(2014-11-04) Wreckers Wrecked
Wreckers Wrecked
Summary: Thunderball and Piledriver are foiled by Topaz (Black Knight observes?)
Date: (2014-11-04)
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NPCs: Thunderball and Piledriver
Scene Runner: Black Knight.
Social/Plot: Plot

A good cool day in early November in the city, more leaves falling from those sidewalk trees that remain here and there, or from those balconies high up where people import trees and the like for ambiance in their personal abodes or around their offices. All is well until alarms rise at a Midtown Bank. Police are quickly on the way, but no one is running out with bags of money in their arms, or holding out automatic weapons to make a getaway. The only thing that happens on the street level is when a part of the street collapses. Suffering damage from underneath in some old subway tunnels probably, several cars call into the massive hole.

This is the earliest that Dane Whitman becomes aware of the situations. There is a slight mystical flux about, tones of evil, him drawn towards evil. But no villains or culprits seen per say, other than the hole, the cars that drove in, and some panic starting to erupt. Flying in from south and west, near the NYU campuses near the Village, he is armored and mounted on Strider. The news of the street collapse getting his interest. Radio seems to get the news first (or police scanners) with someone calling in. Such that Strider is circling down in from overhead before police are arriving, they're a couple blocks away as he glides down with the horse for a closer look.

Now that she has two businesses to run Topaz has even less time to get out and just relax and wander the city. She really needs to hire a new bartender to help at the Lounge, which is what brings her to this part of the city. With its large number of nightclubs and bars there is a larger selection of people that are looking for those kind of positions. All she has to do is tell a few select bar managers she is hiring and they will send applicants her way. She is just leaving one such establishment when all hell seems to break out a few blocks away. Cars falling through the sudden hole in the street and the wailing of sirens. All of these means possible injury or worse, so she hurries in that direction, her brightly colored jacket swirling around her as she pushes her way through the street traffic.

For the Black Knight, he is descending to the actual location. There are other people moving to help the cars. No serious injury, lots of collateral damage, especially the vehicles that fell into the hole, but no personal harm down to any bystandars, miraculously enough. On the other hand, Even as Topaz is running, she'll see a large metal ball shoot out of the street a couple blocks away, not far from her, and then two men exit from the street.

One who comes up as the wrecking ball mystically seems to return to him and he catches it by the 3' chain attached to it, "I told you to remember the tunnels, you said you knew the way." The one with the ball is wearing green and yellow for costume. The other, red and white with some blue, climbs up. His hands extra large, his fingers dig into the concrete as he comes up to join him. "I'm telling you, its not the same as on the map we got." Both have a satchel stuffed with money on a shoulder, carring a load of money without it seeming to bother their movements.

Topaz can tell before she even gets there, that injuries are few. Luck was with them this day. No injuries means that her services are necessarily needed. This at first glance seems to be nothing that the city's emergency departments can't deal with. That is until the large metal ball bursts up from the street.

Anything shooting out of the street is going to catch attention, especially if it is a large metal ball, because that's not even close to normal. The two men that follow quickly draw her attention, which in this instance is not a good thing to have. Especially since she can read minds, and has no problem with doing so in this instance. Bank robbers, well her day just took a turn for the exciting. A hand gesture and a spoken word and she disappears from where she was to appear directly in thier path and she tsks at them "I do not think any kind of map is going to help you now."

The metal ball from the street gets some attention, not that Black Knight sees it but hears it. Its only minor as he is looking from street to bank, as if contemplating the clues even, sure its related, that somehow there is an escape taking place there. Its not until a commotion starts near Topaz and the two members of Wrecking Crew that he turns to look, as she moves, or rather, appears in front of them. He has to move to remount, just getting off to look around for a moment.

Thunderball, green and yellow, with the wrecking ball, starts to spin the chain. Slowly to get it around his body but it will pick up pace quickly enough if not itnervened, "Ya, and you think you will, hero?" The ball can't be but half a ton, but with enough momentum, it could quickly increase its level of force. Piledriver, the man with the big hands grins a little, not stopping Thunderball, but waiting a moment for him to take care of the woman.

"Help you? No, no help will come from me. You will be in sore need of it though." half a ton plus the body wieght, is nothing to Topaz's magical abilities. Her hands glow and lift, as she grasps both men in her telekinetic grip and lift them bodily off the ground, her hands twist which flips them over, so they are hanging upside down.

As Black Knight rises on Strider, Topaz lifts the two strong-men rather easily. The pulling of their feet stops the momentum of Thunderball, the ball hanging below him. "You had to throw that ball up," complains Pile Driver, looking red in the face angry now that someone has them caught. Thunderball harrumphs and ignores Pile Driver, moving to work the ball up to lug it at Topaz with increased force. He won't banter at the moment, she got the upper hand last time, he doesn't seem want to let her have it again. No telling what she's doing or using, or if the ball will get to him should he toss it, but he tries what he can while hanging upside down in Topaz' TK grip.

If she were a cruel person, Topaz would grap the metal ball with her TK as well and smack Thunderball with it. Lucky for him she isn't. As it flies at her she takes it in hand as well, grasping it with her TK as well. Juggling multiple objects is child's play to her. "You think I did not expect that. You advertise your intentions like a dealship advertises their cars."

Piledriver has given up, he needs his hands to touch something in order to work and be a strong guy. Thunderball is ungrounded, he can't be too offensive. Though he doesn't know how strong Topaz is with her TK, thus he recalls the Hammer. It doesn't teleport, but it will fly back to him in the same manner as Mjolnir would return to Thor, no bounds known planet splitting direct return. To see if she holds on, it pulls her, or simply returns to him.

Dane makes the flight over in the time its taken Topaz to get a hand on things. He hovers as he watches the scene unfold.

Thunderball says as he recalls his ball, "Ya, and I hope to make as much as some dealerships …"

Topaz doesn't just let him take the Ball, he is no TK lightweight. She resists at first, but just enough so that when she releases the thing it will snap back like a rubberband and hopefully give him a nice smack.

Wanting it back, not thinking it would be released as it is, it does return and hit Thunderball. He turns as much as he can to absorb the blow, yet it knocks him out and the ball drops to the ground. More flies past him after bouncing off, but it then falls eventually with a big thunk, giving a slight shake to the ground.

Black Knight moves closer as things seem in hand for the moment. Not being in the states too long, he doesn't know what is done with such criminals, and calls out to Topaz, "You have them under control, or do we need to summon appropriate authorities?" To deal with meta/super types.

Topaz tilts her head slightly to look at the hanging upside down Thunderball "Yes, sleeping now is the perfect alternative to fighting me." she shakes her head in disblielf as she looks breifly at Piledriver "You must be the brains." she assumes that because he was smart enough not to try anything. "I do yes. Yes, the police will need to be called. If they aren't on there way already." as she talks now to BK, she continues to hold the two up. Turning her head she seems a bit taken back by the armored man, "Black Knight. It has been quite a while since someone has carried that name.

Amongst his gear, he still keeps a smart phone, his ability only granted by mystical forces, no mystial powers himself. Black Knight is lifting it to dial as he listens, police, to this location not just near the bank. The details taken in as he dials. It will ring for a bit. "Ah, yes, at least by someone capable of wielding the ability." Or more, in the bloodline and chosen to keep up the family mantle/curse. "You have studied history then?" She seems mystical, but he only assumes it could come from some discourse on mystical history that she recognizes the armor rather than having seen or known the prior one. "Well met …" Leaving it there, he doesn't know her proper address and the phone picks up, he gives some details about potential super-villains or meta-villains and the location. Police from the other scene will be sent over, its a couple blocks, but traffic is jammed between both locations with no where to go.

"And willing as well. Not many would be. It is a great responsibility." Topaz might look silly standing there with her glowing hands held up in the air, but apparently she doesn't care "Yes, extensively," it isn't a lie, she has studied a lot of history, most of it mystical in nature. "Octavius Garret was a great man, until his power drove him crazy.

Good thing is police are getting through the jam, if not slowly, but closer to hand doesn't have to be kept up. Black Knight nods, "It is good at least some would say such about Octavius." His great uncle. "Many who bore the name succumbed in the end. I am told by Percy," the rumored ghost of the first Black Knight, "Only a couple of us have come out sane. I owe my thanks to the Lady of the Lake, I do not face that struggle currently." Not being with the Ebony Sword, or needing it.

"A man's life shouldn't be dictated by how it ends, but by the journey that was taken to get there. Octavius' journey was a bumpy one." she talks as if she knew the man personally, but she looks way to young for that, "There was much evil walking the world in his day." she doesn't so much as bat an eyelash when Dane speaks of the Lady of the Lake as if she was real.

Police are starting to arrive, the 2-man Wrecking Crew could be handed over. Dane bats an eye a moment, realizing she's seeming to know the situation more than she's letting on. Something only few might know, his ups and downs, outside of the family and family story or Percy. Turning in the reigns a little, Strider jumps while flying just a little, so that he turns his other side towards Topaz. "How is you've come to know so much of my great Uncle," he takes the direct approach in his curiousity.

As the two villians are taken into custody, Topaz drops her hands and there tell-tale glow fades "I do not no so much, as you say. My mentor and teacher knew so much more." that would be Taboo, also a powerful sorceror from farther back than her. That is not a lie either, but clearly not the whole truth.

Dane doesn't seem want to question that, it has a logical sense to it, someone keeping the knowledge alive, even if oral tradition. Makes more sense as the woman seems mystical enough. "Perhaps then, we may meet and discuss what little you know, and what your master has taught you. I am curious if there are details I am yet not aware of?" In part, as he favors towards logic first, someone much more familiar with the mystical realm might be a good contact to have while back in the States.

Her hand moves and a card, of the business variety appears in it out of nowhere and she hands it "Feel free to visit either of my establishments." both are listed on the card, the Lounge on one side, the shop on the other as well as her name "It was a pleasure speaking with you." and with that she disappears with a spark of light.


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