(2014-10-27) Telepathic Diagnosis
Telepathic Diagnosis
Summary: Kate Bishop and Sally Blevins have been affected by the 'body switching' effect that seems to have swept up at random all over the world. They decide to ask Emma Frost for advice.
Date: 2014-10-27
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The power-couple of the decade make their way to Emma's office in the highest room in the highest tower. "Sally" is wearing a purple ensemble, an indigo cardigan over a lavender blouse with a matching skirt. The blonde's hair is pulled out of her eyes, held up in place with some purple barrettes. She holds "Kate's" hand as they head for the office. "I promise, we'll get to the bottom of this. She may not be able to change us back, but she may be able to tell us what's going on." She says, as they're lead into the office.

And Kate is dressed in purple as well, likely one of the tailored skirt suits, matching heels, and stockings. Hair done up in a bun. "It's not like I don't like whats going on, but i'd like things back, and i'm sorry I don't go to the gym as much as you do, and i've done my best not to stress too much…"

It isn't until both young women are shown into her office that Emma notices something is off, and wrong. The purple attire could be a giveaway, honestly, but anything can happen with wardrobe. No, when the telepath is within natural sight of both women, then she knows instantly each mind is in the wrong place; the wrong body. And pale, platinum blonde eyebrows arch eloquently as she gestures them towards their seats. For once, she makes no pretence - genuine or otherwise - about other paperwork, simply closes her tablet with a swipe of her hand and gives them her undivided attention.

"Well, well, ladies. This is a most unusual visit." the businesswoman offers, by way of beginning conversation, as she eyes both carefully. "No need to explain. I do have a few questions, if I may?" She waits for acquiescence, before she begins. "Exactly when did you notice? How close were you? Do either of you recall anything prior that could have been a potential trigger? Odd objects or encounters?" Right to the point. That's Emma, alright.

Kate Bishop looks to "Kate". "Babe, don't worry about it. You'll be back in here wearing your Yankees black in no time." She giggles slightly. "Don't worry about the other stuff. I'm not looking pudgy yet. I'm kinda enjoying having more curves at the moment. Just not used to being blonde." She winks, and then Emma speaks. She nods and shrugs as she sits in the offered seat. "We tried to think of all that already. All we know is that we went to bed as us, and then woke up the next morning looking at ourselves." She blushes, knowing how that sounds.

Sally|Kate smiles and leands in o wrap a quick one armed hug around Kate|Sally, "Thanks." she whispers, and the as Emma speaks up, "We hadn't done anything out of the usual, no like visits from anyone unexpected, light mundane case work, and just like, some usualday to day activites, and the occasional date when we could."

The platinum blonde nods to the younger pair, and then rises from her seat, approaching until she has come around the desk to stand between the both of them, her rump against the edge of her desk. "Very well, then. With your permission, I am going to do a sweep through your minds, looking for any signs of tampering, to see if anyone is trying to hide anything from you." It's a worthwhile check, at least.

Kate Bishop nods. "I figured that's what this would entail. You know you have my permission." She closes her eyes, refraining from adding 'My Queen' to the comment and irritating Sally. She blanks out her mind, thinking of a color and clearing everything else out.

"I…if it will help." Come from Sally|Kate, not quie sure what to expect, but she does squeeze Kate|Sally's hand a little, looking to her, then back to Emma and giving the woman a nod of her head.

"This should not hurt. There may be a few moments of disorientation, should I find anything." Emma offers, as she lets a hand over over the top of each younger woman's head, her ice blue eyes drifting closed as she concentrates on what her mind can perceive, rather than her eyes, ears, or any other sense.

For both of the others, what transpires is a bit like a slightly distended, protracted deja vu, As they experience, rapidly but intensely, crystal clear encapsulations of their memories from a week before the incident, all the way through the reversal, and up to the prsent moment. Rather than a normal 'mental review', this is much more immediate-feeling and undiluted, much closer to the subconscious recall of a hypnotic state. Then, the connection is released, and both are exactly as they were. But … it should be noted that about ten minutes have elapsed, rather than merely thirty or so seconds.

Kate Bishop looks up after it's finished and nods. "Did you see anything we didn't? Some clue as to the permanency of the condition?" SHe looks to Sally to see how she's reacting.

Sally|Kate brings a hand up trying to steady herself a touch after the experience, a little disoriented but none the worse for wear. "PLease Ms. Frost, anything you can tell us would be appreciated, anything as to the root of this?"

Frost moves back around her desk and takes a seat in her chair, unhurriedly, before answering their - quite understandable - questions. "I did not see or sense anything being witheld, I am afraid. From the subtlety of sensations, I suspect the two of you transferred close to one in the morning on the evening in question. That being said, my supposition would be that this must be some form of magic." She frowns momentarily. "I have contacts who could assist with this, and likely could reverse it. But involving them would … indebt me." She doesn't name the Black Court, but it wouldn't be hard for Kate to figure out who she's talking about. "I would be willing to do so, if you wish. Your work for me is more than sufficient reason for my involvement. But I do not know whether this would otherwise be a permanent condition, or something to end with time."

Kate Bishop sighs and nods, looking sadly over to Sally and then to Emma. "Well, at least we know we're not crazy, and this has something to do with magic." She looks to Sally. "Sonja didn't have any knowledge of what happened. Perhaps we can reach out into the community and see what we can do?" She turns to Emma. "Thank you for your help. I don't want to burden you anymore than we already have."

A bow of her head "Thank you Ms. Frost, for what you were able to do." she says softly. The purple clad brunette with Sally's mind in it steps back and looks to…her blonde counterpart, "Either way, we'll make the best of it." she says, leaning in to hug and kiss Kate|Sally on the cheek.

"You are both quite welcome." Emma offers, with a slight shrug. She doesn't feel like she has really done anything, but she'll accept the thanks gracefully nonetheless. "If you change your minds about my contacts, please let me know. I will do all I can."

Kate Bishop nods and stands, glumly taking Sally's hand as she turns to exit. "We'll handle this. Thank you."

Kate Bishop thinks, (**Sally's not going to want to have anything to do with the Club or the Court. We'll have to find our own way through this. Thank you, My Queen.**)

Sally Blevins offers one last smile to the blonde, before the exit is made, giving Kate's hand a little squeeze…

Frost's Office - Frost Tower — Midtown East
This office is large and spacious, surrounded by two walls that are nothing but windows. The floor is carpeted in a thick, creamy white carpeting that seems new. The dominant piece of furniture is a large mahogany desk that stands just back from the center of the room, in front of a large, soft white high-backed office chair. The cushions, draperies, window blinds (usually drawn up to the ceiling), and paintings are all a softly brilliant white. There are several comfortable chairs near the desk. Bookshelves are placed along the solid side wall and filled with books and materials, most of which center on doctoral themes of behavior and psychology, business and corporate management, and some of which seem to be about more esoteric things such as theoretical studies in consciousness. A Pentium II workstation computer and PBX phone sits to one side of the desk. Its cabling is networked to both the building's Ethernet as well as a tiered-frame relay box to a fiber-T1.

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