(2014-11-06) A Mean Sandwich
A Mean Sandwich
Summary: Kurt meets up with Domino at the wrong place, apparently - she lets him know in no uncertain words
Date: (2014-11-06)
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NPCs: Track-suit Russians
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Its been a week give or take, smacking around was had in front of a bus, the trio escaped using their various talents with each other. Kurt gaining some respect for Agent Barton at least as they cooperated despite the Widow's warning about always watching and getting intel. That was the CEO in him, wanting to keep trade secrets, things like that maybe, not wanting anyone to spy unhandedly, or unknown to him at least. Still the incident over, Kurt was want to get back to the idea of having Domino work with him, to get what he wanted back. See how it went, offer more corporations similar service, as if to bank off taking meta-human abilities to a commercial venture might be good.

So, he called Domino, gave her an address to meet him. The address is good, he forgot to mention its the Russian Tea Room, and has lots of Russian immigrants, along with some Slavs and Cossacks. But hey, minor details right, its tea for goodness sake. He arrives early, waits inside the door. Lucky for him, he knows enough slavic slang to pass, and knows Romani for any of the travelers between German/Slavic/Russian worlds while ignoring those borders.

Odds of being called in to a Russian tea room so soon after having been captured by Russians: 1 in 56.

Of being called in to a Russian tea room by someone who isn't Russian: 1 in 1,132.

Of being called in by someone that had been attacked by the same guys that had taken her in the first place: 1 in 91,437.

Domino's got a lot to teach Kurt, it would seem. Yet, being called here just plays in her favor. She knows Russian quite fluently though she never has to speak a word of it. When she's at the entrance there's a murmuring of 'prizrak suka' amongst those watching over the place.

Within seconds they're giving her a berth, though the looks that she's getting from nearly all angles aren't friendly. Some are wary. A couple look afraid. Some look downright livid. But, she's inside.

She's also reaching for a handful of fuzzy blue tail. Literally. She's trying to catch a Kurt by the tail while she hisses "Walk with me" into his ear in passing.

She'll -drag- him by that tail if she has to.

The tail grab will be enough, hearing the murmurs, he turns and looks two. Startled at this reaction, he adopts an unfriendly look too. Playing along with the crowd so as not to stand out, despite blue, fuzzy, tail and eyes and teetch and all the other stuff that makes him stick out. It doesn't work, she comes right to him and his tail flickers, like playful cat. Him doing angry face but his tail knowing who it is and betraying him. You tail you!

"Ja, ja, I'd love too …." his tail yonked, not quite dragging him, he'll move and follow so the pulling isn't too hard on him. Then he whispers, "You could just ask …" Meaning for going with her, instead of tell pulling. Maybe he means he could just bamf them as this was a bad idea. He can't just stop talking either, its Kurt's bane - or want. "I don't think they like you around here, oddly enough." Not so odd, except maybe to Kurt only.

Dom's hold on his tail is anything but kind. It's meant to hurt, both from the pressure and from the way she deliberately digs her blackened fingernails into the skin beneath the fur. "Why not just stand out in the open with a goddamn neon bullseye on your face, Wagner? Anywhere but a place like this. -Anywhere.-"

But, now that they're here… She'll lead the other meta along to find the most secluded spot within the place then hook the toe of a boot around the leg of a chair so she can pull it out then roughly deposit the elf upon it.

Once her hand is free it goes right up to the unmarked right brow, holding her down-turned face while her left hand settles upon her hip. "We've really gotta work on your approach," she mutters before the raised hand slides down across her face, then falls uselessly at her side as she turns to pin his glowy eyes with her icy blue stare.

"Do you have any idea how lucky you are right now?"

There is a slight hint of a yip, "Ah, ah … ah …" at her taking his tail, digging in nails even. Its not just like kinky nails, either, assuming a blue elf knows about things like that. Not that it matters, but no fun, no fun. "I … the blue fuzzy face … its already a bullseye." Meaning he gets some recognition. Though, in fairness, going to Russian parts of the city does make it a bigger target all the same. Since he has been seen in the company of Domino and Clint, one or the other or both, Kurt isn't sure yet who's after who and why, just those two seem buddies with the Russians in a bullying sort of way.

His tail free, he holds it to protect it from her, as if it were a puppy, its own entity. He shakes his head, "What, no, lucky? You just said I had bad approach, but I'm getting lucky …. I'm so confused."

Casting a quick glance around the room to make sure they're as clear as they're likely going to be, Dom pulls out another chair and drops herself into it in the same motion. She's leaning forward across the table in a heartbeat, staring at Kurt anew. She keeps her voice pitched low when she explains "In case you haven't noticed we gave a very large group of -Russians- one hell of a black eye a few days ago. If you had a deathwish you could have given me a call and saved everyone a lot of time."

"Forty-six percent of everyone in this room wants to gun you down, here and now. -Eighty-three- percent want to do the same to me. That last seventeen percent is what's keeping my ass alive, and yours by proxy. So yeah, you're damn lucky. If things turned out any way other than how they did with our Tracksuit pals then we'd both be seeing the very best of Russian hospitality about now. I'm gonna get plenty of flak for this soon enough."

"You're suggesting they all know each other or something," says Kurt, not fullying buying the stats. But looking around, there are a lot of mean faces still glaring in their direction. "Nein, no … no death wish." He looks around again, then nods his head, "Okay okay, sorry, I admit it, completely wrong." Then he looks back up from hanging his head, a curious grin. "Next you'll tell me this isn't the place to discuss going after that lost research we talked about," the stuff most likely confiscated by Russian authorities that visited Crimea while his people where there at the conference when Russia decided against Ukraine being a free state again.

"Influence, Wagner," Domino practically growls. "No, they aren't one giant happy family, but did it occur to you for even a second that they might happen to have some of their own already here?" Twitching her head back in the direction of the doorway, she asks "Did you catch what they called me back there? Prizrak suka. 'Ghost bitch.' Which Ruskie group do you think I picked that one up from?"

Quickly releasing a heavy breath she then turns an up-held hand before letting it fall to the tabletop, "Doesn't matter now. Damage is done. Just..try not to do anything -else- stupid or they'll start pressing me on why they should continue to let you live." (What's life without a little risk.)

There is something else she could do at this point, however. If they're here to discuss business amongst a group of people they both have a growing reputation with then why speak in a language the rest of them might understand? Switching over to German, she seamlessly continues with "Tell me what you've got to say."

His eyes widen a little, he might of gotten half what they were saying right, but was assuming he was wrong. Oddly, slang is one of those first things some people pick up in a foreign language. He won't stab a guess at who gave her the name first, but track-suits come to mind. Then again, who knows how many groups of Russians are out there, he doesn't, criminal underworld is unkown to him for the most part.

Though glad to pick up German, his mortally wounded tail is left to dangle behind him. Its so stupid that tail, she wanted to kill it put its flicking as if still happy. He tries to ignore it. "I was pondering how close we might be to going over there for a look. But then, with this mess-up, bringing you hear, I'm guessing I have a long ways to go still …."

"Close as close gets," Domino thinks aloud between the two. "We've only got two options, either abandon it now or press forward and try to keep as low a profile as we can. Nothing short of running to the west coast is going to lower the heat we've gathered with these idiots. Just remember that plausible deniability is your friend. I'm here because you're paying for a merc. We do the job, I get my due. We have no further connection beyond that."

While perhaps not entirely true it's important enough to her to make it as clear as she can. No one else should know about what these two are all up to.

"I've got some stuff on the horizon so if you're feeling ballsy enough to take this op to the next level then sooner is better."

Considering that, Kurt ponders it, "How soon on the horizon?" Its more aimed at withint the year agreed upon, maybe they can wait a little bit, she can do all her freelancing options on that horizon. Then again, the longer that stuff sits in other hands, the more someone has a chance to capitalize on it while his company suffers. He shakes his head, "No, lets do it sooner. The next couple of weeks good enough? I can work on being more in-cognito." Not really, blue and fuzzy is hard to cover up. Even with some paint or makeup, fuzzy elf/imp features are all the same.

Then a grin, his canines warm, "It'll be fun, like summer camp," if summer camp were a gulag. He wouldn't know the difference, he didn't so summer camp either. Sole heir with dead father, his life was like summer camp at his estates. "I don't want to abandon if we don't have to. But I'll leave it to your discration to, you know. If you don't think its feasible, we can drop it. But, I still want the contract up so you can teach me more?"

For a moment Domino just sits there and stares across the table at Kurt before asking "How can you be so damn cheery all the time?"

Yeah… The contract. Seven figures' worth of contract. It's less a matter of whether it can be done and more a matter of how it -should- be done. Where to include him, what to keep him distanced from? She's still considering her options when someone else, wearing a tracksuit oddly enough, comes up to their table to grin down at the albino.

"Hey, you no forget about bro Yuri, no? How do you say..time is money, da?"

Dom rolls her eyes up toward the burly man, a pale fingertip tapping once against the table as though she's imagining pulling a trigger. "Do I tell you how to do your job, 'bro?' It'll be taken care of, bug off."

Laughing in a tone which might suggest he's hoping that she screws up, the burly guy turns away and leaves the two alone.

Looking back to Kurt, she admits "Pretty damn soon. Got any business in Gotham in the next twenty-four hours?"

Scratching his chin, by way of the tip of his injured tail. More his own pride, the tail doesn't stop doing what it does it seems. Kurt says, "No, but I could manage something down there. I imagine I can find something. That a good place to start?" He is clueless in this regard. Not sure if she even wants him in Gotham, or needs him cause of his abilities. More like, admitting he can have business, but seeing double checking if that's what she's asking of him.

As the other man is gone, he leans in some, still cheery it seems. "I didn't know you had Russian family," meaning her bro there. His tail does retract just a little, cause it remembers the claws even while trying to forget them.


Black-tipped fingernails drum across the tabletop. Just once.

"Go to hell."

No, really!

Point in the blue dude's favor, he didn't press Domino on why she's now working for Yuri when just the other day they all wanted to cut her into itty bitty pieces. "Don't worry about it. Best not to plan on me being anywhere else until this time tomorrow." If they find her leaving the city and -not- going straight for Gotham then she's going to have more problems on her hands.

For Kurt, he is the sort to take kindly to anyone, yet knowing somewhere Domino works for the sake of working for money and the details might not be quite so important as payload. If the paid her more money than some other potential payer, he can't begrudge her doing what she does.

"So, this time tomorrow, be in Gotham." A gotcha sort of thing. She's going there for whatever purpose, but he can be there too. That bamf out still applicable if her situation goes from worse to worse-r. "I have lots of business their suddenly, my phones ringing off the hook." He pats his pocket, his phone isn't ringing at all. He took the go to hell, he had it coming, his tail backed up a little more at the sight of fingernails.

"That's not-" Domino starts in then quickly catches herself. She didn't mean for Kurt to come wait for her in Gotham. In fact, she'd rather keep him nice and far away from this, -all- of this, but then she remembers that the dude can teleport. If she times things well then she could potentially give herself yet another exit route once her own work has concluded. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing, after all… He still doesn't know where in the city she's going to be.

"Yeah. Real active out there lately, isn't it?" she asks with a thin smirk. "I'll find us a meeting point. If you want to jump off from there then we'll jump off from there."

It's always nice knowing she's got a kill-switch on any resulting pursuit that might try to come after her.

She didn't finish what she started to say, Kurt remains clueless she wasn't suggesting he go there, at all, any time soon. Instead he nodes, "Ya, curious that," it being so active. He doesn't know where yet, but it won't be hard for him to find a few points in the city, get to know it like he's getting to know Manhattan. Gotham his little getaway from NYC now, not that he thinks he's being used any such so much as helping a 'friend' in tight situations. One more day alive, right, the good christian thing to do.

Oh, he'll be helping Dom in a bad situation, alright. It's better that he not know all that it entails for now, though. Or, like..ever. She's not afraid to use what resources are available to her. So much the better that the guy -wants- to help!

"You got anything else on that convoluted German mind of yours or are we good to see if we can walk out of this place with all of our pieces intact?"

Giving a pause, Kurt's curious why they don't just bamf from a hostile spot, then again, maybe she doesn't want all the other bro's knowing he teleports just yet. So he shakes his head, "I do have this awesome idea for a triple decker pickle cheese and ham grilled sandwich … but we can talk and walk, while trying to stay intact as we escape from here." All in german, oddly, his sandwich idea is probably a real idea. Maybe not wholly convaluted or what she was asking about, but its something else on his mind so it fit the bill.

It's here that a pale white forehead drops into an identically bleached palm. "Oh, Kurt…" Domino groans under her breath.

Slowly lifting her head, she agrees with the idea of movement. "Let's ditch this place. We've flirted with suicide enough for one afternoon."

Moving to stand up, he turns to look at his tail, "That's your take on flirting?" Her yanking his tail, leading him around. All a joke from him, not serious at all, unless she really does claim potential others by nail dragging. "You have to admit it though, that sandwhich would be awesome, with a squash soap …. and some bagel chips." Bagel chips in the soup to soak it up will the sandwhich is dipped into it.

"Something like," is Dom's noncommittal response."

Stepping away from the table as well, she sides to the guy "You give this stuff way too much damn thought, Furball."

(And now I want lunch.)

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