(2014-10-27) Sending a Message, Part 1
Sending a Message, Part 1
Summary: Domino and Black Lightning go after a cell of The 100 in the NYC area
Date: (2014-10-27)
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NPCs: Thugs in The 100
Scene Runner: Mutual
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Its been some time since Black Lightning encountered Domino by chance, but with some of the cold trail seeming to warm up again, he figured now was a good chance. Thus, finally, Black Lightning contacted Domino by the means she's suggested, and asked to meet with her as he was in need of her skills. Not to say an eye-mask is enough to cover as a secret identity always, he did describe himself so she would recognize him, the same face that has appeared on a few wheaties boxes. Asked to meet her at The Jazz Club in the Bronx.

It was a cool fall day outside, partially gray, a smattering of occasional rain drops but nothing really sticking or collecting in puddles even. The place was closed this time of day, but he had a key and waited outside to meet her under the awning. Not the place/part of town everyone wants to be at night, unless in line at the high profile, it was a little more comfortable during the day for certain. Lots of people out and about doing their business, most simply ignoring Jefferson Peirce in his tweed jacket and slacks. He probably looked more like a teacher, which is pretty spot on, as its his day job. Today is teacher in-service day, which he has used to work off site and do his grading/catching up. Not that he is doing that, but he has the day open at least.

Well now, this is interesting. And by interesting, it's really more awkward than anything else. Domino can get to the Bronx. She can even get to the Jazz Club. It's just..not..the sort of place which she would normally show her face around. At least they aren't planning on meeting inside, that would make things a whole lot more awkward. She's looking a bit more incognito than usual, though this isn't saying much. She arrives in her usual black presentation, though slightly more civilian than usual. Combat-inspired coupled with a moto GP style blue on black leather coat, hands tucked into pockets, dark sunglasses, she might actually fit in if not for the hue of her skin.

Even dressed down it's not too difficult to spot a celebrity standing around outside of the club in question. Certainly not when she knows exactly what to look for. Rather than come up to Lightning directly she stops a few feet away and leans against the front wall of the club, pulling out her phone to look at the screen as nonchalant as can be.

It's not long before she says "Public meeting in broad daylight." Relatively speaking, with the weather. "I'm not used to this."

Smiling at seeing her approach, she is noticeable as he is looking for her the same, Black Lightning raises a curious brow himself. He's not so much into the incognito it would seem. Turning slightly to not be completely facing her where she finds a wall, he is grinning. "Should I be saying some pass/counter pass phrase, like the moon is shining over the Husdon tonight or …" That's as far as he can get, he wouldn't even know how pass/counter pass actually works other than in the movies they always say something over the top.

"I figure, the people I'm after aren't suspect to walking around here, in broad daylight, gives us an advantage right?" Turning more to get closer to the wall to lean on nearby though, he says, "I'm all but ready to roll out, I just don't know your style. I have a good lead to follow, an address, some scheduled times - I presume for meetings and such. I just don't know if the next step is to quietly observe, or merely bust in, rough up some faces." That is literally more a question, seeing if she has thoughts, questions, and the like. Not information he would hide from anyone, then again, he rarely has people interested in his every move.

Domino suddenly stops moving her thumb across the screen, hesitating for half of a second before her masked eyes dart back up toward Lightning. "Oh shit, is that tonight?" Another second passes, then she smirks. Slate grey lips today, not her usual jet black. "Kidding. Yeah, it's a decent pick," she agrees while giving the phone a little spin in the air. As soon as it drops square into her palm it's tucked back into hiding, giving the guy more of her attention.

"My style?" she asks, brows rising behind the thin metal frames before she removes the shades altogether. "That usually comes down to what I'm getting paid for. We're dealing with a street gang that's got way more hardware and organization than they have any right to. We could observe but they outnumber us and are chaotic enough to make a proper shadow tricky. If we catch them off guard we're likely to get some instant satisfaction but we'll also tip our hand, they'll know we're on the scene unless we finish with a proper ending."

To this she mimicks a pistol with her fingers, imitating shooting herself in the temple.

"Since we've only got a general idea of what we're up against I'd track down one of their safehouses then wait for 'em to clear out before having myself a bit of show and tell. No one ever cleans up after themselves. These guys think they're the kings of the street so there's going to be some arrogance on their part, we can use this. Nice and clean."

Grinning at her return joke about pass/counter pass, she says in a fashion that is more on Black Lightning's level. If he had to remember one, he'd forget the key word and his counter word, or he assumes as he doesn't normally think that way. His eyes watch the phone spin, land cleaning and slip away. Not sure where it even went as he is more focussed on listening to her.

Instead he listens to the calculations of good gear she might get out of it opposed to the best way to proceed into it. A slight frown at the joke about shooting herself in the head by revealing things to early opposed to getting out with more. She might mean equipment, though it easily doubles for information which she knows he's after all the same. "J&J Collision Center, there is a salvage/junkyard attached, out on the end of Bassett Ave. That's where they modified the hummer - they put in one of those maintence required stickers, probably to be funny, but Doc Mid-Nite checked it out, they've been gettung steel platting shipments in - the sort of stuff that most Hummer's use when oversees for land mines. A few trains out of port have been making unscheduled stops there, I think that's where they're brining in new guns and drugs too …"

That frown. Dom would have expected some sort of negative response from a hero sort with that sort of suggestion being made, but there's something about the way he looks… "Uh, you -do- know that I mean shooting -them- in the head, right? Eliminating witnesses..it's a - y'know what, forget it."

Salvage yard. Shipment through rail. "Been a while since I took a train ride," she thinks in a soft voice. Or..a train could make for one of the more unique escape vehicles she would have ever utilized. Nodding once, she declares "Sure, sounds fun" without bothering to clarify what she means with the remark.

Focusing back on Lightning, she switches gears back to the conversation proper. "If we wanted to throw a wrench into their works, and by this I mean royally screw things over in a 'we've just declared war on your asses' sort of way, we've got some easy options at our disposal. How big of a statement are you looking to make?"

Understanding at eliminating witnesses and it might seem for Black Lightning, if its one less criminal to worry about on the streets, he's not opposed to that idea. Certainly, if it where street kid under the influence of adults, he might like to think there is that chance to turn them to the straight and narrow, but the splinter cells operating up here are more the long term gangsters and less drugs/guns on the street means more lives saved long term.

"The biggest we can, to be honest. That they're not welcome and I'm willing to follow them anywhere they go. Just, I have some limitations on what I can do, we're getting into that realm when they bring out the super suits and the rocket launchers. I don't need to end up dead, then they win, but I need to have the big impact too. Goes along with being presumptious enough to call myself Black Lightning I think." He looks more east and slightly north, in the area of the Bronx the place is located, then "If you want to let them settle and sneak in first, see what there is, I'm game. As long as the next step is at least the big bang message. Train is fine, it runs regularly out of the ports that way."

When Domino gets her answer she starts to break out in a malicious looking grin. "Now we're getting somewhere."

The shades slide back into place, if just to keep her hand free for other tasks. "Salvage yard, weapons, power armor, steel plate, it's surprisingly easy to deal with if you have the right materials. Expect there to be a lot of surrounding property damage, I'm looking to set off one heck of a concussion here but it's not going to do much more to anyone else but blow out windows and set off car alarms. I'm going to estimate..mmh, an eighty percent reduction in useable gear for them," she thinks with a slight waver of an open hand. "All depends on the environment and what their storage habits are. I can bring the noise."

"Here's what we're looking at," she continues. "I want as accurate of a schedule for those trains as we can find. We keep eyes and ears on these idiots and figure out when most of them are going to be out in the wild. Go in quiet, do some looking around and prep work, bug out with whatever we can carry, then enjoy some fireworks. We have plenty of exfil options."

And she'll plan for -all- of them. Because it's what she does.

"The closest subway is about half a mile northeast at the Pelham Bridge," out of the vicinity. Black Lightning chooses that for discussion of collateral damage, "As far as the running trains, most of those we can get." With Doc Mid-Nite or someone else in the Outsiders hacking - or not even hacking but getting the right permit to have access to the use of the lines. "As far as we know, this is the only place they've been making unscheduled stops." So the times they acquire should be farely accurate for when trains come/pass/go in the area.

"Just depends how much prep you'll need to do for the noise you'll bring. I think its about a day after a shipment that the try to move it. If you want to hit them for all they got, that would be the best time to roll in on them." Again, more her idea, just the limited information he has, not being professional at doing this sort of research.

Domino dips her head once, considering the situation before coming up with her answer. "Then we take the train in. If we want to risk changing up their routine we could make sure they find an anonymous gift of hard drinks, knock 'em all out in an hour or two. Or, we can make with the wetwork and carve our way through the place. Might be more humane than leaving a bunch of unconscious bodies lying around at ground zero."

Looking back to Lightning, "I'll need six hours to round up supplies. If we find the train before it gets to the dropoff we can board and hunker down, wait to make our move. And..if you're still willing to sign off for all of the damages caused, I'll make sure we get results. Got anyone else you want to bring into this op?"

Maybe being a hero isn't going to be such a bad thing, after all…

"Need one still breathing, the voice to tell the rest I came," says Black Lighting regarding wetworks and unconscious. "Good conscience, only shoot the ones that put up a fight?" As in, don't shoot the runners or those who surrender, they can be the voice of reason - he is capable of stunning, but she's free to shoot any that shoot at them. As if that's open agreement to be shot/offed even.

"Six hours, I'll get a better lead on the trains in and out of the area, check on other business that operate near the salvage yard and garage we're after?" Double checking, looking at his watch. Then, "There's a yard a half mile southwest that loads and unloads regularly, we'll get our train there close to 10?"

"Fair enough," Domino agrees. "Only if it's 'self-defense.'" While she isn't a fan of leaving anyone alive to stab her in the back at a later time, these guys are still just a street gang. She can only be so concerned about them catching up to her.

With the plan laid out she nods once more, checking the watch beneath her left wrist. Should be plenty of time. "I can pin down our exit options as well. We should be wrapped up with enough time left to get a decent beer buzz going before sunrise. If you're bringing anyone else, make sure they can handle the sneaky covert stuff. I'd rather not have our cover get blown on a cakewalk op."

Shaking his head, he returns, "No, just me. Consider it more personal - literally right at home where I come from." Southside Slums in Metropolis is where they grew to power, so Black Lightning does take it as his problem. "I plan on carrying in an ear piece in case it gets to hot, so we're in contact with Outsiders if we need to be."

Though, that last bit is again a question, not sure how she prefers to operate. "We'll keep your cover safe," specific to hers, he wants any survivors to know exactly who he is.

The albino rolls her shoulders. "I don't care if they clock me, but we keep the focus on you. Got it. I'll just be another shadow." Another lopsided smile crosses Dom's face, "It'll be good times. See you tonight."

The time comes, they have the train schedules, and if they wait, they can get a train within a 1/2 hour window from their meeting to get them that way, with at least an hour before the next train. Giving her time to improvise more plan as they roll up that way. The can take a current empty car, meant to pick up something else along the line to take further upstate/up-region in New England even. Luck is also on their side, more yard space along the tracks, its pretty dark an quiet, with one garage bay opened and a few thugs working on the details with it. More confident no one is snooping even, there are about a dozen men, all inside, sorting and organizing things for later shipment. One guy is outside looking over the yard. But its a big yard and he's more bored than anything else. They're not trained military, just up-scale organized gang, with bigger weapons than most. There is little trading off of the guard too, while they're on the premesis, its the same guy out there, watching the road more than anything else for activity, occasionaly the sky when a copter is heard to make sure its not a ghetto bird.

There's more than enough time to run through what Domino's got in store, as well. Exit positions are pointed out on the screen of her phone, several options each with their own letter designation covering foot, vehicle, underground, and any other option they have to work with should something unforseen happen.

It also gives her a chance to show off the extra equipment she's brought along, her usual armored skin and web harness teamed with a slim backpack full of necessary gear in order to rig explosive charges.

Thermite and concussion. One burns through materiel, the other flash-fuses it into a useless pile of scrap. By time we're done this place is going to live up to its reputation as a salvage yard."

Before the train's fully stopped she's on the ground running, keeping low and quiet. An earset keeps her accessible for communications but for the moment she has her marching orders. Find the materiel, set the charges, try not to kill anyone until it's not an option.

Oh, and also acquire anything that looks useful or valuable along the way. Last she checked, being an opportunist wasn't a sin.

"Eyes out if you find a terminal, with any luck these guys keep records we can track."

Black Lightning, for his part, exits the opposite side of the train. Tucking and running isn't his thing, though capable from his training as an athelete, more easy for him to just flash/fly down. The other side of the train could be anything from slight brakes on the wheels to something further out, covering that blue flash. But waiting and sticking to the ground when the train passes his side, rolling into is unscheduled stop.

He doesn't care if she takes anything they find, seeing how she's stocked to roll through this place, he's not gonna stop her from keeping her supplies up just the same. Nor tacking new inventory for a better surplus even. Catching up, and starting to move with her through the darkness he nods, "Right, a terminal, that'll be my primary, especially if it helps us find other locations." More like after this place is hit, places to watch to see if the move out to find another safe place knowing the information could be taken by him or others. He'll stick close as they move through the yard, knowing she's the expert at setting the things she's brought, there as a second set of eyes. For not always being sneaky, he gets the concept enough. Then again, not usually a lot of cameras watching a salvage yard to begin with, not much to hide from than other sets of eyes.

The current man on the lot is up under one of the few old overhead lights - more green like an old light then the brighter orange, giving them more cover. He is smoking a cigarette, but they will notice he is with a dog, whom he is talking too. The dog might be more a problem as an early warning at this place then any surveilance or line of sight by the lone sentry.

Spotting the dog is also what initiates the first of the evening's muttered curses. "It's a junkyard, of -course- there's going to be a junk dog. Don't be a fool, Dom," she mutters to herself while peering over the hood of a gutted car.

Staying downwind is all fine and good but trying to defeat a canine's hearing and sight are other matters entirely. Turning to look back at Lightning, she says "I suppose you're gonna get upset if I gun down an unarmed dog, huh. We need an organic solution, here."

The idea of spiking drinks had still been on the table. Does she still have the-yes, yes she -does- still have the knockout drug! Leaning back slightly, she raises another question. "What are the chances of you having anything edible on you right now?"

She'd really rather not go on a Twinkie hunt while she's trying to rig the place to a remote detonator switch.

"Could throw a rock but that's a temp fix. Could go loud early and let you deal with it. That option works for me."

The food is a good option, Black Lightning is considering that. Not that he brought food, but it could be gotten quickly enough. Though loud early on seems to work too. "I can go in, take the dog first, if the guy looks ready to shoot me, its open season …" For Domino at least, but in there, he'll certainly draw some attention.

Looking at the man and the dog still in the light, he does offer, "If I look safe enough, you can focus on setting things up," and appraising on the fly, "Until you're ready. Taking them out, I can do, slowly, depending on how soon the others react to what's going on out here."

Waiting long enough for her to agree or offer suggestions, he'll then move slightly away from her current position before flying, as that does attract attention by the flash of light from him. That said, he's quickly off to land by man and dog, a quick hurl of a bolt at the dog sends it skittering to collapse a slight yelp. This alerts smoking man in the yard, who Black Lightning doesn't wait for, and he bolts him too. While its fairly quiet, it is perhaps the dogs yelp that attracts the attention of the other men. Deciding to see who it is, four of the 11 or so remaining take weapons to come peek outside to see what's going on. The turn to shoot at Black Lighting.

Turn. -Stare.- "Well go make yourself useful!" Dom hisses through her teeth. All of this thought about how to deal with the locals and Black Lightning's offering to easily take them out? Why should she get all of the fun (do all of the work?)

She's still trying to figure out what this guy can do and what his powers happen to be. With a literal flash he's gone and the canine is down, though it isn't the most subtle of acts. Just having -one- guy to deal with she could have better planned on, though she should have remembered why the guy has 'lightning' in his codename.

It all happens just a little on the fast side. Even for her. She just -might- happen to be caught a little off-guard by it all, too.

Out comes a suppressed pistol but her hand placement isn't exact. It's a fumble, catch, and bump of the trigger which sets an unexpected bullet snapping through the evening air. A light pops out in a quick *Spak!* of broken glass followed with a *Ping!* and a *Bzwrrr!* from much further out.

One of the two guards suddenly yelps and throws his arms out wide, which causes the side of his rifle to smack the falling metal housing from the broken light which strikes his buddy square in the face.

Both go down.

… "Meant to do that."

The noise and flash outside has a good and bad affect. The good affect is it get's their attention, the bad affect, it focuses on Black Lightning or his location. Well, maybe that's all good for Domino at least. With a couple more outside, two down from the first four (leaving 9 all told, two outside, five inside), the ones still inside give more attention. especially after the smack into the metal housing, the broken light and the hitting of his budy. Of the five, they split up. Three to stay and help, picking up automatic weapons, but two move to jump in a vehicle and get some of the goods moving. A garage opens and hummer backs starts to back towards the street. Domino can see there is another lovely vehicle in that garage along with plenty of weapons. Unmanned as everyone seems to be going outside.

The two already outside start firing towards where Black Lightning went to hit the dog and that guard. There are bullets fired, followed by a jump flash as Lightning moves, then the bullets move to follow his lead. Chaos is errupted, but there is still some level of control to it, unlike the the chaos Domino plans to unleash at least.

It remains something of a wonder just how quickly a situation can change itself, given the right elements and motivation. Stealth is gone, only part of the yard is rigged to the detonator, and some of the baddies are already fleeing the scene, complete with some of the goods.

Domino knows where the stuff is that she's going to appropriate for herself, at least. It's in the escaping Hummer! Black Lightning's getting his wish of wanting the attention drawn his way, too.

The mercenary sets off in a dead run through the warehouse, calling in "Plan G, hang tight!" while vaulting over a stack of crates on her way to the other truck. She'll do what she can with what she's got.

Right now this amounts to about fifteen pounds' worth of explosive charges waiting for the right call. A call which she's now providing.

The very ground jumps with the half-coordinated concussive blast, the shockwave throwing up dirt and dust as every nearby window not made of reinforced material crumbles away. Crystalline-like shards start shattering against the ground as she dives into the awaiting truck, finding the path of least resistance to the starter (push button ignition, just like the Military!)

"In pursuit of Tangos two and six, evac if you can't handle the heat!"

"Roger," calls out Black Lightning, simply responding to her calls and letting her adapt and improvise as necessary. He moves carefully around to get line of sight, stunning another of those coming to his location. Presently though, he is saving forcefield for any oh shit moment to prevent evac. Figuring if there is a little more time, Domino can do her damage, if he can take out those remainin on the ground. A few are sent sprawling from the blast she causes, ducking for cover or simply falling over.

Using this to an advantage, Lighting moves into quickly use lightning fists to pummel a couple guys, before going back to cover. The two in the truck Domino is after remain having backed out and slamming into drive to start moving. Its still a rickety street, but its a hummer - they have the still roll flats in (plastic inside the tires to still drive when a tire is shot), so don't go too easy on the potholes and bumps as they start to try and move away.

Taking the moment to at least give them a name, Bl jumps on a junked car, "I've followed you from Metropolis, I'll continue to pursue you as long as you bring that junk into my neighborhood." Doesn't need a name, some recongnize him enough. He flashes with a forcefield to deflect some bullets before flashing down to move closer and try to finish those three.

[OOC] Black Lightning says, "heads up, I started late, I'm low on time, should of accounted for reduced time today, if you like we can do more shooting tomorrow? BL can finish the lot, maybe make an exciting chase for Domino to get the spruced up hummer?"

What's the best way to take over a vehicle that won't stop for anything? Don't try to make it stop. Dom's truck has less weight and nothing fragile, that she's aware of. Standing on the accelerator's the right course of action, the turbo diesel throwing the massive vehicle across all sorts of abusive terrain as it struggles to catch up. "Like a couple of angry turtles," she thinks aloud while powering through a turn, clipping part of the chain link fence as the back end slips across the unpredictable path.

"Remember last time. Armored body, reinforced glass, mil-spec rubber. Like a rolling bomb shelter." A quick look in back reveals a discarded rifle in the back seats, which is quickly taken then wedged against the accelerator. "Just like riding a bike," comes next as she shoulders the door open then starts to climb onto the hood.

Target… There! Raised telephone pole! Up comes her left arm, firing a small grappel line toward the single tallest object in an otherwise quite level yard. It worked in Indiana Jones, it can work for her!

With three left and Domino after the bigger guns, at least in the truck itself as it goes to be kept safe, Black Lightning finds cover for the three remaining. They open fire to follow him but he flash jumps from vehicle to vehicle moving closer. Not willing to risk jumping in the middle to fight them, he uses the last amount of over-powered reserves he has to summon an ionized storm in the are of the three. Not enough to outright kill them, its a stunning storm that starts to flash at the metal in their hands, following the path of least resistence until they succumb.

Left alone then, Black Lightning looks around, might hear the distant whine of tires, peeling into action as Domino follows and then starts to grabble, ready to swing into action, literally. Muttering to himself, "Okay, she got the party under control." He begins to move, his reserve starting to replenish naturally at least. Accounting for the explosion and potential response times. Its a fire in a rough part of town, more industrial, could be a long time even before some get's too worried. Gives plenty of time to find a computer. Luckily there is one safe from the explosions, and opened even, with a game of solitaire being played. Gangsters dont' think to lock down a terminal to make it secure it seems.

To be Continues as Domino chases after the getaway vehicle Indiana Jones style …

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