(2014-12-19) Shiny Things and a Cat
Shiny Things and a Cat
Summary: The Black Cat in her normal guise scopes out a shiny thing.
Date: IC Date (2014-12-19)
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Scene Runner: Moon Knight
Social/Plot: Social

There are always fancy, well-to-do parties going on in New York. They are where the rich and famous get together, show off their bling, and try to impress one another with amazing stories, exploits or what they recently acquired. The entry fee into these parties is quite high and the proceeds normally go to a charity of the host's choice. Tonight, the entry fee is 10,000 dollars that will benefit the battered women's shelter in Queens. Tonight is supposed to be extra special, as Taylor Youngblood will be showing off her priceless Banister Diamond Necklace. It's a blue diamond that has been around for generations. She recently inherited it from her mother and had it reset into a beautiful necklace. This bauble is the focus of many would-be thieves and the prize to be obtained if someone were to desire bragging rights or to simply fince it.

Tonight, the gathering is being held in the Mansion of Gabriel Waters in the upper east side. Invitation only, and of course since everything is digital, a good hacker could get her name on the list as well as hack that she actually paid for entry. Everyone who is anyone will be here and there's more to pick from than the blue diamond.

With Felicia Hardy's reputation there's no need to get into the party through dubious means. No, she's on the invite list. Legitimately. She even fronts the entry fee, plus a little extra. Felicia has a soft spot for battered women, their cause being one she can identify with. Besides, what she -really- wants is a good look at the necklace, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

The blonde is dressed out in all her swank tonight, formal and black. The long velvet gown is strapless, held up by her substantial bosom and tucked in tight at the waist. Slit well above mid-thigh on the right, the socialite shows plenty of shapely leg whenever she moves. Her hair is up and she's wearing a simple diamond choker, herself, with a matching bracelet.

Once inside, the mansion is quite ellaborate, expensive, and filled with those rich and famous who hob knob with all the others of their ilk. They are all dressed and blinged up as much as possible without looking gawdy. The necklace in question is hung around the neck of a strawberry blonde supermodel-esque woman who hangs on the arm of one of the many businessmen of the city. She's a well known socialite and works with charities as much as her time allows. Well liked, loved by many. Getting a clear view of the blue diamond is easy as she wants everyone to see it.

Scooping up a glass of champagne on her way inside, Felicia does her share of mingling as well. And yes, she'll definitely take the opportunity to get a closer look at the diamond. But patiently, patiently! There's no rush, after all. She knows more than a few people here, so she takes the opportunity to rub elbows.

A man moves up beside Felicia and comments, "It's a lovely piece. But would look much better around your neck."

The man who makes his presence known to Felicia is Jack Grant; a publicly well-known and respected businessman, Art dealer, and society-person. He is flamboyant, somewhat shallow, has expensive habits, and he is a bachelor and a playboy. He is know as a gentleman, and a person that uses large sums of his wealth on charity and samaritan projects. He has founded a couple of Charity Funds, where he is a member of the board himself.

The blonde tilts her head at that, a smile touching her red lips. She turns slowly to face the man, sizing him up. "Jack… how sweet of you to say so." she replies simply. They know each other casually, by reputation, but not really more than that. After a moment she offers a hand to him. "Felicia Hardy, but please call me Felicia."

He too will turn to address her squarely and take her hand, kissing the back of it he will state, "It's great to meet you, Felicia. I've heard so much."

She actually bats her lashes at that, wrist arching just so for the hand kiss. Yes, she was expecting it. "The pleasure is mine, I assure you." she replies. "Are you here for a look at the diamond, or perhaps with some other agenda tonight?"

"There are always other agendas. Especially tonight. Everyone is feeling festive, giving, and it's the perfect time to ask for donations for key charities. Therefore, I'm working the room." states Jack, frankly. He's obviously a straight shooter and has intention of gaining moneys through direct requests.

Felicia actually chuckles at that, her expression becoming coy. "Yes, well I *thought* you might be looking for conquests of some sort." she replies playfully. "Introduce me to the hostess, first?"

"Of course." Jack states as he offers an arm to walk her toward the person in question. Upon arrival, Jack will say, "Taylor, so good to see you again."

Taylor smiles and greets Jack in a friendly tone, "Hello Jack, glad you could make it."

Jack doesn't skip a beat and states, "Taylor, I would like you to meet Felicia Hardy. She's hails from the Long Island Hardys and a long line all the way back to England." - he's making it up as he goes.

Taylor's eyes shift to Felicia and she smiles, offering her hand, "Good to meet you, dear. Welcome to my home."

Felicia slips her arm in his and moves gracefully up towards the hostess. Blue eyes are bright as Jack lies his way through the introductions, but she doesn't correct him. Maybe if she gets the chance to speak with Taylor more privately she'll correct him.

"The pleasure is mine, Ms. Youngblood." she replies smoothly. Glancing down predictably, she adds. "What an exquisite necklace. Truly the Banister Diamond has found its home about your neck."

Taylor touches the borders with her fingertips, she smiles and states, "I'm glad to be able to show it to those who would appreciate it."

Jack states, "Truly a piece of art that could be appreciated by all." and it's taken by Taylor that he's commenting about her and the diamond, but more her. As she thanks him in a coy tone.

Her attention is turned back to Felicia, "You should come visit us in the Hamptons for our new years celebration."

Blonde brows arch at the invitation… and the opportunity. "Thank you, Taylor. I'd like that very much." Felicia replies, wondering more than idly whether the diamond will be invited as well. She knows enough about how the social set works that they like to surround themselves with good-looking people.

Taylor's attention is turned and Jack will escort Felicia away, "She's truly a good person, just sometimes gets caught up in the moment." referring to Taylor's nature and making conversation.

"It's a big party, and that's no cheap bauble she's showing off." Felicia replies. "Everybody in New York would just -love- to get a glimpse, even from across the room. And I'm sure it'll be in all the papers tomorrow morning." With that, she looks around as if expecting a reporter with a camera to lunge from out behind a potted plant. Of course she's really sizing up the security of the house.

There are no overt reporters. Surely there are people with cell phones who are communicating with the outside world, taking pics/selfies, and one or two may be reporters. Security as as whole is quite tight. There are at least 6 heavies with weapons standing about, but the weapons are concealed and they're well dressed. There are also other security measures such as motion detectors and lasers here and there.

No, Felicia isn't stupid enough to pull a snatch-and-grab, here. Bad luck powers and superhuman reflexes notwithstanding. She pats Jack's arm, then, having seen what she's come to see. "Alright, darling. Time for you to work the room, I suppose?" she offers with a bit of a smile.

"I'll look forward to seeing you in the Hamptons." states Jack as he breaks free of her and moves to work the room.

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