(2014-11-10) Collaborative Analysis
Collaborative Analysis
Summary: Black Knight visits Power Woman and Batwoman with his discoveries through spectral analysis
Date: (2014-11-10)
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After being contacted by Black Knight through the comm unit he was given during her visit to London after the incident there, Power Woman made arrangements as quickly as she was able. She contacted Batwoman, since she suspected some of whatever he may have found would relate to her recent inquiries related to PAIN and also potentially to the Mongo mission, and then informed both of a meeting time at the Perisphere on Long Island. The Peripshere and Trylon are a publicly known space, formerly the headquarters of the JSA during World War II, and later a museum to their accomplishments. The facility has been vastly updated and cleaned up by the League's founders during their early days, and remains functional as the League's public, groundside base - an ideal place for a non-member to make contact with two members of the League.

Power Woman arrives fifteen minutes early, just in case, and arranges cups, along with a pot of hot, fresh coffee and another of steaming hot cocoa and a plate of fresh cinnabons. (Kara learned all her 'how to organize meetings' from Pepper Potts; go figure.)

Upon arrival outside - for those not coming via JARVIS' zeta-tube technology - visitors are greeted at the gates by the pleasant British voice of JARVIS. Cleared for entrance - by being on the list, or part of an approved tour group - they are then guided to and through the building by small roving robots with blinking blue-white lights and JARVIS speakers. Black Knight's little rover will guide him to a meeting room, past the massive Meeting Hall, from which those tasty smells emanate.

Arriving by way of Strider, Black Knight comes in his Avalonian equipment. While JARVIS and Perisphere might have accomodations for a horse, Dane simply finds dismissing the pegasus to Avalonian fields to wander a more easier tactic. It leaves feeding/tack up to the whims of Strider rather than potential hosts. He is greated by JARVIS rover and gladly follows the thing as indicated.

He is more closer to the appointed time and is greeted by wonderful fresh smells, including cinnabons and cocao mingled with coffee. JARVIS most likely announcing him to the host of this meeting while he is being led there, when she rises to see him or to greet him, he takes some initiative. "I'm sorry, if I'd of known you were ready earlier, I would of arrived more ahead of schedule," says Dane. Who, along with shield and sword, does have a briefcase and tablet in tow with him today.

Batwoman opts for zeta-tube transit, beaming up from Gotham to the Watchtower and then back down to the Perisphere. While she could have arrived via motorcycle, it's a lot more convenient even if less exhilirating. She is the last to arrive, and enters the meeting room quietly. There's no sound from the swish of her long cape, and even the booted footsteps are quiet. "I arrived as quickly as I could." she offers to Kara. Then her masked gaze shifts to the knight. "Don't believe we've met. I'm Batwoman."

Upon Black Knight's arrival at the meeting room, the blonde Kryptonian arises to welcome him with a handshake. "You arrived on time. That's all we can ever ask. Given the schedules some of us maintain, arriving early may well have found an empty room. I just happened to have enough time to arrive a little early, prep the room, and bring some refreshments. For the record, Kryptonian speed helps a lot." Kara offers by way of good humor, welcoming the Knight and gesturing him inside. She offers a smile and nod to Batwoman upon her arrival, and then returns to her seat at the table, sipping cocoa while the others get comfortable.

"By way of introduction, if you will, allow me to explain." Kara begins. "I encountered Black Knight a bit over a week ago, at the scene of one of the Mongo trooper incidents, this one being the one in London. Black Knight introduced himself, and we spoke a bit about the incident in question. Though obviously concerned about the troopers, he also expressed concern about the unidentified soldiers who engaged them, and felt he might have something to offer in trying to help us narrow down the search for them. Given how that information might assist your work, Batwoman, I felt you should be here for this. Thanks, for interrupting your schedule for this."

That said, Kara sips more cocoa and nibbles on a cinnabon. "Alright, Black Knight. You said you felt you had some materials to share. Please, feel free. The systems in this room are set open, so you should be able to pair your tablet with the screens here as needed, for upload or display purposes."

Shaking his head, Dane agrees with the sentiment, having not met. Kara taking the lead on introductions seems to take place and he simply offers a hand if she wishes to accept. "A pleasure Batwoman." Then he moves more into the room. "Exactly, as Power Woman was suggesting, with images taken in London by government surveilance around the location of the incident, I analyzed the images through spectoanalysis. Plasma, or 'hard light', constructs are a speciality of mine in the world of physics. That they use high output energy weapons, these unidentified soldiers engaging the golden armored attackers, this seems a good way to try and trace where the are or have been."

Even as he moves, he is connecting his tablet to the rooms wireless to start bringing up some of his results. It comes up to some graphs and charts, which he explains. "The main gas being converted to hard energy seems to be an argon-hydrogen hybrid. A common argon spectroanalysis," he says, showing a colorful spread of spectroanaylsis with bands showing/missing as represents a scan of argon, "And that of hydrogen." A swich to that slide even, he seems ready for business. "And a combined argon-hydrogen spectrum from when the weapons are fired, for trace argon after such a firing. With a wide-array and the right time, we can trace these to within a month of being fired. We'll have a spread of the gases, much like ash from a volcano's plume is visible in the atmosphere from space." There is more, but that is to help understand how locations where these weapons have been fired (or produced) could be located.

Batwoman accepts the handshake with a leather glove and a firm grip. Red lips curl into a small smile. "Nice to meet you, Black Knight." she replies. "Power Woman vouches for you, that's good enough for me." The masked redhead looks curious as the explanation begins, stepping over slowly to get a cup of cocoa. She knows enough to follow the spectrographic analysis, at least in concept if not the details. The cowl hides raising brows as she replies. "You can trace these to within a -month- of being fired? That's impressive, I must say. A lot better than checking someone's fingers for powder burns."

Power Woman listens, keeping her mouth shut beyond sipping and nibbling, while Black Knight lays things out. Batwoman knows enough to be keenly aware of how much of the science Kara is getting, here, but she's not interrupting Black Knight; this is his show. "How much of the image-based spectrography have you been able to confirm with physical or material sample analysis from the site?" she inquires.

After that answer, Power Woman considers for a bit, and then asks what might be the relevant sixty-four-thousand dollar question: "So. With this data, how can we help to make this tracking a reality? Spectrography across the planet's surface? What's the next step, here?"

Flashforwading a few slides, "Thank you Batwoman, usually the concern in firing trace gas elements is environmental signature. As with other energy detectors, notably for lightning, there are trace elements that are released into the atmosphere with a life span pushing close to a century." That is, from a university level, biohazard approval is required even if the substance isn't deadly.

With the slides, he shows some basic satelitte images over England, showing the spread nearly a week out from the incident and the next few days so they can see how it thins and spreads in the jetstream. "This is a new use for someone using trace gasses and reverse tracking. And just as you say Power Woman … I am hoping if anyone has access to make an satelite spectral-array of the planet via numerous satelites, that you folks would have that capability." He is about to say more, but does the few slides forward and backward again. "The longer out, the harder the trace is, but there will be a lingering on site gas on the buildings and environment. To pinpoint after finding a near ground zero from satelite imagery, more direct hand spectrometers could be utilized."

Batwoman sips her cocoa while she watches and listens, her attention focused on the slides now. "So these… soldiers… just showed up with the Mongo troopers, engaged them with energy weapons, and disappeared when everything was all over. While that sounds benevolent enough, I think my suspicions align with your own, Power Woman." She keeps those details unspoken for now, at least. "With some of the resources the League has at its disposal, I would think we could set up something global." By 'resources' she no doubt means Supergirl, Moon Maiden, Kara, and others.

Given the sensor platforms they've already seeded across the entire solar system, seeding some around the planet to get these scans should be child's play, to be honest. The challenge will be the data processing to find the target locales, and then making sense of it all. But the League has quite the leg up on that task as well. Kara glances at Batwoman, and nods. Then she turns back to consider Black Knight.

"Alright. So we need the best global spectroscopic scans that we can get, at the highest resolutions. And we need it all run back as far as we can, preferably to line up with at least one or two known incidents of those weapons." Power Woman confirms with Black Knight, so that everyone knows what the League is going to be aiming to accomplish. Cheap? Hell no. But they've already paid most of the price already. And thank goodness they have. "If we're agreed, then the League thanks you for this information, Black Knight. Please, leave with us the data we'll need to be able to match our spectroscopic scan results to the patterns you have found. As soon as we can manage the data and the processing, we'll be in touch to figure out the next steps. Agreed?"

Kara eyes both of the others, to see if she has missed anything.

A nod from Dane, "Agreed, if you have a server or folder on your servers open to this conference room, I can download everything I have here, which includes the primary trace elements that are the culprist we're looking for." Or at least, just looking for, they're not culprits themselves. "Along with some data on verious spectrum to locate the elements. I'd love to help figure out the next steps with you. But as you both say, the global spectral analysis and historical data is well beyond my means and I would feel more comfortable with this remaining in the hands of the Justice League. I will be at your beck and call, to help as you see fit." More with the physics questions as that's his realm, but he'll certainly give more to them as they might need.

"Alternatively, once you're array is up, this may in part help find staging areas for the golden armored troopers as well. Studying past analysis of their attack locations will help decipher the distinct traces between the unidentified soldiers and their alien energy weapons just the same."

Batwoman sets her cocoa down, arms folding beneath the long cape as she listens to the technical discussion. "We *know* where the golden troopers come from and what threat they represent. Ultimately, however, the unidentified soldiers may prove to be more dangerous in the long run." She gives Kara a brief look at that, then she asks the super-blonde. "Is there some level of access that we can give Black Knight so that he can have real-time data? Even with a month-long signature, time will be of the essence."

Power Woman had made a point of explaining that there was a datapoint open within the room's systems for Dane to dump off data, but she has no problem at all guiding him through adding the connection; one might almost think she's done 'tech support' before or something. Once that is accomplished, Power Woman settles back, cocoa returned to the table empty, as she considers the other point.

"I don't have anything immediately that would enable us to make that happen. But … I think, with the team's permission, I could establish a provisional membership credential for him, granting him access here, to the Perisphere, but not directly to the Watchtower. JARVIS should then be able to chivvy up his access, given the groundwork we laid when we build these systems, so that he can get all the access he needs to this data, without being able to alter or destroy it." She doesn't apologize for those words, as harsh as they may seem. Power Woman isn't saying Black Knight would do that; only that it's her job to make sure he can't. Being responsible sucks.

"It may take me a few days to make that happen. We'll start the scans immediately, and start reviews of the past month's existing imagery where we can." Power Woman finishes. "I'll be in touch, Black Knight, as soon as we have this set up. Given what cases we believe this connects to, Batwoman, you will remain a part of our communications. I want her kept up to date on everything related to this." She eyes them both to make sure they're on board with her plans and requirements. "No body hares off on a strike mission without reporting in first. If you disappear, we have to know where you went, wen, and with whom. So we know how big a fist to bring down on the location."

Her making sure he can't destroy things it the same reason he double checked that he can dump the data in the room here. Dane would be capable, but doesn't want to poke around in the system at all, even in a closed environenment. Something of that university level integrity when dealing with other colleagues on similar projects (well, nothing quite similar to this actually). He certainly doesn't seem offended at all with her precautions, and its more understandable given what she's offering to him.

"My thanks Power Woman," he says about various access, including provisional membership for him, "That is an honor. I'll send notification before establishing any remote access for additional data sharing." Seeing her familiarity with the computer systems itself, he trusts she can then check his security remotely before full access is given that way as well.

He turns to Batwoman then, "And an honor as well to work with you, I will help as you both see fit as relates to this concern." The globally mobile unidentified soldiers taking it to Mongo troopers, amongst other things they're doing secretly on a global scale. "I'll have the communication device you gave me at all times, so you can contact me as you see fit." For both women's benefit that is.

Batwoman nods slowly, the touch of a smile returning to red lips. "The same, Black Knight. And Power Woman is right. There are a lot of tentacles roaming around on this one. We can swat at them individually, or hopefully follow them back to the main body. I'm following up on one or two, and I can't help but think these new warriors are nothing more than a different tentacle off of the same body." She considers for a moment, then turns towards Power Woman. "It almost makes me wonder whether Mongo *isn't* acting independently in all this. I could just be paranoid, but it's certainly a happy coincidence for someone."

"Well we've no evidence of that beyond our own well-earned paranoia." Power Woman answers, honestly, which doesn't say it ain't so; only that they don't have anything to explicitly point that way currently. "Thank you, for all of this, Black Knight. I hope it works out, and I look forward to seeing what our working together can accomplish." That said, the Kryptonian raises to her feet and offers her hand to the man, with a solemn nod. She may not yet have all of this in place, but she's making a firm committment that it /will/ be in place, and soon. So help her.

Moving to take Power Woman's hand first, "You have my word, as the Pendragon, that I will do all I can to help see this through, for better or worse." Not sure where those tentacles will lead, but committed to helping the Justice League, and these two present. Moving to the side a little, he offers a hand to Batwoman as well. They have what the need, he doesn't want to overstay his welcome, in case they wish to discuss more relevant business amongst themselves. "If I am available, I am at your call as you follow these leads." Then he steps up, files transfered, he turns his tablet off and gathers his things up. "Glad I could present this to you today Power Woman, Batwoman. I'll take me leave."

Batwoman steps forward to return Dane's handshake as well. "I look forward to it." she replies. "And I thought my paranoia was what the League was looking for then I was asked to join." The redhead smirks wryly at Kara, then. "It may not amount to anything, but I'd hate to have it rise up and bite us later on." She pauses, then adds. "Which reminds me. I need to start paying visits to a few of our new 'friends', to ask about projects they were involved in a while ago."

"Good day, Sir Knight." Kara offers, with a wry twinkle in her eyes. How often does a modern woman get to offer that line, after all? Then she turns to regard Batwoman, and nods. "We did ask you to join for your paranoia. Only saying we don't yet have any proof of that. Doesn't mean we don't worry about it or look for it." She purses her lips again, and nods. "Probably true. I'd like to help with that. But I'm not sure I'm necessarily the right person for it." But she's volunteering, if Kate will have her.

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