(2015-02-05) Arrival Expected
Arrival Expected
Summary: David Akenda is sent to the States after some complications in his Homeland of Japan. There he arrives at Xavier's School, expected to just deliver a Donation Check, and ends up as a Student to this Exceptional academy.
Date: IC Date (2015-02-05)
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As one of David's experience might have expected, his flight was met by a young man in a business suit holding a placard with his name on it, in kanji as well as in English characters. Greeted by name with courtesy, David's luggage would have been retrieved with him and brought to the towncar, which the gentleman in the business suit proceeded to drive from the airport out of the city and into upstate New York, eventually reaching Westchester County and then arriving at the palatial Xavier estate, passing through the digitally remote-controlled security gates and up the driveway. The singular mildly unusual aspect of all of this was that the young gentleman's suit was stark white, and so was the car. It's definitely not a normal color for such things.

Upon arrival at the front of the school, the car safely parked, the gentleman exited the vehicle and guided David from the back of the car to the front doors, opening them to guide him through the stupendous foyer, up the stairs to the upper levels, around the courtyard, and then towards the administrative offices. Upon arriving at the door marked 'Ms. Emma Grace Frost - Headmistress', he knocked, and then opened the door a moment later despite no sound of acknowledgement, guiding David through the door. And then he promptly closed the door, leaving himself outside.

Inside, David is met by the vision of Emma Grace Frost, arising from her crystalline-looking ultra-modern desk and approaching, right hand outstretched. "Konichiwa, Mister Akenda. Welcome to Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters. I am Emma Frost, the Headmistress. I trust your flight was a tolerable experience?"

The Flight was fairly enjoyable, but being away from home. As much as he was looking forward to being on his own, he was homesick already. Then again his own actions brought this upon him. He is pleasantly surprised when he was greeted by the Driver. He did approach the man and with a bow introduced himself, allowing himself to be escorted. Looking around he notes how people are acting and dressed. The drive through the area makes him envy the people in America. They have no idea how blessed they are. So much open space, able to own your own homes. In Japan, land to own is premium, and some what rare.

The school is nothing short of impressive. Taking the opportunity to look around in wonder, and at some of the students if he can see some out and about. He follows the driver into the School. Just after entering by force of Habit he begins to removes his shoes. He has no problems in socks. Some habits are ingrained.

The Entrance into the Headmistress Office without any visible or auditory signal makes him aware and alert. He had not expected such.

Upon entry into her Officer. David instantly Bows to the Head mistress Formal and proper as he says, "Konichiwa, Headmistress Frost." At this point he will come up to Shake her offered hand. And for once his hands are without gloves, so the moment his skin touches her skin. She will be aware he is a Psionic. The question is, will he be aware of her nature?

"It was enjoyable. I thank you for your welcome, and yes. The Flight was quiet enjoyable. My mother had told me much of America."

Aware, from their own investigations, of David's abilities if not the specifics of them, Ms. Frost is not shocked to feel his psionic presence, though it is rare that mere touch is enough to bring that awareness. But she has no way to know that her own powerful mind will interact so with his abilities; no way to anticipate the hammerblow of psionic force the rebound from her mighty shields - shields sufficient to keep out even Charles Xavier when she wishes - that will travel through the young man at their touch.

As David holds her hand, for a moment he is fine. But since his powers are manifested through his hands, it's enough to produce a sensation of being dizzy. Instantly he almost stumbles as the sensation was unfamiliar. And instantly he breaks contact with her hand and reaches out to steady himself on a chair, wall anything as he says. "Forgive me. I guess the flight had take a bit more out of me than I expected." He says a white lie, as his mind pieces together what just happened exactly. As David moves to sit down. "May I have something to drink?"

Aware of the polite dissembling, Emma is too familiar with Japanese customs to pry or prove the lie to David's statement. She is not quite sure why that happened, but she can find that out later. The tall blonde gestures the young man towards a seat. "Of course. Please, sit, relax. I assume you would prefer water?" She steps to the near wall of her office, and fetches a crystal glass, pouring ice water from the matching pitcher and then extending the glass to her guest. "Please, take your time. We can continue when you are feeling up to it." That said, she does not immediately withdraw behind her desk, but takes a seat in the other chair that sits in front of it, beside David, waiting. It is a more conversational position.

Clearing his thoughts for the moment, David accepts the water with a nod. Drinking it down as he says, "Do—Thank you." he had started to speak Japanese, but he will honor her speaking English. And he inhales and exhales. As he collects himself he does chalk it up for time being as jet lag. Once he has collected himself he says, "Thank you I am better. I thank you for the water." He sits up, straight tall, and trying to give off a measure of a professional business man.

"You are welcome, Mister Akenda." Emma offers easily enough. She too is exceptionally formal for an American, and is not at all offput by the manners he exhibits. "Now that you are feeling better, perhaps it is time to discuss the reason for your arrival, and your intentions. Yes?"

As he relaxes. "My father has heard of the Xavier's School for gifted youngsters." And at this point he pauses to think of how to properly phrase this, Tapping his fingers together he thinks. "He is considering making a sizable donation. And to be honest his reasons for choosing this exact school are a mystery to me." He does his best to keep a serious tone. "And he was wondering about the nature of the school and course of studies. He's a man who takes education very seriously."

Ms. Frost merely nods slightly, listening with clear intent while David offers his own knowledge of the situation. "Very well. I think, perhaps, it is time that we discuss things more openly. If I may?" Emma inquires, waiting for David's permission - even if he knows not for what - before she then rises from her seat, tapping a control that brings one of the paintings on the wall to change, revealing itself to instead be a video screen. After a flicker of the coat of arms of the school, the image of David's father appears on the screen. Then a recorded message begins to play.

It is, after all, not Emma's place to explain his father's duplicity.

At this point David listens to Ms. Frost and it is at this point that he seems to be getting an inkling of what his father is intending. As it makes him pale a little. He agrees and as the Video of his father comes on and older man, perhaps in his forties at most, a slight receding hair line, brown eyes framed by wire glasses, he speaks in Japanese. ((Hello my son. It pains me to have gone behind your back with out you knowing. But I have failed you. In my attempts to shield you from those who would bring you harm. I have denied you the chance to live life and enjoy it. And it is this that has lead you to the choices you made.))

Sitting in the chair David closes his eyes as he does his best to control his emotions, but no doubt Emma can feel the turmoil he keeps under control so well. ((I have asked the Head of the Xavier's school to allow you to be enrolled into their school as a student. It is my hope that they can give you in America what I can not in Our homeland. A chance for a normal life, and more importantly. To be able to live life, as it should be. Not sheltered behind closed doors with Tutors and private instructors. I ask that you accept their offer if they are willing to allow you to attend. Know always. I am proud of you, your abilities. And I love you always. We shall see each other once more. This I promise.))

David leans back closing his eyes as he bites his lip. His breathing is deep, calm, and regulated as the Video comes to the end. David seems to be a bit upset as he says, "I must ask for forgiveness. I feel as if you have been placed in a difficult position. Me coming in with a check for the donation and then being asked to allow me to enroll into the school." David closes his hands in a fold as he places them over his face at the duplicity.

There is an odd, almost playful air to a more felt than seen smile that only slightly tilts at Emma's lips in response to the younger Akenda's words. "Believe it or not, Mister Akenda, we here were perhaps better informed on this matter than you may believe. There is no apology necessary. Nevertheless, there is still a discussion that needs happen. I hope you will not be offended if I begin that conversation with what some might ascribe to be very American brashness."

After a few moments' pause, Emma continues. "No one enrolls at Xavier's, unless they are invited. Your father's contact did not catch us as much by surprise as he may have believed. But until his contact, we did not have reason to feel you required our … assistance." Whatever Emma may be implying, he can be rather assured that she is very intentionally making him gently, obliquely aware that there is more unsaid. It is, really, a quite Japanese manner, even if done in fluent American English.

"Now that you are here, the choice is yours. Your father would wish you to stay here, to avail yourself of the education and the opportunities we have to offer. If that is what you wish, we will welcome you, and begin your orientation immediately. If that is not your wish, you need only say so, and we will return you to wherever you wish to go as quickly as possible." Emma offers. "And if you feel you perhaps do not have enough information to make an informed choice, you have only to say so, and I will endeavor to assist you."

David remains in a meditative stance as he inhales and exhales focusing on her words. The sensation he feels makes him calm down and he opens his eyes. He seems to not be offended by the Brashness. "On the flight over, I did my own investigation of the school. I was surprised to find very little information on it. I had indeed been wanting to get out and experience the world, this is not exactly what I had in mind. I am sure my father explained some things about me. But I would like to know more about the school it's self? You of course have my word of discretion."

Ms. Frost nods. It bodes well that this is one who chooses to know, and to learn, and realizes there is a price paid for that knowledge, a burden to its existence. "Very well. You are quite right: there is not much information about the school available to the public. But this is not a public school. Indeed, this is a very private school." She waits, watching David carefully.

"Our school was founded by Professor Charles Xavier." Emma begins. "He sought to create a school to help special and gifted students to learn to excel, and to survive and thrive in the world around them. A world that often does not understand them, or how to deal with them." Another beat. "Every student here is selected because he or she - or even it, though that has not yet arisen for us - is gifted. There are many words for that: metahuman; alien; mutant; powered." Another pause. "Not every student's powers are active. Indeed, some students stand out because they do not stand out." Emma doesn't explain that.

"Every student is special. We recruit those in need, those who can benefit from what we do here. We go out of our way to look for those students, and then we offer them this opportunity. Some come here because it is a far better education and opportunity than they could ever afford outside of us. Some come here because it is a place to come, and learn, and be accepted when they feel no one outside these walls can accept them. For some, they come here because we are their last chance. But for each of them, it is a choice. We force /no one/. But those who accept, we push to excel. Not just to survive, but to thrive. To be the best /they/ personally can be. Including the control and use of their gifts. And how to use them - or not use them - as they see fit in the world outside. So that they are empowered to make their own decisions." There is, buried beneath that calm, cool, even chilly exterior, a coldly burning passion for these words. No explanation. But abiding truth.

As he listens he understands and is piecing things together in his mind. Now it makes sense why he was sent here and the school was selected. He seems to take it in strides as he says, "Well, things are making more sense now as to why this particular school." he seems almost amused and grateful that his path would lead him here. Closing his eyes and thinking. "It is similar to the as the Americans call them. EPS or Psychic schools we have in Japan."

As he listens, "Well, Then I would be right at home then. So to speak, as my father explained and no doubt told you in a private video. I to have gifts as well. I believe I would like to attend. It would be nice to not have to be so… secretive of my gifts."

Reaching into his coat pocket as he will pull out his wallet. "I am certain my father would approve," and pulls out an envelope, offering it to Ms. Frost. "Given the secrecy needed for such a place, I assume a Casher's Check is acceptable? Out of curiosity What were you told of my own gifts?"

"A cashier's check is fine." Emma offers, accepting the check without ever looking inside. The amount really doesn't matter to her. "Your father was only told about the school's special nature after we had confirmed for ourselves your suitability, and his need." she answers. "As for what we know of your abilities, we have done extensive study and research. I know that you apparently project tendrils or whips, created of energy powered and controlled by your own mind, from your fingertips. I know that they can grip, or that they can slice through things with an almost impossible sharpness." She does not speak of the attack or the loss of life, though she knows of both. She is keenly aware. But it need not be mentioned at this time. "I am also aware that the nature of your manifestation has made you somewhat sensitive, it appears, to stronger psionic presence. Hence your body's reaction to my touch, earlier. My own gifts are telepathic."

He hands the check over with a bow and smile. Listening to her describe his powers and then her own nature as a telepath, "Well that explains the dizziness then. Well you also have my word I won't be using the wires to harm anyone." And David actually seems to shudder and the fear and phantom pains come back to him those few times he did accidentally cut someone. "If I were to injure someone with them… I feel their pain as my own." He says "As you can understand, I have… a strong aversion to harming people with my wires. I'll break a knee, arm, leg if needed." He explains this as when you are dealing with kids who are hype up on emotions and hormones things can explode. And wants Ms Frost to understand he is not about to use them to harm someone.

Emma nods, understanding. Being a telepath, she is keenly aware of the truth of his statements, and of his surface-touched memories of when such things have gone ill for him in the past. "Well then, that is both good, in the safety of the other students, and something to work on in the future. Best to offer you every opportunity for self-defense, if and when the situation may arise." Again. "For now, why don't we go on a tour of the facilities. We can discuss classes and educational opportunities, and give you a chance to see where it is you will be living and learning. Perhaps you will even meet a few of those who will share that journey with you."

David Akenda nods and smiles as he says, "Thank you, I assume I will have to live on campus most of the time correct?" Generally that is how these schools work. As he stands up and then thinks, "Perhaps after a quick break to the facilities of the school?" he asks allowing her to lead the way and tour.

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