(2014-10-31) Giant Mummys are Flammable
Giant Mummys are Flammable
Summary: The Guardians face off against a giant mummy.
Date: IC Date (2014-10-31)
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NPCs: Gomdulla
Scene Runner: Justice
Social/Plot: Plot

-==[ Robinson Park — Gotham ]==--------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Robinson Park is the green heart of Gotham City. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Robinson Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Beneviere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Red Blossom Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Further to the south end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - it provides drinking water for Gotham residents. To the east and west one can see the gothic high rise structures of the East and West Ends respectively. And to the south one can see the massive gothic skyscrapers of Gotham's Financial and Diamond districts.

The Reservoir is just that, storing fresh water for Gothamites to drink. Understandably, swimming is not allowed here. North of the reservoir is the Wayne Botanical Gardens. Then beyond that the Spring River and then Arkham Island. Those areas are near the rougher sections of town, and things tend to spill over here in a big way. At night, things are worse, with rapists and muggers roaming around in the darkness, looking for the stupid and the unwary to prey upon. Naturally, this is the most unused section of the park, due to the influx of crime. To the south Robinson Park can be seen spreading out in a lush of green while to the east and west highrise structures are noted with their gothic designs.

Robinson Park, 1am. Off to the east, alarms sound that signal the Gotham Museum of Natural History was broken into (or out of in this case). The peace and tranquility of the park is disturbed as a young woman in a cat suit is seen fleeing for her life. She darts between trees in a prey sort of manner. Within her right hand is a golden necklace with pretty jewels within the amulet that is shaped like a cat's face.

Behind her, the noises of rustling leaves, cracking of branches, and a deep groan are heard. She pants as she runs, out of breath. Then behind her it goes silent. She turns to look up, she pauses her flight to catch her breath. Then from high within the branches, a linen wrapped arm reaches down and snatches her.

Five minutes ago, alarms were sounded when the Museum of Natural History was disturbed. This gave our heroes time to leap into action, suit up, and make their way to Gotham and near-to the park.

Vance Astrovik, AKA: Justice, is above the west side of Gotham zipping between highrises in route toward the park. He speaks over the comm., "Hey guys, I'm nearly there. What's yall's ETA?"

Of course something is going to go down that interupts Courtney's Halloween party time. "Seriously." she says over her comm, loud thumping music heard in the background and the other noises associated with partying "You'd think bad guys would at least take Halloween off, leave the trouble making to the kids." she moves fast and flies faster so it isn't long before she is on the scene, though not as Stargirl, but as Daphne from Scooby Doo, from red-hair to purple go-go boots she has the look down. The Star Staff kind of looks out of place, as does her power belt, it's doubtful she was wearing those until the call came in.

Being the only one without flight and now working with a mobile team, Jack Flag is either piloting the ship itself to help be mobile in fighting crime as a team - versus them each going out randomly while on earth - or the have an air sled from Mongo. Doesn't matter other than he's flying in, in that five minute response time the group had when agreeing to check on the alarm at the Natural History museum.

Bad news for Stargirl it seems like, but great costume. "Less then a minute here, I haven't figured out GPS yet, but I think I'm almost there …" Planet to planet is one thing when flying, but pinpointing a building is a little different, only good news is he's visited the city a few times and the building stands out enough he can fly more to it when he gets some bearing visibily in Gotham itself.

Vance is heard over the comm saying, "What the heck is that?"

What he sees is what others would see who are flying in from all directions toward the park. Lots of dark trees blot out the majority of the park's grassy basin. One copse of trees is disturbed as a linen wrapped arm rises up from it. Within its grasp is a woman in a cat suit screaming, "Let me Go!". Clasp in her right hand is the golden bauble.

From the trees a deep voice resonates. "Tremble Mortal, for you have disturbed the mistress and now will know the wrath of GOMDULLA!"

Gomdulla, as a whole, is still within the trees and unseen. Only his arm is presently exposed.

[OOC] Vance Astrovik says, "http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/109227/2726443-gomd.jpg"

"Someone is taking Halloween a little to seriously." Courtney replies "I'm going to fire on the arm, someone be ready to catch if whatever that is drops the lady." the Star Rod is swung around and aimed that the Mummies arm and a sizzling heat beam shots forth from it.

Using air brakes, to slow down and park the thing, hoovering hopefully. Jack Flag arrives last on the scene. "On it," says Flag, running towards the trees and under the arm if possible, simply to be read. Zipping in a sprint (at his speed top, so more like very fastly running beyond normal humans but not Flash fast), he's trying to make sure he's there just in case. Seeing Daphne doing the zapping, he returns, "Ya, way too serious, do I get scooby snacks for helping on this mystery?"

The arm is struck by the 'heat beam'. The creature doesn't seem to care that it was struck, as if no pain, no damage, nothing could hurt it. However, the linen wraps are sparked and a small fire starts.

Beneath the tree line, the creature's legs can be seen. They are larger than most tree trunks and are also wrapped in linen bandages.

Meanwhile, in the sky zooming toward the arm Vance says, "Dibs on the girl.. I mean, I'll save the girl." As he flies toward it, his TK reaches out and begins to unfold the fingers. He calls to the woman in the cat suit, "Hang on, Miss. I'll save you from the thing's clutches!"

The woman seems stunned for a moment, perhaps she was expecting someone in a bat suit to save her. Instead she gets the heroes three, not the dynamic duo. She says, "Uh, Okay? Anytime would be nice."

Note, it is dark in the forest. Jack cannot see the body of the creature because of the thick foliage. Nor can the flying heroes see due to the same reasons and shadows.

Well that was a bit of a fail, sorta. It's on fire sure, but that does't seem to be bothing it, "Both of you can't save the girl." Courtney rolls her eyes, not that anyone can see her do that. It's going to be one of those rescues, she can tell that already. Not being able to see the thing doesn't help "We need to get it out of that tree. Jack can you pick it up, shove it, something?"

"Its a big one," responds Jack, seeing the legs and giving up maiden rescue to Vance. He doesn't need to save them, he's been seeing Jean lately. "If I don't come out, it got me, pull off his mask, reveal Mr. Jenkins to end the mystery." So said, he runs up to a foot bigger than a tree trunk and will try to grab and lift with all his might since it looks like a giant in there.

The creature's hand is opened and the woman taken into the TK grasp of Vance. Who pulls her to his welcoming arms such that he can cradle her. He calls over the comm, "Got her."

The creature is hoisted by Jack's great grasp. It stumbles and begins to fall backward through the trees. Taking down several limbs as it does. The creature yells, "NO! You will not take me do…." then a massive thud is heard as the creature is upon its back. Still shrouded within shadows and the heavy copse of trees.

As the creature was going down, Courtney may have noticed that the fire on the arm was spreading to a few feet in diameter.

"Well the thing is flammable." Courtney points out as the thing falls and she quickly darts out of the path and down to the ground so she can get a closer look. She lifts her staff the end glowing with a flashlight type intensity "It's a giant mummy.

"I don't have flame," reports Jack, taking a moment as the thing falls and thuds, the ground shaking noticeable at least to him at this closeness, but subsummed quickly by the nearby earth to not really register at all on any rictor scale (bad metaphor, its all I got). "I'll try to keep him occupied if you can make with the flamming busines." He runs up to the side, so if it starts trying to sit up or put an arm down, he can harass so the flame is put out.

When Stargirl dives down into the trees with her flashlight-starrod, she will clearly see the giant mummy and the giant mummy's arm as it continues to burn. However it's burning faster and expanding rapidly. The mummy takes note of the spread and starts to try to slap it out. However, the fire doesn't /slap/ out so easily. Instead, it spreads to the other hand and starts to spread rapidly as the mummy begins to flail. It exclaims, "NO, NO! Not the fire! No!"

Vance calls over the comm. "Did I mention, I got the girl?" Her voice is then heard over the comm. She doesn't seem pleased, "Oh no you don't. Rawr!" Vance ows and says, "No, I don't have the girl." is said in a panicked voice as she seems to have clawed him, or something. "Going down…. ooof."

Apparently, Vance and the girl in the cat suit fell out of the sky due to her assault. He hit first, she landed on him and then sprinted away into the darkness of the trees.

What comes over the comm from Vance is enough to make Courtney laugh, despite the situation they are in with the mummy. "Sounds like a plan Jack." she says in agreement as she once more lifts into the air and starts with the heat beam attacks on the giant mummy

"Vance has met his match," grins Jack a moment, "Her being hard to save, might make him want to save her even more …." The chasing game. Jack seeing the thing start to panic, moves in to try and keep it from rolling too much for now instead. Its a mummy, its a monster, no feelings lost at how hurt this things might just get. Instead, while he can't save all the trees, he can keep it from rolling to threaten other areas, like out of the little park and towards real homes, buildings, or more people. If it does try to roll (after dropping), he'll go into stop it, hopefully he doesn't have to. Jack can take some fire, his super suit can't.

The giant mummy leaps to his feet yelling, "No! The might of Gomdulla cannot be stopped!" Then suddenly, the fire goes systemic and the mummy is engulfed in a blaze of white hot fire that burns all of the bandages in a flash revealing the black dessicated corpse beneath. White eyes are wide and the mummy exclaims, "I will return, the might of Gomdulla cannot be…." and then in an explosion of old mummy dust, the mummy evaporates into nothingness.

Meanwhile, Vance Astrovik pulls himself off the grassy floor and looks around for his lady faire. Yet she is gone, just as fast as the mummy. He asks over the comm. "Guys, what just happened?"

Being the closest, Jack is given to a slight cough, patting at what flames hit his clothes to keep it all on. "Whoa, some guy, mummy. Maybe real, I don't know. Wrapped up, Stargirl burned his ass, literally, then he's gone. That wasn't real was it, like Halloween joke or something …." He looks around from the trees he was in/near in toppling Gombdulla, "Where you at, how far did you chase that damsel?"

"Uh." answers Vance, "I didn't get a chance to chase her. She's gone… She was wearing some cat suit. Oh hey, the police are here. I think I'm west of you. Look for the flashing lights. We're probably going to have to give another statement."

Following the lights, listening for sirens, Jack emerges, some smolder marks left on his own clothes. "Some lady in a cat suit … that sounds like a bad plot for a bad movie, or a fantasy …" Forgetting of course, they just fought a giant mummy guy. "What's she have to do with it, what the mummy have to do with it, and the museum?" Halfway in that last bit of questioning, it goes from comsys to verbal as he heads for Vance upon spottin ghim.

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