(2014-11-26) Planning Session
Planning Session
Summary: After the events of the previous evening, that is PAIN showing up at a charity fundraiser, Pepper, Tony and Dane meet in the Watchtower to make preparations.
Date: 2014-11-26
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After getting some rest and recovery, thanks to Pepper's getting him there and giving into that rest, Dane Whitman eventually makes it to that comlink given to him by Power Woman at the onset of his provisional membership. Why it was off him is anyone's guess of course. Though he does get the message of recall to all members and makes haste when recovered, Avalonian gear on and suited up, Strider makes haste to Watchtower. Docking, so to speak, in a hanger, when he dismounts, he simply releases Strider to return to Avalon as he makes his way asking JARVIS for a lift, and going up to the main command platform, simply to see what is transpiring and what he can do. Given JARVIS has been using his sensory algorythims in relation to the energy weapons, he hopes he can help more in the active search for Miss Marvel at least.


Second time to the Watchtower. It's still breathtaking, in the literal and in the figurative sense. Pepper absolutely holds her breath the moment she's told (warned!) that the transport is about to commence.

Pepper's a little unsteady on her feet the first couple of seconds, and she absolutely didn't squeak the moment she lands, no. Reaching out to be sure she's got her footing, she finds herself and looks around wide-eyed once again. She simply can't take her eyes off the Earth rotating beneath her feet and she has to look away, holding on to her 'Pad as if it's her safety net should she fall. Recognizing the Knight (in shining armor?), a somewhat shaky but audible greeting comes, "You're looking better."


Only Nixon can go to China.

Only all hell would break loose while Stark was there, though.

Even Tony hasn't gotten the hang of being able to instantaneously travel global distances. So by the time he's gotten himself to a location to Zeta-Tube to the Watchtower, things are as they currently are. Pepper is no doubt close in tow, if she isn't already there. When he gets there, is clear he's not pleased. Calling out for JARVIS to prep his toy shop as he enters, he pulls off his sports coat, whips off the tie, and starts rolling up his sleeves. He begins using the virtual mock up system to start customizing a suit ideal for the mission he'll be on shortly: Rescue and Punishment.


Shining, if not black in overal theme, that armor. Dane turns to the new voice, not so much a regular visitor as a newcomer with the project he has been working on. More that there is some rationale to it all in his physics relevant mind that changes the perspective from being tower over the globe to simply being at this relevant place and it being 'above' or beyond him. That and flying horse, dictates he should get used to flying. "Thank you, I had a helpful hand I'll admit."

Turning to look at some of the machines and consoles, he further ads, "And getting the message, I couldn't sleep to full recover, had to do something, figured this was the best place to be to contribute."


Tony most certainly is right behind her, and his presence gives her manner a touch more ease. It'll all be okay. Of course the reassuring voice of JARVIS does wonders for the Personal Assistant. Another bit of 'home'.

"Your 'toyshop' is operational, sir." One can almost hear the airquotes in the English-accented AI.

Pepper smirks at the response before she pulls her gaze from her employer and back onto the Knight in question, still not looking at the 'ground' beneath. "I told Tony," as if it couldn't be noticed? "And…" Pepper bounces slightly in her heels, "I should probably get the coffee started." She pauses a moment, her green eyes narrowing slightly, "Tea, right?"


Tony Stark nods, "Thank you JARVIS. Bring up the baseline suit, start a new project - work on it here, shunt it all to the encrypted server at home, designation Mark Six. Give me a full tactical library, and a bring up the prototype stealth kit." he says, taking a couple of steps out back from the modules laid out before him. He glances over to Jack, "No worries, chief. Do what you can. I'll take care of what I can, which should be most of it." he takes a couple steps over towards Pepper, snags the coffee, "Thanks, Pepper." he says, and then snags a flask and makes it Irish. "Alllllright. Now..what are we gonna do to these bastards" he says appraisingly, looking back to the options.


Dane Whitman, not quick Jack, nods to their greetings. "Tea would be good, unless you want to help?" Dane is not used to personal assistants, maybe thinking she does do more than get the coffee. Not that he'd complain certainly about getting a cup of tea. Though that said with a smile, he nods more to Tony.
"Well, the weapons once again is a dead end trail, but some of the new spectro analysis I've done seems to indicate we might be able to track their weapons to a source. If we can't simply find their bases, we can see who's supplied them and where they are shipping the new supplies too. Those weapons need power, we only have to follow the line from the source of raw material. I guess that's where I stand down, as you are going to be doing most of it then?"

A shrug, "Not to say my sword isn't itching for a good fight, mind you, I don't want to step on toes, new guy and all."


The holographic rendering of the suit flickers behind Tony as the commands begin, and the data download to the computers in the lab back in Stark Tower begins and ends in a microsecond. In the next second, another holographic rendering rises upon a table near Tony to show a cutout of the prototype, as well as the beginnings of a 3D 'printout' of what is so far for hardcopy.

Pepper smiles and hands over the coffee in a well-rehearsed swing of an arm with a half turn, and tea is also available. "Mark Six?" Brows rise in question as she casts a glance at the stealth kit's dimensions, and her head cants. A lot of this is above her, but in the grand scheme, she's got something of an idea. Mostly.

"Do, I don't know. They have Miss Marvel," which everyone here knows, "And I have no idea what sort of holding facility she's in. So a front door approach is probably not the best option, blindly walking down corridors."

Pepper snaps her fingers and looks between the two, "JARVIS was able to catch the signatures but he couldn't disrupt the power supply. But there is one. And I could easily track that."

A breath escapes her as Pepper rises to her toes to catch Dane's attention, and her tones are most decidedly fond when referring to her employer, "Don't mind him. This is just the way he is. I'm sure there's more than enough room on the swings for you. He just doesn't share unless he has to." Pepper spins on her foot to look at Tony, smile, and turns back, "And he even said 'we', so let's not discourage him."


Tony Stark glances over, "Yes, I said we. Mark it on your calendars. And why can't we knock on the door? I could even get the suit the paintscheme. 'Hello..I am Elder Stark..'" he says, going back to the suit mock up. He literally picks up the virtual representation of the "stealth package" which looks like one of the ? boxes from Super Mario Bros and chucks it at the suit. It rattles and clanks before it gets set up in the suit. He also grabs a few things under 'support systems' and does like wise. Then he gets to the ordinance, which is set up Matrix-Style and categorized - guns, lasers, bombs, missles, etc. He starts flipping through, grabbing some things and tossings, passing up yet others. He gets to blades, looks at the options, looks back to Dane, then back.

"Oh, and do me a favor, fabricate Dane here an Excalibur, would you JARVIS?"

"Right away, sir. With your specifications fabrication should be complete in seventeen minutes."

"Good. Use Watchtower Fabrications for the next couple of projects."

"Very Good, sir." the AI responds, "Sir, I've also noticed you're loading in the miniaturized Jericho system. Did you want that as a three rack shoulder pod?"

"No. Give me a four rack on each shoulder. Six across. Maximum yield."

"Yes, sir. I see we're making sure there's no genetic evidence of their existence left."

"You got it in one, JARVIS."


"If JARVIS and you have a lead," says Dane to Pepper Pots, "We should certainly condsider that, saving tracking a supply line as a back up. better that we have choices and the momentum now to see this through." He simply watches the way Tony deals with mario boxes, his suit coming together, admiring some of the technological ingenuity for certain. Grounded in science himself, its more what he knows.

And alas, he is mystical too, happenstance to his circumstance, "Disregard Excalibur, JARVIS." Not that he knows if JARVIS will listen to him yet, "Not that I wouldn't appreciate it, if its from the same said movie, but Lady of the Lake, real thing, I don't think she's see the humor if I brought it to Avalon with me."

Back more towards Pepper as Tony seems super focused on suit building for some whoop ass, "He always this focused, or just likes it when he finally gets to play with his toys." It was JARVIS that air quoated toys, Dane can pick up on that schtick all the same. "I got it, he said we, we're all in the sand box. I'll swing my sword where needed, certainly, he can take the credit as much as he likes. Just as long as these guys are brought to task for what they've done and are doing, I think I'm good with this version of 'we'."


"Because…" and Pepper sounds a touch flustered at the question before she takes a deep breath, "Because I'm sure they'll be expecting something like that. I mean, who wouldn't? They'll assume we don't have a blueprint of their facility, because we don't, so we'll be looking for openings."

Oh look! Tony used the word 'rack' without referring to breasts? And it's 'we'! Pepper can't help the touch of a smirk that rises before making quick comment, "Six pack. That's a way to get one." Though the humor doesn't quite reach her eyes. This is going to be a dangerous fight from the sounds of it, and there's a little fear there for Tony's safety. Well, and everyone else's, sure…

Pepper's phone buzzes, even up here, and she digs it from a pocket. Checking the messages, brows furrow, her nose scrunches slightly and she has a considering expression. "I may have to take a raincheck on that dinner and dancing promised tonight, Tony," which, of course, there's been no such promise. She's teasing. "I think I may have a meeting with someone. Do you know a Danielle Baptiste?"

Pepper's attention has to be pulled from her own business at hand, the phone and Tony, but she does manage to do so. "Hmmm? No, no. The supply line tracking is a great idea. By energy signatures. Really. Your idea." Though, she shakes her head soon after, her tones are tending to lightness. "He really is. It's one of his many charms. He's extremely focused on the things he enjoys." And the rest? Not so much.


Tony Stark shakes his head, "No, not the real thing. This one..carbon ceramic fiber blade. Internally mounted gyroscrope in the hilt, so it never goes off balance, also blade slicing focused beam lasers located in the chappe. Also biometric recognition and security system." he pauses and looks over, "It'll blow up the hand of whoever holds it longer than six seconds that isn't you."


A chuckle from Dane, both at Pepper nodding about Tony's excitement about weapons and toys, and then confirmed by Tony going off on how cool a Iron Man'ish version of a sword would work. Thhe failsafe blow up kill switch like icing on the cake Tony is envisioning. "We'll get to tracking then," says Dane to Pepper on following more of the residiual energy trails he's been after the past couple weeks since being introduced to the Justice League. Then to Tony, he offers, "Tell you what, send me the specs on your fail-safe explosive hilt. I have a working model of a plasma sword — or if you're old school, a photon sword. No balance, no weight, a hard light construct that can cut as good as your laser guidance ceramic fibers. Actually, if we toss your blade, but keep the smart guidance of those lasers, the photon sword could be better then I imagined it …." HIs brain pondering.


"Oh boy," Pepper breathes and she takes a step back, her fingers working on the pad of her phone. With a flourish, she taps the 'send' button and looks around the 'Tower. "Are we going to be up here all night, or shall I send out for something back home?" It's all she can really do now that the boys are talking tech, and she looks between the pair. "Chinese? Thai? Italian?"


Tony Stark hmmms, "A lightsaber, then." he says nodding, as if it isn't the first time he's thought of it. He approaches the suit he's mocking up and steps inside it. It wraps around him though he's still quite visible. He starts grabbing various internal parts and rearranging them for maximum effectiveness and use. He steps out of it a few minutes later and spins it around, examining if everything's where he wants them and if there's anything else he wants to add. Seeing there isn't, he steps back, "Alright. Cut and Print, JARVIS." he says, approving it for fabrication. There's a pause, "Sir, I see you've installed the stealth package. Do you perhaps want to go with a less conspicuous paint scheme"

Tony shakes his head, "Chinese or Thai - I don't like fighting on a heavy stomach, and JARVIS - no. I don't want them to see me coming. Once I get there, I'd almost book a rock concert to point out my presence." he says smirking. "Go with the usual color scheme."

"Yes, sir. Fabrication commencing. With the current configuration it will be completely in one hour, twenty seven minutes. Do you want me to cancel the bladed weapon?"

"Yeah, JARVIS, scrub that. Subsitute with project Jedi."

"Yes sir."


Watching and listening to Tony, and Pepper as they sort of have that odd vibe of getting each other. His mind racing, her keeping up with it even. Dane follows along as best he can. "Uh, JARVIS, I can open access to the plasma blade files on my system, the one that's been relaying the energy analsysis algorthyms, they share the same root." Though Dane looks at Tony or Pepper, as if they need to tell JARVIS and give final clearance to let JARVIS get his own research for the photon sword.

That said, he does move over to look at some of the energy readings from the last encounter that JAVIS has. He does say, "Lightsaber sounds unwieldy, the blade is too round, the plasma window is paper thin, like a real sword, I can deflect energy attacks with it too." As a side note, not that the distinction matters.


"Right. Thai. At least you won't be hungry in the middle of extraction." Pepper looks between the pair once again and takes a step back before she turns around. Looking at the holographic prototype, she has to ask, "Did you upgrade the defense shields to use less power? With all that output, you might be running too close to the line?." For her liking, anyway. Her tones take an almost chiding tone as she pieces together the chain; more armament. Stealth. It all has to come from somewhere. "And don't you dare tell me that the stealth is your only defense, Tony."

Pepper asides to Dane now, her green eyes don't leave Tony. "It's just working titles. You'd mentioned photons?" She'll let Tony give JARVIS the commands. He's got more invested at the moment, and it's technology that she's only got the merest grasp of. She can ask questions and not sound like an idiot, but not much beyond it. Not unless she's intimately involved with the project.


Tony Stark looks over to Dane, "I'll make yours too, but trust me: Lord of War over here." he says, and gives him a wink. He looks back towards the prototype, "Enhanced RT installed. Bigger output, higher recharge cycle, and larger overall throughput. It'll be fine."


Thank goodness Dane only uploaded the light construct physics stuff he was working on for the sord, heavin forbid he opened access to the genetic engineering data he has, no telling what animals might be made from that with Tony at the wheel. He nods, whatever Tony does to mod or enhance, its all good, the basics for light construct sword are there, let the man enjoy what he does. To Pepper he says, "Yes, well, its plasma, its basically using the natural gases in the air itself, making them join together enough to stop most energy from passing through, this new plasma technology, it stops the physical as well. Photon is just an approximation of it in laymen terms. I think you guys had someone with advanced technology like this … the Green guy from some of the images I saw."


Pepper studies Tony for a long moment, lips pressing in a fine line as green eyes narrow. "Okay." She sounds like she wants to believe him. "I'd better not hear a call…"

Now, Pepper relaxes a touch, but she does straighten, "Photons and plasma are two different things. One is an element, like air, fire, water… and the other is a teeny, tiny particle. Mostly, they refer to it as light." Thus, lightsabre. She clicks her tongue, offers a touch of an amused, 'there you go' smirk and takes a deep breath.

"Right. Going home to make sure we've got food."


Grinning at what Pepper says, Dane nods with appreciation. "You should cover for some of my classes. In physics, plasma is a fundemental state of matter, not like plasma that we find in blood. In the grouping of solid, gas, liquid, its the forth state. A semi-solid like gas that can stop electromagnetic energies, up into gamma rays, but it needs the photons excited to actually stop physical matter. Sure, it can be a lightsaber, I prefer photon sword …." Then he gets those readouts, "JARVIS found somethign here, I need to go run this through another spectrometer in my lab. See what we find." Instead of going to dock or using Zeta-tube thing, he'll whistle to summon mystical stead, Strider, to bypass travel time and jump through Avalon. "Good to be in on this we." Tony playing along with the group that is.

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