(2014-11-07) Vance Copy - Redux
Vance Copy - Redux
Summary: While getting parts for the ship, Guardians encounter doubles of Jack and Vance - Skrulls; may explain some of the reason they're so wanted of late
Date: (2014-11-07)
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NPCs: Two Skrulls - copying Jack and Vance
Scene Runner: Jack Flag.
Social/Plot: Plot

Off to Fravlin 7, some parts, some repairs, a few things to make the ship a little faster. Ship in at a guy Vance probably knows and trusts, the Guardians are left to wander around, site see, try alien food (or dare each other too at least). All's well, they found a place with somewhat regular food, protein from some living critter that isn't far from beef. They're all sitting about, sucking down milk-shake like substance that does have some sugar like sweetness to it somehow. All is well.

Except that, Jack Flag, sitting with the group and saying something stupid is also the guy walking out from the back room, beelining to the door and going out into the city/space port at the same time.

"What tha heck?" Vance asks quietly as he wraps on (his) Jack's arm to nod in the general direction of the other Jack. He's trying to figure out what he's looking at, knowing that his Jack is with him and the other….. furrowed brow and confusion.

Courtney sits next to Jack, stirring her shake like substance with a spoon as she lets a bout of brain freeze pass "What the what?" she whispers loudly, also seeing the Jack look alike coming from the bathroom "Did you just see that?

Turning to look, Jack the Guardian only gets Jack the Impositer in profile and out the door. The bell jangles with some alien sound. "That's a handsome fellow, right?" Then pausing, wait, it did look like him. More a few suits ago - Jack's tend to be mundane cloth and get ripped up easy it seems. "I have a cosmic twin?" He didn't see the full face, doesn't realize how accurate of a twin the copy was, Jack turns back to look at the other too.

"Nah, it's got to be a Skrull. Let's get 'em and see what's going down." States Vance as he stands from the table and begins moving in the general direction of the duplicate. He also creates an invisible force field around his form just in case.

"Well that's obs, there Jack." Courtney readily agrees about the handsome appearance "But it's fishy that you would have a twin bouncing around space. If anywhere your dup would be on earth, putting up campaign posters and cold calling for the next presidential election." the shake is put down "Vance is probably right. Skrull imposter.

Jack considers that, ya, puttting up campaign postes and not forgetting to vote, that would be his real twin. Moving to stand as well, "Okay, we follow him, see what's up." He actually has a brilliant idea for once, mark this day down. "Can you relay with the ships sensors, would it track a Skrull imposter if it was dupclicating me at all?" Like Vance used on Mongo to find him and Courtney during switcheroo slave pit crisis.

"Maybe… you've got to consider that yall were the only humans on that planet. This Skrull is probably not the only skrull and we don't have any scans of him like we do of us. So I doubt we could do it with any advantage." answers Vance as he continues moving forward, but not in a big hurry, just keeping an eye and intends to jump the imposter when they are outside in the clear.

While Vance and Jack take to following on foot, Courtney takes a more aerial approach. Going from rooftop to rooftop of the alien buildings that surround the area. She is not only watching the Skrull-Jack, but also watching out for any possible allies the alien may have in the area.

The city is multi-tiered, its not hard to follow Skrull-Jack. In fact a few turns, up some stairs and he takes a turn into an open area. No allies present themselves, not noticeably at least. No Skrull-Courtney or Vance as of yet. Just lunkhead skrull-Jack making to go somewhere. Though when he goes up that flight of stairs, he turns to look, as if suspecting a trail and seeing Jack, with Vance, he picks up his pace to start running.

"He's made us. Take him down!" intones Vance as he immediately picks up the pace and leaves the ground in flight to make up the distance as quickly as possible. When presented with the opportunity, Vance will use his TK to reach out and grab the Skrull

Courtney has been waiting for the Skrull to make a move like that. When the Jack-Imposter started up the stairs she hid herself on the stairs above and now that he has stopped she makes her appearance suddenly known, in quite a wrestling fashion, by jumping out in front of him and clotheslining him as he runs past.

Focusing behind him as he goes up, Jack-Skrull is watching real-Jack and vance. Though he is drawing a weapon at the same time, he turns to look and aim but is clotheslined, then TK-grabbed by Vance. Well trained at least, he doesn't loose his weapon. Instead, he turns to fire at Stargirl if he gets a chance, depending on how Vance is turning him in the air. He'll try to get his arm pointed at her at least. Real-Jack is running, and making it to the stairs.

When Vance spies the weapon drawn, he will shake-shake-shake the Skrull violently with his TK. With the intention of not letting him get a shot or to drop the weapon. Sure, he could just TK the weapon out of the Skrull's hand, but shake-shake-shake is the first thing that comes to mine. He exclaims, "GUN!"

The word gun is all Courtney needs to hear to get her moving and out of the way of laser fire. Not that it would hurt her all that bad, but it still stings.

The Skrull-flip-flapping via TK by Vance does good to keep the aim off. What it does is send random laser fire from the weapon in random directions. Such as one right at Real-Jack as he tops the stairs to join in finally. Eating it, but not wanting to eat many more, he covers himself, "Whoa, whoa, out of control." On the flip-flapping. The only good thing coming out of it is that eventually Skrull-Jack lets go of the gun.

All good, until laser fire comes in from another walkway, perhaps it had called its friends. It turns out Skrull-Vance is stricking from a distance, attempting to shoot Real-Vance who's all but knocked out the Skull-Jack with motion sickness.

Vance ducks and pushes himself against a wall trying to avoid the other assault. "Stargirl! We've got another target coming in from behind!" With his TK, he intends to move the unarmed imposter Jack to the real Jack, "Jack, catch!"

"On it." up into the alien sky Stargirl goes, her Star Staff in hand, forcefield up. It takes a few moments for her to locate where the laserfire is and when she does she rains her own heat beams down on the Vance look-alike.

Jack will catch the shaken Skrull-Jack, and he'll give him a safety-punch. Not unlike the Safety dance, except its not something you do with friends, but rather to make sure the lights go out. Easier with him discombobulated after the shaking incident.

Taking some heat from Stargirl, Skrull-Vance is forced to dive for cover under some plastic-steel-alien material bench up where he is (or down for those flying). No sign of a Skrull-Courtney at least, maybe that one had sense enough to just escape.

Vance leaps into the air once again, keeping his field up, he moves to support Stargirl. When Skrull-Vance dives and hides behind a bench, Vance will grab the bench via TK and rip it up and away to expose the imposter, "There ya go, Stargirl, clean shot."

"Oh no you don't." Stargirl follows the fleeing Skrull-Vance firing as she goes. The bench will provide a tempory measure as she moves to take another position to she can get LOS, a problem that is quickly fixed by the real Vance. "Thanks man." Pew! Pew! Pew! the heat beams fire down on the exposed Skrull

Skrull-copies downed it would seem. Not a third or fourth. As if acting alone, not with a gaggle of them. Jack Flag has his, he drops him after the catch, takes the weapon even. "That it?" It is, but he doesn't have flight advantage to scope around at all, just checking to see that its cleared.

The one pew-pewed by Stargirl isn't out completely, but injured and not wanting to move at least, his weapon dropped.

"I doubt it. If there's two, there's probably the whole team somewhere. But I'm really wondering why it was so easy… Unless Skrulls don't copy powers too? Or do they? I really thought they had more than just looks going on." speculates Vance.

Stargirl doesn't let her guard down, where there are two there could be more. She stays aerial, watching the area to make sure no other look alikes surface. Assuming he is speculating over the team com she speaks up "You are asking the wrong person. I never heard of the skrulls before I met you two.

"I don't know," responds Jack just the same, "I just knew they could change appearance, made great spies and stuff. I'm more curious why copy us though." He takes his skrull, the one Vance delt with mostly in a shake, to move to the next level closer to Stargirl and Vance. "Do we stay to find out, in the open, or get back to ship, take one for questioining?" Before authorities from the planet show up for questioning even.

"We take both." states Vance indicating he wants to get information out of one or the other or use them against one another. "We need to know why they look like us. Their expressions suggested they weren't expecting to see us here. So there's something else going on that we need to know."

"You guys take the lead with the skrulls and I'll watch your backs from above. Make sure that there aren't any more or that we are followed." Stargirl looks to the two look skrull and then the originals "You need to put a sticker on there forehead or yours, so we can tell you apart." god forbid one gets loose and starts to play the "He's not the real one, I am" game

If Jack played he's not the real me, he'd probaly loose (oh, yeah, I do like pickle sandwiches, Skrull is right, what was I thinking). Instead he moves to the Vance Clone. He ripes off part some of his star patches (the kind that shoots sparklers), "I'm the one without the stars, holding the one that looks like Vance." Jack grins, hopefully that's easy enough and they don't overhear and then adapt at least. He still moves to take Skrull-Vance and follow.

"Let's roll." Vance says as he scoops up the other one with his TK. "Back to the ship and interrogation time."

He will waste little time gathering up Jack and the other Skrull so they can fly back to the ship without molestation from the locals.

Cut - Interrogation for Information …

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