razor. Like I said, I'll put the word out." And as he swings away she starts a side conversation. "Hear that, Colonel? Let's start a cross-reference search on code-name: Razor. If this guy's got ninja training we'll come up with nothing but a big, fat hole. But we might also get lucky."

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