(2014-11-17) Oooh, shiny
Oooh, shiny
Summary: While scouting out Gotham U, Tigra meets Cessily.
Date: 2014-11-17
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-==[ Gotham University — Upper West End ]==-

Paths of grey brick run through the quad, meshing neatly with the wheelchair ramps into the buildings. Near each ramp are steps with simple handrails. The paths are lined with carefully maintained bushes standing about three feet tall. Once a week someone can be seen to be tending to the shrubs, ensuring that they keep their blocky forms. Old maple and oak trees surround the school, providing an effective line between the campus and the city. In the center of the quad is an eight foot circle with a mosaic of the university crest in stones of various sizes, shapes, and colors.
Set around that crest are buildings. The sandstone buildings of the library and cafeteria are to the east, while to the northwest one finds the dark red brick of the Law and auditorium buildings. To the west is the Campus Administration and Bookstore, made of a light marble with dark green and black veins. In the northeast are the Sciences and Medical Complexes, ivy veiling the brick. To the south is the dark stone of the Humanities complex, the oldest buildings on campus, housing Art, History, and Soft Sciences. Beyond them are the tallest of the buildings on campus, the recently built dormitories: two to the southwest and two to the southeast.
Campus security is somewhat visible by day, though by night they patrol faithfully every twenty minutes on foot, bicycle, or in cars.

Afternoon at the university, and the time for students to make their way to and from classes has commenced. One of the people on campus shows no urgency one way or another. Of course, with her features Tigra doesn't look like a normal person at all. She's taken up a spot on an ivy-covered wall near the science buildings, tail curling this way and that behind her as she drums the fingers of her right hand against an uncovered spot of brick, legs dangling down with her feet crossed at the ankles.

Cessily Kincaid is done with classes for the day, as she comes out of the science building, holding some books against her chest. By accident, she ends up noticing Tigra, and blinks. Figuring she got nothing better to do, and making a new friend doesn't hurt, she decides to approach Tigra, "Hello." she says, smiling.

Part of the fun is waiting to see how others react. As such, Tigra's undoubtedly amused when a few of the students stare and move on quickly, while a couple others point and take out their smartphones to take a photo. She obliges by curling her fingers into an 'attack' pose, looking playful in the process. Then someone else draws near and it's her turn to focus in on the young woman below, head angling toward one side. "Well, hi there. Aren't you shiny?"

Cessily Kincaid chuckles gently, "Yeah, I get that a lot, pussycat." she winks, smiling, "Anyways. I'm Cessily. And you are?" she asks, holding her books against her chest with one arm as she brings one hand up to brush her hair back, the wind having blown some strands onto her face. "I haven't seen you around Gotham before. New here? Student?"

The top of the brick wall is higher than the average person could climb, so the visitor must have had another way of getting up there. "Meow," she retorts after being called what she is. "Tigra, and..new here for now. Checking the place out. Do you know how cat-friendly they are, for starters? That's kind of a big question for me."

Cessily Kincaid shrugs gently, "I can't speak for everyone, but I like cats." she says, smiling a bit, "Had a tabby back during childhood." she nods to that, "And as for Gotham at large… well… this is a pretty rough city, especially at night. Not exactly your tourism hotspot." she chuckles, "The University is pretty good, though." she nods again.

"Good, because I like cats too," Tigra answers, the tip of her tiger-striped tail twitching against a few ivy leaves. "I've seen," she adds when told the city itself is not the safest. "But I'm from Chicago, so I know a little about big cities." Eyeing the buildings again, she turns her attention back to the metallic one soon afterward. "What're you majoring in, then?"

Cessily Kincaid chuckles. She considers retorting that with 'Gee, never would've guessed' but the retort dies before it is formed. Instead she just smiles, "Physical Education." she nods, "Not exactly the brainy type for the sciences or medical majors." she chuckles a bit, rubbing the back of her head.

Tigra leans forward to 'fall' down from the wall, landing in a soft crouch before rising to her normal height to lean against the ivy. "I was working toward a science degree," she offers up, but doesn't explain further just yet. "And I'm looking around a few places to see if they'd be a good fit for me or not."

Cessily Kincaid watches as Tigra languidly falls back to the ground, landing on her feet. Cessily just smiles to that, "Really? How are you liking Gotham so far, then?" she asks, tilting her head as she also leans against the vine of the wall. "I hope you're not having too much trouble around?"

"The older part of the city has some nice buildings to perch on," Tigra offers, brows coming closer together to indicate thought. "Also came across a couple people bickering over how they were going to break into a store, so they didn't get very far if you know what I mean." There comes a fangy grin with that shared piece of information. "But time will tell. I spent a few days in New York City, then here, and I'm going to give Metropolis a look next. I'm in no hurry." Then she gestures over to Cessily with a hand. "So, you a mutant or a meta? Something else? Not every day you see a metal girl and it's not related to some band."

Cessily Kincaid chuckles gently, "I wish it was related to a band." she says, looking down at her metallic arms, "But I'm a mutant. As in, my meta-human abilities came from birth." she says, then shrugs gently, "Didn't make my life easier in any way." she says. And since the elephant in the room has been pointed out, Cessily figures she could throw the question back at Tigra, "How about you?" she asks, smiling.

Most people keep to themselves while the two converse, but a few linger on the edge of invading their space, watching closely. Tigra sends one of them a narrow-eyed stare as if to ask 'What are you looking at?' and she doesn't break her gaze until the guy's shuffling off somewhere else while muttering something under his breath. "Rude people," she sniffs, facing Cessily once more. "I've met a few mutants here and there, but..hmm. I don't think I fall under any one category. It's more mystical, I guess."

Cessily Kincaid watches as Tigra scares off some of the more 'brave' people, and she can't help but giggle softly in amusement, "Mystical? Like magic, and stuff?" she asks, tilting her head, "Anyways, would you care for a coffee?" she asks, smiling, "There's a cafeteria near the university."

"Magic's probably the best word for it," Tigra admits, adding, "It's complicated but this is me now, fur, claws, and everything." The offer to go get something to drink leaves her considering her choices. "I didn't set an appointment with anyone in there yet," she says, jerking a thumb toward the science wing, "So the admins might not appreciate me just walking in unannounced. Kind of makes me want to do it, though. But..milk. I could go for some milk."

Cessily Kincaid smiles, "Don't worry. The coffee shop isn't IN the university. It's actually a block away." she explains, nodding, "Come on, beats having to stand all day." she giggles softly. "So, if I can ask, how did you get turned into a catgirl?" she asks, trying to make conversation during the trip, "I mean, did you find something that did it? Or a warlock cursed you? Or… what?"

"Oh, I wasn't going to go in to talk to them about coffee," Tigra remarks amusedly, shaking her head. "I want to ask them about their science program, not if they like their mochas with extra chocolate or not." As she strides ahead, she considers, "Does this place have one of those silly 'no shoes, no service' rules? And as for /that/…let's just say it had a lot to do with saving my life." A note of seriousness shows.

Cessily Kincaid nods softly at the last part. Looks like it's a touchy subject, or at least Tigra doesn't want to talk about it. "Alright, fair enough." she says, smiling, "Anyways, I'm pretty sure they'll understand in this case." she says, smiling. Entering the cafeteria, the waiters and waitresses don't make much fuss about Tigra's lack of shoes, though they are interested in the catgirl. One bespectacled patron seems to have developed a KEEN interest. Cessily ignores it all, and sits down at a table, picking up the menu.

Tigra's tail sways lazily behind as she walks, certainly with all the grace to be expected of one with feline traits like hers. "Just something I'm still coming to terms with in a few ways," she explains, giving a hint that it hasn't been this way for too long. Once inside, she takes up a chair opposite Cessily's, shifting so her tail doesn't get pinched. "No canned tuna again, I see," she deadpans. After a few seconds, she feels another pair of eyes on her that stay put, leading to her pausing in her inspection of the menu to look over that way.

The bespectacled guy was staring quite a lot at Tigra, and shen she turns to look at him, he 'eep's softly and quickly tries to play it cool, reading the menu. Of course, he succeeds in playing cool just as much as an elephant would in a China shop. Cessily, on the other hand, doesn't notice it, chuckling at the 'tuna' comment, "Well, they got Tuna sandwich. Does that count?" she asks, and then she orders a cup of coffee for herself. "What will you get for now, Tigra?"

"Maybe tuna sandwich, hold the sandwich part," Tigra muses, making nothing of the apparently shy-but-interested guy. He's nowhere close to the first to be caught up in her appearance. Then, "I'm joking. Mostly. Chicken, turkey, a good burger, I'm good with all that stuff. I was serious about the milk, though."

Cessily Kincaid smiles. "Then make your order? The waitress is waiting on you." she winks to her furred friend, then she giggles softly. She lets Tigra pick her order, and after the waitress leaves, Cessily gently lays her metallic forearms on the table, hands clasped together, "So, Tigra, where are you staying, for now?" she asks, tilting her head.

Tigra glances up as the waitress is mentioned. "Oh." After pointing out a couple things, including appetizers, that part is taken care of and she turns to an almost liquified state in the way she seems to melt into the chair so comfortably. "Me? Oh, around. Here and there. Why?" The gesture of a tilted head is matched by her.

Cessily Kincaid giggles softly, and shrugs, "Just curious. You did say you're staying in the main cities to see which one is best, so I was wondering if you rented a hotel room or something. What you said kinda sounds like the fancy way of saying you're homeless." she teases, winking softly.

"I'm thinking of relocating, but I might just go back and stay in Chicago if nothing stands out," Tigra answers, expressing a notable lack of conviction to the whole idea of moving yet. "But, yeah, I get a room. Only at the pet-friendly places," she finishes, apparently a joke.

Cessily Kincaid nods, and then she giggles, "Well, I do hope you stay here. It'd be nice to share the stares, for a change." she jokes, giggling softly again, "Anyways. Forgive me for my curiosity, but what else, other than the apperance of a cat, did you get?"

Tigra sniffs, more a sign of amusement. "Oh, I get it. Take some of the attention off of you." Her glass of milk is brought out and she eagerly downs the entire thing in one go, almost before the waitress is out of sight. "Think I'm going to need more of this," she remarks before shrugging at the question. "Might be easier to ask what I didn't get."

Cessily Kincaid smiles, and starts counting on her fingers, "Well, cats have a greater eyesight than normal people… greater hearing… they are also incredibly more flexible than people… more agile… faster reflexes and speed…" she says, "So, did you get that all?"

Check. Yep. Mmhmm. Got it. These are all said by Tigra as ways of indicating she does indeed have all of the examples offered up. "All that and more," she confirms. "And hopefully I didn't use up one of my nine lives just to become me."

Cessily Kincaid giggles softly, "Well, you must be a blast at parties, then." she winks, giggling softly. "I was a gymnast before my mutation happened." she says, looking at her hand, her reflection there, distorted by the undulations of her hand, "I was pretty good. When this mutation happened, everything changed. Even if I *could* continue doing gymnastics, it'd be pointless, now." she sighs softly, some longing in her voice, before she takes a sip of her coffee.

"You know me. I'm the center of attention," Tigra quips, a shake of her head following as she steals a glance toward the one who'd been staring at her, them, whichever. Attention is paid to the way even her own reflection shows up in the other one's 'skin,' then she rubs one of her shoulders. "I know what you mean with the gymnastics stuff. It'd be really easy for me now." Other than that, she's just listening.

Cessily Kincaid smiles, "Actually, it's not that simple." she says, as she rests her left elbow on the table, arm pointing up. Her hand then starts gyrating to the left, and it goes… adn goes… and goes… until it does a full 360-spin. And does not spin back. "See?" she asks, chuckling softly. "There's also this…" she says as she bends her arm fully, hand touching her shoulder, then she slowly extends her arm until it's straight, but she doesn't stop there. Her arm keeps bending… and bending… until her hand touching her armpit.

Tigra eyes her empty glass of milk as if it stood her up on a date, though she was the one who drank the whole thing in no time. As Cessily begins to demonstrate a big thing that makes her different from others, she intially frowns and opens her mouth, then it's shut as she stays quiet for the duration. "Yeah..point made, I think. I can't look at that too long. It just doesn't look right."

Cessily giggles at that, "Well, think of it this way: I don't have bones. Or flesh. Or blood." she says, before taking a quick sip of her coffee, "I mean, my entire body is fully malleable, as far as I can understand it." she nods, looking at her free hand, palm open and fingers spread. Then she extends all fingers forward and her while hand shapeshifts into a long, pointy blade for a moment, before she changes back.

Tigra's head tilts at the explanation, leading her to squint more closely at Cessily, then the cup of coffee. Again she opens her mouth to say something, only to pause at the showing of the stabby 'hand' before she comments, "I can see /that/ being useful, but I'm guessing you don't really need to eat or drink if you aren't flesh and blood any more. Is my hunch correct?"

Cessily smiles as she slowly flexes her hand a couple times, "It is." she says softly, "But I do it out of habit. Makes me feel more… normal." she nods softly, "Just please don't tell people. The metallic look is jarring enough." she asks softly.

"Hey, you do what you have to for that. It's not my place to go telling everyone your secrets, and we haven't even been talking for long," Tigra explains, shaking her head as if to say the secret is safe with her. "Technically, I can /look/ like anyone else here, but it's only an illusion, a mask."

Cessily nods before taking another sip of her coffee, "Magic, I take it?" she asks, tilting her head softly for a moment, "Anyways, I don't know what or who changed you into what you look right now, but at least you look very pretty. And quite alluring, I might add." she says, smiling.

Tigra points to the cat's head amulet centered in her top. "Through this. I'm not going to do it in here, but it works. I only use it when I really have to, though. I'm not the same person I used to be," she tells Cessily, seeming to make it out as if the old her isn't truly her. Then she smiles. "Thanks. Maybe one of these days I'll tell you more about it."

Cessily nods, smiling, "I'll be looking forward to it." she says, taking a sip of her coffee, "Anyways, how are you liking Gotham? I'd ask if it is better than New York, but that is kind of a no-brainer." she chuckles softly.

Tigra sneaks a peek toward the front, drumming claw-tipped fingers against the tabletop impatiently. "Prepared food always takes /so/ long compared to a quick catch!" she blurts, then she blinks a few times at Cessily and smiles as if she didn't just say something awkward out of the blue. "Most of the people and smells are all the same no matter the city. The differences are in some of the older buildings. Gotham has some nice ones."

Cessily arches one eyebrow, smiling, "'Catch'? You like to hunt?" she asks, smiling, wondering if there's more 'cat' to this girl before her than just the outward appearance. Then the subject turns to scents, "Really? Hmm.." she pauses for a moment, "Do I have a scent? A human scent?" She figures she most likely doesn't, but couldn't hurt to ask, no?

Tigra squints across the table at Cessily's question about hunting, looking at her as if she may be speaking a different language. "Of course I like to hunt," she replies, taking a patient tone before waving it off, literally. With the invitation that follows, she leans forward and sniffs. It isn't close enough to actually reach Cessily, but it's obvious what she's doing. "Metallic. That's you."

Cessily's shoulders slump and she breathes out a heavy sigh, "Ah, well. No surprise there, even if I hoped it not be like that." she then chuckles softly in a self-deprecating manner, but then she shakes her head softly to change the subject, just as the food arrives. "So what do you like hunting?" she asks, smiling.

"Nope. Congratulations. You completely fail the 'Do I Pass For A Human?' test. Sorry!" Tigra offers this news in a cheerful manner, likely given her own appearance. "So, welcome to the club. Pay your dues by the end of the month." An audible 'Ah!' follows the plates being brought out, and if she'd already forgotten exactly what she ordered, it doesn't matter now. It's food, it's there, and it's about to be eaten. Before that? "Mmnf. Mice are just finger food to me. Tasty little snacks, but not much to them."

Cessily arches one eyebrow at the 'mice' part, the girl still smiling, but doesn't comment on it. Honestly, she shouldn't be surprised, but she is amused. "I see. I can imagine, considering the size difference." she giggles softly, smiling, as she finishes her coffee, "Anyways. Since you got no place around here, I'd offer my apartment's couch, but it's very tiny. The apartment, I mean." then, after a quick thought, "And the couch, too, now that I think about it."

Undoubtedly, Cessily has had a few internal questions answered about Tigra by now, and it doesn't seem as if the 'kitty' is just making things up. In the midst of chowing down, she nods and shrugs at the comment about sizes. "Mmmhmm." Swallowing, she waits for the waitress to return with a fresh glass of milk, then downs about half of that one once she's got it. "Oh, I'm fine. I'm going on to check out Metropolis next, anyway. Just trying to see as much as I can while I'm around."

Cessily nods to that, "I've been in Metropolis only once." she says, then chuckles, "That city looks like it's been taken straight out of a sci-fi futuristic show." she giggles softly at that, as she gives the waitress her empty cup so she can take it to be washed. "I think one of my ex-schoolmates lives there, now. Haven't checked iwth them in a while…"

"Maybe it'll even smell different! You should try to catch up with your friend." Tigra seems to be openly hoping for the smells to be better, growing quiet again so she can focus on devouring food. Once that's finished with, she begins to lick and groom the backs of her hands, ensuring no crumbs escape.

Cessily has to giggle softly as you lick the back of your hands, the metallic girl apparently quite amused by that. She rests her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand, watching, "That is just too cute." she giggles softly.

Tigra stops in the midst of licking the back of her left hand, blinkingly staring at Cessily. "What?" is asked, tone more flat than actually questioning. She doesn't give off any signs of irritation, though. It's just…her.

Cessily giggles and shakes her head softly, and waves a hand softly, "Don't worry about it. It's just that it's easy to think your cat half is merely your outward appearance than it really is. Sorry." she says softly, "I apologize. but it is cute watching you lick your hands like a cat." she winks.

Tigra sniffs again, just one time. It's her way of showing either her amusement or something similar. Seems this is just second nature to her now. "I'm cleaning," she points out, oh so dignified.

Cessily nods, smiling, "I know, that's how cats do as well." she says. Her mind conjures a few images for Cessily, and the girl is silently glad she doesn't have blood in her body to blush. "Anyways. Back to your trips. When are you planning on leaving for Metropolis, Tigra?"

Tigra squints at the other woman, a briefly frustrated expression showing up as she finishes what she was doing, returning to deal with the rest of the milk afterward. "Probably tomorrow. The trains and stuff run pretty quickly, I've noticed."

Cessily smiles, and she looks at her watch, "Anyways. I need to be getting back to the University now." she says, nodding gently as she sits up, "Thank you so much for the chat, Tigra, I really appreciated our talk. If you're ever in Gotham again, look me up." she says, picking up a piece of paper from her notebook and writing down a number. "This is my cell phone number."

Once the time comes, Tigra reaches into a thin pocket of her shorts and fishes out some cash to cover her side of things. "Another benefit of hunting is it's free," she quips, nodding in return as she stands. "I had fun! And ooh, another number. I'm just collecting them all lately!" Her tail darts this way and that behind her for a second or two, then calms as she waves and heads out.

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