(2014-11-17) Rat Pack +1
Rat Pack +1
Summary: Rat meta-humans rob a bank, foiled by Marvel Girl, Jubilee, and Jack Flag
Date: (2014-11-17)
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NPCs: Rat Pack and Turtle Mystic
Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
Social/Plot: Plot

Its another day in NYC, Jack has plenty of reasons to be there, Jean amongst them. What better place to be than the Lower East Side, maybe for food or something, at least why Jack is here, having asked Jean to join him for a bite even. Minding his own business, enjoying the sites. "Okay, you're right, Chinese is better when its done in Chinatown, I concede the point Jean."

That is when the Rat Pack shows up, rat looking humanoids, they have hit a bank and are running out with loads of money in big black duffel bags. There are half a dozen or so, with automatic weapons, and they are running to jump into a van parked outside. Its got a big rat head on top, a rodent exterminator's van. Probably they think its funny or something. A few shots ring out as they fire back at a security guard and chuckle.

Jean gives Jack a wry look, "Well, I told you…" She blinks, and looks at the heist in progress, "What is /with/ the bank robberies taking place lately?" She shakes her head, then gives Jack a grin, "Shall we?"

New York's not a bad place to visit, but Jubilee wouldn't mind living there if all her friends weren't in Gotham. Still, the street performing trade does pay well if you catch a crowd in the right place.

This isn't it. Two shows and virtually no take for the trouble. She's just decided to have lunch when she notices that rat-headed van in front of a bank. Curious, she decides to have a closer look. "Funny, that doesn't look like the kind of outfit that'd be servicing a big bank like that…"

Thus it is that she's close at hand when the gunfire gets the crowds screaming! "Oh, fudge… this is just gonna be one o' those days, huh?" the Asian teen mutters, ducking for cover behind a planter at the foot of the bank's stairs.

"I thought you'd never ask," chuckles Jack, about jumping in, like he could refuse doing some due diligence as concerns bank robbers. Being it only seems like guns, he might sneak a cheek kiss from Jean if she doesn't stop him, but otherwise is skipping to start running towards the scene. He doesn't have a face mask with him, but he's not to known so no big worry there for Jack.

Instead he shouts, "Turn out the lights, the parties over." Of course, guns turn to him, the only idiot running towards the scene and not away. A gun is fired, it rips his clothes a little, but he doesn't stop. Practically running as a shield for Jean, not to say she needs it.

Jean does have a bit of a worry, mainly because she's not in costume. But the nice thing about telekinesis is that you don't need to have a lot of visible effects. Save the results, of course.

In this case, that van they were jumping into suddenly lifts into the air, then flips over and lands upside down with a crash. Quite likely smooshing that plastic exterminator rat on the top. Oops.

Were those shouts at the rat-looking sorts? The kind associated with heroes? Jubilee peeks out to see, and discovers a man running in the direction of the rats!

Well, she can't let him just do this alone. Concentrating, she lets fly with a flurry of plasmoids, swirling them around the ratheads and bursting them in a series of blinding stroboscopic flashes! "Can't shoot what ya can't see, ya cheese-munchin' bullies!"

And it opens up, just like that, Jean tossing the van about like a toy, Jubilee blinding or disrupting them from aiming. Then Jack being on them with some punches. Strong he is, they feel it, but it might be noted they are slightly behond normal strength. Maybe 10t range. His punches hurt, but he doesn't simply flatten them like a normal human at least. They can punch him back, he feels it a little even. "This can't get worse," says Jack, taking one to the jaw while then taking the puncher to throw into others being flashed by Jubilee.

That is when the mystic turtle guy steps out of the van, "Leave my Rat Pack Alone," in a voice like Sammy Davis Jr, he starts waving a stick around to upright the van.

Jean's voice… well, it sounds like her, that's for sure, but it seems to echo in the heads of everyone present, » Sorry, Michaelangelo… or is it Donatello? Anyway, robbing banks is more than a little illegal, so. « Jean doesn't visibly do anything, but the turtle mystic might find himself hovering in the air if nothing else is done to stop it. » Please surrender before this escalates any further. «

First rats, now turtles? This is starting to look like a violent children's program or something! Jubilee tries to help Jack out, diverting plasmoids to burst right behind the rats and singe the seats of their pants! She's not the kind to hurt others, but she's just fine with giving them something to think about besides hurting the good guys. "You may not be the Three Blind Mice, and I might not have a carvin' knife, but I can make ya hurt in the right place for sure!"

Jean's broadcast echoes inside her head, making her blink and look around. "Huh? Hey, who said that?"

"I'd listen to the lady," says Jack, punching a rat to try to take him out of the fight. Of course Jubilee speaks up, "The one in our heads I mean …" So as to avoid confusion. "Like surrender." Some of the rats have pants singed, its less about taking the money now and simply getting out. Sirens can be heard in the distance too. Money dropped, some guns dropped, they are trying to get to street and van. Its overturned, they can't see so much thanks to Jubilee.

The Turtle Mystic says, "Who dares defy the Great and Powerful Turtle." Sort of like Oz, sort of like Wild Cards. Of course, he is uppended, he focuses and instead lifts a manhole cover. "To home my Rats, I shall return to you when this is settled." They try to go to that sewer. Jack turns to follow any, but Turtle chucks the manhole at him with a lot of force, it clangs on Jack's head, pushes him back a little to make it hard for him to chase as he crashes into a brick wall. Not damaged, but shaken.

Jean sends privately to Jack, » Can you hold him if I drop him? « She keeps the Turtle hovering in the air, her mental voice broadcasting to the area as she says, » One more stunt like that and I'm going to show you how Gamera flies. I don't think you'd enjoy that all that much. « Just to demonstrate, she spins the turtle around. Not /that/ fast, but fast enough that concentrating would be pretty difficult.

Now the turtle's hovering in midair and spinning! "This day just keep gettin' weirder an' weirder!" Jubilee exclaims, peeking out again and throwing out a few plasmoids to keep the rats running for home.

Jack does move to hold him, after the spinning trick, strong he is too, but not Jack strong. »Ya, I got him, don't let him get too focused,« he asks privately to jean. The dizzyness get's him to not try anything, good for Jack, cause mystic tricks might get him and if the turtle wasn't too worried, he could probably mind Zot Jack. But Jean has the upper hand on turtle. The plasmoids convince all the rats to make for the sewers and jump in. No telling where they might go, but the ring leader seems caught by the tail currently, the turtle tail.

Jean moves up towards the turtle, looking rather like part of the crowd… well, as much as a redhead can, anyway. She then looks at the turtle, "Alright then. Any particular reason you're engaging in a rather blatant theft?" She does a little bit of a mental trick, making her appearance just slightly different so recognizing her later might be difficult for people.

Jubilee straightens from behind her planter, looking at the little gathering of hero, heroine, and turtle villain. "Huh. He's not so tough, is he?" she says, seeing how easily Jack holds him. "But what's with a bunch of rats and a turtle?"

Jean has him, Jack holds if needed. Jack turns to Jubilee, "With the rats, I was wondering if its a Chinese thing." Being they are in that part of town, not that Jack knows much more than rat one of the Chinese zodiac symbols.

The Turtle, caught now, says, "We don't know, we were this way one day, four years ago, we all fled to the sewers and met each other. Do you know that Obama-care is not yet open to illegal immigrants including metahumans that are not documented. Dental care is expensive for my boys." Then again, the bags they had could be hundreds of thousands, if not a million all together. Not that they have the money.

Jean hmms, "Well, that's a good point. But I'd think there's better ways to go about getting the money or the help." She pauses, and looks at the turtle, "You'll have to pay for instigating this robbery, but there are institutions that, if they knew what was happening, would step in and help."

"I don't think dentists take stolen money, 'specially not with those nifty little dye packets in it," Jubilee says. "Maybe you oughta think about honest work? Maybe related to diving? Bet you're some swimmer."

"I was an accountant, I'm afraid of the water," says the Turtle Guy, "Now I'm a turtle with magic." Mystical abilities, his summation. "The rats, they were a team of corporate auditors, somehow their whole office turned the same." Or was subject to some chemical reaction that made them the same at least. "We hit a few banks already, but thought we'd do this last one, cause they had lots of money."

Jack ponders that, "Ya, I can see his point, I mean, they need medical and dental I suppose."

Jean Grey nods, "And it isn't exactly easy to do…" She tilts her head, "Well, an accountant, and a team of corporate auditors… that's actually pretty useful. I'm certain there are agencies that would help you out, if you wanted to do that instead of robbing banks and getting spun around?" A wry expression, at that, "Not to mention the whole 'going to jail' thing?"

Jubilee nods emphatically. "Sounds like good advice to me. Why not start your own firm? You've got all the talent you need."

Jack repeats, agreeing with Jean and Jubilee, "Ya, I can see that point, everyone needs … um, financial help …"

The Turtle pauses, "It was hard to get re-hired, tough economy - especially for a turtle and some rats. We didn't think to start our own business." Spinning, lamenting, he face palms now with this realization. Ideas spinning, but he's facing jail now too.

Jean Grey nods, "Alright. Well, I tell you what. I work with one of the Embassies, and I know some people over at the Genoshan Embassy. They might be able to help you out of this. If nothing else, if no one was hurt and you can return the money, they might go easy on you." She almost looks sorry for the turtle, but then again, she can see into his mind to determine his sincerity, so.

"Couldn't hurt to look into it, from jail or not. Either way, you've got the makin's of a business," Jubilee says. She glances at Jean and Jack, as if holding questions that she'd dearly love to ask, but not in front of the turtle.

The Turtle nods, "Okay, okay, let them send me to jail, I'll work with the system and your friends. If I know they're safe, I can give information on where to find the auditors." He had already lost concenring the bank robbery, but he's more willing to work with them now with this help coming his way.

Jack shrugs, this is beyond him, but America gets a win he hopes. Though he does comment to Jubilee, "You're right, it keeps getting weirder and weirder." Cause bank robbers that are meta is normal, but that they're all highly skilled people in the financial world, his mind is blown.

Jean nods, "Alright. Where did I put…" She rummages through her purse, then gets out a business card for the Genoshan Embassy, handing it to the turtle, "Use your call for them. They should be able to provide some sort of assistance." And well, if they aren't legal immigrants, then that's something else too.

"You said it… after I said it," Jubilee replies with a wink, standing back so the heroes of this matter can take care of this. Besides… ugh! Bureaucracy!

Letting go the stick he's been using as a focus, the Turtle nods, "I'll do it, I'll call the Embassy. Can, can you put me down." A humble request, "I'll wait for the authorities, go through the legal system and everything. I got my one call." He holds up the card offered. Even looking at it to commit the number to memory.

Jack grins, "Ya, sort of how that works, right. The only thing that would make this weirder …" He pauses, shakes his head, he doesn't want to jinx the potential of more weirdness.

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