(2014-12-15) Off-World History
Off-World History
Summary: Nightcrawler and Domino have a drink and a talk about their last operation on Mongo, and where things might proceed from there. (With guest-star Blackout!)
Date: IC Date (2014-12-15)
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Back at the tiny makeshift camp the destruction caused by a few SHIELD operatives and their allies is left far behind, already getting lost to the desert. Teleportation makes it easy, in no time this very camp should be filled with supplies they had taken from the convoy they had worked to destroy. As far as the Division-goers are concerned it's mission accomplished, everything as it should be.

As far as the group's one mercenary is concerned it's another simple op executed to perfection and already left in the past, not important enough to merit committing to memory. Alcohol helps, though it's thanks to the remaining member of the party that they have drinks on hand on this planet.

It's kind of an odd coincidence that he's the only one having reservations about their first operation.


He is glad to share the alcohol, one of the things with his company and German, no presumption that you can't have alcohol at the work place for things like celebrating a win for the company. Though Kurt's face has been nothing of a win at all, more a deadpan. Drinks around, SHIELD folks doing SHIELD things and him simply taking a drink. Out of no where, he simply mutter, "I am the voice crying out in the wilderness." As if it means everything but means nothing in this moment. He's still trying to digest some things from the day. Partially glad he jumped in to help make it a mess before more death occured, but struggling with the loss of what he sees as some innnocents in this debacle - despite not even being from earth in general.


With the rifle of the evening still slung across her back, Domino walks up behind Nightcrawler in time to hear the words muttered under his breath. Or some of them. "Just don't cry too loudly, somebody might hear you."

Shifting around the guy she then turns and hunkers down, pulling up some sand in order to take a seat across from him. "Why so blue, Fuzzy? Tonight marks the first step toward us saving Earth from absolute destruction. I'd call that a win. You did alright out there for not having had any real prep time."

Her initial question didn't need to be asked, she already knows what it's about. It's not the first time the subject has come up around her over the years.


Looking up a moment from where he's found a place to crouch, he smirks more down than a non-smile at all. Meant like the real sort of smirk, not pleased, versus the guys posing smirking thinking they're being funny. "Loud is the point for that cry. It was said by Isiah and John, the Baptist. The faithful hold it for the coming of the messiah …. historically it was said when they neared their freedom, the tribes of Isreal - the coming of jubilation."

"This place needs its jubilation, but the cost could be horrific, I get we are saving earth, but we price is it costing us?" He takes a drink of the jager he brought for them to drink while on the planet. Not knowing if they'll return, but hoping as much.


The shadows have a presence which speaks in the voice of Blackout, "I don't like killing anymore than the next person, Wagner. And I'm not going to say it's some necessary evil or a part of life, either. I regret it every day and hope to what ever god or gods out there that it will never happen again."

The shadows that were around Blackout receed from the light and reveal the man sitting upon a nearby crate. He wears all black, but no mask.


"We didn't come all the way out here just to gun down a bunch of civies," Dom explains while leaning forward against a raised knee. "Or Bible lessoAck!" she starts with a downward glance before Blackout suddenly makes his presence known. This here is an albino that went from sitting and relaxed to laid flat with wide eyes and one hand on the grip of a sidearm in half of a second. "Eavesdrop much?!"

It's also the first time she's seen the codename without the mask. For a few seconds she doesn't say anything else, simply looking at the Agent. Trying to commit his face to memory.

Muttering a choice curse she sits back upright, hesitantly looking back to Kurt. "Yeah, I know you still aren't so trusting where the Division is concerned. Which makes two of us. But I know enough to understand it isn't their favorite tactic, as Inkblot here just confirmed. This is going to be an ugly trip, but if it helps ease your conscience any they're going to be shooting back at us real damn soon. We only get so many free ambushes before they start to catch on. Soon enough you'll be running for your own life instead of for everyone else's," she remarks with a lopsided grin.

(You should probably stop talking now, Dom.)


"Ja, I imagine there will be shooting back." The blue elf takes another drink, looking over to Blackout too. For once, less jovial is Nightcrawler. "I only thought I was the mobility of the team, in and out as needed. Not an active participant in making the chaos. I'm struggling with how I should feel about myself, as if I've thrown the first stone." Another reference from the book he reads from the most. "And yet, stone thrown, I can't stop. As if throwing in to help bring that chaos is one less life claimed unnecessarily."


Reflectively, Blackout smiles when Domino refers to him as 'Inkblot'. For what ever reason, he likes that name. "I would note, Wagner. The first stone was thrown by Ming who came into our stellar neighborhood in what we deemed an aggressive and potentially hostile approach. I do agree that everyone that works for Ming isn't like him. Heck, I'd go so far as to say that a very large percentage of those that are under his direction are actually doing it out of fear since he's a major player and a major force on this planet. So, the people we throw rocks at are likely innocent and would support anyone else but Ming in the big chair. Which is another reason I will use non lethal force in these engagements. But, non lethal does not mean I'm going to risk my life. It just means we need to be more effective and better than they are. Right now, you don't have to trust the Division, you just have to trust your team mates. Because the <team number> of us have to work together to achieve our goals. All the same goals that have the same outcome. There's no hidden agenda, no alternative or underhanded motives. Just protection of Earth and its peoples."


"I'm pretty sure you were the last one of us to join in," Domino 'helpfully' points out. "And when you did, you did without going for a weapon. Think of it like this," she tries to explain while shifting her position upon the dune, "by doing what you did back there you allowed the rest of us to work faster and more efficiently, which directly translates to fewer casualties on their side of the fence. How's that for mobility? Things would have been worse without you being there."

Then nodding and motioning to Blackout, she adds in "I'm here -because- of these kids. Maybe we're outside of their jurisdiction and all while being off of our home rock but these guys have me on a damn short leash out here. You know what happens if I don't follow their orders?" she asks before taking another drink from the bottle in her hand.

"I become another casualty of war. Well, either that or they leave me out here when they go home," she adds with a partial shrug. "That means I have my own incentive not to get too trigger-happy on the locals, by the way."


Glancing to Domino, Blackout smiles and asks, "Wait, leaving you here is an option?". He is lending toward a teasing tone but doesn't take it anywhere else. Instead, he's already on his way out. He looks to Kurt, and then the shadows once again take Blackout until he is no more.


"It sounds like applying reason to what happened just to keep me," responds Kurt about the mobility and efficienty issue. "Justifiable homicide is still homicide?" He pours himself a few more shots in the canteen cup he has for drinking presently. Giving Blackout a nod as the man steps into shadows and is gone again. "Domino, do you think I'd leave without you. If they plan to leave you, I stay. You can say I'm hard to shake, but damnit all, I wouldn't leave you on this rock."


Domino's only response to Blackout's inquiry is to hold up a hand and flip him the bird. She's not even going to justify his question with eye contact, apparently something on her one boot is much more interesting to her in this moment.

It's followed soon enough with a humorless chuckle. "No, they wouldn't really leave me behind. Left out here they wouldn't be able to keep me from causing more trouble. I might start another interstellar war or something."

Drawing in a quick breath and flicking some hair away from her spotted eye, she gives the blue demon a level look. And holds it. "If you want to go back home you'll have to talk it out with them. If it's within their ability to get you back then dollars to donuts they'll give you the chance."

"You have to be here because you want to be here. You have to believe in what we're doing and that we'll be able to make a difference. I'm not about to make you stay. You're a flippin' teleporter, I doubt that I could get you to do much of anything. Regardless, the clock's ticking. We're..no, -I'm- going to need you to make a decision. A few extra demons versus potential but complete annihilation of our species, normal and meta alike. Your being involved will boost our odds but only if you're willing to do what needs doing."


He shakes his head, he made no indication he wanted to leave, and he wasn't just up here to look out for Domino, even if partially true. He believes in saving Earth all the same. His tail, more silent than not, moves over the desert ground until it finds a rock and gives it a toss, almost in a skipping across the water sort of gesture one does with a flat rock. Not that there is water, but a half-harted chuck of the thing at least. "My ideas on inciting a rebellion were aligned more with, seeing who stands opposed to Ming, opening communication between those parties, leading the charge, telling them Power Woman or Justice League was willing to help the fight. The fight to overthrow but at minimal casualities, not simply incite a war." He watches after the rock, but looks over at Domino, the object easily lost in darkness most likely. "I'll do what is needed here, but I will take no lives myself. What the others do, what they think is necessary to accomlish this mission … that I cannot wash my hands clean of either, as if I must carry that weight as well Domino."


Domino already knew that Kurt wouldn't be one to pull an execution order. Short of a stick she's not sure that she'll ever see a weapon fill his hands with the intention of using it for its designed purpose. Though with the explanation that he now gives her, and the notable absense of Blackout (and hopefully he really -is- absent right now,) another smirk takes root and slowly begins to warp the woman's blacked out lips.

"So let's do that." Just to make it sound all easy-as-can-be.

Pitching her voice a bit lower, she explains "There's lots of ways we can get the ball rolling and build up some lasting momentum. There's the first stone," she states while casting a thumb back over her shoulder. "All that needs to be done now is find a means of nudging each group in the direction we want them to go. We find a couple that will deliver the right message then we release 'em back into the wild and kick our feet up while they spread the word for us."

So much for that whole 'damn short leash' comment earlier.


Watching her, Kurt listens. Then ponders, "We do that, or you mean we suggest to Barton that we do the nudging. His plan seems create chaos, make it look like everyone else?" Which was what he's taken in with the way this mission is shaping up lately since they arrived on planet. "I mean, you and me, we port out, find opposition, nudge them to get the ball rolling? Even if we all end up stuck on this planet, I'm sure if I didn't go with the plan, he'd make it his dying breath to stick an arrow through my face … and as much as I've thought about a peircing, that's not what I had in mind." Sure, teleporting might trump arrow, but he's sure Barton would find a way to get it in there.


Something that Kurt says only causes Domino's grin to grow further. "I mean us. We already know what the ultimate parameters of this mission are, we'll be sticking to code. C'mon, I've got a good feeling about this."

Without first telling Hawkeye. Or Blackout. Or..anyone.

The bottle of beer is finished in one final gulp, its empty vessel cast aside. More or less in the vicinity of where the garbage has been accumulating since they had arrived. "You can teleport, we'll be out and back before anyone's the wiser. Besides, taking inventory's boring as hell."


Standing up, knocking back his jager, Kurt nods then. Its more rising up, as he was more crouching than sitting, by the by, but he's up. He keeps his canteen though, he plans on more drinks. "I'm trusting you on this one Domino," he informs her, in the range of alcohol pals talking now, the way his finger points with its own swagger. "Not the, lets go see the universe now, but honest lets try to help without shooting random people. Out and back, a little nudge. You're a smart one, I almost wish I could of found you earlier." Like when he first changed, but then, he wouldn't be the same with all that has happened since the curse has lifted. He offers her his hand.


(Well, this was surprisingly easy.)

With the hand offered Domino's back to her own feet a moment later, accepting the three digit mitt.

"It'll be fine! I've done tougher ops in my sleep. C'mon, let's go make some off-world history."

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