(2014-10-31) Monster from the Deep
Monster from the Deep
Summary: Justice and Jack Flag face off against another monster.
Date: IC Date (2014-10-31)
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NPCs: Manphibian
Scene Runner: Justice
Social/Plot: Plot

While speaking to the police, the heroes overhear a radio call from a dispatcher relay that there's some sort of monster emerging from the Gotham River West. That the creature looks like some blend of man and amphibian. Further, that people are running in terror and the creature threatens the Ambrose Port Service.

Vance says to Jack, "Looks like our cue." and will grab Jack with his TK, lift into the air, and ask, "Where'd you put your sky sled down?"

Jack says, "It was on the open lawn." Night time doesn't help that idea, he has to pause and think. "Southside, from the mummy, so southeast." And he points, there is a spot with no trees. Looking even one can see a flashing light, its parked but still turned on it would seem. "Ever get the feeling it might be a long night?" In flight he ponders, considering another call just went up right as the mummy concluded.

In route to the harbor, Vance will drop Jack off at the Sky Sled. His answer comes quickly and with a smile, "It's going to be a glorious night. We've not fought monsters, real monsters, in a long time. Robots don't count."

Then he shoots westward toward the harbor, expecting Jack to catch up with the Sky Sled.

"Monster good, robots bad, gotcha," for Jack its more all the same, if he can hit or punch, and the target feels it, he's good it would seem. Then he's on the sled, following after Vance. "We should invest in night vision goggles or something, they might come in handy some day."

"That'd be cool.." states Vance and then all of a sudden….

The harbor is easy to pick out. There's a huge ball of fire and then plumes of black smoke (against an already black/cloudy sky). The explosion dies down as the combustibles are burned out. But from a distance one can see the monstrous creature that looks slightly larger than a man, perhaps Juggernaut size. The creature is rampaging across the pier ripping through tankers with massive muscles and deadly claws. Workers are scattering and trying to flee for safety. The creature roars and smashes into a train (tank car) knocking it on its side, it ruptures and the fuel that spills from it rushes toward something burning. There's about to be another explosion.

Vance swishes into the area. "I'll try to get the people to safety. You handle that monster!" He breaks from Jack's flying sled and descends rapidly toward the pier. His TK is already reaching out to see what he can do about the fire.

"Gotcha, on it," says Jack, turning to fly the said at the large monster. Seeing how it handled the train, this seems like one of those things that could be a real fight for him. Maybe a bit much, thinking he'll need to play it smarter at least. While it rampages by the looks of it. Jack flies the sled, turning it to hover and air brake - he'll have to beg for a return to it. He leaps as the sled slows, to use forward momentum from the sled to propel himself towards the monster, using gravity for the rest. If he's going to get a first punch, it has to be good. He can't fly, but he can put two fists up, something like a spear - just with hands not his head/helmet.

The creature is quite strong, stronger than Jack. This won't be a good day for the hero.

Jack's leap strikes home. The creature is struck with both of Jack's fists and slammed back into the side of a cargo ship. It dents the steel side of the ship. But that only serves to piss the creature off. It will peel itself off the ship and roar at Jack.

Meanwhile, Vance is doing his best to toss flaming things into the river, keeping them from…

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Another explosion rocks the pier shattering glass, denting walls, and sending a shockwave that will knock Vance from his flight several hundred yards back.

Not knowing Vance was in that explosion, Jack moves to get himself up, backing out from the ship so there is room to move at least. "I think I only got his attention, we're gonna need a plan B." He looks around, for something to use as a weapon, a club, a massive column or something. Just to swing and keep it away from him, cause it looks ready to charge. The only thing he can do is brace for impact.

[OOC] Vance Astrovik says, "I forgot to link: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/7/71941/1563059-manphibian_by_dave_cockrum.jpg"

The creature leaps from the ship toward Jack. The creature's left clawed hand grabs Jack's shoulder, the right will then rake the deadly talons across Jack's chest. Mostly it just rips Jack's shirt. It may hurt, but doesn't flay the skin.

Nearby, there is a forklift, with sharp forks that may be able to damage the creature. There are also various metal bars, pipes, crates, and a few other vehicles. Also spools of heavy grade cable which may be used to tie up the creature if one was to get creative.

Vance hovers while his eyes clear and the ringing stops.

There is a hint of hurt in that, some spotting blood even. Jack winces and squirms to be away, then running for the forklift. "This way ugly," he says, trying to get it to chase. Moving with the hope of having it coming fast enough at the forklift, or him, that he can get the vehicle and turn/lift it so that those tonges pose a deadly threat to the beast. As far as he's concerned at this point, its non human and poses a deadly threat, if the fork of the forklift might hurt it, more the better.

The creature gives pursuit. Jack turns the forklift in time to drive the tines directly into the chest of the creature. However, they do not penetrate. Instead, the tines curl up into spirals as the force of the two strengths come together. The creature closes the distance, grabs the forklift and will intend to use it like a baseball bat with the goal of knocking Jack into next week.

Jack can't move fast enough to avoid the quick hit, stunned slightly at the force of the creature bending up the forks so easily when they collide. His mask damaged and split, his face out now, Jack sails through the air to collide with a large vehicle. A crane or wrecking ball, he only considers it a second. Then again, its tougher than him, not much he could do with it. "That all you got," he says, just to keep focus on him. A new thought coming to mind, not to copy mummy incident, but if its from the water, dry and fire might be bad for it. He'll see if there is a factory or furnace nearby, instead of facing it, he'll try to lure it there. "You there buddy," Jack asks towards Vance.

A groan comes from the still rung Vance who hovers 200 yards away, "Yeah… I'm on my way back. Where.. what's the plan?"

The creature is not shy. It casts the forklift aside and starts lumbering toward Jack's position. It roars again and bears it's fangs and claws.

"Its chasing, but we need something to actually hurt it," responds Jack moving around the large vehicle, eyeing his escapes all the same. "Or cage it, but its silly strong. I can't take too many more hits if it catches me again." He could take a few, but it would all be on the level of him taking a beating.

"Can it punch through a ship's hull?" asks Vance. Which he probably already knows the answer being yes. Since it's stronger than Jack.

In all their battles, the best way to defeat something super strong that cannot fly is for Vance to hoist it up with his TK and hope it doesn't have a mental attack. But Vance is thinking 'cage' since he knows he can't hold onto things forever.

"Ya, it can fly through it even," if hit from a punch beyond Jack's normal level, thanks to air speed and momentum and gravity. Or physics, simple as that, not that Jack is pondering physics or science or things like that. "He might catch up if I play this too long," returns Jack, still leading the creature while trying to avoid it. He hasn't had to sprint backwards just yet to avoid a charge, but that could cause him to trip if he's not looking.

The creature leaps toward Jack again. It closes significant distance and will slash with its massive claws trying to rend Jack into pieces. In mid stroke, the creature is grabbed TKly by Vance who is hovering 30 feet up and back from the creature. Vance whips the creature around and says, "Hello, ugly." Now the creature has its back to Jack.

The swipe gets Jack, tearing shirt and some flesh again, but Vance saves him from an utterly destructive rend at least. "Fucks sake, close call," says Jack, breathing again, then seeing the creature turned from him. He'll take a free shot actually, like a suspending punching back. In fact, if Vance holds it just right, so its arms and potentially legs have a hard time getting to Jack he could punching bag the thing. "That's for the shirt, and this one's for making me bleed ugly." He'll say giving some punches a least, depending if Vance holds it up longer or looks for that cage.

The punches are stupendous and the creature wails. It's actually hurt to some extent. Perhaps because it's held in place or that Jack is getting in some cheap shots. The creature struggles and in a few seconds, Vance will lift the creature off the ground.

Vance will say, "Ok… I've got him but not sure for how long. He's moving around and I can feel his strength acting against my TK." He and Jack will spy the heavy duty cable spooled up at the same time. Vance will say, "What if we mummify him in that cable? Like the mummy, but cocooned?"

Ya, hold his arms, I'll wrap as much around him as I can," says Jack, turning to look at the cable, then moving towards it. "If you can't hold him forever, I don't want to be close when he can swing again." Grabbing the first and turning it easily enough against its weight which usually needs a forklift, he finds the end like a spool of knitting thread. Turning to move where Vance has the creature. If they really get going, Vance might be able to turn him and reel the cable right onto the creature itself, much faster than Jack could run around it.

Once the cable is set, Vance will say, "I'm gonna spin him…." and the spinning will start. With the spinning, the creature will be wrapped in the cable and ultimately cocooned such that it will be unable to break the bonds (for now). The spinning is completed and the creature is lowered to the concrete as police, fire/rescue roll onto the scene. Vance states, "Looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy saved the day again."

Jack holds and guides the unwinding cable as it rewinds on the creature. Not controlling the spool itself, the large object rolls away randomly as the last of the cable comes off and Jack moves to tie it off even. "Its our day … Halloween, speaking of which, I think I need a new costume after this, one that is scratch resistant and fire proof."

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