(2014-12-19) Mongo - Jungle Crawl
Mongo - Jungle Crawl
Summary: The SHIELD team follows up a lead on a supply cache hidden within the jungle.
Date: IC Date (2014-12-19)
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NPCs: Some wildlife, simpletons.
Scene Runner: Domino
Social/Plot: Plot

From desert to jungle in the span of a long day, day and a half of traveling. The Desert kingdom is left behind, the travels between the kingdoms the most time consuming by far of the mission. As to what happens to the land of the Desert Hawk in the next few days, they probably won't hear news for almost a week as to what finally transpires.

Which is okay. It's time to light new fires.

Intel. Intel is always important, and this time?

The trees hang low, the underbrush is filled with ferns, with small bushes, and in some places stinging nettles. It's hard to navigate unless one takes to the trees, but that isn't the best mode of transportation. There are trails, and some are more well used than others, indicating man and materiel on one, or animal movements on another. Either way, it's slow going.


Teleportation for Blackout is either line-of-sight, to locations he's been or pure estimation guesswork. The latter of the three isn't as dangerous as it may be for Nightcrawler, but it's still potentially dangerous. His teleportation is portal based, meaning he opens a portal, steps in to the darkforce dimension, opens a portal to his destination and steps out. If he doesn't know his destination, opening the second portal could misfire and open to a dangerous location such as an ocean or a volcano. Both could be painful. But not like teleporting directly into solid stone.

In this, transportation through the jungle will likely be best served in flight. Blackout can make a darkforce platform for them all to stand upon and he can fly them about. This makes them an obvious target so keeping in the trees is likely best. Or, he can line of sight between trees - though the dense jungle may limit such actions to be an effective means of transport.


The normal method of getting through a jungle involves a machete, though using one to cut a path means the enemy would have something to track as well. Then Domino's fun is further tampered with when Blackout offers to just fly them all through the area.

That idea doesn't last too long for her.

"If you want to round us all together into one convenient target then count me out. My feet work fine."

So maybe she's a little slower, tough cookies. Mobility is something she appreciates having. Either up top or down below, some challenges remain universal.

"Out of one paradise and into another," she grumbles while slapping a bug at the back of her neck with a slight wince. The desert hues in her armor have been swapped out with, naturally, jungle camo. She's even smudged some matte facepaint on to block out the striking patch of white in an otherwise lush environment.

This isn't her first rodeo.

"Should be coming up to the nest, if you kids are done cuddling on a shadow you might want to think about spreading out." The nest in question is a rumored supply cache, a little something that she picked up with Nightcrawler during their unscheduled outing.


If Kurt can take to a tree enough to keep pace and avoid stinging nettles, the elf will do that. Nightcrawler won't even bamf if he gets enough tree and limbs, he'll stick to wall clinging the trees. Or with blackforce mobility platform, he'll take to that, but still jump to the trees to crawl along them just the same.

Not in agreement with Domino as she slaps the bug, "What, this is awesome. I'm going to the amazon when we get back - who knew it was this fun." He is serious, they all probably know it by now. His spirits are better, a little, after some drinking and a night with Domino … not his sort of night with a Lady mind, more her style that would be more work oriented on this mission. Still, doing better.

"Roger roger …" he says, in acknowledgement, picking up on some military speak. He is off the platform and too trees again, moving to spread out a little at her indication.


From tree tops to trees to ground. While Hawkeye doesn't have too much issue with teleportation, once he understands it, after awhile the novelty wears off and having boots on the ground is just better. It feels more human? Earth-like, even with the weaker gravity.

The clothing keeps most of the nettles from scratching the archer, but the scrapes and scratches aren't far behind on arms and face. "Yeah. Spread out to do a sweep, and see if we can't see anything out of the ordinary. Like, a damned clearing. Something." Anything.

"Wagner, if you like this so much, I'll be happy to have a transport send you out there."


Blackout smiles behind his mask as he thinks of himself as the transport but knows he'd have to do it fast before Wagner got the bright idea to try and teleport out of the Darkforce Dimension. None the less, he continues to hover several meters above the ground on his darkforce platorm keeping pace with the slowest of the pack. He sometimes hovers up to peek above the canopy to get an idea where they are, but knows that if he elevates higher, Ming's forces may detect him.

Blackout comments over the comm, "I could scout ahead if I knew what we were looking for."


"I'll stick to the Amazon that lets me order everything from gun parts to milk," Domino wryly replies as she brushes another vine out of her path with the fore-end of her carbine. There's something which sounds suspiciously like hissing in the distance, she's not even going to try to identify it. "Though if you're serious about it I'd be happy to throw you into some green paint first." Then to Blackout, she comms back "Probably a hole in the dirt. If they're smart..which might be a stretch..they'll be all about the camouflage."

Branching off her own way in turn, she picks her way through the Green Hell in a much more traditional capacity. Mainly because she doesn't have any of the fun tricks and powers that half of their team possess. What she does have, though…

Dom turns to glance forward and suddenly stops short, recoiling half an inch as she stares onward with widened eyes. Just a breath away from her unguarded face is Mongo's excuse for a Big Freaking Spider hanging in its web, completely oblivious of the individual it could have been seconds away from making a lunch out of.

"Maybe next time, guy. Or..y'know. Never."

Then something brown, green, and roughly 'thirty pound lizard-shaped' leaps out of a tree toward Hawkeye below, hissing as it falls.


"Nein, no paint, to sticky … with fur," as if the joy of body paint was forever ruined the moment the curse was lifted, leaving Kurt a blue fuzzball. Thoguh, blue fur is cool in its own way. "Sure, I'll take the lift, let Domino stay in town, I'll go out into the jungle. All part of training, important stuff." He's just moving right along, hopefully no spiders or snakes in his face, let alone thrity-pound lizards. One good thing, he isn't bamf'ing after the thoughts of it being noticeable by scent.


"Something that isn't tree, undergrowth that'll eat us, or- what she said- Jesus!"

The lizard hits hard and Clint goes down in a splash of bushes please don't let it be nettles!, rolling with it. Claws are out, tearing at bare flesh, but thankfully razor sharp teeth won't join in until it's ready to eat its prey. Left hand is at its 'throat', keeping it from doing just that while the other is reaching for a knife.


"Understood." Blackout responds to the remark of scouting ahead and hesitates as he sees the lizard. He assumes that the three can handle the conflict and will lay flat upon his platform. It envelops him in a needle looking shape and he will zip through the trees and out of sight within a second. Blackout has left the immediate area.


One need not teleport to draw attention around here. As the Jolly Blue Bamfer easily makes his way through the trees it's only seconds later that he, too, will come nose to nose with another hefty lizard. Complete with a toothy maw, a wet sounding hiss of warning, and really, -really- foul breath.

There's two more of the scaly predators higher up in the tree, both of them leaping toward Blackout's peculiar shaped 'pod' when it's..simply not there anymore. Where once there had been prey now there's nothing left for them but to clonk heads together as they fall back into the brush.

Hawkeye will have his arms full with the snapping of jaws and thrashing of claws affixed to blessedly stumpy limbs. Its tail may not have such pointy bits but getting slapped with it still feels like getting nailed by a tree trunk. Someone's hungry!

"Uh..Barton?" Domino comms back while pivoting about. And giving the Web-Dweller a much wider berth. "Somebody want to give me a report back there?"

Dangerous indigenous species, who knew!


"All clear here, its still a jungle out there," calls in Nightcrawler, seemingly oblvious. That spreading out thing probably made it harder for him to keep a battlefield awareness. He walks on oblivious ….


One of the joys of reptiles is not only their claws, or their teeth, or their tail, but also their scales. They're not always so sleek and while not 'dragon scale' quality, it does provide something of a protective armor.

The sound of air escaping lungs and 'jesus!' might be something of a giveaway that there's some commotion, and Clint's speaking through clenched teeth, "Just perfect. You know, I forgot that there was mention of dragons. Think this.." *stabby* "Crap.. dammit.. thing that just dropped on top of me is one of the…" *stab*stab* "…babies?"

It's a scuffle, and one that eventually does end, but when Clint gets to his feet, his back is covered with nettles, and he's more than a little scraped up. "Ow.. owowowowow… dammit…" His leather is torn in places, bleeding flesh underneath showing through.

And there, lying on the jungle floor?

Broken sunglasses.

"Awww… man."


Blackout scouts ahead.


By the time Domino hurries back to rejoin Hawkeye there's not much left to do. Down goes her rifle, complete with a sagging of both shoulders. "Jesus," she repeats while looking down at the bleeding pile of lizard. "There's a poor choice of dance partner." Glancing back to the archer, she pointedly asks "Were you bit?" Because that would probably not be a good thing.

With one hand still hanging onto her primary weapon at the end of its sling, held outward almost like a bird holding a wing open, she reaches to Clint with the other hand to help pull the bits of nettle off of his back. This time she's a bit more aware of the hissing from the jungle around them. "New strategy, let's move forward together."

With the thick canopy covering much of the area it isn't easy picking out a hole in the scenery. Fortunately, said hole (cave, actually) isn't completely abandoned. Blackout can find it by following the noise, and quite possibly from the thin scent of food being heated. The lizards aren't the only hungry creatures out here. Where there's only a few individuals around the cave's entrance there are many more containers stored inside. It would seem that no one had been expecting a hit on this encampment.


"Clawed to hell," and the gouges in Clint's flesh is testament to that. He's bleeding but nothing is dripping too badly to give scents. Other than the mass of dead lizard flesh, that is. As it's the jungle, it won't be too long before flies find it, and then larger things than just flies. (Though, here, who knows?)

"Ouch.." and a hissed breath is taken when Domino catches the few that he simply can't get off on his back. "that was me." Clint looks a mess, but he's on his feet and he's moving, finally. Bow is out; travel with it in thick jungle is unpleasant, but not travelling with it out is proving to be moreso.

When the cave is happened upon, there is no way the archer is going to break cover. "Wait a minute," is whispered. "Just watch movements before we go…" Maybe they can catch everyone outside, ideally.


Over the comm, Blackout relays his findings. "Found a cave with some containers stored inside. Want me to come pick you two up? Over." He waits for a response.


"Well, you won't be turning into zombie reptile Barton and you found us dinner. Good job," Dom replies to Barton with a friendly slap to the back of the shoulder, fully well expecting it to be tender from the brush.

A moment later Blackout's message comes through. "How far out are y-nevermind, we've got eyes on location," she reports back as Hawkeye spots their mark. "Stay on target, don't get clocked."

She's not about to go charging in, crouching low beside the archer with a nod as she brings her carbine up and switches over to the image magnifier for a slightly closer view. "Counting two unsuspecting simpletons..make that three, hiding behind the crates at our eleven. Alright kids, the intel was sound. How do we want to play this? We can take it over, destroy it, or bug it then bug out. It's remote enough that no one's going to be getting materiel out of here in a hurry, I vote the third."


Clint's good; he's managed to swallow most of the pain, that is until Domino gives him a 'friendly' slap to one of the 'affected areas'. A growl of pain exits the man, and he winces from the blow. "You are so dead when we get back, Domino," is muttered. "And I'm not that hungry yet."

Still, Clint's not far from that professional deadpan as he has eyes back on the site; doesn't even need the scopes. Taking to a tree, the archer in the boughs can see even a little more clearly than on the ground. "I can take all three out and mark it," is given helpfully. "Nice, quiet. "Can bug it too. Then we fall back and wait?"

There's a fourth possibility, and it's offered, "Can blow it all, too."


"I'd like to see what shows up after disturbing the place." states Blackout as he is now standing behind Hawkeye and Domino after exiting a darkforce portal. "I mean, we're here to gather intel and modify the landscape, we need to know the landscape a little better before we can know how to modify it."


"Promises," Dom automatically replies without passion to Clint's threat.

"Gad—!" she jumps as Blackout suddenly replies from behind. The way her arms come up and out seems more like the response someone might have after being unexpectedly waterballooned rather than ambushed. "Would you -stop doing that!-" she hisses.

(These guys are gonna be the death of me…)

Setting her jaw and turning back to the cave, she thinks "Make just enough trouble to have someone get sent in to investigate? Fine by me. One target each, call 'em as you take 'em. Barton, keep an eye out for somewhere to drop a bug. I'm assuming you've got an arrow for that."

Two targets are crouched by a small fire. The third's still milling about by the containers, more difficult to make out. Between teleportation and expert marksmanship he shouldn't be a problem.


Blackout's appearing gains a lopsided grin from the other agent. Sit back and learn to expect appearances, Domino!

"Right. First arrow to tag a box outside, second… calling the guy inside. Left shoulder."

Clint takes a final look at the gathering at the cave, and as he's doing so, draws an arrow, nocks it and lets it loose in a single fluid motion. The way it flies is much different in this gravity than on Earth, and it looks for a long moment that it's going to miss. In the last heartbeat, the tip drops, bringing the entire arrow down, and it lands and embeds in one of the boxes. A second passes, and the shaft is simply no longer there. Burned and there's nothing but ash.

Clint's second arrow quickly follows the first; from quiver to bow to flight. It's quick in its approach, and it's obvious when it makes its target as a howled cry rises from the creature (man?) within. There is little time for the shaft to be grabbed and pulled as that one, too, disintegrates, causing the target to yelp in pain as his hand is burned in the attempt.


Hawkeye drops from the tree and is ready to go take a better look from a farther vantage point, though he looks in the air dubiously. "I do not want to be caught at night under these trees."


"In and hour like a high school football player with his cheerleader girlfriend, we can head back to the ranch if you want. Or we can find a safer vantage to watch from. I can teleport us anywhere I've been. So pick your destination." states Blackout from a crouched position letting the other two do the damage.


Domino barely has a chance to radio in a "Nice shot" when Hawkeye's drawn and loosed a second arrow, which leaves her with barely enough time to mutter a choice four letter word when the red dot of her carbine's magified holosight darts back to one of the remaining targets. The guy by the fire has good reaction time, though not nearly that of a pair of 5.56 NATO's released into the wild with a *taktak!*

The third's left. It takes her a moment to zero in on him, mainly because she had been expecting someone else to handle it. Didn't she just say 'one for each of us?' "Dammit-" she hisses before another shot is taken, catching the runner in the leg and dropping him to the dirt. "This one-" *tak!* "-was supposed-" *tak!* "-to be yours, Inkblot!"

A tense breath is released a second later, blue eyes drifting up and away from the sights to survey the scene. "We've made our mark, let's stay close. Base is tagged and we've got our runner. Give him five to clear out then let's go find a more sanitary dinner, they won't mind."

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