(2014-12-12) Pack Hunt
Pack Hunt
Summary: Black Lightning stumbles on werewolves, seemingly hunting Moon Knight
Date: 2014-12-12
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NPCs: Werewolves
Scene Runner: Moon Knight.
Social/Plot: plot

The transit authority reported a subway disturbance in the tube. A train was delayed and authorities dispatched.

Knowing sometimes a disturbance could be more than it seems, and having quick access to travel that way, Black Lightning dispatches from Outsiders headquarters. Taking the live wire from the base, having noted the appropriate line and tunnel where the disturbance was reported, he takes the same feed for the trains, going through the tracks if that is the feed line to keep the trains running. Getting near the location, he'll come out of the line to better survey and assess the situation, to see what the disturbance was.

Announcement: Winsome shouts, “In NYC and need to go to Gotham or Metropolis? Or head from Gotham to NYC? Remember, unlike in the real world, where our infrastructure sucks rocks (and so does our internet) here, the US has the LexStark High Speed rail system! Cheap, efficient and fast! Get from one city to another in about an hour!”

The tunnels are dark and dank. The smells are of refuse and sewage. Found, faced down on the line is a large man wearing tattered jeans, but nothing more. There is also a lot of fur scattered all about. Standing above the fallen man is the Moon Knight. He holds two white Teflon like sucks, each 26" long.

Coming out to find one man with weapons standing over a downed man. "Assuming there's a perfectly logical explanation for this," says Black Lightning, "I think you better start talking. What it looks like, what it is could be two different things. You might convince me otherwise, the authorities are in route and they'll make assumptions only on what they see." Course he stands off a little, a crackle of lightning at his hands as he takes in Moon Knight.

The Moon Knight views Black Lightning's appearance and approach. However, he says nothing and does little to acknowledge the other man's query. Instead. The Moon Knight leaps to the side and into the darkness of a side tunnel. There's the sound of escaping gas and then then bursting sound of a smoke grenade which will make the darkness of the side tunnel even darker.

Side commenting in general, Black Lightning audibly says, "Ya, not helping how this looks." With a lightning quick leap, he at least moves the fallen body off the tracks in case the train gets going and they don't realize the guy was there. Then he figures he has to go into that tunnel. But he goes cautiously, raising a lightning static hand like a torch, he approcahes the gas/smoke, making sure it is just that, a smoke grenade versus some sort of pepper gas or worse. Of course, if it was much worse, he stepped right into it, even if for a sniff. Simply,he goes to see if the man did ninja-vanish or was trying to deter Black Lightning's approach.

The smoke has a high moisture content, but it not pepper spray/gas. Instead, it could serve to annoy BL's power if he goes in all charged up. Beyond the gas, the Moon Knight has faded into the darkness.

Giving it a fritz as his hand comes near, sending off more than he intends in an uncontrolled discharge, Black Knight is immune to his own affect, even capable of drawing the same, or more, than he can discharge. No way of actually going after or tracking Moon Knight, he is remembering the face or mask. That trail cold for him, he turns back a little to the body, as that's the only evidence remaining.

There's a great amount of dark brown fur all around the body. The man is clearly dead. The murder weapon was a small stiletto blade that penetrated underneath the victim's left arm, straight through the muscle between the ribs and into the heart. The man also smells of wet dog.

Another indicator of what may have transpired here are footprints. One human, the other large dog that walked on 2 feet. More than one large dog as well. Perhaps two or three.

Assuming one human could be Moon Knight who disappeared and could have abilities to go without leaving footprings beyond the smoke grenade thing he dropped, Black Knight fathoms the others. Another assumption one belongs to the man who is down here; being dead no more answers for now - he'll see if someone can run checks on it from the computers at the base. That leaves the other dog prints. He'll try to fathom which way they went, then try to follow if he can.

The three sets of prints all came from another side tunnel. Two sets left down the same tunnel the Moon Knight traveled. The smoke is clearing now. Identification of the man will take fingerprints. He is not carrying ID.

With the smoke clearing and the footprints going that way, Black Lightning leaves the body behind to start following the trail. Not keen on scent, nothing enhanced, he needs light and the footprints to remain valid. He'll go as fast as he can while still able to see the prints.

Several hundred yards ahead down the winding tunnels, Black Lightning will hear the sounds of a combat. Growls, yelps, strikes, and metal ringing as it strikes stone or other metal.

When the distance is closed, the scene will be revealed. A large circular room with 5 tunnels spoking from it is the location of the battle. Two were-wolves stand on either side of the Moon Knight who fights them off with his metallic teflon sticks. Each stick has a silver stiletto blade at the business end. They lunge at him in sequence…

Coming into the thick of it, the shoe is on the other foot. Black Lightning has to think about this a moment, seeing it more as if they wolf-men were chasing the other guy. "Ya, still need some explaning," he calls out, leaping to a hover and firing a lightning blast at one of the wolves. Giving it more juice for stunning, but aiming at a horse versus a normal human. Hopefully he is stronger and it does stun a little, or a lot.

Moon knight twists as they lunge. The sticks are thrust in both directions. They strike true. However the wolf that was lightened I

Moon knight twists as they lunge. The sticks are thrust in both directions. They strike true. However the wolf that was lightened conveys the bolt down the metallic Teflon to MK and the pool off water that he stands in. The wolf is blown back against the wall. MK is blown against another. The other wolf his the floor.

More than he intended, not sure who would even talk the most. The wovles seem the predators in new light of this developing situation. Black Lightning zips over to Moon Knight, checking his vitals, and if pulse and breathing, a little nudge as he leans over. "You there, pal?" He might have way more questions, like are there more wolve-men, whats going on here, but one step at a time. Check on this individual, then maybe some answers.

MK breathes, though he doesn't seem to move and could be stunned. The wolves begin to lose their fur, falling to the floor. They also begin shifting back to human. Both are female.

Its a tough choice who to stick with, the wolves that seemed to chase the man, or the man himself. One versus the two ladies here that came with the man already stabbed, he chooses the one. Could be wrong choice, but everyone is settled at the moment, wrong choice is the condition he might have to live with. Reaching down to pick up the man then, he decides to take him from the situation. If it feels like he needs medical attention, off to a hospital, otherwise if he's breathing and staying steady, a rooftop somewhere out of the situation. Unelss the man starts coming to before then, otherwise Black Lightning is flying him out of the subway tunnels and sewers.


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