(2014-12-05) Donut Express
Donut Express
Summary: After having a talk with Hawkeye, Domino starts to make good on her plans before leaving the planet. (Language)
Date: IC Date (2014-12-05)
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Busy nights are nothing new in the city. They're also nothing new to Domino, though where she's usually more lax about deadlines (because everything always has a way of working out in the end!) she's feeling a bit more under the gun than usual. The sky is already dark across the Big Apple, the overcast sky colored a deep orange from so much light pollution. Her next stop at a shared safehouse is unscheduled, the blacked out Jaguar pulling up to the curb a short distance away.

It's a brief but brisk walk, coming inside and setting a bag on the kitchen counter before shedding her leather trench. Then she's got a hand resting on the back of a pistol yet holstered against her leg, leaning around the doorframe. Trust is a limited commodity, as always.

"Hey Bamfus, you here?"


Good thing about the semi-open'ish layout is her voice can carry. He could be upstairs'ish/other room'ish, but hears her. If she's being quiet, it's not until she calls out. Kurt certainly is there, but him not being in or near the kitchen has the unfortunate affect that he must bamf to be closer. He uses some consideration at least, bamfing to a nearby room and ceiling crawling to the kitching.

"Ja, always niedlich-chan, you tease and suggest I have a life," he says, coming to an upside down crouch not too far away as to be conversationaly. His tail sways much like normal, but gravity doesn't make it 'higher' from his perspective. Always with a mind of its on. Seeing the hand resting on the holster, "We're good I think, I won't try to shoot you today." Actually, he'd never shoot her, more a joke from the elf.


The tell-tale poof of displaced air can be made out in the silence following her voice, though it isn't until the ceiling lurker crawls in and makes himself known that Dom lets her hand stray from the weapon. "I'm sure that whole CEO-ing weighs down on you once in a blue moon." With the reassurance that she won't get shot, she deadpans "Well good on that."

Maybe the two are safe here and all but with her coat removed there's no hiding the four sidearms and other assorted gear she's still lugging about. There's no such thing as being too prepared!

Reaching back for the bag she pulls out a box of donuts and a six pack of beer, sealed in proper glass bottles. They wind up on the counter a moment before she does, hopping up onto the edge then hooking the heel of a tall combat boot on the edge as she pops the cap off of the first bottle. She'll just make herself at home, thank you.

"Word's come through. All of…" she quickly checks her watch, "twenty minutes ago. We've got until ten hundred tomorrow, if you're still game for joining our suicide run off-world." Here she holds another bottle out toward the blue meta. Actual German beer!


Noting the guns, though not surprised probaly, she seems to favor precaution and he's not holding it against. Kurt has seen some of her friends, or her other employers, not that he's asking the relationship there between any of them. She's more than welcome to make herself at home, if the place is shared as a safehouse, it still comes with the offer to simply be bamf'ed in to avoid tailing. Which also includes poping caps off and letting them go where they must.

In fact it might be a game, cause not too long after it skitters along the floor, the whir of a roomba can be heard. The faithful floor maid robot, doing its diligent duty. Kurt doesn't pay it any mind, he thinks its ungrateful for all he has done. It certainly didn't appreciate the ribbon he gave it on bosses day, which is still tied to the top of the small device. Red, and the flowers have long sense died and been tossed. Robots … ugh.

"Ten hundred tomorrow, that's," he says, considering it in military talk, doing the subtract two, get the figure … no wait, its lower than 1300, its pretty direct. "Oh yeah, 10 AM. All go." His tail is glad to take the offered beer she has. "I'm in, I think I'd be stupid to miss this adventure opportunity. Even if no coming back, there is no greater adventure then to die, right?" The tail seems adapt at lifting and pouring upside down to his mouth, its a little difficult to keep it from the nose in this case, but bending backwards enough in a weird sort of limber bend helps it go down, or up, his esophagus it seems. "Do we get guns or something from your buddies?" The SHIELD people.



The moment that mechanical disk pops out of hiding Domino has one of her hands free..only so that a pistol can take the place of a beer. She's already got a solid bead on the robot as it obliviously goes to make its rounds across the kitchen. Not that she's actually planning on shooting it, going by the smirk she's also in possession of.


The weapon is discarded on the counter. Her beer isn't going to drink itself, and gods be damned if it somehow -did.- That task is hers, alone. "Ten sharp, yeah," she confirms. Then "Something like that. If we fail there won't be anything to come back to, I wouldn't fret the little things too much." While she says as much she's becoming somewhat distracted, watching the minor contortionist act that his tail seems to be accounting for. "..Riiight. I have no idea but I've got enough of my own for that to not be a problem. It's this 'we' thing that I'm wondering about. You're sounding a little anxious to put some iron in your hand. Sure you're up to it? Remember that we're supposed to be the covert ops on this run, going in guns blazing means we all get killed. According to the Division," she adds with a slight shrug.


Ignoring the gun and bang, or grinning at the gesture more like it, considering robot target practice maybe, Kurt doesn't simply finish his beer. Giving pause at the magical disappearing act of Dom's first round though, he lets it dangle in the air, via tail, near his head and at the ready at least. "We need space ships, if they have them, we should too, then you know, we don't have to worry about coming back to nothing, just find a new one." More fanciful consideration while rhetoric, cause even if something else to go do, he'd be in for saving this planet all the same.

A shake os his head at her direct question, "Nein, I wouldn't want an iron in my hand, unless it was more like steel, three feet long, with an edge to it. Like Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks," dreamily said by the elf, imagining himself swinging from chandeliers, overturning feast tables, and saving damsels probably. "I'm in it for the quick get around like Agent Barton and the apfel-chen." Or Romanov if one is following his names. "Sneaky sounds better all around, I don't want shooting, cause that probably means, shooting back at me."


"I don't think anyone involved has zero-g training, let alone flying a ship," Domino points out. "Sounds like we're going to pull a you and get some teleportation help. Should be lower profile, too. Hell, I don't know if SHIELD even has a space-capable jet. Worst case scenario, we just take something from Mongo and hope for the best."

Here the albino woman is pointing at the furry blue guy, around the bottle in her hand. While she's drinking from it. "Now you're starting to get it. Any fight can escalate quickly. It's not about who's right, only who's left. Just about anyone involved only wants it to be over, which means anything to make it end can be fair game. Bring a knife, someone else brings a gun. Bring a tank, someone else brings a battleship. Bring a cat picture, someone else brings an expensive painting," she finishes with a slight grin.

"As for swords you might be on your own there. I've only got a couple of machetes." Pause. "Oh yeah, and an Oriental. Ninjas, man. Right pain in the ass, every time," she laments with a dip of her chin.

Then, like she's mentally snapping out of a daze, her head lifts back up while looking back Kurt's way. "Time's limited, Wagner. Make sure you're ready to move. If you've got any fun tricks up your sleeve, bring 'em with. A-Games are important."


Listening to the idea of escalating that ends with paintings and picture swaps, Kurt grins. About to take another tail drink, he gives pause and turns back towards Domino, "All was fair in office war, that was the rules." As if defending escalating with the bosses possession. Then he takes the drink as she talks about Ninja's and a-games. The roomba finally goes to look for more work, at random. The only thing that could make it more fun is spending time finding a cat that doesn't like the thing - or target practice.

He has to ask, "Ninja's are real? Get out, huh, I always figured it was movies." Forget he's a blue elf hanging from the ceiling, ninjas are more mystery to him than anything else - heck, forget their going to space causs some space nutter is coming to attack earh even.

"I'm a one trick pony, Domino, teleporting it is. Not as far as this person sending us, but I'm damn fast. Its my secret weapon, unless someone posts it all over the space internets." A grin, maybe there is such a thing, he has no clue, "But if you think of some tricks I can add to my deck of cards, I'm all ears."


"Do you hear me complaining?" Dom inquires with a smirk. "It simply proves my point with colorful pictures."

Next she's slowly shaking her head, "They're for real. You've gotta dig for 'em though, and those are generally the kinds of places you don't want to go. There's the Assassin's Guild and The Hand, to name two. They're pretty hardcore, don't get mixed up with those kids."

'One-trick.' Here the merc looks upward, head tilted to one side and one brow drawn higher than the other. "Moving past the fact that -you can teleport,- you're asking me this question from the ceiling, furball. You can stick yourself virtually anywhere you please, not to mention your extra appendage which seems to speed you up more than slow you down," she points out while literally pointing out his tail. "By my count that puts you ahead of the game, and leaves you with more innate tricks than I have. Don't sell yourself short here, Wags."


Chuckling more at the picture idea and no complaints, Kurt could be pondering more practical jokes based on the same. Though, in fairness, actually robbing some place like a Museum to play a joke on Domino is beyond him at present. Skirting the law in some ways is different than literally going out to break it, especially those laws that favor the humanities (and humans too). "I'm already too mixed up with your friends, the SHIELD peeps and those Ruskies with the wonderful sense of style, I don't want to add ninjas and assassins into that mix." Though, that might be too late actually.

"You have lots of skill, its that playing field awareness. You seem to know what's around you without having to look and then notice. Don't sell yourself short either. But I'll take the compliment, having them and using them on a battlefield are two different things, its why I need that training you know." Not just for sneaking. Then a moment of admission, "I went to Genosha when I heard what was going on, I wasn't ready for the field, I sort of adapted to help people. But going more on a real mission with a real focus, its my first time here … and in space. That, and, let's be honest, I am short anyways, so no selling needed."


"Yeah, because I'm such good friends with the Ruskies," Domino sarcastically deadpans. "I don't trust them and they don't trust me. Which doubles for SHIELD, now that I think about it. But, what the hell. Things happen." (And now you're stuck with 'em.)

"You're right, but we're trying to avoid the battlefield altogether," she then mentions. "'Avoidance' seems like a specialty of yours. For all of my 'lots of skill' I've still never tangled with any of the critters living on the Mongorock." Blink. "Genosha? What's up with Genosha? Sounds like you've been holding out on me here, Fuzzy. Gotten yourself mixed up in some bad situations already?"

In the meantime, she's going to get herself mixed up with a jelly-filled donut.


Kurt is still nursing his glorious German beer, most likely German import with good label and not the kind founded in Germany but brewed in America. Hopefully a dopple bock, but he'll take the light golden kind and anything in between just the same. At least he can agree with SHIELD, not realizing how much yet he is stuck with them. "Is not trusting just your thing ….?" He grins, its rhetorical, he's trying to win that trust actually, but doesn't expect there ever to even be admittance even if some trust did magically appear one day.

As for avoidance, he nods, finally setting his empty bottle down by dangling one foot, then overturning to put it in its empy holder in the six pack. He's now upright on the counter at least. He doesn't use tail to go for donuts, though in fairness, its cleaner than his hands for sure, they actually touch things like doors and money.

"Ja, see, the CEO thing crashed a little, I had to step back, board thought it good for public image. I did circus thing for a bit, that wasn't a joke." Though it could be funny to convince someone of it, circus as real. "Its when I heard about the meta situation in Genosha, I had to go. And that was avoidance. Helping those out that needed out. But that's humans, or people here, not those on the Mongorock. Heck, if they have space gadgets, they might have teleport abilities too for all we know. If I was them and had that, I bet I'd use those golden troopers to try to set up a teleport pod on earth to just zap my people down en masse … though, no major army hear yet, so /obviously/ they're not that spacey yet."


It's beer. It's decent, too. She's no stranger to paying for the good stuff, particularly not when it's her last night on Earth. The real expensive stuff is still in the car, waiting for her to land for the rest of the night.

"It's one of my special abilities," Domino replies in her typical 'I'm joking, really' tone. "Trust tends to get people into trouble. You may have noticed that I already have enough of that." Both trust issues and trouble.

"That..there," she cuts in around a mouthful of donut when Genosha is mentioned again. "What 'meta situation' is this? And before you go asking something stupid like 'were you living under a rock' I'll remind you that I am -very- well armed and have nothing to lose but sleep. Current events don't usually get in the way of my work. Hell, the only time I hear 'meta' is when I'm hunting one of 'em," she admits before cutting herself off, a bit too late. "..Equal opportunity. You understand."


Slightly jaw dropping at the admittance of hunting meta's, Kurt considers it long enough to assume, or hope, its just those deserving of being hunted. Bad targets, the sort SHIELD might actually go for that mean to cause trouble that is. "Trust is worth the trouble," amends Kurt, just a hint that he's accepted SHIELD followers and Russians all the same. As if he'd take the trouble to have a friend just the same. But to each their own. His tail grabs another beer. He tries to chip off the cap on the counter. It leaves a mark on the counter but gives roomba some work to do.

"I would never say you lived under a rock … why, did you, it would be cool …" Then he cuts himself off before he becomes a problem on the floor that roomba can't pick up. "See, the humans in Genosha for the past few years have been enslaving the metas on their island. They finally revolted, some of us hear the news and went to help. Its like, kindred spirit. Your not in their situation, but it could of been you, so you throw in cause you hope if you did get in the situation, some moron would risk their life trying to help you out and not leaving you forgotten to rot in a cell, or die from slave labor."


Here with the gaping blue jaw now staring her way Domino stares right back, her own mouth open due to the partially devoured donut hovering around it. With slow and deliberate motions she goes ahead and takes another bite, never breaking her stare with the blue dude. (Be cool, Wagner…)

It isn't a dodged bullet so much as a superficial wound. The damage is done but it doesn't seem to have critical consequences. Not yet. She'll be happy to let the subject go away and not return, all the same.

She'll also smirk when he damages his countertop. "Alright, you're flagged. Lightweight."

With the story laid out there's a glimmer of recognition passing across her bleached features. "Ah..right. That whole deal. Could never remember the name of the place. You were involved over there? Damn, that's some kinda crazy. Useful, too. Means you aren't a complete novice to this sort of thing. From what I've gathered we could very well run into more 'freedom fighter' scenarios on Mongo. So..you know. That's cool."

Another wad of donut quickly disappears, crimson jelly oozing out around the edges.


That she has mouth half opened with donut hovering around it helps some of the diffuse, though if she stood up, he'd stand down probaly. Still Kurt doesn't push any issues so much as go for a donut after he's damaged the counter top. "I usually use a can opener, you made flicking off the cap look so cool … I failed." He grins at her smirk and calls him a light weight.

Then he's planting his rear on the counter to enjoy donut and beer too now, his tail sways a little as if looking for trouble though. "Ya, I'm good at the avoidance policy. I didn't do much fighting, seems I need to practice more in that department. But support, I can do that. Not to mention, it was easier to communicate over there." He could go into its almost cheating with Charlies helping out in that department, but that goes into the things he can't so much discuss. "Its cool that I'm not totally useless, or that we'll find some freedom fighters?" Then he eats a donut, if its jelly, there is powder in the blue fuzz around his mouth for certain.


"Another one of my special abilities," Dom suggests with the de-capping technique. "You'll figure it out. Then you'll replace your counter with something a little tougher. Marble's not a bad choice."

"I was being sarcastic." And what a shocker -that- is! "It's not their military force or whatever flies as their government or whatever, it's the civil unrest. Soldiers sign up knowing that they might not be coming back. Trying to defend yourself against a mob of people with weapons and an agenda… That gets rough. There's going to be plenty of people that don't want us there, if word gets out we may not have to bother with their version of a trial. That's why you're my new best friend," she teases with another glance. "You have no idea how reassuring it is knowing there's going to be a goddamn -teleporter- within reach."

Which, in fact, is part of why she decided to come here with the news, and the gifts, all on her own. She's making sure that -she- has a way out. Everyone else can fend for themselves for all she cares.

"Hey. You've got a little something…" she starts in before dismissively waving her hand. Powdered sugar and face fuzz… Here's a problem which is only going to get worse before it gets better.


Her way out, but Kurt still thinks its total friendship of course. Like best buds who have been shot at together once or twice, or punched in the face as the case might be. Deadpanning at her sarcasm, only teasing as he can't keep a straight face. That's most of the time, but still the elf is grinning.

"And I'm glad I got someone who gets these things, I'd probably offend the wrong person and get us all shot at on Mongo. Heck, half the people I know think I'm a devil. I'd prefer imp … or elf." He says this like its a serious debate as to what he actually is. "I thought you liked me cuz of the blue fuzz. Though, I'll take it, teleporting friend, at your service. Should I put a pink mustache on my shirt and charge for it?"

Then he's looking at her as shs waves a hand, almost lifting his other thick fingers to help the situation, then realizing he shouldn't do that. There are paper towels nearby, and he's the sort to have a real dispenser, not just paper towels sitting out of a package on a counter. And, gives his tail something to do. It pulls on off, gives it a flick to rip it away. "Thanks, glad you didn't take an embarassing picture for snapchat or facebooks. You do care, you really do." Smiling, maybe some sarcasm.


"Demon, angel, alien, machine, I don't much care so long as you can get the job done," Dom suggests. "The blue is pretty defining, though." Here she's just going to choose not to comment one way or another about the whole 'liking' him subject. First she couldn't get rid of the damn guy! Now he's gone and shown her that he could be useful. And lucrative. There is the matter of her getting paid to hang around his fuzzy tail. How many people truly like their bosses, anyway?

"Alright, let's not go and try to re-negotiate our deal here. That also never ends well."

"Yeeeeaaaah," she awkwardly drawls before adding in "I also don't do the whole social media thing. That's time better spent somewhere else. -Anywhere- else." (And the last thing I need right now is to give you a reason to try and take my phone away from me.)

"Though you know what else I care about?" she asks while hopping off of the counter and reaching out to retrieve her one pistol. "Having my shit in order. Clock's still ticking, kiddo. I've got a hundred pounds of gear left to arrange and -maybe- some sleep to try and claim. Enjoy the calories." What's left of the beer and donuts is all for him.


Smiling through most of it, he can't argue so much with anything she says. Then, alas, party is over - turn out the lights, don't have to go home but can't stay here. Kurt gives a good exagerrated frown, "Ah, we just had a moment too. Now I'll have to go back to video games or something." Not that he would complain, but one might guess he's a social sort of elf, like needing to talk. Then again, he might talk to himself while playing games. Or be the dork who get's on multiplayer and has conversations not realted to team missions, or responds to trolls. "Ja, sleep, and we're off. I might be too excited to sleep, hopefully we can sleep on the way there." Forget its an instant gig with teleporting.

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