(2014-10-31) Ivar the Boneless?
Ivar the Boneless
Summary: An apparent viking from the 9th Century arrives in NYC - Black Knight and Scarlet Witch stop his parade
Date: (2014-10-31)
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NPCs: Ivar the Boneless - alternate dimension perhaps
Scene Runner: Black Knight.
Social/Plot: Plot

Mystical energies ripple out in the NYC area as, through the mists from beyond a rider has come. A barbaric knight weilding an axe, who has parted the folds to meet with another man in the realm of mortals. On the run himself, from his own demons, or the real sort even. That other man turned to face the barbarian knight, summoning his own sword and shield to make battle with the other. Their mystical arms ringing against each other, setting off those ripples.
All this in the sky over Midtown. What the man turned knight, in blue armor, doesn't realize is that the stronger barbarian is more than he appears and is cast off his flying stead (wingless, but mystical) as the barbarian sends blue hellfire from his axe to topple the other. More mystical ripples happen as the barbarian turns to open a portal, from which in the distance, seems to be an approaching army, as if to make war on earth.
Not soon, but they're marching and no one to stop the knight. Feeling those ripples, the presence of evil, Dane summons his own armor, sword, shield and stead, beconing to the call of Avalon, an ancient foe has returned. He flies over NYC heading for the dark cloud the Barbarian is summoning.

Suddenly, a bolt of crimson energy blasts into the barbarian, helping bind him, at least temporarily. The source of that bolt, would be the Scarlet Witch, in costume as she apparently was either in the neighbhorhood or sensed the disturbance and decided to act. She glances over at the Black Knight, "Do you know who this is?" At which point, the barbarian uses his axe and cleaves through the Crimson Bands binding him, much to Wanda's surprise.

Coming in near the Scarlet Witch, Black Knight returns, "I think … Ivar the Boneless … but that was ages ago." He's not certain, has studied family and Black Knight histories. Not sure how a mythical figure from 700 AD'ish is not mystical and here trying to summon an army.
As the barbarian is free, he swings and sends his blue hellfire at Wanda, Dane intercedes to absorb with his shield quickly. "I might fare against him for a time, but he is stronger I think … and the portal must be stopped." Some of the barbarians seem like living dead barbarians. Zombies, skeletons, walking corpses — all with axes and horns and furs and such.

Scarlet Witch nods, "Alright, if you can keep this Ivar busy, I'll try to close the portal." With that, she launches herself in the air, chanting in a forgotten tongue as she gestures towards the portal, crimson energy bands contesting with the dark portal, trying to contain it.

While Dane forwards Strider some toward Ivar, the other knights horse mystically retreives him and retreats to recover, nearly a squire for the Blue Knight. Ivar advances on his larger mount, near all black with some white paint mixed into its coat, he swings his axe to place it for a charge. At that moment, Dane releases the hellfire stored in the Shield of Night through the Sword of Light, right at the Barbarian. Ivar chuckles and deflects with his mighty mystical axe, "No good Black Knight, you will join your friend."

His voice accented, he has learned other languages between teh centuries it seems. As the Witch contends with the expanding portal, lighting flashes from it, in its struggle to open. Some of that same hellfire rains from the conflict, falling to the city below, burning like an incindiary until it succumbs but each drop burning away some metal, some concrete.

The Scarlet Witch gestures, drawing on more power than she would normally dare to do, but the hellfire seems to be caught by the crimson energy, being absorbed by it as Wanda suddenly smiles, linking the portal's energy to the barrier containing it, binding it under a growing chain of scarlet chains.

As the Black Knight enters combat with Ivar, there is crackling hellfire abound, coming from the strong attacks pressed by the barbarian, rippling off Dane's mystical shield, absorbed, returned by swings of the Sword of Light. The two spiral and circle in the sky as Wanda is inspired, turning the energy released by the portal in its necessity to open against itself. Thus any flare of mystical hellfire there doubles back on itself. Her hold is good, the portal is closing, but the double of energy, seems like it could build up to an explosion almost.

Wanda smiles a bit to herself as an idea strikes her, sensing the potential energy build up… and preparing a channel for it. Where would she channel that explosion? Well, there's that Ivar individual that started this whole mess…

With Ivar, Dane keeps his word, the Barbarian evidencing signs of being stronger for certain, even while the Avalonion equipment of the Black Knight being capable, the other is more able to press advantage. The Black Knight is buying time to deal with the portal as more pressing. He won't complain about an assist from that explosion.

They circle, she will have to time it right, but occasionally, Ivar is exposed to her in that duel between the two.

Wanda gestures, setting it up, focusing the leftover energy in one specific space… timing it just right as she concentrates, then she suddenly shouts, "Hey, Ivar!" Assuming he looks, even if it's a casual glimpse, that's when the boom hits from the depths of Hell.

Not quite turning, but hearing, then sensing the impending hit, he turns in time to be nailed by the force unleashed by Wanda, or the portal and channeled by her. Not only does portal go, but Ivar is consumed in the rain of Hellfire from that explosion. Dane covers with shield enough, other blasts close to him go to Avalonian Armor. Strider taking some damage but not quite downed from it, merely sent back spiraling a little before regaining flight for himself and his rider.

Turning then in saddle to actually see who helped, Dane gives pause then a tip of sword to helmet, "My thanks then." Not to keep it all mysterious or simple, he does incline his head more to greet himself to her, "I am the Black Knight."

Wanda smiles, "I might have to speak to a lawyer about possible color/role trademarking then. I'm the Scarlet Witch." She nods, "Glad I could help out… I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this for a Halloween afternoon."

"The Scarlet Witch, interesting and fitting," says Dane in return, smirking himself. As fitting as him being a guy in black armor with the name he goes by. "Indeed, not the costume I hopped to wear today," he admits about his armor, not that he would normally dress up that is. "At least Halloween brought its surprise, we can hope this is the only one?"

Wanda shakes her head, "Probably not. The barrier between the supernatural and mundane wears thin on Samhain, so…" She shrugs a bit, "I should be surprised that this is the first one I've seen, really."

"Ah, yes," he says, realizing what she says, finding that logically. Though Dane's analytically mind still doesn't accept it flat out, but if someone where to be doing this, its a good day. Not that anyone is. "I was about to part company, can you somehow find thse things, breaks in that barrier? Or do you need a hand in keeping this barrier up?"

The Witch laughs at that, "No, it's not something I maintain or anything… it just happens around this time of year. Best you can really do is find the breaks before they do too much damage."

Grinning a little, Dane can't help it when she laughs it seems. Even though its his misunderstanding, he's not embarassed by it either. "If only I could find those breaks. I'd offer aid should more arise, but there is no mystical summons I am bound to." Other than Knights of the Pendragon and Lady of the Lake, but no way for him to offer that. "Does a cell phone work - should you need more help with these breaks?"

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