(2014-11-25) #43's Big Shot
#43's Big Shot
Summary: In a game, playing for a play off berth, #43 loses his temper, reveals he's a meta, Guardians are the game and respond
Date: (2014-11-25)
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NPCs: #43
Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
Social/Plot: Plot

It’s the game, lots of games around thanksgiving, but the game. Most likely Stargirl pulled the tickets, Jack didn't complain about getting to go. It wasn't lacrosse, but football is just as good on a chilly fall day. What better way to warm up than in a stadium with 10K+ of your closest friends, and with hot chili dogs and nacho cheese, with jalepenos. The game is like any game, calls seem to favor the home team, and the few called against the home team get mixed booos of reaction.

"Thish ish grea'" says Jack, working on one of those chili dogs, not ashamed to talk with food in his mouth if he has something that needs to be said. At about that time, there is a tackle on the field, a home team player is seemingly injured and no penalty is called. This causes a rise on the audiance, some standing to complain. It does lead to a review of the play and a stoppage of play, both for the injured player and the review. It seems one of the players is arguing more than they should with the Ref though.

Her home state…either of them, football team isn't playing in the game they are watching, but that doesn't keep Courtney from having a good time. She takes this all quite seriously, she has a pom-pom in one hand, beer in the other as she boos the call along with the other fans of that team…even though less than five mintues ago she was cheering a touch down for the other guys..okay so not quite so serious today "Best idea ever!" she agrees with Jack "And after the game turkey at my parents!

"I know right," much similar to her, its not like he has stakes with a team in this game, just the spirit of being a fan is alive in the air. "Ya, that jerk, come on Ref, do you need glasses!" He even leans forward a little to shake a fist, not spilling his beer or Courtney's, practiced at heckling it seems.

The player arguing with the Ref seems to start getting carried away. Someone from his team comes to grab him by the shoulder pad, pull him back. He turns and seems to push or punch at his fellow players shoulder. A light flashes down on the field from that impact, the other player sails about 10 yards and is injured, his shoulder smoldering, but the arguing player has a glowing hand now and is advancing towards the ref. This has turned way too serious suddenly.

There is a collective gasp from the stadium of fans, one that Courtney participates in as well, as the light show fight breaks out on the football field "Jack did you see that our football game suddenly turned into hockey!" she's already on her feet, pushing her way through the people that sit along the row they are in. Sure she could fly but she doesn't want to give hersefl away just yet.

Stuffing his chili dog into his mouth, Jack is getting up on the heels of Courtney. He can't fly and thusly doesn't. Though he's probably doing what she is doing, getting to the stairs before its clogged with people coming to look or trying to leave. "And I didn't even bring my stick," more, thank goodness its not ice on the field, or snowing. Cool is one thing, no need to tempt fate by suggesting snow and ice.

Some of the cameras zoom in on the football player with the glowing hand, its sort of red. Not quite fire like, but glowing with a red radiance. One camera get's his eyes, similarly red, smoking just a little, as he turns to the Ref, holding his hand up, sending out a red beam. Red tendrils follow in the wake of the beam, it hits and pushes the ref back as much as when he hit the other player. A good ten yards to the side, the ref collides with players on the bench there that were standing up to gasp much like the rest of the audiance.

They were sitting high in the stands, not the nosebleed section, but not right on the feild either. High enough that there is a section underneath where they are were sitting so when Courtney vaults over the railing she has to be careful so as not to land on anyone below. Easy for her though considering her skills and the fact that she can fly. She continues racing down the stand pushing and shoving the crowd none to gently as she makes her way to the field.

Jack follows right along, though for him, jumping down to a place without people is landing in some abandoned seats in the middle of a row. Unceremonious, the seats give more than he does with the slight impact and he takes a moment to restand amidst a broken stadium seat or two. Courtney easily takes the field first following that. Most players backing away, along with all the officials and extras on the field level during play.

The red man has turned his attention, realizing he went too far and is now on display. "Turn the cameras off!" Said as he turns to aim more red beams at the field cameras first, to get his face off the jumbo tron. He hits them pretty accuratley and the blow up when hit by his power/ability. Camera operates smart enough to dive a little, though one takes a severe, not critical, injury from an explosion.

At some point Courtney has found a spot that left her out of view long enough to go from plain clothes to costume so that when she takes the field she is America's Sweetheard, Stargirl. The staff is in hand and she has now taken to the air to fly on a few feet above the powered football players head "Stand down #43." she calls him by the number on the back of his jersey since she can't pronoucne a name with that many constants with butchering it.

Turning to look at her, "Leave me alone," he demands, turning a hand to fire a blast at her. Its a pretty good blast, but her forcefield, if activated, should be able to handle it. "Just leave me alone!"

Jack, as Courtney calls of the stand down, and the player turns to fire, gets to the field himself and is starting to run across to join the goings ons.

Going against a proballer that can shoot some kind of energy beams with eyes that smoke, you better beleive Stargirl has her forcefield up, "I would love to be able to leave you alone #43, but as long as you are a danger to the other players and the attendees that just isn't going to happen." she would rather try to talk the guy down first than lay the smack down on him live on Thanksgiving day.

He is distracted, or so Jack would hope, barreling at a few tens of miles of hour beyond human speed while Courtney talks to it. Alas, #43 has great field awareness it seems. As Jack flying tackles during her talk, #43 leaps up and starts to hover. Jack plows into the field, literally, digging up a little with his face. "I'm not going in, I head the government experiments on metas …." Conspiracy theory, coupled with perhaps some truth even, doesn't seem to help. He'll lift a hand to fly up a little higher, shooting another beam at Courtney and her forcefield.

"Well then I guess you should have thought about that before you attacked the ref and other players." Stargirl tells him, wincing as Jack faceplants. She is going to have to explain why trying to tackle a fullback was not the smartest of moves. The next beam bounces harmlessy of her forcefield and she shakes her head "You weren't the sharpest knive in the drawer in school were you?" her hand comes up and a half-dozen blinding energy stars are flying at them with the force of a 50 pound sledge.

A slight glow comes to #43, the first star or two impact, send him back, but he seems to eat it. That its an onslaught of half a dozen though, his powers are not up to par for that course. The third or forth sees a slight wavier, blinking of his red glow, those smokey tendrils slipping away, such that by the last one, he's falling rather than flying. A slow fall, but he's been hurt by that beating, enough that he doesn't shoot back up. "Its a game, its just a game, that idiot hit Jones' leg cause we had a playoff berth, it was to hurt us in the long run." Though, his reveal now may have cause more damage.

Another forcefield forms, this time in a dome over #43 so he can't go anywhere until the proper people can come and take him away "Well thanks to your little hissy fit you probably just disqualified your whole team from playing the remainder of the season." she lands near Jack and helps him up "I hope you weren't hoping for a Superbowl ring, because that certainly isn't happening now."

"If only," replied Jack taking the hand, then realizing she didn't mean him and getting a superbowl ring. He dusts himself off, no help for his pride, but its not really injured even after that spectacular miss.

"Ya, I get it, blown, I blew my cool." As if it was a running thing with him, more a mystery he kept it under wraps this long, maybe he's not been on a team with a chance at a ring until this year.

As the authorities come up to take the player into custody there is both cheering and booing from the crowd. Cheering for the heros, booking for the player who interrupted the game. "Hope you had a back up plan." she calls out after the player as he is taken away "I think we better quit the field Jack." she says to him as the Coach of the opposing team comes up to thank them and invite them to watch he remainder to the game from the player bench.

Half blinking, Jack does face palm, not in a mask, not able to do cool transformations. "Ya, I think that's a good plan, even if the bench would be fun. You good with another lift, what's the meter up to." The face palm does help get some sod off his face at least. "I'll clear my tab someday, promise."

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