(2014-11-07) League Financial Wizardess
League Financial Wizardess
Summary: Pepper Potts makes her first actual visit to the Watchtower she helped make possible, and meets up with Power Woman and Batwoman.
Date: 2014-11-07
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JARVIS' projected British tones announce throughout the space station hovering above planet Earth, "Arriving, Jay-El Zero-Three. Power Woman. Pad three."

At the midline of the station, in the Zeta Beam transport chamber, a flare of blue-white light erupts, and out of that appears the crimson-caped form of the League's Kryptonian powerhouse. "Thank you, JARVIS. I'll head up to the Monitor Womb. Can you go ahead and download the data I've cued up, please, and disseminate it to the team."

"Of course, Ms. Zor-L. Welcome aboard. Your shift begins in twenty-three minutes."

A redhead clad in black trimmed with red is lingering near the transport chamber. Batwoman leans casually against the wall, sipping coffee from a black mug with a red bat logo on it. HER mug. Red lips curl into a small smile with Kara's arrival, as if she was expecting the woman. "Evening, Kara." she offers. Yes, she's also assigned to the same shift. She's just a bit early.

It's funny. Running around NYC is something that Virginia 'Pepper' Potts does quite a lot. Sure, she could have assistants, and those assistants could have assistants, but she doesn't. Not for the things that count. And, in her line of business? Everything. Counts.

US Federal fiscal year has ended a couple of months ago, and only now has Pepper gotten the statement collated as to everything the covering businesses have done in the first 3 quarters. The last quarter is always a wash as far as she's concerned. No real corporate enterprise suddenly turns around in the fourth quarter, one way or the other. Unless, of course, their CEO does something utterly remarkable. Seen it, been in the first row for such an occurance. But, this isn't the year for it.

"JARVIS, can you give me an ETA on my arrival with the present navigation?" Pepper's driving; a rather foolhardy thing to do in the city, but sometimes it's a necessity.

"Twenty minutes. Would you like me to-"

"No, no thank you."

Twenty minutes later, Pepper is stepping out of her car and into the front lobby of Stark Industries. A quick elevator ride up to her office allows her the moments peace before she takes her errands just that much further out.

An announcement is made upon the station, the clipped English voice of JARVIS, "Jay-El Zero-Two. Virginia Potts."

"Hi there, Batwoman." Kara offers, pausing to greet the lovely redhead before she continues towards the access shaft that leads up and down through the entire station. She flies it; Batwoman probably uses the repulsor-driven energy platform lift. The tall blonde embraces the redhead briefly.

"You've been pretty busy, lately. Doing well, I hope?" Kara inquires. She's eager to hear whatever her friend may have found, given she knows some of the cases on Kate's plate at the moment.

Then Pepper arrives, and Kara turns all the way around to regard the platform, smiling. "Hi, Pepper. It's great to see you. It's been a while." The Kryptonian blonde glances between the redheads, and makes introductions even though she's guessing they won't be entirely necessary. "Not sure if you two have met before. Batwoman, this is Virginia 'Pepper' Potts, one of the smartest businesswomen I know on the planet. She keeps Tony from bankrupting himself recklessly, and has been a major help to us in getting financial structures in place to get the League up and running as well. She was actually one of our founding members. Pepper, this is Batwoman, one of our latest members. To what do we owe the pleasure tonight?"

Pepper steps off the pad a touch wobbly; she hasn't really visited here much, if at all. It's all good in theory, but when it hits home in reality?

She fashions her expression to be somewhat nonplussed, but she can't really hide the wonder from her voice, even if she tried. Approaching the two women, she leans in to give the rarely seen Kara a brief 'air' kiss on the cheek before turning to greet the newly introduced. She extends her hand even as the accolades begin. She chuckles a little self-consciously before shaking her head, "Oh please. Batwoman, a pleasure. 'Pepper', please. I'm Mr. Stark's assistant, and erstwhile babysitter." That bit is said with no little fondness for the man. "As for why I'm here, I've finished looking over the paperwork from the Board of Directors in the companies, and I think there may be a problem. Nothing that can't be fixed with a little investigation, but a problem all the same. As a result, I took the liberty to shift some of the stocks out, and moved them over to another company.. everything is here. I just wanted everyone to know that, and not read it via email."

Batwoman returns the embrace warmly, being careful of the coffee. "Well enough, thanks. Hope to have some time to follow up on those leads with Project PAIN very soon, now." Then Pepper arrives and she extends a leather-gloved hand in greeting. "Pleasure to meet you, Pepper." she replies. "Mr. Stark's exploits are legendary, of course. I've always wondered who was the firm financial mind behind his technical genious."

Batwoman shifts her weight back onto her heels, the long cape swishing as she raises the coffee mug for a sip. "I wasn't aware of your affiliation with the League. But then again I've been a bit distracted lately."

"That's great, Pepper. Not everyone's aboard currently. But we can probably get most of them on a visual call shortly. We can head up to the Monitor Womb and place the call. Anyone we can't get will see a recording as soon as they're available." Yes. Kara Zor-L actually considers the business arrangements of the League worthy of that kind of effort. But then again, anything that supports their crusade to protect the people of Earth ought to be just as importnat as the crusade itself, right?

"We've all been pretty busy, really." Kara admits, with a smile. "Lots of crises trying to crop up and get in the way." Mongo's invasion. PAIN. Lots of world-spaning trouble, to be sure. "Shall we, ladies?" Kara leads the way to the central tube, and a repulsor-lift platform materializes as she steps out on it, to support the others. SHe'll ride like a normal person, with company.

The ride isn't far. Up a half dozen levels, and they arrive in front of a gleaming, lighted gantry that protrudes out into the heart of a huge spherical chamber. Holographic screens aplenty are projected throughout the open space, showing ongoing media transmissions, web pages, computer interfaces, sensor readings, and so forth. "This is the Monitor Womb, Pepper. One of the miracles your efforts have helped us arrange." Kara heads down the gantry to one of the available seats.

Pepper smirks good-naturedly as she retrieves her hand, and with a chuckle, shakes her head gently. "That is one word for it." Though, to be fair, "I'm back-up. He's got a pretty good hand on the wheel. I just make sure that that hand gets -tied- to that wheel when it looks like it's slipping off."

In her possession is a StarkPad, and nodding her acknowledgement, she's ready to take those steps forward. "I was there in the meeting when it was decided. I'd volunteered us to handle the financials, and Mr. Stark took that under his control. So far, it's worked quite well." Until now.

"I suppose I could just be considered a silent partner?" Now, however, Pepper follows the pair, though not without a squeak as the repulsor-lift platform appears as their feet hit what she fully believes to be thin air. "Oh.." is exhaled softly. "This is…" It's leaving her rather wide-eyed.

Batwoman steps onto the repulsor-lift platform next to Kara, and with the heels she's not -that- much shorter than the super-blonde. "Well something important must have brought you up, then." she offers casually to Pepper. Red lips curl into an amused grin at the business-woman's surprise and she offers. "Breathtaking, yes. But wait until you see the view."

Batwoman drains her coffee before the platform starts up, and for her part she seems to be quite comfortable in perilous situations. Goes with the costume, most likely. "We all have our talents and our assets. I should've figured that having a firm financial mind on board would make sense."

Kara is right there to reassure Pepper, of course, and it is /Tony's/ technology; Pepper's trust in him ought to offset any urge to panic. The ride is gentle, as well, as they're not in emergency mode.

"You can be a silent partner if you want, Pepper. But to those of us who were there the night we started all of this, you are a full partner, silent or not. You helped us found the League, and none of us have forgotten that." The blonde grins. "Not even that sometimes-distractably brilliant man who work for every day." Kara apparently thinks fondly of Tony as well, if not quite as much as Pepper clearly does.

Power Woman settles into one of the seats, and holographic projections of controls and keyboards appear in front of her, as she starts arranging the financial video conference and recording. "So. Enough about the money until I have this set up. Best not to tell it twice, right? How have you been, Pepper?"

It's all well and good on paper, which is the medium in which Pepper works. Theoreticals when it comes to science, and concrete, solid numbers when it comes to money. This, all this, is Tony's domain, and she's taking those first steps into this 'new' world, even if it's not. Technically.

A warm smile creases Pepper's face and she puts a hand out to touch Kara's arm in a gesture of thanks. "I appreciate that, thank you, Batwoman. At the time, it wasn't met with the greatest of approval, but I think we all can see that it truly was necessary. No one ever likes to discuss -how- things are paid for. It's just not in our nature."

Pepper has been on tall towers in her life. The Twin Towers. Stark Tower. But nothing truly prepares one for the absolute beauty and awe-inspiring view of Earth as it spins below. A flat hand comes up to her mouth before a whisper, "Oh my," exits the redhead. She turns green eyes away from the view, tearing them away. She'll get her bearings soon enough.

Now, Pepper licks suddenly dry lips and is grateful for the distraction that is the Earth below them. She chuckles and offers a shrug, "Well enough. Holidays are coming up, so the charity drives are in full force. Parades. Speeches." Notice, it's all work. Her life.

Once they're up in the monitor womb Batwoman strides briskly over to another seat, although she doesn't sit just now. Leaning over, she waves a gloved hand over the controls and taps a few virtual keys to start the monitor images cycling. Only then does she turn towards Pepper with a knowing smile.

"Never doubt your worth to the League, Pepper. You aren't the only 'normal' human on the roster, after all, and being able to fly isn't one of the membership criteria." The smile becomes knowing as she lets the other woman connect the dots for herself.

"Never doubt, Pepper." Kara adds in her own voice, affirming Batwoman's statement. Kara starts a few more cycles of screens going, as she is capable of processing so much more, and more rapidly. Yet even she can only barely keep up with what JARVIS does effortlessly. "Seeing the world like this … that's something important, to me. Seeing it without borders. Without boundaries or separations. Seeing it as a whole, full of life in need of our protection."

Pepper chuckles, her head nodding once in affirmation. Clearing her throat, her shoulders pull back and the smile remains. She's getting her bearing. It takes a few moments, certainly, but she hasn't seen what these women have. This is still theory made physical, and when she gets back, guess what schematics she'll be looking for! Or, conversely, grilling JARVIS about. Batwoman's words gives Pepper pause, however. "Really." Not a question, by any stretch. She dips her head again, the smile further brightening. "Fair enough."

For Pepper, following JARVIS' 'flows of consciousness' is second nature. He does things systematically, which she can appreciate. From smallest to largest, and sometimes the ties aren't always obvious, but mostly she can catch them. She's got an eye on the images that scroll past; those news cycles from Earth, she readily identifies. It is part of her job, after all.

"I imagine it is a different view. A whole different perspective. One "we"," and she uses one hand for finger quotes, "didn't have before the internet for most. The world has gotten smaller but no less troubled."

Batwoman smiles a bit more and she gives Pepper a single nod of acknowledgement. "Really." she replies by way of confirmation. Turning towards the view of the Earth, she's still watching it when she speaks again. "I've found this room to be very helpful in keeping things in perspective."

And for the moment Batwoman lets the images scroll. She's got her own way of analyzing data, and it doesn't involve personally poring through every detail as the firehose of images gushes past. "The problem with the Internet is the sheer volume of trash that's out there masking the small amount of useful information. You need to learn where to look and what to ignore."

"All true." Kara offers. "That's why we use JARVIS to help sift through to what is actually useful information." No superteam should be without their super-computer. Seriously. "It's true, though. The world is smaller, more interconnected. But it is not less troubled. Differently troubled, at best." And not that differently, if one is a true student of history. It, too, ebbs and flows. "OK. I've informed everyone of the conference. Let's give them a few minutes to get themselves arranged and online. Pepper, do you want anything from the commissary? Coffee, tea, anything to eat? I can fly down and get us soem things and bring them back."

"Good ol' JARVIS," Pepper chuckles. "What would we do without him?" She's almost as fond of the AI as she is of her employer. Almost. Not quite.

Everything the two ladies say are true, and Pepper can't begin to argue the points as she agrees fully. It's to that other bit, then, that she turns and tears her attention from the fleeting images. Still, from the corner of her eye, she catches the occasional bit. "For me? Oh.. no. No thank you. If I do, I'll be up all night, and for the first time in a week, I may actually keep the date with my pillow before 2 am."

Now, however, Pepper takes hold of the StarkPad and finds a spot to sit down in order to manipulate the screens.

Batwoman smiles wryly at Kara, folding arms over her chest. She resists calling the super-blonde a show-off, but only just. "Remind me sometime to have a conversation with you about data security and JARVIS." she offers to Kara. Not that she's questioning, necessarily, but she's just being careful. It's how she was trained, after all. "I'm curious about the secondary protcols, mostly."

Turning her attention back to the monitors, she continues. "So who's in this meeting again?" The vigilante doesn't suggest for a moment that she might be better suited for other things besides high-finance. But then again, Kara already knows she's an heiress, even if it's not common knowledge.

"Everyone on active roster." Kara explains, smiling. Then she winks at Pepper. "I'll be staying up after this, so I'm going to get some cocoa and a cinnamon bun while we're waiting. Be right back." She hops up and literally blurs away in a crimson and white streak and a whoosh of air. Good thing there's no papers around to disturb.

Kara returns maybe a minute later, and settles into her spot as a small table rises up out of the gantry beside her seat, perfect for her drink and her snack. "I'll gladly go over our data security protocols, Batwoman. We're always looking for new minds and new ideas on how to harden our security. Given that the data we carry is some of the most vital and potentially dangerous in the world, we have to stay on top of it." Of course, Kate has every idea how seriously Kara takes her security.

It's one of those flashes of images that comes to the holo-screen that brings Pepper's head up quickly from her own screen. "JARVIS. Stop." The image that the AI halts on is a picture of civil war-torn Africa just after a newly elected leader has taken office. "No. Back. Quarter speed." Now, the pictures are virtually frame by frame by frame, until the picture lights upon the face of a middle-aged, greying Japanese businessman. "Stop." She pauses a beat before, "Who is he?"

"Edward Prentice Satoshi Nakamuro, ma'am. Retired. Lives outside of Los Angeles, California."

Pepper stares at the screen for a long moment before she waves her hand, allowing him to begin once again. She's got the name memorized now, and if she forgets, which isn't likely, JARVIS will remember.

She smiles a touch sheepishly, "I'm sorry. Something caught my eye."

Data security protocols? "I assure you that JARVIS is locked up tightly. There are very few that have access to him, and even fewer that could begin to override his protocols."

Batwoman's expression is mostly hidden beneath the mask, but she nods to Kara in acknowledgement. Red lips curl wryly at the streak of color left by the munchy-seeking blonde. "I'm not suggesting there might be flaws, of course, but I'd be interested in looking over the structure. I'm not a software engineer, but I know that no system is perfect."

Her attention is distracted, then, by Pepper's direction of the video feed. "You've got an eye for detail, Pepper. Perhaps you missed your calling as an investigator?" The curl of her mouth may be wry but the tone is genuine enough.

Kara eyes Mr. Nakamura silently, and issues a few discrete queries to pull up details about him, looking for whatever cross-link made that particular image one that would stand out to Pepper's eyes. It may turn out to be important. Or nothing. But she's checking, and her fingers literally blur over the virtual keyboard controls. "I'm quite sure that JARVIS is very secure. Especially this iteration of him, given I helped build the hardware and interface layer he's working with. But only a fool fails to take advantage of every resource available to her to constantly review and improve security." Still, the blonde also appreciates seeing others appreciate Pepper's talents. "She's a great investigator. That's how she figures out what companies to invest in, and which not to, or which to bail out of." Financial investigations are still valid, after all.

Pepper is rather protective of JARVIS, regardless of the iteration. He's part of her world, and an integral part of it. Familiar. Part of her close 'family', such as it is today. "I'm sorry. He's just… well, it's kind of hard to explain."

Another chuckle exits the woman and she tries to play things down just a bit. "It's what I do. It's the little things. I think I've seen him before. A newspaper, a meeting, something." Names and faces. She's met thousands of businessmen in her career, and she's still somewhat in the beginning of hers. She's still (just) under 30.

If Pepper knew that Kara's taking her curiosity seriously, she'd be more than flattered. As it is, she'll be doing the same once she gets back home. A glass of wine, and pour over the data that she knows JARVIS will find for her. 'And which to bail out of' brings a bright smile to the woman's face and a laugh, "I have been cursed at for just that, too. But, that point is exactly why I'm here." Though now, she pulls an SD card from her pad and hands it over towards Kara. "This is all the data I've gathered, and I think the Fed is going to be investigating one of the companies in about, oh.. six months." Why? Is that a smug smirk that plays? Confidence in those tones might suggest she's got something to do with that.

Batwoman replies simply. "Some of my training comes from the military, Pepper, and various branches of it. That means I think tactically and I plan in layers of contingencies. Failure is not an option." Which is her way of saying 'no offense intended'.

She watches the data pass with that wry smile again, and it's a good thing the mask hides arched brows. A part of her is curious about the financial deal, but another part just lets it lie. No, if Kate Kane suddenly starts showing an interest in -investing- money rather than spending it, her stepmother will get suspicious. Besides, she's taken care of more than well enough. All the same, she also makes a mental note about Nakamuro. Something to run by the Colonel later.

"I'm going for a coffee refill." Batwoman declares, picking up her mug again. "And no thanks, Kara, I'll get it myself. The exercise is good for me."

"OK. If you insist. Don't be too long. Ten more minutes until the conference call starts." Kara offers to Batwoman, watching the other woman head off.

"Mmm." Kara offers, smiling towards Pepper. "Some of the others are a little less comfortable. But I know what you meant about JARVIS. His routines are masterful. He really does feel like a person, and I find it a joy to interact with him." And she gets attached; she's sure Pepper and Tony, who have known him longer, do as well.

The blonde Kryptonian accepts the SD card and plugs it in, pulling the data out and organizing it for Pepper's presentation later. "Mmm. I see that. OK. Good thing we're pulling out now, then. We don't need to be touched with that scandal. And I'm glad you went the extra step to reporting them for investigation. It's the right thing to do." Yes. Power Woman is very much all about 'the right thing'.

"See you later, Batwoman," is given in a temporary farewell. Pepper isn't sure she'll still be here when the mysterious, cowled woman returns.

Returning her attention to Kara, Pepper inclines her head in agreement. "Of course they're not. Because he's not -theirs-, per se. They don't know him. Not familiar with him and his," here, she lifts her lips in a half smile, "quirks." She's caught him in more than one joke! "He really is. And he adapts. Learns. Extrapolates and anticipates." A thought seems to strike her and she laughs, "He'd honestly be the perfect husband."

Though now, she rises from her spot in her seat and steps forward to look at the Earth as it turns again. "I looked at the sheets, and did some searching as to their contracts. It was too fishy for me, honestly. So, I had one of our forensic accountants look into it." Yes, they employ actual detectives. "We were in time."

Kara raises from her seat, quietly, and approaches behind Pepper, watching the Earth from down over the redhead's shoulder. "I'm glad that we were in time. And really glad that you've continued to work so hard, and so conscientiously, on our financial portfolio and funding for the Foundation. It means a lot. And the fact you're so good at it, have made us so much money on our initial investments, has been vital to our operations." They've done a LOT of spending in the last several months. Funding the development and deployment of literally thousands of deep-space highly advanced FTL-comm-capable remote sensor array platforms isn't cheap. And neither is investigating an international conspiracy.

"JARVIS is an amazing partner and collaborator. I agree." Kara comments, softly. He'd be missing quite a few other elements of the ideal husband. But Kara doesn't bring that up. Not because she is afraid she'll hurt JARVIS' feelings, but just because there's no need.

"It's just all so amazing. So breathtaking. Things I'd never imagine myself doing, not in a million years. And it all does mean something. It's why I do it. Because it makes a difference." Not money itself, but what is done -with- the money. Pepper twists slightly to catch Kara over her shoulder and she smiles, the expression easily reaching her eyes. Her tones sound a teasing note, "Yes. I know."

"You won't let them get too deep into his programming? He might become insulted. Though he'd never let on. Stiff upper lip and all." Of course, the one that Pepper does have something of a 'torch' for isn't anywhere near the ideal husband either, so perhaps JARVIS isn't quite so bad?

"I should say, 'You're welcome'. But, it's my part in everything. I'm glad to do it."

The Blonde shakes her head. "I don't think Tony and I would let anyone get too deep into JARVIS' programming, except the two of us. This is more about the interface between his system and ours. But we've always respected him, and we always will." JARVIS is the unspoken extra member of the League, in their eyes. Without him, so much that they do would be so much harder. They'd have to have a huge crew of people up here working for them. Instead, it's just the heroes … and the computer.

"I just never want you to feel that your contributions are underappreciated, Pepper. You're amazing, and you deserve to know that others recognize that and care." As before: Power Woman cares a lot about 'the right thing'. Both in the very big. And in the very small.

"No, no I don't." Pepper dips her head and exhales softly. "There is a certain someone that I do have to remind, but that certainly isn't you." Just in the back of her mind, she truly wonders how, exactly, he managed for that time when she'd 'been away'. Did he miss her?

Thoughts for a different time! "Thank you, Kara. Really. It means a great deal to me." She has to take a moment to compose herself, not letting herself get too deep in her own thoughts. As a result, she draws in a deep breath that straightens her back, and allows her that assuredness. Here, she navigates the waters with which she knows intimately. The numbers. "I think I'm about ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. I'll keep it as basic as I can while giving details." After all, Pepper wants everyone clear and understanding how and where everything is.

Pepper Potts
At 5'4" in height, one would think that a petite-framed young woman would sink into the background. But, that isn't the case for this one. With shoulder-length straight red hair tucked back behind her ears, it gives her the impression that distractions won't be allowed. Bright, intelligent green eyes don't miss a thing, set in a field of freckles never outgrown as a child.

Slight of frame, she hasn't missed out in curves; they're just a touch less obvious currently. She wears a white, button-down blouse with a medium length tailor-fitted A-skirt with 'sensible' pumps.

Dressed for the night, black and red defines this tall, curvy woman. A black mask covers her face above the cheekbones, shaped as a stylized bat; complete with pointed nose and long ears. Her complexion is pale, with blood red lipstick accenting her sardonic smile. Her mass of long, red curls spills out behind to trail well down her back, flowing freely when she moves. Form-fitting black leather clings to her lush figure, covering from the neck down and leaving nothing to the imagination. Emblazoned across the chest is a stylized red bat. Blood red forearm gloves each have three curved blades along the back edges. Matching boots snug up to just below the knee, with padded soles and three inch heels. A long cape falls from shoulder to her ankles, the ends weighted and scalloped like a bat's wing. Black on the outside, like her bodysuit, the lining is blood red. Circling low on her shapely hips rides a red utility belt, with many dubious pouches and compartments.

Power Woman
There's no denying who this tall, voluptuous figure is: this striking young blonde could only be the world-famous Power Woman. Standing six feet tall, there's no denying the bountiful curves encased within the fit of her body-hugging white bodysuit. Her chin-length pageboy cut to the pale golden blonde hair is accented by longer than usual bangs that frame her high cheekbones and wide azure blue eyes.

The costume of Power Woman consists of a white bodysuit with a raised nehru-style collar, wrist-length sleeves and ankle-length legs, two barely-noticeable seams running from the collar down either side of her suit and down the middle of each leg. Dark blue leather-like gloves cover each hand up to mid-forearm, a matching belt girds her waist and rests on her hips, a five-sided, elongated pentagon shape point-down in golden metal as a buckle. Upper-calf height boots gird her feet and legs. A mid-calf length crimson cape trails behind her, attached at her shoulders by two more gleaming golden elongated pentagons echoing her belt buckle. All three seem to have a vague sort of S symbol inscribed upon them.

Watchtower Station — High Earth Orbit — Solar System
Orbiting over a hundred thousand miles above the Earth lies the glittering jewel of the Justice League: the Watchtower Station. This huge space station is far beyond anything yet achieved by the space agencies or civilian efforts. Over half a mile high, comprising over two dozen levels and millions of square feet of space, the Watchtower does have bays on its two lowest levels for the docking or landing of spacecraft.

The tower is joined together by an open-air tube at its heart wide enough to allow two or three people to fly past one another without risk of collision. For those unable to propel themselves, a simple request to the JARVIS supercomputer system that maintains the facility will generate a repulsor-tech energy field that will carry the individual up and down to the level they require like an express elevator. Every room on every level can generate its own gravity field, thanks to unusual runed deck tiles of metal-impregnated ceramic with alchemical powers. All rooms and levels have similar panels in their ceilings which can generate light in various shades and strengths as required, from utter darkness to brilliant true sunlight.

The station generates its own oxygen, with a tremendous onboard botanical garden taking up several levels at the mid-stretch of the tower's height, and water reclamation systems are tied directly into onboard aquaculture production. Every room in the base has wall panels that become reconfigurable touch- and gesture-controlled accesses to the JARVIS computer system, and have voice-activated access as well. The entire surface of the base acts as solar collectors, constantly supplying a renewable energy source, charging power cells sufficient to run the station for nearly a month on full power before running dry.

Further details and specific areas can be found in the +views.

  • Obvious Exits:
    • [EO] - High Earth Orbit — Solar Syst
    • [ZT] - Zeta Tube — Watchtower Statio

The level at the midline of the tower, just above the botanical garden level, includes the monitor room. This room is actually a sphere with a gantry leading out to its heart from the entry. On the gantry are four stations, and enough room for at least that many more individuals to stand. The walls of the sphere enable holographic displays to present potentially hundreds of different streams of data, from radio and television signals to sensor feeds, analysis, computer records searches, and more. This room often has only one occupant: whomever is on monitor duty at the time, handling whatever emergencies the JARVIS system manages to identify and flag for response.

Transport to the station is achieved generally with the Zeta-tube technology. Spacecraft can dock with the station, but are not the general purpose transportation. There are, however, two medium-sized Stark quinjet spacecraft kept aboard for use as-needed. Every room or level in the station is equipped with a minimum of one, or as many as ten, small 4-person escape pods capable of being jettisoned from the station and surviving re-entry and landing on Earth. Transport within the station is achieved by walking, flying, or using repulsor-lifts through the main tube that is the central column at the heart of the station.

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