(2014-12-09) Mongo - SHIELD Arrives
Mongo - SHIELD Arrives
Summary: The first wave of SHIELD and allies teleports in for recon. (Some language)
Date: IC Date (2014-12-09)
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NPCs: None
Scene Runner: Hawkeye
Social/Plot: Plot

First trip ever off-world. Of all the days, weeks of preparation, nothing ever truly does the statement 'long way from home' justice until 'home' is a speck in the sky.

Catching the cycles of day and night really is a crapshoot and more than the individual teams could even dream of. Make do with what one is handed; the hallmark of a 'good operative'.

Travel light, and move quickly.

The landing spot is less than ideal; but then again, the planet might -feel- a little more oppressive, if only for what intel there was. Once the mission is done, it may seem a little more inviting. But for the time being?

Day, leading to afternoon, if the sun can be read correctly, a slightly larger speck in the sky. Dark clouds cover the sky, and on the ground, it seems like a vast wasteland. A desert-land lies beyond, and a small city is right in the center of it all. This is Gundar's land, the Desert Hawk.

It's a walk, but thankfully not too long of one to reach city limits, but that should only be after dark.

The moment Hawkeye lands, he's looking for footing. There's a rebalancing, and with the weight on his back, his overcompensation almost spills him forward. Less gravity means that every effort works just a little 'better', as it were.


Rather profound first statement of landing on a new world.


It's over in a flash. A single beat of the heart. A blink of the eyes. The city, reality itself as Domino knew it, vanishes somewhere very far away. She could think that she's prepared for this all that she likes. The reality of the situation is something else altogether.

As the cell of operatives suddenly appears she stands forward of the team, a pack on her back and a hard plastic case in either hand while striking a 'we've come to save the world!' pose.

It, too, vanishes in the blink of an eye as the cases both fall to the sand at her sides. She's but an instant behind them both, collapsing onto knees and palm as she suddenly starts fighting for control over her breakfast. One thing goes down, another thing goes up.

"Someone remind me why I signed up for this…"


Nightcrawler is less bothered by lunch wanting to come up than anyone else. Then again, he's practiced porting for years, this one gives him some tingles though. He doesn't strike a heroic pose, more dumbfounded as in, what did I sign up for again. Mission, save the world, incite violence. Not his cup of tea.

As their defacto leader starts to move, so does Kurt. Wobbly too, but instead of waiting to see how it all works, he'll definitely try a big jump up into the air. Worse case scenario, he overthinks a leap and could land askew because of adding a flip in there. Then again, he bamfs at the last minute to land just fine like nothing happened, forget some people might still be wrestling with the food they ate in preparation for this.

No complaints from, "This is awesome! Can we stay!"


"Wagner, is this your version of 'covert'?" Barton's got his own packs; backpack, arrows and supplies, and a plastic case of 'goodies'. A lot of this is going to be improvised. Still, good to know he can still teleport; that it's not restricted to Earth. So however that happens, he's not going to fuss overmuch.

A step is taken forward, and it's a tentative one as he tries to feel his balance. Domino's not quite so epic landing at least seems to strike the right tenor. "Okay, let's move. Cover until dark. Then we dodge patrols to get into town."

Hawk is going to try and at least come up beside the almost downed merc and whispers, "I packed saltines." Just in case.

"Wagner, when we get in, your job is to walk around the city, but quietly. No one can see you. That way, when we need an in and out, you'll have scouted the place."


"Well I'm happy that -someone- likes it here," Domino grumbles while wiping the top of an arm across her mouth. "Damn morning commutes."

Scenery-shift: Check. Time-shift: Check. Gravity-shift: Check. Odds of a miserable albino: Sucker bet.

With Barton's comment about Saltines, she replies "And I brought meds." Getting sick to the stomach while on a job is never helpful. "On the upside, we now get to spend winter in warmer climates," she thinks aloud while pushing herself upright. "Gravity like this, I shoulda brought the fifty."

The cases at her sides can wait a moment. Her next order of business is to eas a pair of goggles down over her eyes, now acting as a pair of sunglasses as she looks out toward the city in the distance. "Long way to come for a cup of sugar." She pauses momentarily before adding "This is really it. We're on another freaking planet. Alright kids, remember there is no taking samples of the indigenous life forms."

(Time to get to work, Dom.)

"I've got our three. Mind the bamfs, Wagner. There's no telling if anyone can sense it from a distance. ..Or smell it," she adds in a lower tone. "If I knew we had to walk this far I woulda packed a quad."


"Saltines, we can't live on those," says Kurt, getting more quiet, moving closer to the group as Barton reminds him to keep quiet for the moment. "I brought Jeager just in case, we want to celebrate I mean." Optimistic and plannig a head, not sure if anyone wants to think about that sort of drinks.

In favor of being a team player, "Okay, scout the city, quietly. I'll pick some primary points that make sense to me, like rally point things. So we can get close to the mark, get others in and out quickly as possible that way." Then a pause, "Should Domino go with me, she knows all that military speak stuff. Like coordinates or something?" He did volunteer her for that, which could involve more teleporting if they get spotted too soon too.

Then to Domino herself, "See or smell, and your talking about using a quad?"


"We're really here. And this is for real. Eyes on the goal. Everything we do now means something for home. Every disruption, every shot taken has to make the most." Reaching down to pick up some dust and sand, Clint lets the grit flow through his fingers. Silica. At least that's familiar.

"Saltines are for hold out when everything else is gone. And they're good for bad stomachs." Was that pointed at Domino? Probably, even if he's feeling a little queasy. "Absolutely, if she's good with it," and blue eyes focus on the merc, lingering. "High and low. You know I like eyes."

Now, it's the walk for cover and the hunkering down for a good time to make the city reasonably unnoticed.

This gives Clint a chance to take a swallow of water… and once dark begins to descend on the desert city, they'll be ready to go. Torches light the entrances, and lights dart around just on the inside, indicating that perhaps there may be something resembling cars. 'Conveyances', at the least.


Here Domino stops short, turning to look at Kurt through those black-lensed bugeyes. "You brought booze? Heh, knew we letcha tag along for a reason," she states with a smirk.

Forward progression is interrupted once more as she sets the slightly-lighter-than-normal cases down, reaching for an electronic screen along her left forearm. Responding to Kurt, she asks in turn "I thought everyone had those?" while tapping at the screen. Seconds later and her black and grey armor silently shifts into desert tan camouflage. "Not my colors but it'll do," she mutters while reaching back for the cases. Then to Barton, "No need to ask. She's good with it. Yeah yeah, didn't one of your Divisionite pals pack along some surveillance drones or something?"

Hours later, as the sun begins to set and the lights of the city pop into view nice and close to the team, it isn't long before the albino hunkers down behind some cover and pulls out a compact weapon with a scope on top in order to do some sightseeing from a safe distance.

Seconds later she verbally points out "See? Vehicles. Dibs on the first dune buggy we come across."

At least..they're -probably- ground vehicles.


Grinning but not commenting about the drones, figuring they (Kurt Domino) make a better team then little robot guys (or helicopter thingies named after dwarves), he is good with them figuring out camp and such.

Then, hunkered in, all cozey and safe, and looking at the city as lights pop on, he does respond. "Do you always do that, take a vehicle on every mission?" It was part of her training for him even. Clint knows all about it, has the photo evidence even. At present Kurt didn't bring binoculars, weapons, or things effective to such an operation, other than camping gear and his teleporting ability. "What vehicles, I can't see that far." Of course if he could look through the scope, he could probaly teleport them really close to the city too.


Clint's got his little spot as cosy as possible for the wait. Domino's question brings a *pffff* sound of theatrical derision before he responds, "Well, yeah." They're small and in his backpack. "Trackers. ECM. EMP. Have everything to either be fitted or in hand. Plus a couple of unused cartridges, just in case." Obviously that's not all he has. "Mono-filiment."

Of course vehicles. The world is technologically 'advanced' enough for space-faring, so cars/whatever they are? Even out here, though- "We're looking at a replay of Mad Max or what?" is asked as the merc looks through her scope. "And only if you can find a way to -subtly- nab one, Dom. Remember? -Covert-."

Once gaining his feet after the wait is over, Clint's shouldering his gear once again, brushing himself off. As he closes some of the distance, he finds a little cover and takes out his bow and pulls an arrow from the quiver. Blue eyes narrow as he asides to the scoped one- "Frequency ten-oh-seven-seven." In the next second, the arrow flies through the air, up and over to a spot that is dimly lit within the city. Their first look. Once done, he puts everything away again, and shoulders it up.

"Save the bamfing, Wagner. I like having tricks up my sleeve."


"Specialized ammo, a man after my own black heart," Domino softly replies. "I'm going to be disappointed if we don't get to play with those later."

Then to Kurt, she flatly replies "They're an effective means of transportation. They're also damn fun."

A moment later there's a rolling of eyes with Clint's reminder. -Covert.- "I don't tell you how to do your job, Barton. And Mad Max was cool."

When Kurt mentions not being able to see that far she unshoulders the weapon and starts to pass it over before stopping herself short, dropping the magazine and clearing the chamber so there's nothing left in it to fire. -Then- she'll offer it over to him.

"We've got little shiftin' lightens all up in our target area. If we're lucky they'll have also invented air conditioning."

With the frequency given she simply ticks it in then gives a single thumbs up back to the archer, her comms are live. "Get your glance in then run perimeter check, Wags. Take note of exits, we'll need as much intel as your fuzzy little brain can retain. The intel you bring back could save lives." (Or ruin them.) "Play our hand right and we may get to see beyond Thunderdome."


Kurt hasn't looked down many scopes, let alone something at this level attached to such a weapon. His fingers fumble to hold it proper like, like he's aiming it. Then click - firing pin hits the metal stopper, that tiny head poking through that hole and thank goodness no round was in that chamber. How he got the safety off in his fumbling is anyone's guess, including his. He looks over, chuckles sheepishly, like he didn't accidentally dry fire the weapon, but he looks down the scope.

"Two men enter, one man leave … am I master or blaster?" Says Kurt, observing the city quietly, still talking about Mad Max, forget that master didn't enter thunderdome. Done playing he does sweep around the city, looking for common avenues, and smaller ones. Actually, he looks for balconies on buildings near the outside, private residences, places where if he showed up in a random bamf, they'd be startled enough not to do anything too quickly.


"Kidding? I raided R&D before we left," Clint asides. "I'm not telling what all I've got because I want you to be at least a little impressed when I pull your butts out of the fire." Uh huh.

The *click* of the dryfire brings Hawk's attention around to the blue fuzzy guy, then a flicker to Dom. Good call on dropping the mag before handing it over… To his knowledge, since when does Domino -not- have something hot?

Clint pulls his own transceiver out and hits the frequency, playing a little. There's a hint of background noise, but it is a glimpse into the city. Now, they also have a spot that seems out of the way when they're ready to go. A little darker and close to a gate.

"Wagner, get your bearings and we'll be ready to go."


Another smirk crosses blackened lips. (Atta boy, Barton.) "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."


Domino has no words for such a moment, simply dropping her forehead into both palms while releasing a slow breath. (Did he really just..? Yeah..he really just.)

"Right, so that's -zero- mechanical aptitude. Thanks for playing."

As soon as the Blue Dude hits the sand running she dusts off her weapon and reloads it before pale fingertips reach up once more to massage her forehead. "That boy's either gonna pull us all out of a jam or get us all killed. I haven't ruled out the possibility of both."

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