(2014-11-25) PAIN Ruins a Holiday Event
PAIN Ruins a Holiday Event
Summary: P.A.I.N. - Prevention of Alien Incursions and Neutralization - takes exception to the recent kidnapping of one of their leaders, and interrupts a Justice League charity event to make their displeasure known.
Date: 2014-11-25
Related: Project: Rebirth and The Menace of Mongo
NPCs: PAIN troops
Scene Runner: Power Woman
Social/Plot: Plot

Believe it or not, the Justice League does actually 'show the flag' around the world for more than just crises. Today, members of the Justice League have 'landed' at a mall in Brooklyn - the home of Steve Rogers, Captain America - for a charity fund and food drive for the holidays. Instead of Santa and his elves, today pictures are available with Power Woman and Miss Marvel! Or at least, those are the two on duty for the moment. Folks pay to have their pictures taken with the heroes, and get autographs. All proceeds go to support a collection of charities expressly focused on feeding the less fortunate and providing good holiday experiences - Thanksgiving dinners, toys for kids for Christmas, and more. A special deal has been arranged so that anyone giving at least two cans of quality, safe food can get a picture or an autograph for free. It's a win all the way around.

Currently, Power Woman is standing beside a guy who just dropped off another of the recovered and mysterious frozen turkeys that have been falling from the sky the last several weeks. After getting it certified, he got his check, which he promptly donated to the cause for a chance at a picture with Kara Zor-L. "That's another family that's going to eat well this holiday. Thank you." the tall, admittedly buxom blonde offers as she smiles for the camera while accepting the check.

Miss Marvel grins at the camera as she's flanked by a brother and sister, who's Mom had just dropped off a box of donations. "Thank you both. Your holidays will be brighter knowing you've helped someone less fortunate." She waves them off as she sees the line forming. She shoots a hectic look in Kara's direction, not used to being popular. The teen cheerleader isn't even used to being popular at school nevermind with a whole world who thinks she's, well, her mother. She grins and… blanches as a couple teens from her school arrive with boxes of donations from the prep school. "Oh.." she clears her throat. "Hello there. How thoughtful of you all to join us." She says, trying to sound even more mature and different from her alter-ego.

Pepper likes remaining in the background for these sorts of things. She's dressed festively but still business 'elegantly' as she mans the table with one of the other volunteers for the cause. When the money comes, it comes to her and into a lockbox, as well as notations for names and addresses. (They say 'Kindness is its own reward', but at times, in this climate, kindness should always be rewarded, and when it's unexpected? Even better.)

"That's four full kitchens that'll be up and running now in Brooklyn alone," Pepper announces. "Thank you."

Dane Whitman is here, simply as himself, physicist at large in weekend clothes even. While not feeling a necessity to have his picture taken with the super heroes, he is keen to the charity. Having come with a donation written out from the Garrett Estate, he's not simply letting it go to waste (the picture opportunity), so he's lingered enough until he found a family with enough kids who couldn't 'afford' to get in line, the kids begging and pleaded, the parents slightly flushed as they have to say no, and he's sheparded them into the line after some finagling. Handing his charitable donation to the red head at the volunteer table, he simply says, "Maybe this will get them a couple pictures." Sure the money is for the charity at hand, he planned to give, but now there is that slightly added bonus of the family that didn't budget for the picture to have that opportunity as well.

It's not just one car that's pulling up to the donation center right now, but 2 small rucks, a minivan, and a mid-szie sedan. The Minivan and trucks all riding low on their suspensions, and it's easy to see why. The beds are full of boxeso canned goods, as is the minivan. AS the occupants get out, it's a small mix of mid-20's men and women wearing black leotards, and white dancer's tights.

Danielle gets out of the passenger seat from the sedan, "Ok, start bringing the boxes over there, and once we're done, we'll see if they can get a group pic." 'There' being where the donations seem to be being dropped off and organized. Then begins the line one person in the back of each truck, handing off to another outside, to do a hand off to a third, while Danielle and another woman start unloading the minivan.

Trying to be supportive, Power Woman offers Miss Marvel a smile of reassurance and a little wink, her way of telling Mary she has every confidence in her, without saying a word aloud.

Then it's back to the pictures. Both of the heroines are very popular, of course, but Kara does seem to get a bit of the longer line, and often seems the line of choice for non-kids. Like the guy who is giving his buddies a huge thumbs-up and a stupid grin as he sidles up beside the tall blonde for his photograph. "When you make it out, can you say 'You're super', and make it out to Darren? Thanks!" he inquires. She suppresses the urge to groan, and makes out the autograph has requested. "Thank you again for your generous contribution."

Elsewhere in the crowd, a lone figure brings a phone up to his ear, though it is actually turned off; it's just a cover for the use of the encrypted earbug he's wearing. "They're here, Sir. No cover I can see. I strongly advise the use of the white noise systems for the vehicles. I'll get my team in as close as possible."

Miss Marvel takes her picture with the teens and sees the group of dancers arrive… with truckloads. "Oh my. I'm glad we had Iron Man set up the portable zeta tube. We're going to need to send shipments up to the Watchtower rather soon, I believe." She says to both Pepper and Kara.

More photos with the children, even Miss Marvel goofing around with them in order to get them to laugh and smile. A rare occurrence from the usually stoic member of the League.

Pepper smirks at the request and dips her head, trying not to laugh. It -is- a pretty bad line, but it's that sort that makes her giggle. Like, getting a picture with Tony the Tiger and requesting 'You're Greeeeeeat!' on the picture.

Thankfully, Pepper has her own little job behind the table, taking donations, checks, credit cards and, of course, cash. A gracious smile settles upon her face with each transaction, the 'Happy Holidays' greeting and farewell sounding genuine in each retelling.

"I can have JARVIS lock into the spot, but I think I'd much rather an army of marked vans carry it all out. It's more visible and maybe someone who needs it will see it." Granted, they've bombarded several media outlets but there are still those outliers that have little contact with the electronic world.

Once the beds of the trucks are unloades enough that they can be unloaded fromt he tailgate and sides, the dancers from the bed begon to carry offload. Quite the mix of can goods, staple foods, but little in the way of meat and dairy, more boxed and canned.

After her second trip back to the donation table, Danielle pauses and looks to Pepper, "Excuse me, but when the crowd dies down, do you think we could get a group picture?" as she hands over a chek as well. It's not large by the means she's likely received today, but every cent, and written from the ballet school.

Having given his check to the volunteer, Dane Whitman lets the family go get in the line of their choice, then simply goes about his business. Watching long enough to see that the family at least enjoys it, then simply sticks to the outside enough to sort of watch while pondering some real shopping.

Out of nowhere, white vans arrive on scene, yet no sound can be heard by them. Squads of armed men swarm the facility, rifles aimed down. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not be alarmed." Says one man in particular, who seems to be the leader. "None of you will be harmed. We all want you to go back to your homes safe and sound. We are only here for the alien and her accomplice. You see, these treasonous people have taken the law into their own hands." he begins to pace, as most madmen do when they begin a diatribe-soliloquy. "They don't believe in your government! They believe that THEY know whats best for the citizens of the United States!" He points to Kara. "This woman, an alien! Has taken it upon herself to kidnap a leader of a government-run program. A program designed to protect YOU from the likes of HER! Now why would she do that? Because she wants to take over!!" He says as the squads level their guns at Kara, red sun filters already set. "Do you have anything to say in your defense, worthless alien?"

Mary looks to Kara, a plan formulating, but it's difficult to enact with all the civilians in the crowd. If any harm comes to them, it will be on the League's heads.

Pepper looks across at the check handed over by Dane and calls out, "Thank you! I think it'll more than cover it." Mentally tallying numbers, she drops what they've collected so far into a 'real' lockbox that sits just beneath her seat, behind the tablecloths that cover the table.

Danielle's request brings Pepper's attention around, and she smiles as she holds a hand out to receive the donation, "I think we can manage th-"

The announcements interrupt her encouraging words, and there's a flicker of fear that plays behind those green eyes before annoyance wins the day. Rising from her seat at the 'payment' table, Pepper's fingertips rest upon the top. "Are you kidding me? You'd actually interrupt a food drive for the poor being run by Power Woman and Miss Marvel because of your crazy beliefs?" Straightening behind that table, her gaze flickers around the area, all the guns… and the chances are good that they're more than willing to use them. But think of the -right-!

"You should be thanking them for doing something you're NOT."

The blonde is smiling, or was. It's like at the MTV awards a few years back when Taylor Swift was getting an award and Kanye interrupted her. Excitement and then dissapointment. She turns, looking out amongst the crowd, the soldiers, she frowns.

Danielle takes a slightly confrontational stance, and as Pepper speaks she glows, light covering her, forming into an outer covering, a jeweld and golden armor, with platinum silverish looking wings, a covered helmet and facemask. "This is not a place you should be. Leave now, and leave those who would do the greatest good and make sacrifces, alone. You will all leave this place, now, and you will leave those who do good in this world alone. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."

Dane has similar plans to Danielle, but he doesn't step out for his part in transforming from Dane to Black Knight. He takes a store and moves inside, summoning Avalonian sword, shield, and armor. They guys out there know what they are dealing with and if its the same ones he'd been researching, they're going to know what to expected from Ms. Marvel and Power Woman. No need to so much reveal himself just yet, so they can scan or analyze any of his equipment. He simply transforms near a mannequin in the Abercrombie and Finch store, covered by loud music, some cologne sprayed in the air and the general darkness of the store, then he is near its front, giving a moment to see what the next move of Power Woman and Ms. Marvel might be, though ready to leap into action, so to speak.

The quote that always drives Kara nuts is 'You have the Power'. Someone started that one several years ago, a play on the old She-Ra cartoon, and she's never been able to get away from it since. 'You're Super' is better, in her opinion. But both are bad.

Power Woman is just getting a little girl - at most three years old - settled on her lap for a photo when the vans come up, giving away their presence to her senses only when their tires squeal on the pavement. Then the men come charging out, and she suppresses the urge to groan. Seriously? These idiots? Damnit! Reckless bastards, using the civilians as human shields intentionally.

Having no intention of letting the PAIN troops control the narrative, here, Power Woman stands and smiles, handing the little girl back to her father. "Sir, I think Suzy would be safer with you for the moment. Suzy, don't you go away, honey. We still need to get our picture together." Calm. Cool. In control. Seemingly unruffled by the terrorists in question.

"For the record, I did not kidnap the leader of a government-run program. I helped rescue one of my friends from a band of terrorists who have /no/ government authority, and who are responsible for /kidnapping/ and /torturing/ children." Power Woman declares, calmly, coldly, and with the kind of vocal projection that laughs at aound systems. "Had that man /in fact/ had legitimate legal authority for his actions, he would have been returned to the President immediately thereafter." She isn't intimidated. She isn't afraid. And she is making sure to put herself between these jackbooted jackasses and the civilians.

Just like the heroine Kara is and always has been. And she accepts the support of the others appearing here with a warm smile and a nod for each. It's time.

Miss Marvel takes Kara's cue, still standing. She watches the interaction between the man and Kara. A good bit of the group had done their best to sneak off unnoticed while the other parents are too terrified to move, not willing to endanger their children. "Let the civilians go, and we'll come along peacefully." She says, negotiating a way to save the rest of the innocent people. "If all you want is the two of us, then we'll come with you."

Oh dear. Pepper helps with the transferring of the three year old to the father, adding a quiet word to the man before she turns back around. She wasn't about to answer to the absurd allegations; these types wouldn't accept it anyway, and those around them in this mall are probably those who wouldn't be swayed.

It's the escalation that concerns Pepper. The armor that glows, that appears. Granted, there isn't any talking to them, but acting as a potential threat?

It's those civilians that are too afraid to move that Pepper attends, stepping from behind her table slowly and approaching those, "Go on.. you'll be okay. Go."

"You're damned right you'll come with us!" The leader snarls, apparently unimpressed by reasoned words or bright, flashy displays of metahuman powers.

At a gesture, his team splits up, four of them covering the Kryptonian with their rifles. Four more move to surround Miss Marvel, while the remaining four split up into teams of two, taking aim at the glowing form of the Angelus and the armored form of the Black Knight as he becomes visible.

"If I say so, you'll be coming along in body bags. Drop the communicators, and step on them. NOW." Clearly, the commander of this force is fiercely determined, and unrelenting in his hatred. "You've betrayed this country and this world to the enemy. And once the General is returned, you will be denounced to the world for your crimes, and executed for treason."

Between the men with gun and the civillians, a sillhouettes form, and coalesce into armored, sword and shield armed warriors.

The Angelus steps forward, the eyes of the msak glowing, even a glow from her armor as an ornat sword forms in her hand, "Noone is going with you. These women and those they work with do real and honest good, and you push fear to get your way, now, leave this place as you came, think upon your sins and acts of evil, as Power Woman has outed your crimes, and submit yourself to the law of the land you so claim to protect."

Two closing towards him, Dane gives them full focus, giving his sword a swing and a heft. As if checking the balance in relation to his grip on the weapon. "I have accounted for the energy output in your weapons in my studies, the Sword of Light and Shield of Night will stand true in my arms, this is not an advisable course of action." Of course, its sort of a stand still with banter going on, but he's not going to wait to see where it goes. There are civilians, most are probably backing up if not moving slightly away, but there is no intention to comply with them. He simply holds shield up and looks at the two circling near towards him and he strides towards one. Either they can open fire first against him, or he will not hesitate to swing his sword, flat side, to hit one.

The centurions of light appear, creating a wall of their very bodies between the civilians and the armed soldiers - or is that thugs? - threatening the heroes. Meanwhile, more than a little of all of this is being filmed by various cellphones; this won't be an incident kept quiet on the world stage, that much is assured.

"You think I need my communicator?" Power Woman offers, smiling coldly. She reaches up with one blue-gauntleted hand, extracting the unit from her ear and dropping it on the ground, stepping on it with a shower of sparks released. "There. Feel safer? Did you need some innocent children to use as body shields, there, 'soldier'? Or are you brave enough to get it done, now?" The Kryptonian heroine is clearly very angry, and she is purposefully goading these men. Enough is enough.

"Hit her." That's the only order given, quick and clean. But the soldiers erupt into action.

The four surrounding Power Woman each shift position in a different direction, and fire their weapons, unleashing glowing red beams aimed at the Kryptonian.

The four surrounding Miss Marvel also move randomly and rapidly, and fire literally projected, crackling lightning at the Mighty Mortal Maid.

The two squaring off with Black Knight move in concert, covering one another, and fire sparking rounds of taser-shells, not wanting to risk too much firepower since their orders are not to kill.

The two covering the Angelus fire, releasing tight cones of intense sound waves, sufficient to virtually cripple the ability of most humans hit to thing, coordinate or fight.

Clearly, these people know what they're doing.

Miss Marvel removes her earpiece and steps on it as Kara does and then looks at the men. "We said we'd go! There's no need for… Kara!" She's more concerned for the blonde who can be affected by the red light as opposed to herself, who simply laughs off the tasers. "That was totally unnecessary… and ineffective. You've studied my friend so much where you really should have studied me!" As the rest of the civilians leave, Miss Marvel walks over to Kara, the soldiers really not having much else they can do. "Touch her, and we turn it up!" The commander, losing ground quickly, demands.

When they open fire, it's all Pepper can do not to squeak and hide her head. She does duck, however, and urge those civilians that haven't fled to find an exit with all due haste. A hand goes in front of some of those recording for posterity on YouTube or Vine. "Not the time, please.."

Now, Pepper didn't drop her communicator, not at all. She's no threat, huh? No?

"JARVIS, can you pinpoint my location?"

A warm, familiar English-accented voice responds, "Of course. What is it you need, Miss Potts?"

Green eyes look towards those with weapons, and she says softly, "Energy weapons are discharging. Can you identify and shut down the energy sources?"

"I'll certainly try, M'am."

"Thank you, JARVIS."

'Hit her' IT's a command if there ever was one.

The sound waves are enough to stagger The Angelus, and as she does falter, a pair of warriors split off, while the rest adjust their ranks and drop into a defensive posture.

The pair that split off rush the two aiming their weapons at The Angelus, drawing their swords and pulling their shields as a means of protection, and once close they swing in concert, swords aimed at the thugs's weapons. With the civilians leaving, the light formed warriors rush into action, weapons drawn, a defensive advance, and once close, they attack, more at the weapons being used and carried by the 'soldiers', and a pair rushing towards the leader.

Tazer shells and man in metal, as much damage as the armor can take, he's still a man inside of it. Dane has two threatening him, countering in a circle to divide his focus. As much, he does his best to set the shield against one, the sword the other. Skilled with the sword, if it was one foe, he could probably deflect with his blade, but with the other to counter, he does take a shocking hit to the side of his armor. No visible damage, but he winces loudly from the shock itself, easily absorbed through metal and into him. That the shield took a similar blast, even as he winces, he aims the sword to level a blast at the man that did hit him, to send a tazer/shock his way while fighting through that stunning blast.

Lasers are not bullets. Fast as Kara Zor-L may be, she cannot travel faster than the speed of light itself. She can move faster than human reflexes, and manages to duck out of the way of two of the shots incoming. But that's only half, and the other two strike, and the first two turn and follow up rapidly as Power Woman gasps and grits her teeth in obvious discomfort. Her blurring-fast movements slow down in a hurry as that corruscating red glow permeates her flesh and builds. She almost seems to wilt in upon herself a bit; it's hard to project that kind of unflinching confidence and command when one knows inherently that ones powers have been dampened, practically eliminated.

Miss Marvel steps up, ready to defend Kara, and the commander of the troops gives his ultimatum. His people know their jobs, and if necessary they'll kill the Kryptonian to make their point. And they just might be able to do it. The brunette heroine holds up her hands in a clear posture of surrender. "You cease firing on her, or I have no reason to surrender so meekly. Do it. Now." The soul inside that body may be a mere teenager, but she has the bravery and power of Shazam guiding her, and she acts to defend her friend.

"I have localized the power sources of those weapons, Ms. Potts. Unfortunately, I do not have the means at my disposal to disrupt them at this time." JARVIS answers Pepper, with true regret impossibly sounding in that reserved British tone; he'd need some of Tony's toys on-station to accomplish that. "I have localized the energy signatures and their variations, however, and added it to a profile I have been working on. I believe we may be able to track them."

The civilians, protected by the Angelus' light-construct warriors, encouraged by the eruption of violence and Pepper's insistence, evacuate finally, leaving the heroes to their fates, if not without regrets.

The soldiers are prepared to do battle, and they do so against the warriors that close with them, sweeping those rifles around as functional clubs to deflect attacks and strike their enemies. But that disrupts their continued attack on the Angelus herself, and nothing they have can quite hold up for long against blades made of light. Eventually, they'll end up disarmed and retreating, pulling out handguns and starting to shoot at the Angelus herself in hopes of disrupting whatever power of hers has summoned her warriors as they make for the vans.

The mystical nature of Black Knight's Avalonian gear must somehow have changed the passage of the electricity; otherwise, the brave warrior within would have collapsed, all muscles refusing to obey his will. Instead, stunned and in pain, he is still able to attack, and soon the weapons of his opponents have been destroyed. Like their compatriots, they do hand to hand combat pretty well, but resort quickly to drawing their handguns and firing in an active rear action towards their vehicles.

"She stays down, or they fire again, and this time they finish her." the commander of the group offers viciously to Miss Marvel. "Put the cuffs on them, and let's get moving." he orders his men.

The handgun rounds, small calibers. They hit, the tell-tale sound of metal against metal, the rounds flatten and fall as they hit the armor which is showing no worse for wear.

With the men's sonic weapons disarmed, the warriors then move to put themselves between the fleeing soldiers and the Angelus.

No longer being affected by those weapons, the armored figure raises into the air and glows, a warming, healing light washing over all in the area, "You!" she speaks out, pointing her sword towards the one giving orders, "Leave now, with your men, or my warriors will advance upon your men, they will defeat them, and they will hold them here until the authorities arrive to take them into custody."

With the civillians gone, the rest of the warriors not engaged in protectiing The Angelus, move towards, advance upon the soldiers who are not making their escape.

The Avalonian armor isn't immune to electricity, more the player misunderstood the voltage and character of the attack. Black Knight does return it to them, but even as they get out hand guns to fire, or withdraw a little, the men making to take Power Woman and Ms. Marvel it seems, he succumbs to the stunning attack he suffered, falling to a knee. Hopefully they don't mean to handcuff him as well.

"I understand, JARVIS," Pepper's trying to keep out of the way of the gunfire, pretty much helpless to do anything but watch. What is she going to do? Throw a -shoe- at them? She doesn't even have her real stiletto heels on! "Track them, please."

The soldiers surrounding Power Woman and Miss Marvel pull out hefty-looking full-forearm manacles that definitely look like they have tech to them far beyond merely being prodigious in size and strong in construction. They lean forward, snapping them in place around both women's wrists and forearms, and then start hauling the two heroines up to their feet.

The leader walks over to the heroines as they are led toward the vans, and faces those still threatening his personnel. He draws a dagger, and slices it swiftly along the back of Power Woman's exposed hand, holding up the blooded blade as the slice remains on her hand. Then he places the muzzle of his pistol against her temple, and eyes the others. "Now. These two criminal terrorists, this alien traitor and her ally, are coming with us. You move, I drop the alien right here and now, and you can all weep over her wasted corpse. BACK OFF!"

They continue their progress towards their vans, which are still running, and doing so silently.

Dane, still doubled over, doesn't make any move now, remaining compliant to their demands.

Pepper looks around and makes a quick scurry across the distance, out of her little 'safe zone' towards Dane. Leaning down, she is tentative in touching him, but she does in order to try and get at him. Looking up as they lead her friends away, she hisses softly, "Are you okay? Come on.. we have to get you some help."

With the life of Power Woman seemingly at stake, it's enough to keep the Angelus in check, at least for the moment. The soldiers gather both heroines and push them into one of the vans, as they mount up and prepare to depart.

As the van doors close and they start to pull away, Pepper would become aware of JARVIS' running commentary on their movements. And then, he pauses in his recitation. "Recognized: emergency beacon, Jay-El One-One-Seven. Activating. Target lock. Pattern recognition engaged. Transmission received … Ms. Potts, it appears that Ms. Zor-L has been Zeta-beamed to the Watchtower. She is not entirely well, but seems to be recovering. She has no communicator at present, but has asked me to tell you to please withdraw as quickly as possible from the scene, for your own safety and that of the civilians. She is issuing an emergency recall order for all League personnel. It appears Miss Marvel activated the portable zeta beam transport device Ms. Zor-L had been carrying, intentionally leaving herself behind."

Dane nods up to Pepper, "Just, some help." He won't deny it, a hand from his shield arm lifted, his sword arm trying to use the Sword of Light as a crutch to push up. Apparently he left his comm device at home or something, in his work suit probably, so doesn't hear JARVIS or any of the JL communications. He can only focus on the hand and getting up.

"We have to go," Pepper is listening intently to JARVIS, her head nodding in his words even as she's acknowledging Dane's own admissions. "Come on. They may be back." May. Maybe not, but does she really want to risk it?

"Power Woman is okay," comes a couple of heartbeats later. "Well, safe. We have to go." Pepper's not the best to help with carrying weight, but she does the best she can. She still needs to get the lockboxes, however. "Stay put." It's a dash to the donations and back-

"Okay, we need to find you help now."

Great. She'll leave the news about Miss Marvel being left behind for the moment.

Even as Pepper dashes off, Dane finds a pillar and sheathes his sword, enough to pull hands from a gauntlet and whistle. A whistle beyond the veil, such that Strider bounds from green pastures in Avalon, through said veil and into the mall. Pepper won't have to carry his weight so much, but he does look to her returning, "If you could just guide me …" Like on horseback, pointing around, to help him find his way to that help.

The appearance of a horse through a 'wall' gets a soft whistle from the redhead. With lockboxes in hand, Pepper looks up at the now mounted knight. "Well, I could have gotten you a ride." Beat. "In a car." Why can things be so difficult? Must be 'armor'.

"I know somewhere." Where they won't necessarily ask questions. A nice place out of the way that is used on occasion just to stay out of the view of the media.

Offering a hand down, Black Knight might just be making the gesture, but stirrup would do better for her considering his near death tazing experience for the day. "Strider is much quicker. We don't have to make corners so much. Lead on …" She can take the reins, point as she may. If they get on, he can still control with feet too, empathic bond with Strider, and they get underway, not without jumping the veil to get beyond the mall so Pepper can really guide them, hopefully flying horses is in one of the manuals for employees at Starks.

Remarkably, has Pepper ever mentioned she'd taken riding lessons as a child and competed locally? It honestly never came up before now, and she looks up at the large horse and its rider. "I'm in a skirt," Pepper begins. The shoes have to come off before she begins a rather capable climb, settling herself into the saddle in front of Dane. Now, she mentions it,

"I used to ride when I was young."

She'll leave the reins and leg to the expert, however. She doesn't know how sensitive the horse is; it'll be enough to stay balanced on an unfamiliar animal.

"A Street, Lower Eastside. We should go."

If Dane was in any better spirits, he would of been all gentleman about the skirt consideration. Alas, his brain is a bit wobbly just the same, though certainly, Pepper in front and no regard for attire it would seem. "Lower Eastside," nods Dane, his hands idle at the reigns, enough to seem like he's doing something, but more his relationship with the animal, or it even being sensitive to what Pepper is suggestiong. Its mystical, uncertain. "Most of my training … I had to pick up as an adult …" Apparently he is listening partially to what Pepper is talking about. "Its much the same … just on 3 dimensions … well …" Okay, Avalon breaks a 4th dimension on some level, but its a technicality and even his brain doesn't want to fathom it.

Brooklyn Hazelton Mall — Brooklyn
Name a store, and it is probably located here. Fashion, electronics, music, books.. it's all here, complete with the big names. Quite simply, nothing less would suffice for the Brooklyn people. The Mall is two levels of shopping bliss for one and all.. the storefronts lining the walls in a large square, the center of which consists of a large plaza with adequate seating for all. Another ring of stores rests above the former ones.. a wide walkway circling the second level of the Mall. Escalators nearby ferry people to and from each level, and there never seems to be a slow moment in trade. Above, the clear blue sky is visible, as the roof is practically one large pane of a substance resembling glass, but ten times stronger.

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