(2015-01-09) World Eater - Prt 1
World Eater - Part 1
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Date: 2015-01-09
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Aliens, aliens everywhere. All different sorts, types, kinds, and from all reaches of the galaxy. The Shi'ar galaxy is completely independant of the Milky Way galaxy and quite a hike distance. Whereas the Skrull is located in the Andromeda Galaxy and the Kree are in the Greater Magellanic Cloud, the Shi'ar galaxy can be found millions of light years even beyond those. The galaxy itself is composed of over 100 billion stars and though only a small percent of those are habitable, they are all under the rule of the Shi'ar Imperium. An empire that has been around for unknown centuries and has achieved domination over its inhabitants through force and peaceful means. Our heroes find themselves on a populated planet that has vast technological advances (beyond that of Earth) and is part of the Shi'ar domain. The planet focuses on trade, commerce, and distribution. The planet is like a giant distribution warehouse where products are shipped from factories, mines, and research stations and then logistically transported to their destinations. It's not all work here, as there is a ton of /play/ in the larger cities where many of the alien workers, tradespersons, and merchants need to relax. Here, in the port city of Kitrughtuk, there are many recreational locations. One of those locations is a dinner/club location that Courtney picked out.

Vance is content to be sitting in a booth like structure against a wall eating things that could pass for french fries, and letting Court do what ever she wishes. Jack is likely somewhere around. But for now, the music plays, the aliens mingle, and some feathers can often get ruffled.

A club that also serves food, that is a rare thing to find in New York so of course Courtney had to check this novel idea out on whatever planet it is they were on. She has been in almost constant movement since arriving, either getting her groove on, on the dance floor or getting drinks at the bar or even the occassional stop by the table that Vance has managed to get, she hasn't really stopped for a breather. After getting more drinks at the bar she deftly moves through the crowd and drops them off and herself at the table "This is amazing!" she says breathlessly "I wonder if I gave the DJ my phone we would play some stuff off it." because alien music is okay, but totally unfamiliar to her.

Vance is enthralled by her life and aliveness. He watches, smiles, and is entertained by all that is Courtney and her excitement of the environment. He calls back, "You should ask!" Then he sips on the fluid that passes for soda and glances to the DJ booth that houses some 4 armed wibboly wobbly alien with dark shades.

"I may." Courtney takes a sip of her drink. She is switching to non-alcoholic for this round. It wouldn't do to get totally smashed this early in the party game "He's like something out of Star Wars." she gives a glance to where the DJ plays the music "I almost expect him to break out a keyboard and start playing music from the Cantina scene."

"I really wish I would have seen that movie before I left. It would have prepared me for what I experienced in space - the first time around." comments Vance reflecting back to his 'lost in space' life.

Courtney shakes her head "Yeah, I don't think it works that way." she says after another drink and waving a waitress over to get more food, "I've seen all sorts of space before I meet you guys, none of them prepared me for the reality of the situation.

"I'm an Astronaut. I was trained to expect all sorts of crap. But not at all prepared for getting frozen and thawed out years later. I'm not sure what's more traumatic - aliens, or humans and the way the Earth has changed during my absence." states Vance.

"Why does one have to be more traumatic than the other? Tramua is tramau there really doesn't need to be degrees of it." she orders some food and sends the waitress on her way "Though if you really want I would say coming back to see how everything was different would be more so.

Vance nods, "While in space, I had no idea how much time had passed. Heck, I didn't even know where the Earth was. There weren't star charts that pointed my way back. It wasn't until Jack came along that I had any hope of getting to Earth. So I was resolved to letting luck guide my adventures. I was lucky the Guardians came along. Otherwise I'd either be dissected or bored on some back water planet."

"Given the choice I would pick dissected." Courtney says in a droll tone. Boredom does't suit her, "I guess Jack was your knight in shining armor." she laughs as she say it, mostly a joke.

Vance chuckles and nods, "Guess so. Or on the other hand he was what brought reality back to my space opera."

"Space opera. For some reason that makes me thing of Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes singing the Barber of Seville." Courtney chuckles at the mental image. "Okay what is it going to take to get you out on the dance floor." she looks in the direction and then around the club "You should ask that…lady.." she points, but really she isn't sure what the creatures gender is, but it looks feminine in nature "to dance."

He looks across to the indicated alien. His eyes widen and he says, "no." somewhat flatly. "I'm not really /it's/ speed. I'm more…." he scans around, "Her." and nods over to a Mephitisoid female with a large black and white furry tail that flicks from time to time as she speaks to the various other aliens around her.

Courtney raises a brow, looking intriqued that a woman wouldn't be his speed "Is that a euphimism for our naugty bits don't match up?" there is a bit of a smirk then she looks at the skunk looking woman "A bit furry, but if that's your thing….

"Better than feathers." states Vance as he stands from the table. He glances back before walking away, "Wish me luck." is stated with a wink and a smile.

Half way across the floor toward the mephitisoid klaxtons begin to sound about the city. General civil defense alarms.

"There is that." Courtney agrees as the waitress swoops by to drop the food off. Of course that is timing, klaxons go off while she is having fun and about to eat. A sigh escapes her and she quickly gets to her feet "Guess you waited to long." she says as she suddenly appears at Vance's side, she can move fast when she wants too.

Someone calls out, "It's the Herald of the World Eater! He's above the city!"

Vance looks to Courtney, "We gotta get Jack and get out of here. Now!" The expression on his face is of grave concern.

"With a name like world eater I would think so." he will get no argument from her about that. Courtney might even know what they are talking about even, but when you are fleeing chit-chat isn't advisable "I saw him upstairs, fending off the advances of some magenta alien with tentacles for a mouth."

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