(2014-12-05) The Plague of Allura 5
The Plague of Allura 5
Summary: Allura shows and Zee tries to confront.
Date: IC Date (2014-12-05)
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NPCs: Allura
Scene Runner: Hellstrom
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-==[ Museum Of Historical Significance - Gotham City - RP Suite #2 ]==——

Over the past few weeks, museums and dens of antiquity have reported minor losses of various artifacts, relics, or items of uniqueness. Most (7) of these thefts have occurred within Europe, 2 in Russia, and 4 in China.

To the magical crowd, the items have little to no significance. Most of the items are just named items from history which didn't play a major part in anything substantial. If anything, they could be an article of jewelry, a coin, a bracelet, perhaps the haft of a sword, or nothing more than a naval sextant.

However; these items may be of no consequence to the general community, those in the know, those with the keen eye and awareness that there are more things afoot than suspected. Those people may know that Allura (or someone of greater power) is up to something. Most likely Allura, since the thefts started when she came back into being.

Then the report came that an item disappeared from the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. The item was a simple Quill Pen from the 1800s that was reported owned by Frederick Douglass.

A normal investigation will reveal that whoever stole the item was able to circumvent all security systems and shows no point of entry or exit. As if someone teleported in, magicked the pen, and teleported out.

A mystical investigation will reveal that it was in fact a person with magical abilities. A familiar magical 'scent' will reveal that it was Allura herself that stole the item(s) in question.

Research, endless research in mystical libraries will demonstrate that the items that she's stolen, if put together (along with two others) will allow her a significant chunk of magical power. Enough power to knock the moon off its orbit or lay waste to a major chunk of terra firma. A power level that no one should have (unless they're called Power Woman). The other two items are, "The Heart of Rama Tut", an Egyptian Pharaoh whose heart is located within a canopic jar on display in the Gotham Museum of Historical Significance. The last item is the "Gauntlet of Alexander the Great", one of the many fashioned leather gloves he wore during his battles to secure the Mediterranean.

Upon entering the Muesum of Historical Significance, one see an enormous Tyranosaurus Rex in a battle against a Tricertiops The two story complex includes pieces on the history of Egypt, Roman history, Greek history, and of course, American history. The grand museum is decorated with wonderful marble, and gold trimmings, on the first floor, is a room marked; Curator's Office.

In all, the museum is massive and quite sprawling over the city block it occupies. There are many exhibits, countless corridors, and the one section in particular (Ancient Egypt) is found on the second floor, back rear part of the facility. The section is divided into three rooms, all open to one another and all have significant treasures stored within.

Within the exhibit, the canopic jar in question is found atop a small display surrounded by a velvet rope and 5 brass poles that link the rope together. It isn't centralized or highlighted beyond that of a regular display. It's obvious that only a very select few know the value of it. The canopic jar is said to contian the "Heart of Rama Tut".

Standing before the display, inside the velvet rope is none other than Allura ( http://ageofheroesmux.wikidot.com/npc:allura ) . She wears various magically enchanted items, one is the Robe of Protective Wrath. A robe that if one casts offensive and direct magic toward her, it will be reflected upon the attacker. However, the robe itself is cursed. It taints the wearer in random ways.

Also in the room are the 3 security guards which are charaged with protecting the halls of the museum. They are tied together by velvet ropes which were pulled from other displays. They are also gagged.

Allura seems to be waiting before opening the display. She may want to relish in the glory of her near victory.

Zatanna Zatara is nothing if not thorough when it comes to research. Having a massive private library of the occult and arcane tends to help a little with that. Putting together the sites of theft, the items taken, the pattern begins to slowly form, yet not entirely the motive or outcome. It's curious. And not a little bit of a personal affront as Allura escaped from within her own home, took items of her family's possession. It didn't help that she was never made aware that there was a powerful magical being bound into an item in her vault to begin with.

Precautions would have been made.

Yet it is too late to worry about all of that now.

Arriving at the museum, the fishnet clad stage magician enters the display room to find the guards bound. "MMm… you do like to keep your men tied up, don't you, Allura?"

She's here alone. She probably should have told Hellstrom but this was a personal afront to her family. Her mother. So here she is, ready to stop Allura.

Allura's back is to Zee, but it's quite obvious that she smiles upon hearing her voice. It is heard within her words, "Welcome Zatanna. I was beginning to doubt you would discover the nature of my design, before it was too late."

Allura turns, to regard Zee. Her eyes present with a feint purple glow and she has already cast magicks upon herself. "Oh my. You do possess your mother's beauty. I trust you also possess her innate magical ability."

Zatanna Zatara saunters a bit closer. "And my father's eyes." In joke, as it were. She regards the woman. "You've been a very bad girl. Didn't you like being kept away from reality with a part of Daimon's essence to molest and savor as company? I know I would have.." She quirks a lusty smile. "But why go on a scavenger hunt? Aren't you already powerful? Or is that.. just an illusion, mm?"

Allura's right hand is placed upon the canopic jar and it demateralizes. Her amulet glows and it's likely that the jar was transferred into it for storage.

Allura states casually, "I was bored. I'm sure you would have been the same. One man for eternity. So droll. But now that I'm out, perhaps you would care to join me in my quest for personal growth. This /new/ world is so deliciously intoxicating. So many people with powers, so much to be gained and influenced. And of course there is you. Perfect in every regard. Don't you, yourself want more than to sit on a throne within that club of yours? To get out, enjoy life and what it has to offer - yours for the taking."

Zatanna Zatara watches and smirks. "Nice trick." Not terribly impressed. She can do much the same as that. She looks around. "I like my throne. It's right were I want to be - you know. Close enough to the bullseye to influence it. Far enough away to not be the prime target?" She smiles sweetly. "I was raised to not be greedy. Maybe if your parents loved you you could have learned to be content too" she taunts. "So why are you really doing this, Allura? A tantrum because Daimon tricked you? Locked you away and didn't give you any loving?"

With a look of denial, Allura says, "Not exactly. I cannot fault the man for wanting to spend eternity with me trapped inside that painting. What I can do though; is exact revenge upon your mother. But first, I need to bring her back from the dead or what ever dimension she is lost within. And to do that, I need to gather the last remaining artifact. With that power, I will be able to move heaven and earth to reveal your mommy's location and cast her into my prison." She gives pause for a moment and then adds, "It is a shame that you won't join me in my goals. There is so much you could learn and gain from our adventures together. Alas, if you will not, then perhaps you will be entertained by my companions."

Allura snaps her fingers and from all around, behind stants, shelves, counters, dais', and the like, various dolls, ventriquilist dummies, puppets, and marinettes appear. They all gaze upon Zee with wide eyes that have murder deep within. They carry all sorts of weapons and above all, are enchanted. A larger of the dummies says to Allura, "Oh mommy, you brought us a playmate! She'll be fun to play with. Until she dies…."

Zatanna Zatara smirks. "What is it with revenge. There are so many more productive and useful things to do with magic than make everyone else suffer. Didn't you go to Magic Morality School?" she chides. She then looks to the movement, "Wha.."

Panic. Complete and total mental break down. The kind where the camera focuses on the heroine and does the tight zoom on her eyes, pupils constricting to little pin points as the color drains from her face. And she finds herself all but truly frozen in abject terror of the marionettes close in on her.

The animated monstrosities all rush toward Zee with their tiny little weapons grasped firmly in hand. They will close on her and begin slashing, hitting, kicking, biting, and scratching. Allura will remain only a few seconds to observe the initial assault, however she has more important things to acquire - the Gauntlet of Alexander the Great. Which happens to be located at Fire Lake, the home of Daimon Hellstrom.

Zatanna Zatara is cut and slashed by the toys. Enough to hurt, to rip her fishnets since they're all little more than knee height. It snaps her out of the catatonic state their arrival placed her in. She kicks and screams, trying to get away as one grabs at her hair and tries to climb up atop her head and shoulders.

"NO!" She grabs and throws the marionette away. Struggling in near hysterics, the wided eyed sorceress is nothing like her usual composed self. Finally she gets free, running to another corner, "…st.. stay away!" Still unable to function.

When Allura departed, her bindings on the guards faded. The velvet rope becomes nothing more than a slick strip of cloth that the security guards slip out of.

In an instant, gunshots are heard. The security guards take shots at the various dolls. The animated monstrosities are struck by bullets and begin to break apart. But so many more remain. Several turn on the guards and start rushing toward the hapless humans. While others still close on the fearful Zee.

Zatanna Zatara remains curled up on the floor in the corner. Classic fetal position as she tries to avoid looking at the source of her fears. Finally something in her brain makes proper connection and she screams out, "!!!!TSUD OT STTENOIRAM"

A wash of magica flashes across the room and vaporizes the little insidious creatures. She remains there in a cold sweat, eyes wide, panting heavily with panic.

One of the security guards rushes up to Zee asking, "Miss, you alright? Can we help you?"

Another guard calls in the incident and the third guard keeps to himself trying to recover from what he just saw. He too is afraid of dolls.

Zatanna Zatara finally snaps out of it. Looking up. "I… no.. I'm.. I'll be fine." Other than cuts gashes and general stress from facing the one thing that strikes true fear within her. She slowly stands up. "I'm fine. I have to go. I've got to stop her." And with that she summons a portal and hurries through it. Taking herself home first. A safe haven to recover. To quickly heal up before going after Allura.

Letting the heart rate slow, Zee finds a safe place to heal. Time will pass allowing her to do just that.

Zatanna Zatara uses magic to heal. Taking time to mentally recover, she opens a portal to give chase to Allura after sending a magical 'memo' to Hellstrom that he may want to go home. Now.

Pursuit will take her to Fire Lake, the home of the Hellstrom family in Massachusetts. The estate is on a 200 acre expanse in the remote hills of Mass. The mansion at the forefront of the estate is massive and quite old, stone and with victorian architecture. The front doors are open, and it's a given that Allura has already arrived.

Zatanna Zatara steps out of her portal in front of the doors. She looks around and then she proceeds toward the doors, torn fishnets, rumpled attire and tousled hair and all. Her jaw is set firmly with her purpose. This is going to end here and now.

The front entrance allows view through the foyer into the main hall of the mansion. There, in the center of that room is Allura and Hellstrom engaged in a passionate embrace.

Zatanna Zatara stands there. "Well. That's productive." She looks at the two of them and immediately casts. "!ezilibommI" Silvery sparkles wrap about the two as the spell seeks to take effect.

The 'immoblize' spell strikes Hellstrom and Allura. However, it only affects Hellstrom. The robe that Allura wears reflects the attack directly back upon Zatanna. The intended effect will strike her instead.

Allura breaks from the frozen Hellstrom and turns to look upon Zee. She smiles, "Hello precious."

Zatanna Zatara looks surprised as she suddenly finds herself frozen in place. Unable to blink, speak or move. It would seem she has just become a living statue.

Allura reaches, palm forward and will TKly grasp Zee. Pulling her into the room and up to Hellstrom. Allura herself steps away and observers her two statues, lovingly. She smiles and comments in a cheerful voice, "The two of you are meant to be together. King and Queen. All hail the royalty. Whose domain is nothing but crumbling ash." she chortles.

Allura walks away to gather what she wants, leaving Hellstrom and Zatanna standing frozen and facing one another. Eyes can move, but for the most part, they are stuck like chuck with Allura off doing what ever she wants.

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