(2014-12-04) Elves, United We Stand
Elves, United We Stand
Summary: The ceiling elf, Nightcrawler, encounters a probate doing community service as a mall elf, Bombshell, they two have a conversation
Date: (2014-12-04)
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It's the holiday season and the Mall is in full Christmas regalia. Decor abounds mostly it's tasteful, but a few stores are pushing the boundaries into tacky. It's early evening and still early in the season so the mall isn't the crush it will be when it gets closer to the big day, but it is busy.

In the middle of the mall is the biggest of the displays, the one where the authenitic looking Santa Claus sits on his throne of red velvet, upon a small dais. A red carpet lined by candy canes leads up to in, along with a velvet rope aisle to keep the line in check. A few Christmas trees and the usual Santa house decor surrounds the area to give it the right look and feel. The Santa this year both looks and acts the part, no fake beard there and he smiles and laughs as kids both good and bad climb into his lap to tell him thier Christmas wishes. Of course his helpers are there too, elves of both genders, taking pictures, making sure the line goes smoothly and a few just for general atmosphere.

Surprisingly, Kurt Wagner has a life outside the school, where he is much different. Or slightly so at least, the context completely changing him so it would seem. Inversely of course, those that don't know about the school would find him just as odd in that slightly altered sort of persona. So, today, away from the school and his standard history courses a few times a week, Kurt is at the mall, wearing a jacket like hoodie that isn't quite winter friendly, but has a thick shirt on underneath and some regular old pants. Minus his shoes, out here he is a blue elf. Or for some, a devil, that can't be helped. Those in the know, would recognize him from his coming out day when the curse was lifted, but its America and a Mall, few in that company. Thus, he finds himself near the Santa house where kids line up for picutres, or cry cause they're afraid of Santa.

Going nearby, he avoids the line so much as to go near the ropes around the fake setup decor, probably fluffy snow and fake schrubbery, only to wave at the elves, "Mein peeps!" German accent, well, one german word even, but he figures most Aerican's get 'mein', "How are my fellows elves from the North pole this year?" Not to be a jerk to them by pointing out their roles so much as simply enjoying the holiday season, its part of his roots after all, and being festive for the moment.

While most the the elves play there part if not happily, are at least good at faking it, one elf, hat askew on her ponytailed brown hair is doing so great at plastering a smile on her face. Because of this they have placed her at the exit, handing out candy canes to children as they leave. By then they are so either to excited or tramatized to notice that her Merry Christmas greeting is lacking in holiday cheer. "Merry Christmas." she repeats over and over in a bored monotone as she hands out candy cane after candy cane. Parents of course notice, kids not so much.

When the hooded blue man approaches he gets a few shocked stares but the elves don't want to cause a scene so he gets a chorus of Merry Christmases and Happy Holidays. A few of the kids in line of course point at the man and either hide behind parent's legs or just stare.

Kurt makes his way along the side of the entire display, Merry Christmasing and Happy Holidaying right along, grinning and waving even. Of course, pointing children get a wave. Heck if any have that 'cool, a weird looking thing,' look, they get a thumbs up or a finger point, like they're in the know on what is cool right along with the ceiling elf. This does mean that he himself isn't over excited or tramatized when he gets near the exit point and hears the less then hearty elf, droning Merry Christmases to kids without the conviction. "Merry Christmass," he says, full of spirit, then pausing, "Seems someone has lost theres, ja? We should perhaps rekindle that spirit, I can help …" Sure, blue elf getting stares can help with Christmas, or be a nuisance, hopefully he's not a heckler.

Another monotone greeting comes from the girl and the parent that frowns at her just gets a weary look and as the parent leaves a juvenile tongue stuck out at the woman's back. The familiar voice has her looking at the equally familiar face. "Oh, hey there Mr. Wagner." she looks around breifly "No one else from the school is here are they? This would totally ruin my street cred.

"Mein elf," he says to his companion elf when they know him, then pauses and grins more. Completely not a teacher. "Ms. Baumgartner," he gives the name enough German infliction making that t in 'gartner' have a little pop. "What is this all about, community service? This isn't court ordered is it?" He is actually teasing her, thinking if it was, he would know about it in his faculty e-mail box from Emma on school and student updates. "Should I be offended, now I'm not the only elf from school?" Then putting a hand to a candy cane post, holding red ribbon to keep people off the display and/or funnel them out the exit, "Nein, I don't come to the city with people from school."

"I wish, more like a way to get my probation officer off my f*cking back." Lana says sounding quite unhappy with the whole arrangement. The f-bomb dropping has kids in hearing ranging going ohhhh and parent's gasping, one or two covering really little kids ears. The reaction just has her rolling her eyes so hard she could probably see her brain. "Yes you are, because no one is going to know about this…please?" she goes from disgruntled elf to puppy-dog eyed elf.

Kurt fake jaw drops a little, mirth in his eyes, "Its german, mifuhquin, it means, my overburdened … her overburdened back, she has enough to …" Ya, its not working, he knows it, the parents know it, but he's still grinning all the same. Catching her look he shakes his head. "You have to admit it would be amusing, if you caught another student like this … the potential for black mail to have them do homework or something, like Ms. Andrews …" Then he pause, more seriously, "Nein, your secret is safe for now, you don't even have to pretend to like history or something. But, afterwards, you must get a bagel with me, in the elf suit … and we'll be square." Okay, its not quite blackmailing so much as amusing him.

"Why would I want someone to do my homework? I'm fully capable of failing all by myself." and as much as Lana grouses about homework and how she is an awful student it isn't true. Sure she isn't on the honor roll but she somehow maintains a 3.0 GPA…maybe she already has someone doing her homework. "History is fine." it's not her least favorite subject at least, that would be anything math related "A bagel?" she hands out another candy cane and offers another non-happy greeting "Make that a pretzel dog and you're on. But at the kiosk near J. Crew not at the pretzel place in the food court." that's the one where the cute manager is and she would die before she is seen by him wearing an elf costume.

Kurt monitors the history grade, not so much the avegae and other than in class behavoir sometimes, there is little he can honestly complain about, most students seem to be making it. Those that struggle with history itself probably get extra time or different assignments suited to their learning style versus the same projects for everyone. "Are you sure, cause Ms. Andrews seems like she'd be pretty easy to convicne … I mean if I was a student … I might of had some help." Then a chuckle, his school days long behind him, the ones where he was a student at least.

Then a turn of his head, looking in both directions, "Pretzel dog it is, that sounds good, with some gooey cheese. I didn't rezlie you were such a connoisseur of the dachshund sandwich though." Suggesting he believe she is suggesting the one near the kiosk by J. Crew is better than the food court vendor, not realizing cute manager is a primary consideration.

Well bevaviour she could work on, and promptness, she not only is Queen of Detention, but Grand Duchess of Tardiness as well, but she isn't to bad in his class most days, her BFF tends to keep her in-line a majority of the time. "Kaylee is easy yes, but she also make sure the paper was up to her standards and not mine. Nothing says cheating a person handing in A+ level homework when they are more of a B- level." she calls out to one of the other elves nearby "I'm taking my break." she candycane bucket is passed off and she begins to move away from the santa area.

As they turn to go, and the bucket is given away to be forgotten, Kurt's tail doesn't forget, slipping back to grab one for himself. Hopefully the next elf isn't too weireded out by the tail grab. Kurt remains more focused on Lana though. "Yes, I learned that lesson the hard way. In primary, I let someone copy. They changed two answers on their exam, and got two more points then I did. The instructor said, he would dock me for cheating, if not for them doing better. I suppose that meant, he let them slip even if they did better than normal." As they move away from elves, "Why are you on probation … I don't need to know, but outside of class, you should be warned, I'm too curious for my own good."

Weirded out would be an understatment. The girl-elf replacing Lana squeals and the bucket goes flying in the air as do it's contents of cany canes. It causes a bit of a stampede as children rush to grab as many of them as they can. Lana glances back at the reaction and can't help but laugh at it "That was awesome." more talk of cheating at homework gets a pass and her breif moment of amusement dies "Do you really not know, or want to here it from the source instead of relying on gossip and rumour?

Chuckling a little, as the kids rush, "Bonus reaction, I usually try not to get noticed. Honesly, its cleaner than my fingers, people don't get that though." About his tail, which he doesn't us to touch everything like doors, handrails, money, and other dirty surfaces. About the trouble, Kurt shakes his head. "You got me there, if its in your student record, I try not to judge a student based on their past, but their performance in my class. I don't know and I wouldn't trust a rumor. The grapevine is a deadly weapon in the business world."

"Yeah I can see how people would think that…and how it wouldn't be." Lana adds as they move through the shopping crowds. She seems to know exactly where she is going, but what teen doesn't know the mall like she would her own home, or in her case the school "It's not in the general file…I don't think." she shrugs, she's never seen it "Not that different than school really." she removes the hat from her head, slapping it against her thigh a few times as she debates whether he is getting the short or long story. "My mother has the same power as I do. It's just that hers doesn't work unless I am within a few feet of her. I was told what it was called, but can't remember. She decided we should rob banks. After doing that for awhile we got caught. She's in that special prison for metas and after juvie I was sent to Xavier's." medium length story

Kurt only has access to the general files, in fact being devotely loyal to Xavier, he might be surprised to learn of other files or even of other training going on at the school, much as Charles might. But he nods, hasen't read much general file at all it seems. Though he listens about the banks, actually taking an interest in this. "Lana, off the record, can I ask you, was it simply because of … your ability? Smash and grab, or was their a measure of stealth you developed working with your mother?" Seems he doesn't judge about bank robbing at all, and there is an underlying interest in the girl and her role in it all, willing or otherwise.

"Oh it was pretty much blow up and grab. My mother wasn't to worried about casualties or damage. Get in, threaten and blow shit up, get the money and run." Lana explains as she continues to make a beeline to the pretzel kiosk and it's promise of pretzel-dogs "Finesse wasn't in my mother's vocabulary.

Kurt follows along, not noticing if the bee-line is for the enjoyment of pretzel-dog or to avoid the manager of the other place. Good thing food court was most likely in the other direction all together. "Ah, alas, I was about to ask for some pointers if you had experience." A grin on the elves face as he shakes his head a little, though that might not of been entirely a joke in that he was going to ask it. "I suppose the whole being caught and sent to Xavier's as a form of 'juvie'," a concept he gets even if not frequently using the english condensced word, "Should of been answer enough. Is it always just blow up for you, or do you have a fine control of how big or small of an explosion it is?"

That's part of it, the rest if avoiding the crowds of shoppers in certain places "I spend a year in juvie before Xavier's. The less said about that the better, though I did learn to cook." one of her few useful skills "I have much finer control now, can even use it to fly for short bursts, still getting the hang of the landing bit though.

"Lana, I wouldn't tell anyone what I know about you. Oddly, with some of the friends I've made since coming to the state, I'm learning the value of honoring one's friends but not talking," about things better left for private. When they get pretzels, he'll do all the paying. "And when you set it off, the … bomb things. Is it limited to say a physical barrier? You can't set it out to pass through a well and then go off on the other side?"

Lana gets two then, and extra cheese and mustard, because you can't have to many condiments and a soda. A bench to sit and eat at is found nearby and the girl noms with teenage vigor. She shakes her head "They are more like blasts. I point at something there is a concussive noise and whatever I pointed to blows up in flames." she shrugs dipping her dog in cheese and mustard as she answers "I don't know how it works, just that it does."

Kurt doesn't have that vigor, but he savors it and its not quite hoity the way he holds and eats his food. "Sounds like there is some precision between hand eye coordination. I'm oddly curious. With my teleporting, I have to physically see where I'm going. But if I can see in a window, I can get to the spot. Ever tried to blow something up that you could see past glass or something? "

"And leave the glass intact?" Lana shakes her head "I can do the concussive blast without blowing stuff up, but I can't blow stuff up without it. That's how I can use it to fly without blowing things up." she pauses to take a bite of her food "Usually."

"Ah," he says, whatever wild idea as in the elf's head seems to pass as she explains that. Kurt nods his understanding, even if he had some other thought on how it could work out. "Usually, you fly sometimes and blow things up on accident? It would be great to really test that more in a stressful situation, see what triggers it." Not that he knows what sort of training Lana might get, other than regular sort of power training that the school offers.

The teen delinquent nods "Not as much as it used too. I've pretty much got the hang, but if I'min a hurry or something…" Lana finishes off her food and chases it with a long draw of her soda "Thanks for the noms Mr. Wagner. I only get 15 minutes during my four hour shift so I should head back to being Frowny the Elf.

"Ya, thanks for the image, I needed some cheering up," of her deadpanning boredom in being the elf, more humorous as she admits it as Frowny the Elf. "Kurt is fine out of class, honest, I don't bite even. Enjoy the kids, hopefully not too many screamers when their parents terrorize them by making them get the picture on his lap." He stays seated of course.

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