(2014-10-29) Metal Girl and the Imp
Metal Girl and the Imp
Summary: Mercury and Nightcrawler stop robbers in Gotham
Date: (2014-10-29)
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NPCs: Thugs
Scene Runner: Nightcrawler.
Social/Plot: Plot

A dark day in Gotham, overcast and a cold rain even. A good day for a smash and grab by a few local gangsters pressed for some money. A group of five kids have gone into Goldstein's and have born arms demanding the owner fill bags with Jewelry from stock locked away while some boys smash displays to get at the stuff in those cases. What they don't realize is the owner has tripped an alarm while doing this. Thus when the sirens can be heard blocks of way, the shoot and try to retreat onto the street.

Normally, Nightcrawler is one for patrolling the city and doing that sort of heroing. Rather, dressed warm enough for the weather, but casual enough to do his own thing, Kurt is instead wall crawling and teleporting about to explore the city. Then, of course, he hears the guns from Goldstein's and simply has to react as he is in the vicinity. Not to be a hero so much as people might need protecting so he makes his way in a hand/feet running crawl down the building, more animal leap and bound style but always one extremity to the surface to keep a grip as he runs down towards the store front were two boys have exited while three friends remain inside. One calling in, "They're getting closer, we have to run …"

Cessily Kincaid would love to spend more time hero-ing, but part-time job and classes… plus finals, means Cessily is glad she doesn't need to waste time eating and stuff like that. Right now, she is walking home from her job, wearing a simple sleeveless top and denim shorts, flip-flops on her feet. She has JUST walked past the jewelry when she heard the shooting from within, making her jump slightly, shocked, since she wasn't expecting shooting to happen. She stops and blinks, turning around and frowning. She walks back to see, through the display window, goons wielding guns, and some baseball bats. Great. Gangsters came to collect their 'protection fee'. Well, she's not having it. "Excuse me, but you all should just drop your weapons right now and surrender." the metallic woman says, rather calmly, standing by the entrance, blocking passage, arms crossed under her chest as she frowns at the robbers.

Effectively, Kurt is presently blocked as well, though he's only moving down. Seeing the girl, that looks sort of silver'ish from his vantage, he'll need closer look to be sure, he pauses, then bamfs down and behind her. "What she said," as she seems to cross her arms heroically, he simply backs up her stance, the brave ceiling elf that he is.

One gansger pshaws the idea, "Ya right." He then turns to open fire, knowing their in trouble, and the door is the only way out with police on the way. She is probably meta, but better to try and get out then get caught. With a turn and lift of his gun, he'll shoot in the direction of Cessily and Kurt. Kurt, brave as he is, instead gets enough visual inside that he bamfs in there to deal with one of the other five. A port-punch from behind, then moving again in a port so as not to remain in one spot too long. He is vulnerable to guns, best to not be where they might aim.

Cessily Kincaid's eyes widen for a second and she almost jumps when someone… 'bamfs' behind her, for the lack of a better term, and she looks over her shoulder at Kurt, "Who…?" she starts, but then the bad guy decides introductions aren't necessary and unloads his bullet clip on the two would-be heroes. Kurt teleports to safety, but Cessily remains in the line of fire, and she has barely enough time to react, softening her body enough so the bullets pass through her without making her recoil from the impact, "Ah, come on! This was my favorite shirt!!" she complains as she looks at the bullet holes on her shirt, though her body shows no injuries from being trespassed by bullets. She then snarls at the shooter and stretches both her arms forward, one going for the gun he's holding, making him aim up, the other goes for a hard punch on the guy's face!

Provervial chaos errupts for a moment then. Cessily readily handles one thug, his aim off his face punched hard, he doubles over. Just the same, Kurt ports to another guy and ports up to drop him from the ceiling to subdue him. The remaining guys are all bullets with little to aim at, teleporting elf, liquid sort of metal lady. Somewhere in the bamfing inside can be heard, "Ya, my favorite shirt too you jerks." He means her shirt that has the new holes in it. As with the first time, it should probably be noted, the elf has a pretty thick German accent when he speaks. He might throw in an introduction to her asking who he was, but they both have hands full for the moment.

Cessily Kincaid looks at the panicking Jewel clerks behind the counter, "Stay down!!" she tells them after she downs the first goon, and another one of the bad guys takes the opportunity to sneak behind her to hit her head sideways, hard, with a baseball bat. That makes her head cave in with the impact and snap to the other side, but she recovers quickly, as if the hit was barely even registered, "Seriously!? You guys are morons or what?!" she asks as she punches the bat-wielding guy hard on the guts to make him keel over, while her other hand goes to grab the bat, "Your friend shot me! He SHOT ME! And it didn't affect me!" she says, fighting the urge of hitting the downed goon with his own bat.

Another down by her, Kurt ports down to finish the one he dropped leaving one left. He doesn't want to get in the way of the metal looking girl who isn't being affected by the physical pain it seems so he goes behind the counter. "Everyone good," to see if anyone is injured. He does call out over the counter thought, "Its Kurt … me, the who when you asked …" For Cesiily's benefit at least.

The last guy drops whatever weapons he's holding, "Nah, not all of us … don't hurt me …" Both hands go up, palms out, showing he'll be compliant.

Cessily Kincaid is, right now, flanked by two passed out goons as she looks at the last remaining conscious robber. She has an annoyed look on her face as she stands up and faces faces the surrendering thief, cocking her hip to the left, hand resting on her left hip while the other hand holds the bat that moments ago hit her on the head, the girl gently tapping her right shoulder with the bat, "A pity. I was king of looking forward for some stress relief." she says, while her left arm now stretches as she reaches to grab the discarded weapons from the last guy, while keeping an eye on him. "Hey, do you guys have any kind of rope, here?" she asks the jewel clerks, while still facing the surrendering thug.

Situation normal, or under control at least. The clerks are not certain about getting up just yet. Instead some bundled zip ties (bulk, bundles of 100) are tossed over the counter as impromptu rope it would seem. Kurt is confident in the way things have gone to appear, or bamf, back out into the main area. "Do it, I vote stress relief, you seem under a lot of stress lately fraulein." Half a smile, joking, but she might take up the offer, he moves to the tossed zip ties to help with that at least. "Is it real … your skin, looks like metal?" Says a guy curiously in a good way, his skin is blue fuzz.

Cessily Kincaid arches one eyebrow at Kurt as the guy seems to egg her on to unleash her frustrations on the last remaining thug, but she, thankfully for the guy, doesn't take up on the offer. Instead, she waits until he is properly cuffed, to make sure he won't try anything on Kurt while the mutant cuffs the thug, before dropping the bat and grabbing a few zip ties to properly tie the ankles and wrists of the remaining, unconscious goons, "Yes, all of me is metal." she says, nodding while working the zip ties. "And you can teleport, from what I see? Kurt, right? My name's Cessily. " she says, nodding.

The thug doesn't try anything thank goodness, thus he can be tied, as can his subdued buddies just the same. "Ja, teleport, sort of my thing, that," though she noticed just the same. "And, you don't feel pain so much cause metal, or like, nothing at all." Moving to one of the buddies as he ponders that, "I am curious, sorry. I tend to get people interested in feeling the fuzz and I find myself in their shoes, I'm curious what you feel like, is it smooth. Cool like one thinks metal, or warm blooded. You're rather fascinating, is it the metagene?" He doesn't mind being forward in asking that, proud himself to be a mutant it seems.

Cessily Kincaid finishes tying the last guy, "Depends on how solid I make myself." she explains, then shifts her shoulder while standing up. Once standing, she grabs the lower hem of her shirt and pulls forward, so she can take a look at the bullet holes, "Damn it. My best shirt… ruined." she grumbles, then sighs, shoulders slumping as she lets go of her shirt. At that moment, sirens can be heard approaching. "I think that's our cue to get out of here." she says, looking at Kurt, then at the clerks, "You all are ok?"

The clerks nod, "Yes, we're good, we're all good in here." Meanwhile, Kurt surveys the men then stands more upright from where he slouched/crouched down on the last one he was zip tying. "Are cue indeed, ja, do you need a quick lift Cessily?" Kurt does offer a hand over to Cessily, it does require him having to touch her. "Not an excuse to touch, but we can get out of here quick enough without being seen if you prefer." By the cops at least, he doesn't know if she's trying to avoid attention like this or not, and can get them a few blocks away if she's willing.

Cessily Kincaid nods, "Ok, sure." she says, reaching with her hand to take Kurt's, the girl slightly surprised at finding out the guy only has three thick fingers in his hand, unlike a normal hand, with five fingers. The girl's skin seems like a conundrum: feels like metal, but is warm, and yield like flesh would. "Alright, I'd rather not have to go through the hassle of the inquiry from the police, please."

"It can be unsettling, but if you like roller coasters," offers Kurt, feeling the curiousity of metal that is warm and feels like flesh. He does bamf in the middle of that statement, appearing in an alley he spotted several blocks away. "Its sort of fun." His hand stays if she needs it to steady against, but he keeps hands to self otherwise, cause its a back alley and she could wollop him if him being touchy was misread. "And, I like it, the way it feels, its pretty cool." From his perspective at least.

Cessily Kincaid is seemingly unaffected by the teleport, for reasons related to her mutation: no stomach means no feeling of queasiness. "Oh, cool!" she says after being teleported, and she looks aroudn at the alley, "Where are we?" she asks, letting go of Kurt's hand. Police cars with sirens blazing zip past the entrance of the alley, so Cessily figures the two aren't far from the jewelry store.

"Its three blocks south and just east of where we were," responds Kurt thinking half a moment about it, getting his spatial awareness in line with a description enough to make sense of it on a normal basis. "Hopefully the right direction, so you can lament your shirt while finding a suitable one to go about whatever it was you were doing before those fellows so rudely interrupted our day like that."

Cessily Kincaid looks down at her shirt and the holes on the belly area of the shirt, "Makes me wish that stupid guy would just aim at my face." she sighs, shaking her head softly again, before trying to get her mind into subjects that do not involve her ruined shirt, "Kurt, right? I haven't seen you around Gotham before. Are you new, here?"

"While I'm sure it wouldn't hurt, your face, I don't like that sentiment fraulein Cessily," about being shot their instead. "I'll cover the shirt, you can send a bill." That's actually sincere. Then a shake of his head of course, "New, nein. Well, more a visitor in Gotham. I've moved to Manhattan, but I have a problem with SHIELD trailing me up there. Not that I mind so much, but I feel like its more a getaway, here. In Gotham. I haven't been back since the teleporting accident, wanted to see if my friends where around." Which could be more jibberish then he realizes, it makes sense to him. "You are from Gotham, this is your city?" Like she could be a crime fighter/hero/vigilante that takes some responsibility in Gotham, he doesn't know and is only curious.

Cessily Kincaid shrugs, "I don't mind if they shoot my head, as long as I'm not wearing an expensive hat, or an expensive hairdo. At least my clothes would survive the day." she chuckles as she pokes a finger through one of the holes on her shirt, "As for paying for the shirt, don't worry about it, I'm good." she says, smiling a bit, then hears the bit about SHIELD. "SHIELD is tracking you? Why?"

Half a nod, a shrug, Kurt isn't going to overbear and demand to pay for the shirt, more just curtious. "Well, I have a friend who I've asked to teach me a little, I plan to visit Crimea in the near future to recover research stolen from me, or my company. I lack the stealthy expertise to get in, get it all and make sure no one else has copies of it. I guess she's on their list, thus making me one to watch. Honest, I'm not planning on world domination or to injure anyone for the matter."

Cessily Kincaid blinks softly, tilting her head, "Research stolen from your company?" she asks softly, "What kind of research, if I can ask?" she leans against the wall a bit, out of idleness, while looking at the guy, "I don't know no 'Crimea' though."

"Crimea, part of the affairs between Ukraine and Russia, with Russian military moving in to seize the holding so to speak," says Kurt as if to help ring a bell on Crimea of late. Though with Genosha, that conflict might of been overshadowed at the time, especially amongst the metahuman/mutant world. A shake of his head, "Nein, I do not mind, glanz-chen." Perhaps something of a nickname he just decided to throw out there, glanz-chen. "My company is a global entity, a leader in shipping, the research was to help coordinate ships on the ocean through better positioning and satelite relays, it could be helpful to a military in a large state like Russia I imagine. I merely want it back."

Cessily Kincaid oh's softly, and nods gently as she listens to the explanation, but she does arch one eyebrow at the 'glanz-chen' nickname. She is no expert in German, but she knows that doesn't mean anything like 'lady' or 'girl', but says nothing about it, for now. "And you know where this research of yours is?" she asks, tilting her head.

"I have an idea where to begin, but the trail would be impossible for me to follow, thus a need for an expert and some training," grins Kurt, showing canines in that gesture. Tilting his head just a little, "My researcher was presenting some of his public findings at a conference when the Russian military decided to invade. He was freed at the time, but his laptop confiscated. I do not even know if they searched it, but foreign protocol indicates enough that they did and it may be in the hands of other scientists who are trying to turn applicable findings into practical. We'll know if they start using it, the algorthims would be easy to notice."

Fade – contact exchanged …

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