(2015-01-02) The Cat Does a Good Deed
The Cat Does a Good Deed
Summary: The Black Cat and Moon Knight team up to take down art/jewel/antiquities thieves and agree to return to artifact.
Date: IC Date (2015-01-02)
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-==[ Warehouse 27 — Mercey Island ]==--------

With a length of 200 feet, width of 150 feet, and height of 30 feet, this area is totally devoted to storage of boxed goods that are stacked on pallets and reinforced shelves that count in the scores of rows filling this building entirely. Windows high above, and skylights illuminate this area during the day, and flourecent tubing illuminates it during the night.

She is Bastet (Bast), ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare, also known as the Panther God to the Wakandas, and of course cats to everyone else. The goddess will not be playing a part in this adventure, however, an ancient artifact will. The famed, "Eye of the Cat" is being covertly shipped into the States via Gotham Harbor for a private collector. This artifact is highly coveted by several including the likes of Catwoman, various collectors, museums, and the authorities. For the very nature of the artifact is that it is considered 'smuggled' and highly illegal for it to be shipped into the country as it was stollen some months prior from the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. It is NOT common knowledge that this piece is in this particular warehouse, nor is it easy information to gain. However, for our /heroes/ and /villains/ it is quite accessible and attractive.

The shipment just arrived and the large crate (with a tiny piece) is being stored temporarly in the warehouse for safe keeping until the proper parties can arrive and the piece be transferred into the directed hands of Milton Seivers, collector of antiquities and illegal works of art. There are three guards in the building carrying sub machine guns and a fourth person who acts as the crate's caretaker. It is of course the middle of the night (when else do these nefarious schemes take place), raining outside.

Already the Moon Knight can be found atop a high crate (30 feet off the ground). He's poised for action, but also waiting for the additional parties to arrive. His focus is on the crate and the four men. It's unlikely that he will see another stealthing figure enter the building unless he is under assault or in danger, that's when his danger sense would kick in.

Black Cat is one of those interested parties, of course, although for her it's as much the allure of the risk as the object itself. She comes in through a skylight, of course, popping it open quietly and dangling from the lip of the opening for a moment. It's too far for a direct fall, so she hooks a grapple line on the edge and quietly lowers herself down.

She's on another stack of crates across the way from the Moon Knight, her infrared vision showing heat signatures for all of the bodies within her line of sight. The guards are easy enough to count, and then there's the familiar-looking figure atop the crates on the other side. Lovely.

Due to the location of the Black Cat, the Moon Knight takes notice and watches for eye contact to be made. He raises his right hand and index finger. With a back and forth movement of that finger, he indicates that her being here is a no-no.

The guards below are oblivious to those that spy upon them. In fact, they begin a conversation in Hungarian.

Yes, she makes eye contact with him. And when he waves that finger back and forth, Black Cat flashes him a wide, toothy smile. Yeah, not a big concern of hers right now. Instead, she points to him and shrugs her shoulders. Yeah, why IS he here, anyway?

The woman points down to the guards, then quietly mashes a fist against her other palm as she looks back up to the Knight. Yeah, she's guessing he's here to crack a few skulls.

He inhales deeply and sighs with his a shake of his head. His attention turns back to the men on the floor as one of the garage doors begin to open and a black SUV pulls in. The SUV will park nearto the crate and doors will open. Three other armed guards exit the SUV and finally an older man (mid 60s) exits wearing a business suit.

The caretaker approaches, "Mr Seivers, welcome."

He greets the caretaker, "I trust there were no issues with my shipment?"

The caretaker states, "All is in order, sir."

Seivers then states, "Well then, opent he crate and let's see the Eye."

The conversation in the warehouse gets Black Cat's attention, then, and she ignores the caped knight. The armed guard total is increasing, but that only increases the thrill as well. Glancing over to the new arrivals, she points down to them and then over to the Knight. Then she points to herself and down to the other three guards.

Yes, she's got a plan. Of sorts.

The caretaker instructs two of his men to open the crate. They sling their weapons and get crow bars to begin prying off the lid.

The Moon Knight's eyes narrow behind the mask. He knows that the Cat's plan is a good one; but she's the villain of the scene and likely wants the Eye for herself. Even though his gut says no, his mind affirms her suggestion but giving a 'OK' sign with his index finger and thumb.

Black Cat brightens at his reaction, then nods vigorously. Seeing the crate being pried open, she points down there and then back over to Moon Knight. Holding up one hand, she raises 3 fingers and does a short countdown.




Without waiting for her new partner, Black Cat -leaps- down onto the guards who were ready and waiting in the warehouse. And as she descends she offers softly. "Aww! Jammed guns. Bad luck for you!"

The Moon Knight also leaps directly into the middle of his three. Landing hard on the first of the three, his heels smash into the back of the guard's neck giving it a good crack. When he lands, his fist strikes true into the throat of the second and then kicks the third in the midsection. It is nearly a full moon, therefore Moon Knight is quite stronger than the average bear.

No shots are fired between jammed weapons and the lack of ability due to unconsciousness.

Seivers seems to remain calm as the caretaker backs away trying not to draw attention to himself. Seivers addresses the two masked marvels, "Greetings, Black Cat, Moon Knight. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Milton Seivers. I believe the two of you are interrupting my acquisition. Likely for personal gain." nodding to the Black Cat in his last notation.

The blonde is holding her own rather well, landing on one guard's back and knocking him to the floor as he breaks her fall. Rolling smoothly to her feet, a sweep-kick takes out the second and she dispatches the third with a flurry of fists.

The last guard is still falling when she turns her attention to the older man. "For personal gain? You're hurting my feelings, Mister Seivers. Next you'll suggest that I plan on selling the Eye at a pawn shop like an imitation Rolex."

Moon Knight turns to glance at the Cat with her rebuttle and then looks to Seivers.

Seivers is about to continue the conversation when the Knight strikes him with a metallic stick. "I don't care.", states the Knight as Seivers hits the floor.

The Knight then looks to the Cat. His voice remains deep, "You know the Eye needs to be returned to its proper owners, The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Right?"

Black Cat looks at the Knight, then Seivers, then the stick he's holding. Bright eyes narrow a touch behind the mask and red lips curl into a small smile. "This is a trick question, right?" she replies. "I mean, once again everyone is assuming that I have other intentions for the Eye."

It's almost convincing, until her composure cracks and she lets out a small snigger. Pointing to Seivers, she adds. "I suppose he's just a private collector but I'll Google him later. How do I know that you're not here doing the same thing, Moon Knight? Hmm?"

The blank visage of his mask reflects the solemn stare that the Knight gives the Cat. As if there's question she's actually asking whether or not the Knight wants the Eye for himself. He intones, "You don't. Yet, I do not have the reputation of a cat burglar." Implying that he has full intention of returning the Eye to the proper owner. He turns to the crate, presses down on one of the crow bars and the lid pops off to fall to the floor with a clatter. Within the crate is a lot of straw and deep within it is buried a smaller box.

Black Cat pffs at the reputation comment. "How do *I* know that, hmm?" she asks, as he turns to the crate to pop it open with the crowbar. "Big guy like you all dressed in dark colors and skulking about at night. You could be just about anything…" Then the lid pops off to reveal its straw contents. "How about just a look first?"

Reaching into the crate, the Moon Knight sifts through the straw with both hands and pulls a 1x1x1 foot box from within. That is sat upon a nearby closed crate. The box is ornate with hinges and a latch. It is opened top and with a fold down front. Within is the Eye of the Cat - a large emerald mounted upon a necklace. It's fixed upon a felt like slant. It's beautiful, and priceless. The Knight does not respond to her earlier remarks other than allowing her to view the antique.

She sidles up close, pressing a shoulder and something softer against his own as he opens the box. Black Cat whistles low when the emerald is revealed, her gaze transfixed for the moment. "It's just beautiful, isn't it?" she offers softly. There's a moment or two of awkward silence before she adds. "The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, did you say? Well I do suppose that their security is better than this dreary old place or Mister Seivers' house, after all."

"Good choice." states the Moon Knight as he begins to close the crafted box. He doesn't overtly respond to her proximity. Though if she's taking the opportunity to search his utility belt, there are quite a few pouches and weapons all nestled beneath his cloak.

Hoping the boob against his arm as well as closing the box while watching the emerald provide a suitable distraction, Black Cat takes the opportunity to help herself to a couple of items on his utility belt. The actual objects aren't as important to her as the risk of taking them, of course. Or perhaps she just wants to see him again…

He is not aware of the theft - and since it's not a direct danger to himself or those in the area, his danger sense doesn't kick in. The Cat manages to gather a few items before he completely closes the box and latches it. He pulls it to his left hip and turns to move away. Reaching back with his right hand, he withdraws one of his sticks that is raised to launch a grappel to the open skylight. He turns to her and states, "Have a good New Year." as the silent wench pulls him upward.

Black Cat watches him go, and she's already making plans to visit the Museum once the Eye has an opportunity to settle in its new home. "Happy New Year." she replies. And once he's gone she'll slip the new toys into her cleavage (no pockets!) before looking around again. All the clips are removed from the guns and dropped into the open packing crate where it'll take some time to find them in all the straw. Then she'll slip out the open front door and disappear into the darkness.

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