(2014-10-29) Sending a Message, Part 2
Sending a Message, Part 2
Summary: After Black Lightning secures the lot, Domino chases the getaway vehicle as if its some prized possession
Date: (2014-10-30)
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NPCs: Driver and Passenger in getaway vehicle of the 100
Scene Runner: Black Lightning.
Social/Plot: Plot

Making the jump from one Hummer to the other, there's only one thought on Domino's mind. (Wouldn't it have been easier to get closer then just step across?) It's too late to change her mind now, the line's been fired and secured to the tower. She has to start taking up the slack immediately while running the short distance of the hood and springing off of the bumper.

It's an eerie feeling being chased down by your own vehicle… One slip and she will literally run her own ass over. The gap between the lead vehicle and herself briefly closes, the shorter line leaving her less room to catch up with. With each foot her odds drop further until she's out of time, severing the cable with her momentum built up.

(One in thirty-eight thousand..forty-one thousand..fifty-nine thousand…)


The toes of the merc's boots scrape across the ground as she just barely catches the rear brush guard, grunting as she first absorbs the impact then fights to climb her way onto the roof.

Judging how quickly her abandoned vehicle continues to close the distance she probably would have been a lot better off waiting. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong now?


The vehicle chasing, Domino yes, but it is also chasing the gangsters vehicle. Not seeing the grapple, car dismount, swing and subsequent journey to their car, more focused on the road in front of them, they do not know how close she is. Instead, with the headlights behind them, the passenger has taken to one of the automatic weapons with grenade launcher to load it up.
Even as the headlights in the rear slow and wobble a little, he has no clue who is with. Turning towards the car, he announces, "Ya, take this bitches!" And fires a grenade, even as it blows up near a wheel and the other hummer crashes, he is realizing a shape has caught up to their car, turning, "What the fuck?!" As he turns the gun, the driver hits a rock or pothole and a few random bullets are fired up into the night air even.


The pothole is both a blessing and a curse, causing the shots to go wild but also causing Domino to get tossed about on her already precarious hold. Once more she's effectively slammed into the armored plating, forcing another pained growl through her teeth. "Do you idiots mind?! I'm trying to kick your asses, here!"

The passenger already tagged her through the mirror, which is decidedly less armored than most of the rest of the vehicle. One hand gets a deathgrip on the truck while the other quick-draws a pistol and levels it at the mirror, blue eyes narrowing as she lines up the shot. (Albinos in mirror are closer than they appear.)

One shot and the mirror is useless. The passenger will have to stick his head out of the window if he wants to see where she is now, which will give her a clear line of sight on his head. Trying to think two steps ahead she suddenly rolls across the sloped rear roofline onto her back, stretching up over her head to take a shot at the driver's mirror in turn. Blinding the enemy can only help her cause!



Gangster he might be, but the passenger is certainly far from the sharpest tool in the place they keep sharp tools. Even as she's making sure to hold on, shooting out the mirror and being rather effective at it, a good indication he should keep his head in the vehicle at all times, he bobs out to shoot at her.

Even as he does that, the driver grabs his shoulder, "Don't be an idiot." Not sure yet if he's holding a subdued or deaded friend, but trying to pull him back in to prevent either. "I'll try to shake her."

With that, of course, he'll swerve a little back and forth, trying to hit some bumps. A test to see if she stays on. Not that he can look back there, but he watches review for falling persons.


It's a close call on the passenger's part. No sooner does he get yanked back into the vehicle that there's another *Thak!* from the albino's pistol darting past the window, right where his head had been a moment ago. If she hadn't been dealing with the mirror on the other side at the time…

Lucky him.

Then comes the swerving and jostling. Holding onto a fast moving vehicle is difficult enough with both hands. Dom's working with just one! Anchored in place by one upset hand her legs are free to slide and tumble about, striking the armored plating with muffled *thunks* along the way. From the inside it's probably all very entertaining.

She still wants this truck. The windows are down, fortunately. If these goons buttoned up the outside she'd be in some real trouble.

Going back to the earcom, she calls "Hope all's well on your end, these guys - rrgh, are being a right pain in the ass!"

Pistol holstered, both hands free. She has -got- to get into the cabin. If they throw her off the top then the pursuit is over.

Back to the gangsters, she yells out "How's about you guys pull over so we can get right to the me killing you all part?"


As the chase continues down Bennet Ave, past more garages and corregated steel covered lots of salvage yards, industrial use space and warehouses for the trains to load/unload at, Black Lightning calls into the earcom, "All good ya, keep them occupied, I found that terminal, seeing what I can find." Heaven forbid he wise up and just radio back to base to send in IP address and such so they can quickly hack and copy the info right off the computer. He's clicking away.

The car goes down a small hill then, not much of a grade, its still near the tracks of course, and not far from one of the rivers amongst the boroughs. "How about you fall off and save us the trouble of spilling our coffees," he says, swerving rather hard as he sees a side street coming up.

Two things happen, one is the good news, its a locked gate up ahead, bad one is that there is a parked car that the side clips as they hit the breaks. Then again, both mean the car is going to stop for a brief moment. The car on the passnegers side as it was a left hand turn, he's unable to stick head out to even shoot. Windows still open, he flips the shaft and the clutch but grinds in in speed to get it to reverse, taking a moment to re-shift and hit the clutch before it pops to kill the engine.


"'Keep them occupied,'" Domino repeats with a note of incredulity. "For the record I'd be -totally- cool with the idea of us switching places ab-Hey!" she blurts out, kicking the top of the Hummer. "Precision driving, get you some!"

Coffee..do they really have coffee in there? That could end badly for them. Though, when they slam into another car it could end badly for -her.- She can see it coming, she can anticipate the sudden shift in direction. What doesn't work so well is the rebound, suddenly throwing her in the opposite direction until she rolls right off the side of the roof.

Then stops shy of hitting the pavement. The pack full of explosive gear got snagged on the mangled remains of the passenger's sideview mirror. While the truck is reversing she now has to run alongside it to keep up, though once it starts getting up to speed she'll have to latch onto the side.

At least she didn't lose the chase yet!

Missing a gear in the transmission only further tosses her about like a poorly armored pinata, it's all she can do to hang on and not take a hit to the side of her head. "You're -really- bad at this!"

There may be an opportunity to be had… If the passenger presses the offense, even if he pulls a weapon, the window's still down. She could pop the door from the outside. One good pull, one good push, she could probably open the door and yank him right out of his seat. Either that or she loses. So, a bit more taunting is in order.

"Think you can hit me -this- time, jackhole?"


The driver must focus, on going backward enough, before he can re-shift to 1st gear and roll it forward again. He can't focus on her bag stuck on the mirror, running with the car, or what his partner will do. No, no coffee though, might of been helpful to spill hot liquid on them, for Domino's sake at least.

Drive can't focus on swerving, or loosing anyone, but driving safe to get forward momentum again. Likewise, turning wheel in backing and getting forward again means he can't focus on his partner sticking head through window either.
Partner does that, "Why you … jackhole?!" Surprised she used that term, not wanting to be one though it would seem. He sticks head right out the window and turns to try and find her to shoot the weapon he does have. Its her choice if she opens door with him in it, or yanks him out directly, or does otherwise with the opportunity.


Trying to one-arm a fully grown man through the window of a vehicle is something best left to the bruisers of the superpowered community. Domino has to rely on her own tricks, like grabbing the back of the passenger's head and driving him face-first into a raised knee. Stun first, then reach in and pop the door. The door works like a lever to heft him out of his seat, grabbing hold of his shoulders while shoving back with her feet.

"Chinese fire drill!"

As the passenger goes flying out to greet the pavement the wiry albino hooks a foot into the door and rides along as it slams itself closed, using the return momentum to try and land a kick against the driver's head further inside. It's a bit of a reach, big interior and all.

On the upside she now has somewhere else to rest her weight, which means she can pop the quick release and be free of the snared pack. And stay inside of the truck, even!


Risky as the move might be, it pays in dividends. Not only is the passenger removed from the vehicle unceremoniously, but the kick lands enough to distract the driver. He was planning to punch her as the passenger was sucked out of the vehicle, but the kick is too fast, even despite the reach. In fact, the big interior probably helps to swing the leg with more momentum, if only they went for the confined armored smart car.

The passenger, out or no, is left to topple in the street out of the picture, he keeps foot on the gas. Though only in first gear, they're stuck at 30 mph or so without frying the transmission at least. The drive nearly succumbs to the kick and uses two hands to avoid a crash, then doesn't want to fight the kicking lady who shows prowess in such combat. He's a gangster, he needs a gun. Taking one hand off wheel, he is left to fumble for a piece he keeps at his side.


By the time Dom's free of the pack the driver's got a chance to draw his sidearm. Still sprawled out onto her side she catches his forearm between her boots and shoves the weapon, hand and all, up into the ceiling. "You had your chance, kiddo!"

Sure, she could just draw and shoot him now. This would get blood all over the inside of her new truck. She doesn't like to clean. Making the mess is sooo much more fun.

The instant she lets go of his arm, whether he fired into the side of the interior or not, she's scrambling around to strike him square-on in the face with a fist, or an elbow, or whatever's handy. It's almost identical to the passenger's fate, she's aiming to stun the guy before faceplanting him into the steering wheel.

If he's -really- lucky she'll throw him out onto the street now while he's still got some teeth to hang onto.


Outclassed in physical combat, there is little the driver can do to recover from the onslaught. Indeed, one bullet is fired into the interior to no effect before his punched, slammed into the wheel and then missing some teeth. He might be missing more than intended though as Domino finishes the man and aqcuires a new toy. Well, the armored vehicle and then the military grade guns they brought in for her to pick and choose over at least.

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