(2014-11-13) Demon Be Gone!
Demon Be Gone
Summary: Finding a way to earth, a demon is banished by Topaz with the help of Black Lightning
Date: (2014-11-13)
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NPCs: Shadow Demon
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

Wherever they are, whatever they're doing, it probably won't take long for Black Lightning or Topaz to realize something is afoot in Forest Hills, Queens. More residential in a normal sense, some people with yards even, that need mowing. The real disturbance comes when there is a happening at a construction lot, an old few buildings on a block down, either new commercial going up or residential recclimation. That it is a dark mass that is collapsing some of the girders going up rather than a simple collapse or something else mundane would get Black Lightning attention. For Topaz, it would have its hints of the mystic layered throughout the ordeal, from a major arrival to this dimension and the summoning of energies.

Even as he get out of the base and is flying over, not quite lightning speed, Black Lightning is finally testing that link she gave him. He wanted to try earlier, drop some hellos or something, but tried to respect the link as something more important than a 'hey, was thinking about you,' sort of a thing. »Uh, Topaz, you … seeing any of this« There are early initial reports hitting the news, more radio at the disturbance, but one clip from a smart phone seems to have made it more public.

Ever since this Pluto ordeal has began, Topaz has been on alert. Setting up wards along the ley lines that go throught the burroughs of New York. If anything started to happen she wanted to know immediatly. And it seems not only are they working, but they have picked something up. »>Not yet, I can feel it though. I will be there shortly.«< and she will probably beat him there as teleporation is a tad quicker than flying and she can use the magical energies as a arrival point

What she sees on her arrival, prior to Black Lightning, is the black smokey mass thing covering the lower portions of the construction site. Hearing, as well, the sounds of metal rending, then a beam falls down. People are gathering to look and perhaps the sounds of men trapped in the darkness. She can probably sense too that something in there is preying on the men. They are using the mass to cover up what's going on and trap the men while trying to cause them harm. What she can sense is that there are no deaths as of yet, as if its also preying on their fear the same.

She'll have time to do that as Black Lightning finishes his flight towards her. He does respond, »Great, thank you Topaz, hopefully I'm not too long behind.« The time from when he says that to when he is landing nearby as well would give her time to fully assess.

The fear and pain coming from the black hole that covers the construction site is palable to someome like Topaz. Her first order of business, after assessing with magical senses the situation is to get the bystanders out of the way. She didn't have much time to prepare but has the necessary componets for a repulsion spell. She blows a puff of powerdered sulphur into the air and chants a short cantrip. Those is the area are suddenly going to smell the odor of rotten eggs and have a strong desire to be somewhere else »>I am dealing with the pedistrians now.«<

It helps, the smell, people just start backing away. Whether they realize or not that its Topaz that caused it, the smell coupled with the black smokey mass is enough to really start pushign them back. He lands and seems to keep talking mentally, growing more accustomed to it. »Good, good, any sense what we're dealing with, or should I rush in blindly to see if I can illuminate what it could be.« As much as she summized, he seems to guestimate something is a culprit versus the black mass itself.

As if to answer that question though, a black demon like figure rises up, wings spread, only to dive back in. It seems to grin or relish what's going on, the fear rises as it returns to the darkness.

»>It is a portal." Topaz replies »>Something has come through, but has decided to play with some construction workers. Probably to feed and gain power before it fully shows itself.«< the demon surfaces, and she takes a step back »>No rushing in, or else you end up on the menu.«< she glances around taking in what she has to work with »>I need to banish it. Which means you get to be distraction. Or else it will go for me.«<

»Right, I'll get closer try to draw it out more, I can't risk big blasts in with lightning, but maybe enough to get some attention out here.« As he says it, he jumps up and starts to hover towards the cloud. »I'll fly opposite your location, how much time do I need to avoid getting sucked in there.« Assuming that's a potential anyways. Even as he is moving he looks for a power line opposite where Topaz is, for a good draw and even as he moves, instead of summoning one stun bolt or two to chuck into the cloud, he sort of starts to focus an ionized storm in front of him, to build something up that might just grab attention. It grows the further away he moves until he gets near the power line to suppliment and tries to send a few lightning strokes near the edge. Topaz might sense the thing inside becomes aware of the static charge/electrical build up.

»>Be careful.«< is said both mentally and outloud as BL goes to do his thing. Meanwhile Topaz gets to work of the spellcraft. She shifts north of the black vortex, inscribing runes on the sidewalk in blue chalk. No mage leaves home without chalk. Words of power are spoken as she goes, and the runes flare brightly and then fade into a blue glow. South is next and she does the same there »>It may be able to draw electricity, be wary. It knows you are about to strike.«<

»If it doesn't take too much focus« returns Black Lighting, sending in some of that lightning, »See if you can get a feel if it does draw from me.« More good to know simply so he doesn't feed it, but he commits to being a lure to distract the thing. The storm in his hand grows, more power drawn from the lines, careful to avoid brown or blackouts, but to also to keep his supply up.

It turns to the lightnings, instead of drawing from it or takign it in, it moves quickly. Not quite teleportation, mabye shadow walking, hence the cloud growth, it moves of the way, coming to the side nearest Black Lightning, peering out to return a black hex from those shadows. As much as it was ready, he was ready knowing it sensed him and a lighting field flashes sending the first hex bolt away. The demon may start adapting the magic to more mystical, realizing BL can delfect the physical.

»>I will try.«< she answers as she moves to the eastern position and starts the same thing on that side. It isn't a long process, at each cardinal point, but it does take a lot of her focus, so if she notices or not she isn't able to mention it until she is moving to the spot on the west side »>No it cannot do electricity it seems, but it moves quickly.«< and she starts drawing and chanting the final point.

Hearing her return, more that it cannot do electricity, Black Lightning focuses the storm more, to send more strikes at the darkness. It seems a minor battle rages on, dark bolts coming out, lightning going in. Knowing something is happened, the fear inside from the construction workes abates a little, its not directly threatening them now it seems. That Black Lightning can open up keeps its focus off Topaz, hopefully the final point is close to banish, or rescind the thing, as one hex bolt hits him, purely magical. As if getting a final read on Black Lightning, it depletes his power as if affecting his metagene enough to stop it working properly. He is forced to use what little is left to get to the ground without injury. »I can't fend him off much longer ….« Just in case she needed to know.

As the last cardinal point is finished and flares, beams of blue light join each point to the other in a circle. The demon in the black cloud roars out and lashes a huge clawed hand but it seems to hit some kind of barrier where the light circles "It is contained. It cannot go anywhere. She lifts her arms up into the air, and both her eyes and hands start to glow with the same blue energy as she starts to chant in a long dead language "Anek goton recivik…" it continues on as she demon beats fists clawed fists against the barrier surrounding it.

Making his way closer, Black Lightning nods, "Good, good …" He watches, it is beating the barrier now as if in a panic. He watches to make sure it doesn't turn back on the construction workers. Though its ears pick up the chanting started by Topaz and the panic increases. It moves closer to her side, roaring and beating the barrier as if to distract. Topaz hopefully lost in the moment, but Black Lightning tries to just help keep her focus, going to mental link, »You're doing splendidly Topaz, absolutely brilliant. You have him, he knows it, nothing he can do now but bemoan your brilliance.«

Topaz's chanting continues as the blue energies from her hands swirl inwardly faster and faster around the black cloud, making it grow ever smaller the longer she chants. She seems oblivious to any protests of the demon or the mental chatter that is dropped into her head "Vashta noratu anuk dron." she says with loud finality, as her energies drown out the black vortex and the demon it contains.

As the cloud starts going first, the demon truly panics, but then protests. Old profanity in dead or never heard on earth languages, as the cloud goes, its almost like he's tied to it and is pulled to it, then into it, into the vortex created by Topaz to banish the demons. Even Black Lightning stops the mental chatter, not intended as such, he might have to be told not to do it for future reference. He stands there as it goes, less fear on the construction sight, as if opening eyes and stepping out of a nightmare by the workers there. Not moving, seeing if Topaz needs to do more or not, being there ready just in case she's spent to much energy herself in that task, and in awe at the mystical banishment of the demon.

With the demon and its dark cloud gone the blue energies disappear and Topaz stops impersonating a flashlight. Her arms lower and she takes a deep breath, leaning a bit tiredly on the man standing beside her "That was a tough one. He was no lower level demon."

Giving his own arm to support her, Black Lightning nods. "I don't like this, like New York is starting to attract more other wordly attention." Then again, its a large city, they probably all get it, souls are always at a premium. "I'm afraid its starting to tax you more, if something worse comes through." As in, does she need help, but not quite offensive to say just the same. She's proven herself time again as more than capable in the realm of the mystical.

"New York has always been a hot spot for demonic activity. Greed, corrpution, it pulls them here." Topaz starts to say as she does a quick scan on the construction workers to make sure they are okay "When Pluto's lackey's tried to open a dimensional portal it left cracks. Most have closed, but there are a few that are taking longer to do that. I guess this one got noticed. It is dealt with now though.

They are okay, and with demon contained and gone, they can come out to freedom, even as first responders can be heard in the difference. "It would seem so, a reason to be more vigilant with these cracks left behind. If he comes to try again, this could get worse before it gets better?" Then he looks around, offers to start moving, "I'd offer a free ride home for you, return favor." From when he was poisoned by Chesire, but she can probably still manage her teleporting ability. "Is there some way to check for these cracks?"

"Yes, though I will hold out hope that, that was the worst of it." Topaz will start in the direction of Manhattan "Back at the Lounge I can do it. Not here." and between one step and the next they are at the Lounge.

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